Possession Paige Simon was the only girl Declan ever loved The only one capable of silencing his voices the only person to ever have faith in who he was until the day her faith turned to doubt and destroyed ev

  • Title: Possession
  • Author: A.M. Johnson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Paige Simon was the only girl Declan ever loved The only one capable of silencing his voices, the only person to ever have faith in who he was, until the day her faith turned to doubt and destroyed everything they d made together Declan O Connell was the only person Paige could be herself with The only one she could rely on, until the day she was forced to make a choicPaige Simon was the only girl Declan ever loved The only one capable of silencing his voices, the only person to ever have faith in who he was, until the day her faith turned to doubt and destroyed everything they d made together Declan O Connell was the only person Paige could be herself with The only one she could rely on, until the day she was forced to make a choice that would condemn them both They ve had years apart, and second chances don t belong to the damned But when you come face to face with your savior, it s almost impossible to walk away In order to move beyond the sins of their past, and forever silence the demons in his head, they ll have to risk it all But with love, there are real reasons to be afraid and, sometimes your salvation is your damnation Not a Cliff Hanger Adult Themes

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    1. DNF @ 30% I know I am VERY much in the minority on this one, but this just isn't doing it for me. The tension and angst feels forced, I'm not connecting with the characters, and the constant italicized flashbacks are a pet peeve of mine. That said, it's probably just me. Everyone else seems to be 5-starring the shit out of this thing. Maybe I'll try picking it up again later.

    2. It's LIVE with a Release Blitz + GiveawayThis was the first time I've read a book by A.M. Johnson, but it won't be the last. Her writing was beautiful, the plot was original and well-developed, and this story was packed with dynamic characters.Declan and Paige were high school sweethearts. One day, one choice changed the direction of their lives and tore them apart. After nine years apart, they realized that their love never died, but they had to work on forgiving each other and themselves.Decla [...]

    3. 5 emotional starsOMG. I loved this book. It wasn't a typical second chance love story. It shows that even though people may be meant to be together, time doesn't heal all wounds and that the pain left in the past can follow you to the present. And omge words A.M. Johnson wrote just spoke to me and flew off the page and it felt as if I watching what was happening to Paige and Declan right in front of me. Speaking of Paige and Declan, they were such an amazing couple. I can honestly say that even [...]

    4. IT'S LIVE ONE CLICK NOW amzn/2kSwnT0I hope you fall in love with Paige and Declan like I did. Writing them was one of the biggest challenges I have faced when it comes to writing. They are raw and honest, and I love them like they are real. I hope you do too!

    5. I honestly have no clue how to put down in words just how much I adored this book. Almost two days later and I can't stop thinking about it. But, take a fantastic story, add in amazing characters that I loved so damn hard, writing that made me hurt when Declan and Paige hurt, cry when they cried, grieve when they grieved, laugh when they laughed,felt love and joy when they did yep, the writing is that bloody good I was wrecked from all the emotion that I felt.Their journey to their happy wasn't [...]

    6. This book was so damn good!After sitting on my review for over a week for this book, I find I am still having a hard time with it.I absolutely loved this book. It is not your usual second chance love story- it is painful and real and it touches on some very difficult subjects. This book will break you then mend you; it is so full of pain, anger and regrets. The journey back to one another is challenging and absolutely beautiful. Mental illness plays a HUGE role in this book; the author did an am [...]

    7. This was my first book by A.M. Johnson, and let me tell you, I was blown away! Her writing has a lyrical quality that nearly broke my kindle highlighter. It was poetic, smart, and heartbreakingly beautiful, but it was also raw and real in the best way. Second chance romances are a favorite of mine, and I loved watching Declan and Paige confront their past, face their fears, and rediscover each other and the love they once shared. My favorite quote:"I wanted to spend every minute in this tiny ram [...]

    8. A.M. Johnson knocked me completely off kilter with Possession, not only because it hit a bit close to home, but because she has certainly outdone herself with this story. I can't even begin to describe all of the feelings going through me while reading this book.A.M. Johnson managed to handle religion, mental health and family matters in a unique, heartbreaking, yet hopeful way. She will tear your heart apart just to beautifully mend it.Just as the story, the characters were carefully, exquisite [...]

    9. A.M. Johnson delivers a beautiful story of love, loss, and most importantly forgiveness. I've read all of AM books and it's always such an epic journey to see where her next story will take us. Declan and Paige haven't seen each other in 9 years. Being kids in love and having to make decisions they weren't wise enough to be making changed them in more ways than one. Paige isn't the same. Declan isn't the same. They both have loss more than they have lived. Can they finally put the pieces of thei [...]

    10. It's easy to say 'I loved' this book. I've said it about a hundred books I've read this year. What makes this one different? I don't even know if I can define it. This is probably AM Johnsons darkest book. It tackles some tricky subjects, ones many authors would avoid like the plagued that is reason number 1 why I loved it. it's brave. I could sit and list reasons forever on why else I loved it, but the most important would be this. These characters, these words are so VIVID. I could close my ey [...]

    11. Paige and Declan's story is incredible!! This is probably my favorite book by A.M. Johnson so far. It's dark yet hauntingly beautiful. You'll feel her words in your soul. Their story touches on real issues that some choose to ignore. These two characters invoked all the feels and it hits you right in the gut. Your heart will break for these fragile like broken souls trying to find their way back home. If art was a religion, this book would be the Bible.

    12. Possession was my first read by A.M. Johnson, and I absolutely loved it.One of the best things an author can do for you is make you feel. I applause Johnson for delivering a story that is complex, honest and heartfelt. Her gift to make you feel a variety of emotions, make you crave experiences is true talent. One of the things I told Johnson after reading a very emotional scene was"I miss the feeling of being in love. You made me miss love Amanda."I don't think a book has ever made me miss love [...]

    13. PDL's Rating: 6 'I AM' Stars (like WHOA)I originally rated this as a 5 Stars (Loved) but as I was writing the review, I so much more than loved this book - this story took my breath away so it's more like a "like WHOA!"Okay, I know it’s only February of this year but I was fortunate enough to already have read a handful of books that I am holding dear to my heart. Each one of them stirred a different part of me that made me fall in love with it for its very own reason. Possession is truly a un [...]

    14. What an incredibly moving and emotional story! I cannot even express how much I loved this book. It was so much more than a second chance love story. It was a story of hope and pain and real life. A.M.'s writing is pure magic. Declan and Paige are such beautifully and tragically broken characters. The story is told perfectly from both of their points of view and they literally jumped off the page. I felt like I was right there with them experiencing the soaring highs and pitch black lows, making [...]

    15. ***AVAILABLE NOW - FULL REVIEW***4.5 Beautifully Unique CROWNSA.M. Johnson is so incredibly talented as a writer. Each story she creates is emotional and beautifully written, and Possession is no different. What is different, though about the first book in her Avenues Ink series is the religious as well as psychological tones of this particular romance, leaving readers with a story that is heartbreaking yet beautiful.These characters are incredibly broken, more so than any other character I can [...]

    16. I love everything about this beautiful book. AM Johnson writes with passion. She writes with heart, and soul and balls and I fucking love it. I fell hard and fast into this story. The world just automatically felt so real and authentic and it swallowed me whole. Dex is the kind of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. He loves with his whole being. With everything he has, and when he hurts it consumes him just as thoroughly. He lays it all on the table and you get the feeling that as the author [...]

    17. It's hard to convey how amazing this book was. The writing was beautiful and so real. The story was raw and original. A.M. Johnson wrote about two very sensitive subjects and wrote an amazing tale about how flaws and pain are the color and beauty in all of us. I don't usually highlight, but I highlighted all over the place in this book. The way she wrote Declan, you suffer right along with him and feel Paige's struggle to get back the life and the boy she lost. My first A.M. Johnson book but mos [...]

    18. DNF @ 65% I did enjoyed the first part especially since the author was able to build a strong family ties between the three brothers in preparation for the series.A second chance romance with damaged H/h? Okay! Declan and Paige were very much in love with each other but later on, they were faced with something they were too young to understand and handle. Then suddenly "I was to marry the pastor’s son. I was to atone for my murdering ways.” Is there such a thing? I couldn't understand their [...]

    19. This was the first book of Amanda's that I read, and clearly, I'm missing out. Her writing is evocative and detailed, and the story was unique enough that it kept me guessing. And the ending! Incredibly satisfying. It's rare to read books that hit all of the marks of fulfillment, but Amanda had no problem doing just that. I'm so excited for the next 2 books in the series!

    20. My rating could very well be related to a book funk I don't know what's going on in my reading life. Even the other night I was looking on my Kindle to see if I could start something else. Of course all that I have on my Kindle are ones I want to read, but none were calling to me. I don't know what it is! I still very much enjoyed this book. As I have for pretty much every book by this lovely author (haven't read the ones under her pen name yet!). This was such an interesting read from the begin [...]

    21. 4 "Colourful" ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ *ARC provided by the author - thanking you kindly. I loved Declan & Paige, their story was so beautiful & sad at the same time. A difficult decision pushed them apart. And kept them apart for far too long. One being forced to live in a loveless marriage, the other forced to live with the voices. Then Paige makes a decision that changed the course of both their futures.+ 2 sexy brotherswho love Declan fiercely.+ 1 loyal friend, and you have a second chance ro [...]

    22. Possession is the first book of the Avenue Ink Series by A.M. JohnsonWhat an amazing book! Possession is as poetic as it is devastating.Declan and Paige's relationship is complicated and their love for each other is so, so pure. The way they broke each other and then, together, mended their hearts. They weren't perfect as teenagers and they aren't perfect as adults, but they are soul mates and at the end, love is what matters.I suffered with Declan, I cried with Paige, and I loved Liam and Kiera [...]

    23. Oh my Declan! I totally fell in love with this character. This book left me in deep thinking. I could totally understand and relate to the characters probably because I am a psychology major myself. The book is beautifully woven and I loved the fact that she created characters are perfect in their own little way. It was absolutely beautiful. It was absolutely difficult for me to put the book down. I like the fact that the author is brave enough to write this book. I may or may not have read the [...]

    24. *ARC provided by the lovely author*Possession has got to be one of A.M. Johnsons best. Its a dark angsty love story between declain and paige fighting their demons .Especially declan hes like this lost soul that you just want to hug and tell him everything will be ok. Paige is such a sweet girl and very humble. You have to add this book to your TBRs .This book will touch a lot of people in many different ways. Everyone deserves to have happiness and love in their lives.

    25. This is the First book I have read in along time that I found myself loving the Heroine the Most, A.M. Johnson writes stories that are relatable and They suck you in so You feel like you are Truly in the story she is telling, This particular story is one that is Dark But Beautiful and once you get started you can't walk away until the End

    26. "Her joy was my joy. My love was her love. Her pain was my pain. Paige and I were one." I read many books a year, many books a month, and many books a week. But each month, each year, each week, there is one book that always sticks with me that you can never forget. You can't forget where you were sitting, you can't forget how you felt, and you can't forget how beautiful the story was. One that you recommend to everyone. This. Is. The. One. Possession is an utterly breathtaking read. Truly. One [...]

    27. Huh. It’s really hard for me to write about this book. Why? Because my heart is forever lost to Declan O’Connell. Yes, A.M. Johnson did magic again.I’ve never thought it’s possible to love her and her books more than I’ve already did. But then she wrote Possession. And it surpassed everything. Amanda enchants you with her words when it comes to breaking your heart. She gives you pain, but later, she’ll heal your wounds in the most beautiful way. She’s my top one-click author. She d [...]

    28. I had the honor of BETA reading this masterpiece. Thats right, I said masterpiece. This is AM Johnson best work yet! Possession is Raw, Emotional and Captivating. Declan will own your soul! You will not be able to put this book down, trust me. I love that this series is totally different than anything she has ever written before. Im so grateful that this author took a risk with this series cause it will definitely pay off. Her words are so damn beautiful and this story will be one that I will al [...]

    29. 4.5 StarsMy first A.M. Johnson book and it won't certainly be my last. Wow. What an emotional punch. Full Review to come

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