A Spoonful of Sugar

A Spoonful of Sugar Tyler Carter is a healthy eating gym owner who doesn t bake When his employees enter him into a bake off contest to raise money for Harry s House an after school space for kids commemorating local fi

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  • Title: A Spoonful of Sugar
  • Author: Kate Hardy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 329
  • Format: None
  • Tyler Carter is a healthy eating gym owner who doesn t bake When his employees enter him into a bake off contest to raise money for Harry s House, an after school space for kids commemorating local first responder Harry Monroe, he needs to learn fast Shy special needs teacher Stacey Allman loves to bake and often dreams of sharing her confections with her uber fit, gorgeoTyler Carter is a healthy eating gym owner who doesn t bake When his employees enter him into a bake off contest to raise money for Harry s House, an after school space for kids commemorating local first responder Harry Monroe, he needs to learn fast Shy special needs teacher Stacey Allman loves to bake and often dreams of sharing her confections with her uber fit, gorgeous neighbor So when Tyler sets off his smoke alarm and explains his dilemma, she can t resist the temptation of playing pastry chef tutor He offers boxing lessons in exchange More time together Yes please,But when Tyler s ex comes back to Marietta asking for his help, will it derail Stacey and Tyler s chance at love, or will it make them see that they re the perfect fit

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    1. This series, set in Marietta, Montana concerns the participants in the Bachelor Bake-Off which is being organised to help finance ‘Harry’s House’, a house where it is planned children can go, take part in activities, learn key life skills and be helped with their studies. A safe place for them all being created in memory of Harry Monroe, a first responder who was tragically killed whilst endeavouring to help an elderly couple. Each story in the series has one of the bachelor’s participat [...]

    2. Kitty's review:Unfortunately, I didn’t get to read the first book in this series. But, believe me, I will go and get it. If it is half as sweet and romantic as A Spoonful of Sugar is, I wouldn’t want to miss it.Kate Hardy did a beautiful job of taking Tyler Carter from a gym owner to a baker. He never, ever came off as some macho male. He was truly grateful for Stacey and he may have fallen in love with her from the moment she offered to help. Of course, he was helpless in the kitchen. But, [...]

    3. Read: 12/2/17Date to be published: 14/2/17I would like to thank netgalley and Tule Publishing for the opportunity to read this book.This was a sweet romance, but it did drag at times. It's much better written than the first book in the series. I liked how sensitively Stacy' s hearing impairment was dealt with and the inclusion of more diverse characters.

    4. 4.5 stars - My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin: witandsin/2017/02A Spoonful of Sugar is as sweet as can be without ever entering saccharine territory. Kate Hardy has delivered the ultimate feel-good romance, with kind, endearing characters who will have you avidly turning the pages as you root for them to get together.Stacey is a special needs teacher with a heart of gold. She’s hearing-impaired and having had her self-esteem constantly beaten as a child left its mark on her. Rather than [...]

    5. Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfThere are times when I’m looking for a good romance, comfortable surroundings and an interesting couple to get to know and share their journey into love. When that urge overcomes me I always head to Marietta, Montana where I now know the town, love the people and am assured that I’m going to get one heck of a romance to enjoy. A Spoonful of Sugar from the Bachelor Bake-Off series is no exception to that consistent experience.Tyler may know his way around fitness a [...]

    6. I am really loving this bachelor Bake off series. This book is Tyler and Sandy's story. Tyler owns the local gym and everyone teases him because he can't cook. They have now entered him into the bake off to raise money for Harry's House. It is a great cause and he has no problems supporting it bur he just can't cook. His next door neighbor Sandy has offered to help him learn so he won't come in last at the bake off or be embarassed in from of the whole town.I think if you love great romances tha [...]

    7. When I first heard about this series, mix of romance and baking and Marietta Montana, I mean - hello few of my favorite things! - I decided that no matter how full my reading schedule was, I need to slip these stories in somehow. And I am delighted that A Spoonful of Sugar is worth losing your sleep over! There were so many things that I enjoyed about this story, that were unique and well done. Firstly, when they are practicing baking, they actually do the steps required, and in a clever way, th [...]

    8. ARC Review: A Spoonful of Sugar (Bachelor Bake - Off) by Kate HardyA Spoonful of Sugar hits the sweet spot. It celebrates the value of helping others and falling in love, all with a light touch. A hint of drama sets the stage for a little romance, a dash of heart and a tablespoon of laughter that tops off the fun. Love, hope, charity and laughter are the best recipe for a good time. Kate Hardy outdid herself with Stacey and Tyler.

    9. Tyler gave out good compliments, “you look sexy,” he said softly, “when you’re all strong and confident and those gorgeous blue eyes of yours are sparkling.” I really liked this book, it was a very sweet read.

    10. This was a deliciously sweet romance from the multi-author Bachelor Bake-Off series. Tyler is a confident, good guy who’s a little wary of romance, while Stacey is shy and sweet and they are exactly what each other needs.I really liked how the baking was such an integral part of this story. Not just because of the bake-off itself, but because it gave Stacey a chance to be confident and in control, proving to herself that she has worth. Tyler is so good at supporting her and giving her complime [...]

    11. If you're looking for a heartwarming, sweet romance, look no further than A Spoonful of Sugar. Tyler is a sexy gym owner who has been entered into a baking contest by his staff, but unfortunately he doesn't possess any baking skills whatsoever. When he sets off the smoke alarm in his apartment while trying to bake, his sweet neighbor, Stacey, comes over and offers to help him to learn the necessary baking skills for the baking contest. He offers to give her boxing lessons in return for baking le [...]

    12. Tyler can not cook and he is the most healthiest eating person most know in Marietta, but when his staff and clients sign him up to bake he has not choose but to tackle it head on. He convinces his really sweet neighbor to help and he hopes he wont let anyone down since its for a good cause.Stacey is shy keeps to herself and she also has reasons for it but its just best this way for everyone around. When her neighbor needs her help learning to bake she sets out to help him I mean how hard can it [...]

    13. Thanks to netgalley for the ARC of this book. What a sweet, sweet story. I loved everything about this book but the ending. It was not very romantic and it seemed like an afterthought. These characters were great, they were so relatable and it just felt like they could be friends with everyone. I was hoping he would have done better in the baking competition but it was good to see that he was not perfect at everything and that despite how much he tried he still didn't win the competition but had [...]

    14. A Spoonful of Sugar by Kate Hardy is book number two in the Bachelor Bake-Off series. This is Tyler Carter and Stacey Allman's story.Tyler's employees sign him up for the Bachelor Bake Off contest. He has a major problem. Tyler cannot cook. Stacey is Tyler's neighbor and she ends up volunteering to help teach him how to cook. They end up spending a lot of time together. So, are they just friends or is it more. Then Tyler's ex shows back up. I really enjoyed Tyler and Stacey's characters and how [...]

    15. I really liked the story line in this book. Tyler, a gym owner is entered into the he Bachelor Bakeoff by his employees and friends. Only problem is, he can't cook, let alone bake. He still can't live down burning grilled cheese in the gym kitchen and the guys in the firehouse across the street hearing the smoke detector. So when his first attempt at baking ended the same way, it brought his new neighbor, a special needs teacher, Stacey to his door. When she sees his kitchen, she that's a deep b [...]

    16. I really loved the getting together of Tyler and Stacey. Tyler is this dream guy who just gets her and doesn't make her feel less or insecure. In fact, he's got the perfect solution for her to gain some confidence. Stacey, on the other hand, has had to fight with her insecurities all her life AND overcome them. But then she must coach Tyler for the Bachelor Bake Off and she can't be shy if she wants to help him win. So when Tyler shows interest it's not easy for her to trust what she's feeling o [...]

    17. I have a mixed reaction to this book.~ Interesting discussion of special needs, good representation of a heroine who is hard of hearing (not deaf), some intriguing fitness notes.~ A couple who is far too good to be true.And that leaves me giving it a 4 for background and effort and a 2 for the MCs. So a 3 overall.

    18. A very sweet addition to the Bachelor Bake-off series, A Spoonful of Sugar's bachelor is Tyler Carter. Tyler is a gym owner that is notorious for setting off the smoke alarm any time he attempts to cook anything. He ended up with the firefighters across the street coming to the gym to put out a lunch he attempted to make. So it is really no surprise that his staff and some of the firefighters think it is a great ideal to sponsor Tyler as one of the contestants in the Bachelor Bake Off.Tyler has [...]

    19. A Spoonful of Sugar by Kate Hardy was a nice addition to The Bachelor Bake-Off series. Sweet and straight forward, with a nice steady pace throughout the book. If you like baking and books set in the fictional town of Montana, this is a nice new series. The books in this series are:A Teaspoon of Trouble (The Bachelor Bake-Off Book 1)A Spoonful of Sugar (The Bachelor Bake-Off Book 2)Sprinkled with Love (The Bachelor Bake-Off Book 3)Baking for Keeps (The Bachelor Bake-Off Book 4)A Recipe for Roman [...]

    20. I loved this book. Set in one of my favorite book locales, Marietta, Montana, the characters were so likeable and the plot suited them perfectly. It was a bit unusual, at least to me, in that Stacey, while not deaf, was hearing impaired and at times had a slight stutter. She'd grown up with a father who was always calling her dumb and nothing she ever did met with his approval. As a result, she had low self-esteem and was always putting herself down or believing she couldn't do anything. She ten [...]

    21. A Spoonful of Sugar by Kate Hardy Tyler Carter is a healthy-eating gym owner who doesn’t bake. When his employees enter him into a bake-off contest to raise money for Harry’s House, an after school space for kids commemorating local first responder Harry Monroe, he needs to learn–fast!Shy special needs teacher Stacey Allman loves to bake and often dreams of sharing her confections with her uber fit, gorgeous neighbor. So when Tyler sets off his smoke alarm and explains his dilemma, she can [...]

    22. Tyler Carter was definitely not a cook. But when some of his clients and staff at his gym entered him in the Bachelor Bake-Off, he had to learn to bake fast. When he tries on his own, he ends up smoking up his apartment and causing the smoke alarm to go off. Stacey Allman had been living next to Tyler for about six months, but still didn’t know him very well. The day Tyler set off the smoke alarm and Stacey goes to see if he needs help, Tyler explains his dilemma. Stacey is more than willing t [...]

    23. You can't help but love Tyler's character. His employees signed him up for the bachelor bake-off. It is for a good cause so he is a good sport about it. He can not bake or even cook. When Stacey checks on him as his smoke alarm blares in their apartment hallway, his life changes forever. The shy and nervous Stacey agrees to help him learn how to bake and he works out with her at his gym. His work out helps build her self confidence. They both fill the hole life has left in each other's hearts. S [...]

    24. 3.25 starsThis second entry to Bachelor Bake-Off series is a sweet love story between a hearing-impaired special-needs teacher and a gorgeous, kind-hearted gym owner set in Marietta, Montana. They happened to live next door to each other; but a fire alarm triggered by failed baking (done by our hopeless-in-cooking hero, of course) was what really brought them together. The Bachelor Bake-Off theme was more prominent here than in previous book. What I also like was the lighthearted tone the story [...]

    25. This was a very sweet story (no pun intended). Stacey is a teacher who has very low self esteem thanks to her father, but is a very sweet and caring person. Her neighbor, Tyler, has zero skills in the kitchen - but he does have a well exercised smoke alarm.I loved all of the characters in this story. I really enjoyed how Tyler and Stacey worked together not only on trying to improve his baking skills, but also their partnership to try to help special needs or struggling kids and teens improve th [...]

    26. Who cares if he can bake, Tyler has so many more wonderful qualities! A Spoonful of Sugar by Kate Hardy is a delightful addition to the latest Bachelor Series. This Bachelor Series is very different from the last two previous years. I must say I like the direction it has taken, still raising money for a great cause but not so much of an auction.While there is some drama with the quiet but likable Stacey and her family, this book is much more lighthearted than the first in the series. I like the [...]

    27. This is a sweet, short story that centers around a bachelor bake-off auction. There is plenty of romance with a little drama mixed in when an ex shows up back in town. Read the entire series to enjoy all the excitement of the bake-off.

    28. Another great additions to the Bachelor Bake-Off stories. A sweet story between Tyler and Stacey. Stacey has very low self esteem and her neighbor, Tyler needs a few baking lessons. What starts out as a friendship develops into much more.Loved how their friendship develops throughout the story. Tyler helping Stacey overcome her low self esteem as he gets his cooking lessons. Great character development, I too fell in love with Tyler.I highly recommend this book along with the rest of the Bachelo [...]

    29. A Spoonful of Sugar is the second book in the Bachelor Bake-Off series and is a sweet girl next door story. Both Tyler and Stacey are likeable characters and it's easy to cheer them on as they move from friends to lovers. The setting in Marietta, Montana is one I've become very familiar with over the years, and I always enjoy catching up with characters that have appeared in earlier books, or revisiting favourite haunts. This was an easy to read book, short, sweet and not overly complicated so p [...]

    30. I was touched by Stacey and Tyler's story because their characters just were so nice and they had so much chemistry together along with both having drive to help others, I just wanted them together as they seemed a perfect match. But then Tyler's ex shows up and she still has a key to his apartment and she lets herself in and just expects he will let her live there and fix all of her problems. So I'm holding my breath telling myself all will be well cause Tyler really cares for Stacey,but will i [...]

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