Staking His Claim

Staking His Claim When Mellon Flanagan s father dies in the gold fields of California the feisty young woman is left alone with no one to fall back on In desperation Mellon decides she needs a husband to stake her cl

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  • Title: Staking His Claim
  • Author: Brandy Golden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Mellon Flanagan s father dies in the gold fields of California, the feisty young woman is left alone with no one to fall back on In desperation, Mellon decides she needs a husband to stake her claim before someone jumps in and steals it She only needs his name for a short while, and then she can annul the marriage, with him being none the wiser It is the perfect plWhen Mellon Flanagan s father dies in the gold fields of California, the feisty young woman is left alone with no one to fall back on In desperation, Mellon decides she needs a husband to stake her claim before someone jumps in and steals it She only needs his name for a short while, and then she can annul the marriage, with him being none the wiser It is the perfect plan and all she needs is the perfect patsy What could possibly go wrong Stone McCormick awakes in the Gold Rush Hotel with a pounding headache, an empty bed, and an even emptier wallet He soon discovers that the luscious Irish beauty he bedded the night before has not only robbed him, but she has also tricked the preacher into marrying them With a missing wife, a buyer for a mining claim he didn t know he had, and a rising temper, Stone begins the hunt for the scheming Mellon Flanagan And he vows that once he finds the devious little trickster, the first thing he s going to do is put her over his knee for a well deserved spanking Publisher s Note A marriage of convenience, trickery and deceit earns a feisty Irish redhead spankings at the hand of the sexy stranger she chose as her victim.

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    1. Mellon came over from Ireland with her father as a young girl and passed as his son Mel for protection in the gold mining fields. They have been squatting on a mine for years, but once her father dies, Mellon must come up with a plan to stake the claim. The plan -- go into town, seduce a stranger and marry him --- then abandon him and file the claim in his name. The plan was working fine, but Mellon didn't count on her husband Stone being committed to his marriage. She also didn't count on his t [...]

    2. Awesome Read !The only thing for better or for worse than a sexy, stubborn, mule-headed cowboy, is a beautiful Irish, hot tempered, strong willed lass with true grit. Mellon chose him, got him drunk, drugged him, married him, stole his name and the money from his wallet and disappeared. There was method to her madness and her plan almost worked. There will be a reckoning! But there will be drama, heartache, punishment and passion that will leave you well entertained. I loved this book and all of [...]

    3. I truly enjoyed this historical western romance. Mellon was desperate and alone, leading her to take unusual chances to find security. At the same time Stone is surprised when the preacher congratulates him on his "marriage." Taken completely by surprise he begins his search for his "new bride." Knowing that things just don't add up, he wants answers and intends on getting them one way or the other. Even though Stone can't remember being married or there first night together he stands by Mellon [...]

    4. FINDING THE MOTHER LODEI enjoyed this fun western, during the gold rush in California. It was a fact of life, women had no rights, and when Mellon Flanagan’s father, Sean dies, that leaves her in a bind. The gold they had been panning had been increasing, but there was no claimed filed. What is an enterprising young woman to do? Trick a cowboy by getting him drunk, married, and then drug him, steal his money, dress as a male, file a claim and high tail it out of Gold Rush, back to the claim. I [...]

    5. This is a very enjoyable historical novel about the California goldfields and young woman trying to hold onto her father's claim. Mellon is now on her own after her father dies unexpectedly. She has the plan to wed an unsuspecting man and use his name to file her father's claim. Since of course, a woman in this time period cannot own anything. Stone however, is not easily duped and soon discovers he has been married, stolen from, and filed he claim he didn't even know about. He has plans for Mel [...]

    6. In this historical fiction romance, we meet Mellon and Stone. Mellon has been living with her father at his mine. Yet, it is a dangerous place for a young woman, so she disguises herself as a boy. When her father passes away from illness, Mellon is desperate to keep the mine. One problem. Women cannot own property. So, she goes into town one weekend, removes her disguise, and tricks Stone into marrying her. Before Stone wakes up from the sleeping powder she gave him, Mellon disappears back into [...]

    7. Stone wakes up one morning to a splitting headache and no recollection of having had much to drink. As he splashes cold water on his face, he remembers a beautiful, red haired, angel that he’d been with and is suddenly disappointed she left. He dresses and reaches for his now empty wallet and disappointment turns to anger. She’d robbed him. Before the morning ends, he finds out other things. Like the preacher in town congratulates him again on his marriage…and it turns out he owns a gold m [...]

    8. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Mellon Flanagan needs to secure her claim. She needs a husband. That is why Stone McCormick wakes alone, married, and the owner of a mine. After he finds his wife, he falls in love right then and there. All he has to do is spank her butt and convince her they are staying married. Mellon's problem is that she has already lied to Stone and doesn't think he will get past the lies to love her. Western, HEA

    9. What a fun book! I love the way Brandy Golden writes. The plot was well done and the characters believable and loveable.The ending was quite clever, and has the HEA as well--now I ask you, what's not to love about that? If you haven't had a chance to read this one, treat yourself and pick it up!

    10. By Donna L on January 11, 2017What a delightful,story set in the Gold rush days in California.I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end.It was a fast paced,part mystery with a healthy dose of humor story about Mellon Flanagan and her desperate effort to stake a claim after her fathers dies.Women had no rights, so what was a girl to do.Stone McCormick woke with a terrible headache and a empty wallet and just vague memories of a beautiful girl.He was furious that he had been tricked into marriage [...]

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