Riptide Avery Dacosta never expected to find a protester in front of her office Especially not now when she s this close to achieving a professional milestone years in the making building a luxury hotel on P

  • Title: Riptide
  • Author: KathrynNolan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Avery Dacosta never expected to find a protester in front of her office.Especially not now, when she s this close to achieving a professional milestone years in the making building a luxury hotel on Playa Vieja, San Diego s untouched beach paradise.Finn Travis, local surfer and all around nice guy, never expected to find himself the leader of Playa Vieja s resistance He Avery Dacosta never expected to find a protester in front of her office.Especially not now, when she s this close to achieving a professional milestone years in the making building a luxury hotel on Playa Vieja, San Diego s untouched beach paradise.Finn Travis, local surfer and all around nice guy, never expected to find himself the leader of Playa Vieja s resistance He s of a mellow tree hugger than a radical activist Except Avery s hotel threatens to destroy the place he loves the most For the first time in his life, Finn decides to use his charisma for than just attracting his next fling.Avery s worked too hard to let a bongo playing hippie like Finn shatter her perfect future And his naive idealism grates on her every nerve She s not alone in her loathing Finn thinks Avery is a greedy, corporate robot.As Avery and Finn crash together like waves against the shore, their debates become heated Sexy Dirty.But the riptide of their attraction jeopardizes than just their ideological values Can Avery and Finn be together without giving up what they care about the most

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    1. Avery is a goal-oriented, hard-working, no nonsense, real estate developer. Finn is a good times, tree-hugging, hippie dippy, surfer. Avery wants to build a hotel on Finn's beach. Finn wants his home to stay the same, untouched by construction that will ruin his homes environment. These two couldn't be more opposite in so many ways. They also couldn't be more alike, they just don't know it yet. Are they fighting so hard for what they want, or are they fighting selflessly for what's best for the [...]

    2. After reading Cuffed l was super excited to read Riptide!! Totally agree this story was not what l expected and glad you did not give up Kathryn!! This was a fantastic story!! Avery a Hotel Developer!! Finn a sexy/hippie/surfer!! Loved the serious side to this story!! Loved the slow sexual attraction that Avery and Finn build up!! And Kathryn as always did not let us down with all the sexy, steamy scenes! Loved that epilogue!! Love your work Kathryn, can't wait for more novels!! Well worth the r [...]

    3. Kathryn Nolan is a new on the scene author you must get to know. I loved her first book, Cuffed, but with that said, Riptide is totally different. And even better. I adored it. Finn and Avery are these amazing characters that say both the sweetest things to each other, and the dirtiest sexy things, as well. The enemies to friends to lovers plot is incredibly well developed and the plot has both meat and meaning. This will be one you'll want to reread again and again. I cried, I laughed, I gasped [...]

    4. Avery and Finn are my new favorite couple! Avery is a hard working business woman and Finn is a laid-back surfer. While they may not have liked each other in the beginning, fighting for different sides, the chemistry between them is electric. The back and forth between them was so much fun and the sex scenes were incredibly hot. This wasn't just a book about sex though, there was alot of knowledge, both characters are extremely smart. This was such a great book, I didn't want it to end.

    5. 4.5-5 "Dirty Hippie and Money-Grubbing Capitalist" Stars!Wow. Just, WOW. This is my second Kathryn Nolan book and I am in awe. COMPLETE awe. This book is 100% the definition of a breath of fresh air. The passion in this book will literally slap you in the face. This author has a way of expressing passion and love in a way that makes the story speak to a reader as if it were them. And then there's that tension and unbelievable slow burn between the characters. When it comes to that, to the reader [...]

    6. * 5 sexy surfer stars *After reading Cuffed by Kathryn Nolan I instantly fell in love with her. But after reading Riptide? Well, let's just say I wanna marry her. With all jokes aside, I really do love this author. She is unique, amazingly talented, and I will literally read anything she writes forever. I took my time reading Riptide because I didn't want it to end. I knew this story would be unique and special in a way. I wanted to soak up everything and fall into Avery and Finn's world. Which [...]

    7. I have a crush on Kathryn Nolan. First she writes us her #SexyShort on Facebook. And then she gave us Avery and Finn. This book was utter perfection. I am in awe. Truly in awe. Because let's be honest, Kathryn here does not only takes a stance on a subject that matters particularly to me, but she gives us both sides of the story. Avery is a driven woman, she wants to success and makes no secret of her ambition. On the other hand, Finn is a layed back surfer, enjoying his quiet life by the ocean. [...]

    8. I feel so lucky to have received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I am so in love with this book. Bravo, Ms. Nolan! Bra-fucking-vo. Enemies to lovers is my favorite trope. Finn and Avery are perfection. Definitely worth your time. I'll be swooning all afternoon.

    9. ** ARC kindly provided for an honest review. **Kathryn Nolan is definitely an author to follow, and from the moment I heard about Riptide, I knew I wanted to read it. There was something about this book that intrigued me.And well, I was mind-blown, transported into a beautiful story, that went beyond a romance, raising awareness about protecting and respecting the world you’re living in, to fight for what you believe fiercely, written such in a smart way, witty, quirky, and so captivating, ent [...]

    10. This book really surprised me- In a great way! Considering it took me a few months to get past the 4% mark, I was really concerned that I wouldn't like it and that maybe I should just give it up altogether.I must have read and re-read the first few pages at least 10 times but each time it did not catch or hold my attention. The blurb really spoke to me though and it sounded like something I would really like so I kept at it and once I passed around 8-10% I was totally intrigued and it got better [...]

    11. Not even a chapter in, I was happily caught in the riptide of this book, and couldn’t care less if I surfaced anytime soon.An enemies to lovers romance, Avery & Finn are perfection. I guess it’s obvious to have characters that clash in this trope, but it’s the way in which these characters are actually similar, on top of their differences, that lift them from the page and captivate your attention.This is my second read from this author & I love her writing style. She tells a story [...]

    12. I still can’t believe that Riptide is Kathryn Nolan’s FIRST novel. It’s so good! So, so good!This is the story of Avery, a hotel developer, and Finn, a surfer that lives on the beach where Avery wants to build a hotel. And THAT is exactly where the problem is. They will fight, A LOT, because of that. And they will fall in love because of that.Finn is this laid-back guy, but we know better than judge a book by its cover, right? He WILL surprise you. And you are going to LOVE that surprise. [...]

    13. Finn: sexy hot surfer hippie environmentalist dude. Avery: capitalist satanic driven uptight workaholic. Nothing in common on the surface, and yet they burn the town down with their smoldering. Finn and Avery are passionately fighting on opposing sides to a very complex issue, and they are very complex characters, no easy road for them, no easy answers; I could not see how they would ever resolve their issues. The story unfolded steadily, though; with Finn and Avery slowly discovering they’re [...]

    14. Oh, wow. This book. It took me longer to read than usual because life got in the way but if things were different I would have devoured it in one sitting. I loved everything about this book. Kathryn gave a masterclass in a slow burn, enemies to lovers theme. Sex scenes were hotter than a hot potato in a sauna but aside from that this book was a super, beautiful love story. Looking forward to more. Now.

    15. Wow. Just. Wow.I read Kathryn Nolan's debut novel, Cuffed, and I really enjoyed it so I was excited to learn that she had a new book coming out. I got it on its release day - and finished it on its release day. And it was awesome.Nolan does an incredible job developing her characters and telling their stories, without being predictable (well, there is some predictability an HEA is kind of a must) I honestly had no idea how this one was going to end, other than muttering under my breath at times [...]

    16. I pre-ordered. It was SO worth it. There are a million things I love about this book. One, the strong female lead in a career field that isn't "book typical" for a female lead. You go Avery! Two, Finn. I love absolutely everything about Finn. His conviction and growth throughout the story made me happy. He wasn't perfect. And could admit it.Three--THE GOOD STUFF--mad sexy. I mean HOLY CRAP. Kathryn, if you're reading this, please write a part two. I mean, I can imagine Rico having a pretty good [...]

    17. 5 Pipeline Wave Size stars! This was the first novel I have read by Kathryn Nolan and it will not be my last. The witty banter between Finn and Avery as their relationship grows from enemies to lovers is off the charts with lust and intelligence. She has a way of describing the beach and ocean scenes so vividly it made me miss watching the waves and the whales in tbe Atlantic Ocean when I lived in the Azores.

    18. Goodness gracious. This little gem of a book. From the eye catching cover, to all the words inside of it gah. Yes, so much yes. While I adored Finn from the start, I was a little hesitant with my love for Avery However, she won me over very quickly. I absolutely adore the way KN writes She has this way of drawing the reader in. her characters are so real, and relatable. I 100% can't wait to see what she does next, y'all.

    19. Very smart, super sexyThis is a sexy, smart book that engages with real issues and takes on serious questions about how we live in the world, all while telling the story of two compelling people and how they come together in spite of what seem like impossible differences. Kathryn Nolan is an excellent writer and this book should not be missed.

    20. Fun, quirky romance. I loved the flirting and digs back in forth between Finn and Avery. Finn is sweet and charming, but uber hot dominant when it matters. Avery has ready lost herself and didn't even realize that she had while trying to find her way. I really loved the story.

    21. Stunning!I didn't know what to expect with this read. Avery and Finn were compassionate, deep, and just wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed Tier story!!

    22. Riptide, a stretch of turbulent water in the sea, caused by the meeting of currents or abrupt changes in depth. Well, yes, this story certainly reads like a Riptide, because its main characters are like two currents, each rough, tumbling, forceful on their own, and clashing, crashing together to create a current. A current of tension, of emotions, of love? You'll find out.Here we have two headstrong, convinced people, fighting with passion for all they believe in. I was suprised to find that I u [...]

    23. **ARC provided by Publisher**I read Kathryn Nolan's novella Cuffed last year and loved her writing so I jumped at the chance to read Riptide. I am so glad that I did! This book caught me in a way totally unexpected, and I mean that in the best possible way. I fully expected to enjoy this book but I more than enjoyed this, I loved it. The plot was refreshing, the pacing worked, and I adored the characters. Oh, and there were some steamy scenes-which I definitely enjoyed.I found myself relating to [...]

    24. I absolutely LOVE this Summer, Surfer Romance! It's like this secret gem that I could not put down. It's full of great intellectual dialogue on capitalistic ideals to hippie communes! I mean what contrasting individuals.Kathryn Nolan has an amazing writing style that I fell in love with Finn & Avery! I need to read more of her books STAT! Avery is the perfect, hard working career gal hoping to erase her past life, whereas charming Surfer boy Finn is so swoon worthy! "Charming-surfer Finn? Di [...]

    25. Well holy crapola but this was the best book I've read in months! Perfectly developed characters. Plot was outstanding. Slow burn with plenty of heat to keep you hooked. In a sea of formulaic trite that was boring me to death, this book got under my skin!Write more Ms. Nolan!!! You were spectacular!!

    26. 3.5 starsBook about a sexy surfer, hell yeah count me inThought this might be a nice little read and it was OK.Now i don't know if it was me or the book, i don't think i was in the mood for it to be fair.I found it just not right.If i had to pinpoint what it was it would say it was just too much information.hotelscouncil votesdegrees in ecologyhippie campsdid i care enough to be interestedI'm so sorry, this probably says more about me than the book, i just wanted more zang.And the zang (when i s [...]

    27. Closing out the year with another 5 Star read? Check! Kathryn Nolan’s Riptide is a beautiful story about hotel developer, Avery and laidback, hippy surfer, Finn. It’s a beautiful, slow burn, enemies to lovers story. These two are so feisty together and I love the firey chemistry between them. It was such a totally different story to Cuffed and shows Kathryn’s range and talent. I can’t wait to read another of her books. Well done, Ms. Nolan.

    28. I can't even with Finn!!Avery Dacosta has one aim in life; to earn enough to live a comfortable life. She is ambitious, ruthless and absolutely career focused. That is until Finn Travis. Just as she was on the verge of finishing the most important project of her life, Finn swoops in with his blond locks and deadly abs, hell bent on destroying everything Avery has worked for. She hates him and all the things he stands for but the chemistry that sizzles between them could quite possibly be an enti [...]

    29. Fight for what you believe in.Hero, Finn  = 5/5Heroine, Avery = 5/5Secondary Characters = 4/5Chemistry = 4/5Sex = 5/5Plot = 5/5Mystery = 1/5Action =  1/5Darkness = 1/5Humor = 2/5POV = Dual POVEnding = HEA, No cliffhangerStars =  5 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆Author = Kathryn NolanWould I recommend this book = YesWould I re-read this book = YesWould I read future books by this author = YesBlurb: Avery is developing a huge resort that will be on the beach of Playa Vieja, a small community outside of San [...]

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