Indian Railways: The Weaving of a National Tapestry

Indian Railways The Weaving of a National Tapestry BOOKS

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  • Title: Indian Railways: The Weaving of a National Tapestry
  • Author: Bibek Debroy Sanjay Chadha Vidya Krishnamurthi
  • ISBN: 9780143426752
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Unknown Binding

    One thought on “Indian Railways: The Weaving of a National Tapestry”

    1. I was terribly disappointed with this book. The title of the book is so promising and interesting that I expected a fascinating story of one of the major lifelines of our country, our Railways. What I got in return was a boring tome of a book with nothing original of its own. So much of this book is borrowed from other people's work that I found it extremely difficult to keep a track of which part was written by the authors and which part was quoted. The writing style is so boring that I had to [...]

    2. This book on the Indian Railways is writtten in a very scholary and academic style and that makes it difficult to trudge through. However the content of the book is quite rich with focus more upon the history of the institution and the institution building process. It tells us how the early debates on the viability of the Railways took place, what were the difficulties in the Govt. guarantee system, how complex the ownership and management of Railways was back then, how the several companies mer [...]

    3. Perfect research bookI recommend this book to all serious researchers of Indian railway, but I think the details are little too much for reader like mewho just want to learn about the historical facts of IR. The book goes deep into the economics which got sometime too tiresome to understand.

    4. A good read about history of Indian Railways. Looking at how vast reference texts (mostly relevant ones) have been produced as-is in the pages, one gets an impression that this book has been hurriedly put together by the authors and editors.

    5. Written in a language that is difficult to understand, especially for laymen. Only some parts of the book were interesting. Please dont buy the book, borrow it from a local library.

    6. Since it is an anecdotal history of Indian railway from its contested inception in 1830 to independence of India in 1947 , it presents a long span of period. After reading the introduction by Gurcharan Das, i had high hope from the rest of the book but unfortunately it was not the case (personal opinion). Book is heavily quoted from old source documents, and the contributors, only add little tidbits to it. The narrative style is little enlongating as well as overwhelming.

    7. India’s railway network is fully owned by the government and is the largest visible embodiment of state power for all practical purposes. A major part of the railway infrastructure was made in British times with a commercial motive to speed up the flow of raw materials from India’s hinterland to the factories on the coast and in England and also to facilitate the trade in finished goods pouring out of England with the markets of India. This was the largest single injection of British capital [...]

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