Don't Forget Dexter!

Don t Forget Dexter Introducing Dexter T Rexter the toughest coolest dinosaur ever At least he likes to think so When his best friend Jack leaves him behind at the doctor s office Dexter T Rexter panics First he tri

  • Title: Don't Forget Dexter!
  • Author: Lindsay Ward
  • ISBN: 9781542047272
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Introducing Dexter T Rexter, the toughest, coolest dinosaur ever At least he likes to think so.When his best friend, Jack, leaves him behind at the doctor s office, Dexter T Rexter panics First he tries to find Jack Then he sings their special song Then he sings their special song even louder But when Jack still doesn t appear, Dexter starts to wonder What if he sIntroducing Dexter T Rexter, the toughest, coolest dinosaur ever At least he likes to think so.When his best friend, Jack, leaves him behind at the doctor s office, Dexter T Rexter panics First he tries to find Jack Then he sings their special song Then he sings their special song even louder But when Jack still doesn t appear, Dexter starts to wonder What if he s being replaced by another toy It can t be after all, he can STOMP, RAWR, and CHOMP Right Right This hilariously neurotic dinosaur will do whatever it takes to get his friend back even asking the reader s advice in this first book of a brand new series.

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    1. Dexter should see a therapistThis dinosaur has some serious anxiety and abandonment issues.The book was entertaining, my son liked to look at the pictures, and it was short enough to get through in a couple of minutes, before he stopped paying attention.

    2. What an adorable and sweet book. It's a story about a toy T-rex that has been left at the doctor's office by his best friend Jack. He's afraid he's been abandoned and he spends the whole book figuring out a plan to get back to him. It reminds me a bit of Toy Story and the illustrations are super cute. Every time the T-rex sells himself as this big, scary creature, you see the actual scale of him and can't help but smile.

    3. We all know what happens when our children lose a beloved toy. But what about the toy? How does a beloved toy handle being lost? In Don't Forget Dexter!, Brobarians author Lindsay Ward explores this, and the result is both humorous and touching. Dexter T. Rexter thinks he is the toughest, strongest, coolest dinosaur there has ever been, or at least that's what he tells himself after he is left behind by his best friend Jack at the doctor's office. Scared that he will never see Jack again, Dexter [...]

    4. Interest Level: K-3; Reading Level: 1.6How would you feel if you were a loyal toy and you were left in the waiting room of the doctor's office? This is exactly what happens to Dexter T. Rexter. He was coloring with his best friend, Jack, when he looked up and Jack was gone. Dexter begins asking the reader, the fish, and he even tries to ask the receptionist where Jack is. He even begins singing their favorite song (very loudly) to get Jack to come back. What is Dexter going to do if Jack never c [...]

    5. Dexter T. Rexter is afraid he's been forgotten by his boy, Jack. One minute they were playing together and the next, Jack is gone. Dexter tries anything he can think of to find Jack. He sings his song, he tries to escape, he asks the fish and receptionist for help, but he can't find his boy anywhere. He's afraid that his boy has found a toy with better features to play with (like a car). Finally, despair takes over and Dexter fears he's alone forever. This bright colorful book with it's large re [...]

    6. Any parent of a child who has lost a comfort object of toy will want to share this adorable picture book with his/ her child. Told from the POV of the lost object, the story will tickle everyone with it's humorous illustrations and over-the-top narration.

    7. I love love love illustrated books. I am seriously a 5 year old at heart. Am so. Am soThis new book about a lost toy dinosaur is perfect for a young reader or as a read-along bedtime story book. Doesn't everyone need a neurotic dinosaur in their lives?

    8. Part of my Prime free book preview. The pictures were cute-ish, and the dinosaur was heart warming. I really felt bad for him.

    9. Cute book! I was able to be very expressive while reading aloud because the words flowed. This is the first ebook I have ever read to my son. We usually read hardbacks so it took me a second to realize we had to hold the Kindle sideways. haha! Lovely experience.

    10. Don't Forget Dexter! ~ Dexter T. Rexter Series ~ Book 1 is an excellent children's book to use to talk about the importance of friend's feelings with young children. The illustrations are delightful The problem with the eBook version is that you have to have one of the latest Kindles to read it because it will not download into older Kindles or the Kindle reading application on the computer. I am lucky to have a newer Kindle, although I usually read with my older and larger sized Kindle. It real [...]

    11. Full review with teaching tools: unleashingreaders/?p=1I love the voice of Dexter in this book! And the breaking of the fourth wall really adds such humor to the story line. And although the story sounds a bit like Toy Story and other toy books, it is so different than what you’d expect because Dexter is all alone, doesn’t know why he’s still at the doctor’s office, and is having a bit of an identity crisis. However, the way that Dexter feels will be easily a feeling that readers will re [...]

    12. This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Hello, friends! Our book today is Don’t Forget Dexter! by Lindsay Ward, the adorable tale of a little lost dinosaur looking for his best friend.Excuse me, but have you seen a little boy named Jack? You see, he came here to the doctor’s office to get a check up with his best friend, Dexter T. Rexter, but now Dexter is here alone and can’t find his best bud. Dexter has done everything he ca [...]

    13. Dexter T. Rexter is the coolest dinosaur around. He lives with his best friend, Jack. One day, the pair go to the doctor for a check-up.Dexter was so into his coloring that he did not see Jack leave. He tries everything he can to get Jack to come back. Panic sets in as Dexter worries that he may be left at the doctor's office forever! What if Jack left Dexter behind on purpose? What if he is being replaced by other toys? Will Dexter spend the rest of his days alone?I absolutely adore this book! [...]

    14. Dexter is a T-Rex who’s a lovable softie, the playmate of a child who accidentally forgets him in the pediatrician’s waiting room. When Dexter realizes he’s alone he sets out to find his friend Jack, drawing a picture of him, trying to get the attention of the receptionist, and singing their special song in the hope that Jack will hear it and come back. Dexter’s efforts grow increasingly frantic as he fears that Jack has left him on purpose, in favor of a better toy, and he becomes deter [...]

    15. Synopsis: "Introducing Dexter T. Rexter, the toughest, coolest dinosaur ever. At least he likes to think so.When his best friend, Jack, leaves him behind at the doctor’s office, Dexter T. Rexter panics. First he tries to find Jack. Then he sings their special song. Then he sings their special song even louder. But when Jack still doesn’t appear, Dexter starts to wonder. What if he’s being replaced by another toy? It can’t be—after all, he can STOMP, RAWR, and CHOMP! Right? Right?!This [...]

    16. Don’t Forget Dexter! by Lindsay Ward is a terrific new picture book that checks all the boxes. It’s funny. It’s emotional. It’s relatable (for kids and adults). And it breaks the fourth wall by addressing the reader directly. The text is written in different font sizes to indicate Dexter’s voice volume. And the illustrations are super cute. I really loved this book.Dexter is a stuffed dinosaur that is left in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. His friend, Jack, is gone, and aft [...]

    17. A cute book about being apart from a loved one for a short timeReally cute little story that tells the story of a toy mistakenly left behind who is waiting for his best friend to come back for him. Poor Dexter even wonders if his best friend has another toy he like better than Dexter! It shows kids that being apart isn't sometimes temporary, the value of taking care of your things, and the ending tells kids that it's okay to have more than one friend.The illustrations are also engaging and fun t [...]

    18. Toy dinosaur, Dexter, gets accidently left behind at the doctors office by his boy, Jack. He is very sad that he has lost his best friend. He looks for him, then waits for him, then gets worried he was left behind on purpose. He feels he can't live up to other "cool" toys. Audience makes him feel better about himself so he forms a plan to escape and find Jack. Plan does not work and he is sobbing about losing his friend forever, but then Jack comes back to find his dinosaur and they play togethe [...]

    19. Fun but simple, December 2, 2017This review is from: Don't Forget Dexter! (Dexter T. Rexter Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)Our nine year old daughter and I read this book together using two Kindles. I read, she sang the songs and did all of the sound effects so we had fun even though the book is really too simple for a nine year old. Comments from her: I really liked the song and making the sounds. My favorite part was when he fell in the fish tank. I had a lot of fun reading it.We downloaded [...]

    20. Lindsay Ward is one of my family's favorite author/illustrators. So when I saw this option for First Reads, I grabbbed it. I am not disappointed. The interactive tone caught my dauhter immediately. Dexter said hi and she waved at the screen. There is adventure and a happy ending. The illustration is not the same as Ward's other books because each book has a unique look as well as a unique story. You can't predict exactly what you will get with a new Lindsay Ward book, but you know it will be fa [...]

    21. A cute picture book for the preschool crowd! With a stuffed dinosaur as the narrator, we experience the anguish of a favorite toy when he is left behind. I look forward to sharing this with my 4K classes - I think they will love the little song/chant and all of the different dramatic declarations Dexter makes as he worries about his boy never coming back. The illustrations are all in variations of blue and orange and there is great use of different fonts and word size/emphasis for a storytime se [...]

    22. This is a great story of Dexter the dragon who has been accidently left behind at the Dr's where is best friend Jack is for a check up.Dexter is so worried he'd lost Jack forever that he starts imagining meny scenarios wher Jack might possibly be But his biggest worry is that will forget him.He starts thinking of all the fun they had together and worries that his friend is never coming back The story has a really good ending ,but you have to read this story yourself to see how it ends !!A really [...]

    23. I originally received this as an advance readers' copy but I wanted to wait until I got an actual copy to rate it. "Don't Forget Dexter!" is a children's book about a toy that gets left behind at a doctor's office. Dexter is frightened that he was left behind on purpose and plots a way to find his owner again. It has a nice little song in the book as well as nice action words that can play out well in a story time for children.

    24. My 5 year olds review. : I like this book because Dexter was nice and the little boy came back for him. My favorite part is when he tried to escape and landed in the fish tape, that was funny!!!. My review: Overall thus book is a wonderful book and the best part is that my son love it. Dexter is quite the character. I love that he interacts with you. (The person reading the book) I completely recommend this book for parents.

    25. When Dexter's boy Jack goes for his checkup, Dexter is left behind. He searches the whole waiting room but no one knows where he is. Just as he fears Jack has found a new toy and forgotten him there on purpose, Jack shows up and zooms Dexter around the room. This is a great read aloud as Dexter's voice fills each page.

    26. Cute!I thought this was q great story. Dexter thinks Jack has left him! But Jack could never leave without Dexter. I especially enjoyed singing along with Dexter. Dexter goes through a lot of emotions in this book. It would be good to discuss them with your child while reading it.

    27. Great for toddlers and early elementary A cute story for kids who love dinosaurs. Similar to "Don't Let the Pigeon" books. Lots to discuss with young kids too: what to do if you get lost, reading how someone is feeling, and perhaps most importantly, are dinosaurs or trucks cooler.

    28. I received this book for review and found it to be an enjoyable read. Perfect for young children with big imaginations who love their stuffed animals. The story takes place from the point of view of a toy dinosaur and it was a nice twist. I would recommend for anyone looking for a sweet bedtime story for a young child.

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