Cinderella: a REAL life fairy tale (A Silver Creek Novella Series Book 1)

Cinderella a REAL life fairy tale A Silver Creek Novella Series Book If a dream is a wish your heart makes then Cindee Ellis is in major trouble There s no way Henry Christensen will ever notice her under all those oil stains and brake fluid splattered across her shirt

  • Title: Cinderella: a REAL life fairy tale (A Silver Creek Novella Series Book 1)
  • Author: Jamie Brook Thompson Liz Isaacson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If a dream is a wish your heart makes then Cindee Ellis is in major trouble There s no way Henry Christensen will ever notice her under all those oil stains and brake fluid splattered across her shirt Unless she s dead wrong about him Join her with this real life fairytale set in the small town of Silver Creek to find out how she ll work her guts out to make her own hapIf a dream is a wish your heart makes then Cindee Ellis is in major trouble There s no way Henry Christensen will ever notice her under all those oil stains and brake fluid splattered across her shirt Unless she s dead wrong about him Join her with this real life fairytale set in the small town of Silver Creek to find out how she ll work her guts out to make her own happily ever after.

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    1. I got this from ebooksforreview. I love retellings and modern fairy tales. As obvious as the title, my favorite fairy tale classic is given a modern twist and a new breath of life. The author--Jamie Brook Thompson, took on the challenge of retelling classic fairy tales and making them alive in a contemporary setting. I have read three of these and have been very impressed and overjoyed. Makes me hope that maybe, I too can have my own fairy tale just like the unfortunate ladies in her stories who [...]

    2. Cinderella è la prima storia della serie Real life fairytale di Jamie Brook Thompson. Ammetto di averla letta solo dopo Beauty and the Beast, il secondo volume che non ho apprezzato molto, e per questo le mie aspettative erano davvero basse. Invece la storia di Cindee, pur con tutti i suoi difetti, si è rivelata di gran lunga migliore di quella di Belle.L'autrice ha cercato di inserire pressappoco tutti gli elementi della fiaba in un contesto moderno. Così, la protagonista è un'orfana che è [...]

    3. This cute story has a little bit of everything! A handsome cowboy, an adorable wiener dog, best friendships, and a happily ever after. Cindee Ellis has lived in Silver Creek all her life with her uncle and his wife Marge and daughter Priscilla. Cindee's step aunt and step cousin are just as evil as in the traditional fairy tale, and Cindee is overworked, underpaid, and kept under their thumb by constant demands. Cindee works as a mechanic in her uncle's garage and is a genius under the hood. One [...]

    4. This new take on an old fairytale was a breath of fresh air. While we all know the story, you can't help but keep listening to find out what is going to happen. Cindee is pretty much a tomboy, enjoying her work as a mechanic. Henry, her lifelong secret passion and our prince charming to our surprise enjoys baking. A little twist in the prince charming family gives this old fairy tale some new life. I really enjoyed the budding relationship between the two and how they finally got together. The c [...]

    5. I’m so glad I read this wonderful retell of Cinderella. I’m a little girl by heart and I usually find difficult to read the twisted in fairytales because they miss the simple message of the story, fight for your happiness. I truly appreciate how the author finds a way to fit Cinderella in the modern times as a mechanic but keeps her kindness and sweetness intact. I also like to get to know the “prince”, who has a great personality that it is easy to like. I will recommend this book to an [...]

    6. I was voluntarily provided with this review copy audiobook at no charge by the narrator.When I read the description of this book I was intrigued with it and I requested it. When I started to listen to it I was very entertained for half of the book. The other half, I was pretty annoyed with the main character Cindee Ellis. (Cool name though)The first part of the story was interesting with the awkward talking to her crush and trying something new to get his attention, even the part where her cousi [...]

    7. “Garage monkey” Cindee Ellis is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Not your typical heroine, she is not a girlie girl. Cindee has her hands full with her wicked step mother and step cousin making her life miserable. But her positive attitude and hard work keeps the business successful and her family intact. “I prefer farm equipment to conversation with human beings.” Handsome Harry Christensen swoops in and sweeps her off her feet or at least off her creeper. “Henry has the biggest hea [...]

    8. I absolutely loved this modern version of the Cinderella fairy tale! Cindee is not a girly girl and is more comfortable under the hood of a car than talking to men, especially Henry. She is happy to be a mechanic and is usually covered in grease. Henry, her sweet and handsome cowboy, loves to bake and dreams of opening his own bakery. What a wonderful role reversal! And the adorable little wiener dog? Precious! The "helmet" hairstyle that was all the rage in Silver Creek? Hilarious! Angie Hickma [...]

    9. One of those trashy contemporary reads - you know that it is not perfect and it is so cliché but so addicting to read. It is a cutesy contemporary fairy tale retelling without overdoing the hardship of the Cindee, the main character, and also the other aspect of the story.I like that it is just a novella so as not to make it so boring and no fillers to make the story longer. It is straight to the point and the story fitted quite well with the original Cinderella. However, I don't like Cindee's [...]

    10. What a Book!!! Enjoying you're book Cinderella so far 😉. Very Interesting Jamie. When I saw it on . I wanted to read it. So! I bought it! Start reading😊😊😊.To tell you the truth Jamie 😉. I enjoyed it once i picked it up. I gotten to Chapter two already 😊. Your real life fairytale series gotten me hooked already. Want read more. A small town of Silver Creek. Where real modern fairytale have happy ever afters 😉! Cowboys Prince 🤠. YeeeHah!!! lol 😂 Beautiful story Jamie. Al [...]

    11. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.I had high hopes this book and I was sorely disappointed. In the beginning I thought that this story was about high school aged kids and was shocked when they turned out to be older. A lot of the things that were said, the way the characters acted, they seemed really immature for being how old they are. I thought that it was rushed and I know it's a novella but it went too fast for me and wasn't what I was hoping for. I did like how self-suf [...]

    12. This is a series of novella length stories that are loosely based on the various fairy tales. They are each sweet and clean with no offensive language or sexual material. They do contain kissing.In Cinderella, Cindee Ellis is stuck living with her evil step-Aunt, Marge, who want her daughter to marry HenryChristensen. The only problem is that Henry only has eyes for Cindee.I enjoyed reading these stories. They are each simple reads with quick romances and very little conflict - just like every o [...]

    13. *I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest reviewCinderella is a well known story, and I was looking forward to something familiar and perhaps a little fun! Instead I was a little more than confused and with a bit of whiplash. The storyline is quick, and it takes half that short story to figure out how old the characters actually are, and you never get to really feel the emotion between the two. Kind of a let down! Was hoping for a bit more romance, at least more than two [...]

    14. I am a sucker for fairy tale retellings. This one was different because Cindee is a mechanic. Her cousin has a crush on the same guy Cindee does--but what guy wants to date a girl who is more comfortable working on his car than having a conversation?!?Cindee has to decide if she is willing to make waves to pursue Henry or if she will just keep her head down and avoid like she always has.The book is an easy and quick read. The insta-love is a little bit over the top, but it is a cute take on Cind [...]

    15. This was a really cute story and not quite what I was expecting. I loved Angie's accent and how she kept it through the entire narration with changes for different characters. Her voice was just perfect for the shyly sweet Cindee. I loved the charm and ease of Henry and just the overall wonderful feelings this book produced. It's great hearing a Cinderella story that's so modernized and yet does great at keeping to the theme without coming across forced.

    16. A sweet clean romance, a novella which has been inspired by the fairy tale. Cindee, the heroine is not your normal girlie girl but is a mechanic who works in her aunt's gas station. She is a very brave positive character who breaks out of her tough life and finds a happily ever after with Henry as well as with her mobile mechanic business.

    17. I was highly disappointed in this book. I was expecting more but it never came. I think the book might beeen better not as a novella. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Full Review on my blog novelnerdreviews/2017/

    18. I love fairy talesretelling so when I see one of them it always catches my attention. This modern version of Cinderella was fun. Cindi was sassy and hardworking. The story is short and quick read. The romance is a bit quick but great if you enjoy fairy tales and don't want to stay up all night reading.

    19. Short, sweet and funny story. I`m becoming a big fan of Angie Hickman, I just love her voice. It`s a soothing voice that can make you crack up at a drop of a hat, just love all her work.And Jamie writes the loveliest short stories.

    20. Angie did an amazing job with this, its a short read but worth it, bell is one of my favs.The plot isn't the best but I like it and would read it again.I got this free copy in return for my unbiased review

    21. These stories had all of my favorite fairy tales. The author created a quick story that was fun to read. I loved the stories and the twist to the timeless classics. So, if you enjoy fairy tales, you will love these twisted tales.

    22. This was a fun, modern retelling of the fairy tale Cinderella. I enjoyed how she worked it all in to this story even the nasty step-relatives. It was a quick and clean story. I read this novella in The Real Life Fairy Tale Box Set. I was given a copy by the I Am A Reader, Not A Writer Blog.

    23. Short Quick HEANeed a quick happily ever after? This is the book for you! It's a sweet and clean treat and I'm excited to read more from this author!

    24. I loved this book. It got a 4 out of 5 stars only because I wanted Cindee to be tougher but Henry is dreamy enough to make this 4.5 stars! Cindee is tougher in the next few books of the series so I think she just got stuck with "world building" where the others were more character focused. I love all the heroines and heroes in this series. The guys are dreamy and I want to live in this town. Even if the ones in charge are backwards. Hope they get what's coming to them!

    25. Cinderella: As REAL life fairytaleCute story. I liked it. It was so like the fairytale, yet a little different. Thank you for making me smile.

    26. SweetA sweet, quick, clean read. I was glad for the little escape today. I look forward to more of the series

    27. I am not so sure if I like it or not. I enjoyed reading it but it was more of waiting for something good to happen until all of a sudden it was finished.

    28. This novella was adorable- as were the other two in the series as well! Cindee has always had her eyes set on Henry- but she thinks that she is invisible to him. Throughout the story she learns that he actually know she exists. Although Cindee has had some hardships, she has determined that she will make a better life for herself and hopes to do so with Henry.The author does a great job developing the characters, but also pays great attention to detail. Those details are what hooks the reader. I [...]

    29. 3 & 1/2 Stars for a quick read. This book was a modern take on Cinderella, cute & sweet & clean. I wanted more world building. I was hoping that since I read these out of order (I read Beauty & the Beast first), that the world building was in this book, but it's not. This made me feel like I missed a book somewhere that does have the world building in it. The flow was a little off, felt like some places were missing parts/paragraphs, Cindee & Henry are likable, but a little f [...]

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