Wilde Child

Wilde Child Come away O human childNo matter the job no matter the client Tarot reading magical artifacts hunter Sara Wilde has only one hard and fast rule protect the children But the newest strain of technoc

  • Title: Wilde Child
  • Author: Jenn Stark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Come away, O human childNo matter the job, no matter the client, Tarot reading magical artifacts hunter Sara Wilde has only one hard and fast rule protect the children But the newest strain of technoceutical drugs specifically designed to alter psychic children s DNA has thrown the arcane black market into a frenzy As mistress of the House of Swords, Sara pits theCome away, O human childNo matter the job, no matter the client, Tarot reading magical artifacts hunter Sara Wilde has only one hard and fast rule protect the children But the newest strain of technoceutical drugs specifically designed to alter psychic children s DNA has thrown the arcane black market into a frenzy As mistress of the House of Swords, Sara pits the power of her worldwide criminal syndicate against insidious enemies and even treacherous allies to combat the threat, but it s not enough To destroy these drugs at their source, she must break her cardinal vow and put a child at risk.Guided by a boy altered by technoceuticals, Sara races to derail the modernization of an ancient ritual devoted to a malevolent god Except the children aren t her only responsibility any longer The Magician of the Arcana Council and her own House demand her focus as the war on magic erupts violently in several hot spots around the globe Sara s pretty sure things can t get complicated, until she discovers who is leading one of the other four fabled mortal Houses of Magica discovery that brings her face to face with the mother she s never known.Family skeletons just won t stop dancing when you re a Wilde Child.

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    1. *Source* *Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 4.0*My Thoughts*The seventh installment in author Jenn Stark's Immortal Vegas series Wilde Child, finds Sara Wilde traveling to Iceland to look for an artifact known as Gods Nails, Barcelona where a terrorist attack pushes a group of Revenants into the open, Tokyo where she meets Annika Soo's Sensei, and Mexico City where she finds herself up against a new and dangerous God who Sara has a connection to, and the possibility that an old adversary has returned [...]

    2. Wilde Child is a tempestuous affair! The series has reached a multi-dimensional level of narrative. The arcane cards have come together, mapping out a world full of complexities and unknowns, revealing a vast portrayal of the Immortal Vegas world. Stark delves deeper into Sara's past and powers in this latest installment. The adventures to find answers and help save the children grow more dangerous. Sara continues to grow, as a woman and the mistress of the House of Swords plus her powers manife [...]

    3. 4.5Originally posted at Vampire Book ClubSara Wilde has been progressing quite well in her role as head of the House of Swords. So when the mysterious Gamon reenters the picture targeting a select group of Connecteds and then the technoceutical market is in an uproar over a new drug, Sara knows it’s no coincidence. In order to avoid more deaths, namely the deaths of more children, Sara will be forced to break one of her cardinal rules by relying on a child to lead her into the path of danger.F [...]

    4. This is an urban fantasy about a woman who is trying to protect the gifted magic children of the world from organ traffickers. They can make drugs out of their heart that will alter regular joe people to the magically enhanced. There is some violence; guns, swords, magic and the heroine gets hurt a LOT. But don't let that put a damper on the story because she can heal at an accelerated rate. That's not all! She's in love with the Magician of the Arcane Council but won't acknowledge it out loud. [...]

    5. I am unashamedly biased towards loving this series, and eagerly await for every addition. Wilde Child is no exception - I inhaled it rapidly, and now can't wait to find out what happens next!I LOVED the new characters in this book - and the development of relationships with the existing characters. There were a few "I did NOT see that coming" moments, and lots of other moments of "Of COURSE - that makes so much sense". AND we finally meet Sara's mother.The whole book had a slower feel to me. Tha [...]

    6. 3,75 starsFrench & English reviewsUne série toujours aussi addictive mais avec des petits défauts Un peu plus de trucs mythologiques dans ce livre ce que j'ai apprécié (l'Islande, le Mexique ) et Sara accepte enfin son rôle à la tête de la House of Swords =)On rencontre enfin sa mère (et OMG OMG !!!)J'ai été un peu plus sceptique face aux God Nails Ni Sara ni ses alliés ne semblent avoir trop de scrupules à les utiliser alors qu'ils influencent les mentalités des gens et que ty [...]

    7. I wish I could have rated in half stars, for I would give this latest Jenn Stark a 4.5, reserving 5 for only the very best. On the other hand, this latest edition of the Sara Wilde series zoomed by faster than that House of Swords jet. I pre-ordered the book, watched as it dropped into the Kindle shortly after midnight on the 17th, and deliberately put off reading it while I finished up a somewhat inferior novel. And it still burned through only a few hours. If you've gotten this far in the seri [...]

    8. Who's the mama?Maternal instincts run through this latest instalment like words through a stick of rock. It's showing an up close and personal side of Sara and her willingness to risk all to protect the innocent. If this is the first Jenn Stark you have a good of I strongly recommend you hold fire, goto book 1. They're wonderful if read in order. A decent read if picked up out of it, but there's so much you're going to miss.I love this series for many reasons and this adventure seems to be an Em [...]

    9. Sara races into a probable trap to find the antidote to the drugs that were given to the rescued children, and to the heinous drug being let loose on the public with dire side effects. A new relic, The Gods Nails, have immense power over connecteds and has chosen Sara as the wielder of choice. A visit to a reclusive connected unlocks a striking ability. And then there's Mommy dearest. Not. The magician cannot see ahead what is in store for Sara, now mistress of the House of Swords, and what's ah [...]

    10. Awesome well written book! Sara's life is undergoing some major changes. Her family is expanding and she is experiencing many personal discoveries! Her personal life is still swinging with Armaeus, how far will it go? A lot of thought provoking stuff is occurring and will continue as we learn about the different houses. I am looking forward to the next book! Writing a review is difficult because you do not want to give too much information and spoil your reading this excellent book!

    11. Great ButI love the book but honestly, I feel like the house of swords was a secondary story that I want to be over but just won't end. I love the arcade council and the magician and feel like the story is getting more complicated and drifting away from that. Honestly, it feels like each new installment is over too quickly and ends before it answers any of the questions it raised.Love Sara but I want more of the characters to have some downtime.

    12. Things have definitely hit peak in this outing for Sara and co. More especially because we find out who her mum is (we already know who her dad is!) and frankly we probs saw this coming way back in Book 2. Gamon is still the Big Bad in this book and there's lots of betrayal and treachery and I'm still confused by why she continues to work with/for the Council when it's obvious they do not have her best interests at heart. Ah well.

    13. A little confusingThere was so much going on in this book that made it a bit hard to follow. More about Sarah being the leader of her House and less about her personal relationships. Disappointing there wasn't more interaction with Armaeus and the rest. Still plenty of action and revelation.

    14. As always, it's a real treat to have a new book about Sara and her companions (and the Magician).This was a little bit different though, in a very good way.Sara is really growing into her power(s).Looking forward to her next adventuresThank You Ms StarkKen

    15. One of my favorites so farAnd, of course, too quick of a read. We get to learn even more about Sara's history, leaving us with more questions and a deep need for the next book in the series. Jenn Stark has quickly become one of my "go to" authors.

    16. Wonderful storyMs Stark continues to write outstanding stories about Sara. It is great learning more about Sara's heritage and watching her increase in powers and how she hacked thinga.

    17. Fantastic new Sara WildeAbsolutely brilliant. I had missed this new book coming out, but as soon as I got it, I had to read it to the end. Immortal Vegas books never let me down!

    18. This is a kick ass hook you in book. The entire series is absolutely AWESOME!!!!! The compelling story keeps evolving, growing and morphing into one heck of a series.

    19. I was given this book to read and write an honest review about.I love this series so much and Wilde Child is no different. Sara is back and as sassy as ever facing new problems and new powers along with her sidekicks Nikki and Nigel.This book sees Sara in the thick of it again, fighting to help the Connected community around her whilst evil ramps up its speed to kill and harvest the Connected's organs. We see Sara and her posse travelling to Europe, Japan and her home city of Las Vegas with wond [...]

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