Stage Two

Stage Two Love has a steep learning curve Assistant high school principal Blake Barnes has everything he wants a chance to help troubled students and an outlet for his passion for theater Well almost everythin

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  • Title: Stage Two
  • Author: Ariel Tachna
  • ISBN: 9781635331493
  • Page: 353
  • Format: ebook
  • Love has a steep learning curve.Assistant high school principal Blake Barnes has everything he wants a chance to help troubled students and an outlet for his passion for theater Well, almost everything he still goes home to an empty apartment Then his high school crush explodes back into his life, the unexpected guardian of two boys in Blake s care.Thane Dalton has alwayLove has a steep learning curve.Assistant high school principal Blake Barnes has everything he wants a chance to help troubled students and an outlet for his passion for theater Well, almost everything he still goes home to an empty apartment Then his high school crush explodes back into his life, the unexpected guardian of two boys in Blake s care.Thane Dalton has always been a bad boy through and through Not much has changed, including his mistrust of authority figures, and no amount of institutional bureaucracy will keep him from protecting his nephews from the bullies terrorizing them If that means butting heads with Blake, so be it.Blake and Thane have lessons to learn that they both have the boys best interests at heart, that the tension between them isn t just confrontational, and that sparks can fly when opposites come together.

    One thought on “Stage Two”

    1. Blake has always been a good teacher for his students.But meeting Thane, his teenage crush lowered down his self confidence.Definitely an opposite attracts since the beginning, Thane didn't even realized or remember about Blake back then.He's always an arrogant one. But after his sister left him with his two teenage nephew, he's suddenly became a parent and he seemed a little unprepared for that. Especially when he have to face bullying.Blake offered his idea. Didn't trust Blake in the beginning [...]

    2. From the setup to the characters, the description of this story sounded good to me. On one hand, there is Blake: an assistant high school principal worried about two of his students, the need to find a way to protect them against the bullies they’ve been facing, and the boys’ irate guardian, Thane, to deal with. A guardian who just happens to be the bad boy Blake crushed on in high school. On the other hand, there is Thane: the tough owner of a construction company in charge of his two nephe [...]

    3. 3 HeartsI’m sort of at a loss how to review this. I mean I liked it but where I normally feel the fluff and romance from the Dreamspun line, this one fell flat. Told from dual POVs, we meet Blake Barnes as he is dealing with two young men, Kit and Phillip, who attend the high school where he is the Sophomore Vice Principal. Kit and Philip are in the office for fighting but they say they were only fighting because Kit was being bullied by jocks. When Blake looks up who their guardian is after l [...]

    4. I struggled between giving this book three and four stars, and I ended up going with three, mainly because it was a good book but it fell apart for me a bit in the last third.Oh Dreamspun Desires, how I love them when I'm in the mood for them. They're tropey as hell, but that is kind of the whole point. And considering that my formative romance-loving (and -reading) years were spent with Harlequins (I didn't know of any other publishers, just what were available on the racks at the local library [...]

    5. 3.5 stars - I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. High school teacher Blake and Construction boss Thane are thrown together when Thane’s nephews become the victims of bullies at Blake’s school. Sparks fly from the first meeting but Blake and Thane don’t always agree on the best way to keep the boys safe.Blake feels a little bland at the start of the story. He doesn’t really have a life beyond his job. It’s his interactions with students that give him colo [...]

    6. Full review is at :OptimuMM - Home of MM Book ReviewsNow before I start reviewing this book, I wanna state the fact that I’m a man. Yes, I’m gay, but I’m a man, with manly feelings, manly habits. Well, as manly as a gay man can have…that means no sports nor handy work for me 😉 (for all the gay man out there who like sports and handy work, I do apologise). Why should I clarify this? Well, and I mean no offense, this book for me was a girly MM. And by girly, I mean that one of the MC’ [...]

    7. I don’t know what the name would be – but I think everyone has that fantasy – the boy/girl you crushed on in high school who was so unattainable but triggered all your young lust… now, you’re an adult and lonely and lo and behold – said person is still around and just as hot and now… he/she can be yours!This hit all those notes. Thane didn’t know Blake when they were kids, but Blake sure crushed hard on Thane. Now Thane is an uncle and all bossy and protective and though he and B [...]

    8. Based on my thoughts on the previous Tachna's two books in this series -- and Dreamspun line -- I felt the same problem that I kept encountering, that it didn't really live up to its potential. A teacher and a single father (well, Thane is technically an uncle, but he gets to become sole guardian to his two nephews after their parents died) is one of the most common themes of category romance, and I usually enjoy them as well. In here, I did like the teens and the work they did with stage crew. [...]

    9. Stage Two, the third book in the Lexington Lovers series by Ariel Tachna, is a contemporary, second chance M/M romance. High school assistant principal Blake Barnes is tasked with deciphering the truth regarding the bullying of tenth grade brothers Kit and Phillip. Little does he know that Thane Dalton, his high school crush, is their uncle and guardian. Blake and Thane connect through theater and the boys. But is it enough to sustain them, despite their differences?Stage Two was a cute, if pred [...]

    10. This story is a lot of fun and really what adds to the adventure is grown-ups having to deal with teens and all their stuff. Blake and Thane have to overcome their own thoughts while dealing with the Thane's nephews. Both of these men are really ready for more in their lives and it seems like a great time for them to get together. Of course there are misunderstandings to be gotten through on the way to a relationship.

    11. It took a while for me to warm up to Thane and when I thought it was ok, he does something that made me angry, lol.On the other hand, I liked Blake and Thane's nephews.I liked the epilogue! :)

    12. *Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*Stage Two is Book 3 in Ariel Tachna's Lexington Lovers series. Each of these books could be read as a standalone without too much issue, but it's a really good series, so why not just read all of them? Blake Barnes is an assistant high school principal and he loves his job. He graduated from the same high school he works at and still has the same best [...]

    13. What happens when you are all grown up, the assistant principal at th high school, have two boys in your office that are new but are being bullied, and then find out their guardian is none other then your high school crush? Well in Blakes case you get tongue tied around him. Then when you untie your tongue you say the wrong thing and get off to the wrong footing. And in Blake's case you decide you do not like your previous crush like you used too. He may even think that Thane is even a bigger a$ [...]

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