Corps sonores

Corps sonores histoires se d roulant Montr al racontent les diff rentes tapes d une relation amoureuse du flirt la rupture en passant par les rendez vous et la vie commune

  • Title: Corps sonores
  • Author: Julie Maroh
  • ISBN: 9782344012635
  • Page: 455
  • Format: None
  • 21 histoires se d roulant Montr al racontent les diff rentes tapes d une relation amoureuse, du flirt la rupture, en passant par les rendez vous et la vie commune.

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    1. Body Music contains 21 beautiful short stories about love, lust and relationships. There are several stories that I did like particularly the The Ghost of Illness, On The Importance of Laughter, and The Aftermath. I was able to read this spectacular graphic novel by Julie Maroh on one seating and it made me sad, teary-eyed, and happy while reading the stories. Thanks to Arsenal Pulp Press for the ARC of this book.

    2. This graphic novel is translated from the French. Each section is a different relationship story, and they run the gamut in relationship stages, the types of people in the relationships, and whether or not they have happy endings. The art is beautiful and I enjoyed Montreal as a setting. My only complaint is that I genuinely did not want them to end. Translation wise, there is one moment where the translation of slang does not ring true, but overall this did not detract from my enjoyment.Thanks [...]

    3. Review to come.Overall a varied and interesting collection of relationships and experiences. Some are more well-rounded than others, and a couple of the short and seemingly incomplete stories come back into play later in the collection.The art style is really interesting, somehow simple but complex all at once.

    4. This is only the second graphic novel I have ever read but this was LOVELY. The artwork is beautiful and it read like poetry. A thoughtful and gorgeous meditation on love in its many forms.

    5. Julie Maroh's introduction to Body Music explains that she wrote the story specifically to show that love and sex happen with all kinds of people, not just heteronormative cisgendered folks. While I firmly applaud that storytelling vision, the way she's actually gone about it isjust not all that interesting. Body Music is composed of about two dozen very short stories, each detailing a night of passion or season of longing or something in between. We never really get to know the characters, so i [...]

    6. Je ne sais pas trop quoi en penser Beaucoup de portraits, tous trop courts pour être vraiment bien développés. Un certain côté didactique franchement déplaisant: on a l'impression d'être devant un catalogue des possibilités amoureuses, mais il n'y a pas vraiment d'histoires qui tiennent la route.Le pire défaut est toutefois le suivant: tout ça se déroule à Montréal et Julie Maroh affuble ses personnages d'une langue invraisemblable, d'un français québécois si mal maîtrisé que j [...]

    7. 21 short stories of love in all it's colours, shapes and sizes.Wasn't expecting this to be set in Montreal and was pleasantly surprised (even a brief Guy Maddin mention). The art and stories are simple but it's nice to see the variety of love shown here. Some stories are about the beginning of a relationship, some about the end and everything between.

    8. Read this book in one sitting. It's a series of vignettes that take place in various Montréal neighbourhoods, which gave it a big time nostalgia factor for me, between a wide variety of characters. It's super queer and sex positive, and it even deals with polyamorous relationships without judgement, which is definitely outside of the status quo. It deals with fears, insecurities, problems, and the amazing moments of falling in love, lust, and everything in between. None of this should be surpri [...]

    9. Ce n'est pas Le Bleu est une couleur chaudeMAIS le dessin, les jolies histoires qui racontent l'amour, authentique, divers, avec ses joies et ses peines font qu'on passe de jolis moments. Et je suis contente de l'avoir lu.

    10. Beautiful vignettes about love from different angles aspects, whether it be at the cusp, in the middle or even the end of the affair. This book doesn't focus exclusively on cis/hetero love either, instead crossing over gender, ethnicity, as well as monogamy and polyamory. Really great collection.

    11. I love the inclusiveness of sexualities, genders, race and ethnicities in this collection of vignettes about love and sex. I'm just not really a fan of tiny stories about small moments though. I think fans of that type of storytelling will find this very appealing.

    12. Les gens qui me connaissent un tant soit peu savent que je suis militant. Militant pour les droits Humains de manière générale. Mais quand ça concerne la communauté LGBT+ je deviens animé d'une autre passion. D'une autre colère. Alors quand un art me propose une visibilité, je saute dessus. Avec toujours au coeur cette petite appréhension.Julie Maroh, je pense que tout le monde la connaît. Au moins un peu. C'est la personne derrière "Le bleu est une couleur chaude" ou "La vie d'Adèle [...]

    13. Body Music is a series of vignettes about love in a variety of forms. The people who love come in all different forms, race, ability, sexuality, and gender all explored, and they experience a multitude of feelings and emotions. There's no one story, just snapshots meant to encapsulate a moment in time. This is a gorgeous, heartwarming (and sometimes breaking) book that left me with a feeling of breathlessness. Plus it is set in Montreal which is always a plus for me :D

    14. Julie Maroh’s graphic novel Body Music is composed of 21 short stories about loving on the fringes. Set in Montreal, the vignettes are placed in somewhat chronological order, beginning with first meetings and ending with death and breakups. Her characters are diverse, and their stories even more so—she represents queer love, interracial love, polyamorous love, platonic love. I found the illustrations to be gorgeous, though they are largely monochromatic. On the whole, her portrayal of differ [...]

    15. Julie Maroh's graphic story collection is a series of vignettes that depict many forms of body identity, gender identity, relationships, love, lust, and desire. There is surprisingly very little about family in the context of all of these issues, which most likely is a generational thing. The stories are so doggedly focused on non-heterosexual, non-conformist people and relationships that it makes Montreal seem like the queerest place on the planet (and having been there I can say that it most c [...]

    16. I loved this book visually, Julie Maroh is such a talented artist. The details on every vignette are amazing, I spent a few minutes per page just enjoying the little things of every drawing: the sleepy cat in the couch, the computer sitting on the kitchen table, the beautiful Montreal backgrounds I had the same thought as with Blue is the warmest color, her illustrations made me feel joy, sadness, anger, peace her drawings make you FEEL, I don't think that's easy.What I also loved (and think it' [...]

    17. A thoughtful, touching, intuitive graphic novel that explores every facet of love, and how it is expressed between different people. This graphic novel is structured like a short story collection, with each new chapter bringing a new set of characters and story. I really enjoyed this structure since it allowed us to explore a variety of different situations and characters. Even though many of the chapters were very short, some lacking even simple dialogue, they still packed a punch, and I am lef [...]

    18. Quand l'amour se multiplie et se divise. Qu'il s'accroche dans les fleurs du tapis ou file vers les étoiles. Quand tout ne tient qu'à un fil s'étirant sous les pieds des funambules amoureux. Tout est alors possible, mais rien n'est vraiment certain. Julie Maroh propose un audacieux kaleidoscope de l'amour, celui qui pousse hors des ornières. Avec sa scénarisation fracassant les certitudes et faisant un pied-de-nez aux préjugés, et son univers visuel tout en éloquence délavée, ce roman [...]

    19. Corps sonores c'est 21 (trop) courtes histoires graphiques, des récits de vie, des histoires d'amour, un peu trop courte pour moi, je suis gourmande j'en aurai pris plus. Maroh a bien illustré la belle Montréal, ville où les histoires se déroulent. Étant moi-même montréalaise, elle a fidélement rendue hommage à ma ville. Ajoute le à ta liste de lecture!

    20. 21 short stories of love in Montreal, spanning many seasons, ages, orientations, abilities, and genders. Each story is lovingly crafted and illustrated. Despite each being only a handful of pages long, they cut right to the quick, dissecting relationships with precision. While some called out to me more than others, all of them caught my attention.

    21. The artwork in this graphic novel is incredible; so detailed that you need to study each frame to gather the parts of the story that aren't explained through words. I enjoyed each story and how it represents real-life, 'unconventional' love. The only reason I gave this book an average rating is because I was left wanting to know more about the characters, but perhaps that's the point!

    22. De courtes histoires, touchantes ou drôles. Vraiment très agréables, même si les dessins ne sont pas mes préférés. Language correct avec peu de dissonances pour une française qui écrit en québécois.

    23. This was a lovely surprise. I found this on the shelf at the library. I inhaled the book. I was entranced by the illustrations and story telling. I read the English translation which is called Body Music.

    24. J'ai adoré les multiples histoires d'amour où l'on retrouve divers couples: hétéro, homo, trans, poly, handicapés, multiethniques, etc. J'ai adoré la diversité. Les dessins étaient aussi très bien faits.

    25. Collection of the tiniest of vignettes, loosely linked in the theme of love in all its forms. Each a complete and effective micro-story.

    26. Pas totalement accroc au graphisme, mais l'ensemble est traité avec un ton et un style du dessin qui parait parfois propre à chaque histoire.

    27. i thought it was just okay. I'm not really into literary fiction; so this wasn't my cup of tea. would be a really good piece for somebody who loves the beauty of words.

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