Tumble & Blue

Tumble Blue The magic infused story of a golden gator two cursed kids and how they take their destinies into their own hands When the red moon rises over the heart of the Okefenokee swamp legend says that the

  • Title: Tumble & Blue
  • Author: Cassie Beasley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The magic infused story of a golden gator, two cursed kids, and how they take their destinies into their own hands.When the red moon rises over the heart of the Okefenokee swamp, legend says that the mysterious golden gator Munch will grant good luck to the poor soul foolish enough to face him.But in 1817, when TWO fools reach him at the same time, the night s fate is spliThe magic infused story of a golden gator, two cursed kids, and how they take their destinies into their own hands.When the red moon rises over the heart of the Okefenokee swamp, legend says that the mysterious golden gator Munch will grant good luck to the poor soul foolish enough to face him.But in 1817, when TWO fools reach him at the same time, the night s fate is split With disastrous consequences for both and their descendants Half of the descendants have great fates, and the other half have terrible ones.Now, Tumble Wilson and Blue Montgomery are determined to fix their ancestors mistakes and banish the bad luck that s followed them around for all of their lives They re going to face Munch the gator themselves, and they re going to reclaim their destinies.But what if the legend of Munch is nothing but a legend, after all

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    1. No rating from me for obvious reasons. ;) Tumble & Blue is that story I've been talking about forever. It's about friendship and fate and family. It's about being a hero when all the odds are stacked against you. And, of course, it's about an alligator named Munch. I'm so glad that it will be out in the world soon. Happy reading!

    2. Cassie Beasley has just shown us that she is the real deal. Her books weave a story that is instantly timeless and new. She has a way of making her characters enter your heart and nestle inside. Gorgeously written, beautiful story.

    3. Clear middle-grade but with all the points that I want in middle-grade: sweet, easy, but with a depth beyond its years. Would love to read an adult story set in this world.

    4. It must be tough to put a second book out into the world when your first baby was on the New York Times bestseller's list and earned numerous accolades and state awards. I wouldn't know (though secretly, I long to). But somehow Cassie Beasley managed to place another major winner squarely into our hands and hearts. Wow. Readers will fall in love with Tumble and Blue, two unlikely friends with the most impossible of problems. And the alligator. Let's not forget the alligator. Look for Tumble and [...]

    5. On behalf of Marshall Steiner, age 12, a perfect five. He loved it, Cassie!! Blew through it in two days. You're two for two with him now. xox

    6. I signed up for this book because the title is so cute. Like always, it's the title that gets us first, right? Then the blurb was interesting enough so I went ahead and signed up for this on Netgalley.Tumble and Blue sounded like a cute love story to me. But it's not really a love story. It's more of friendship and finding or forging your own path of destiny. Tumble and Blue in this story are teenagers who are both very unfortunate, because they are unlucky in some things in life. And it's not j [...]

    7. An exquisitely written sophomore novel by Cassie Beasley. Incredibly rich characters seek their fates (and a golden alligator named Munch) under the bloodred moon. I found myself giggling at the delightful quirks of the Montgomery Family, so unique and yet so familiar. And valiant Tumble is the book's hero in her own right. But, oh, the lore. How I loved the story's lore and the backdrop of the Okefenokee Swamp. An evocative novel, seamlessly written.

    8. What I have come to hope from Cassie Beasley can be found in Tumble & Blue. It is a magical story set in the swamps of the Deep South. Cassie has a talent of building strong, relatable characters who move a story in a fun, purposeful way.I cannot wait until readers are able to meet Tumble &a Blue this Fall.

    9. 2.5I loved Circus Mirandus, and I was so excited to read this book. Unfortunately, I did not like it nearly as much. As I read, I kept looking for the things I had loved about Circus Mirandus, and while I found some similarities (unlikely boy-girl friendship, grandparent in trouble, a magical element, a seemingly impossible and mysterious feat to be accomplished, a selfless act) they didn't gel in a way that made me care about the outcome. Blue is dropped off for the summer at his grandmother's [...]

    10. This was a very good book and a very fun read. However, the weird ideas behind the plot reminded me of Greek classics and the fight between humans and fate. And, as you recall from plays like Oedipus Rex for example, fate always wins. In our example, fate is being offered during the red crescent moon by a giant golden were-alligator. OkayAnyway, we have a large family where everyone has some particular 'fate.' Some are easier to deal with than others. Our poor hero, Blue, has a fate which is les [...]

    11. I recently read Circus Mirandus and it immediately became one of my favorite books. For me, it is right up there with the Thief of Always by Clive Barker. Therefore I HAD to read Tumble and Blue. I will say right off that it didn't quite have the "magic" that I felt in Circus Mirandus but I did enjoy the direction that it took me. I am a sucker for modern fables, stories created with a simplicity and subtle charm. I really enjoyed the dynamics of the characters. I think there was more of that in [...]

    12. Just as many have written, Tumble & Blue is a delightful story. It's all based on a mysterious legend including families near the Okefenokee Swamp. This one includes a red moon rising and a golden gator who will grant good luck to the brave soul who faces him. Unfortunately, two different families are represented and the end result is disaster but not for all. Some are blessed, some cursed!Eventually, it's up to two young people, Tumble & Blue, who must solve the questions that fate has [...]

    13. (Review of digital download from Edelweiss Above the Treeline)Tumble & Blue has a unique plot that will appeal to 5th-7th graders who want a bit of action/adventure mixed into their magic and mystery. The story spins around the Montgomery family, a tale about a curse and blessing dispensing golden alligator, and two kids just trying to make their lives count for something. Blue, abandoned by his father to live with his odd family, and Tumble/Lily, a girl with a secret who yearns to be a hero [...]

    14. Loved this story about two kids who are struggling to make their way in the world while dealing with big issues in their families. There's a fun supernatural element with great opportunities to talk about the kinds of gifts we receive and how we make the most of our talents with our choices. I love Cassie Beasley's writing!

    15. This was really fun. I've been in the mood for something light and cute, and this delivered. I loved how unique it felt. Sure, books have done curses before, but this curse was subtler and more creative! Big fan of this curse.

    16. This book was the best story I’ve read in a long time. I am always impressed when a southern setting can make me feel at home. It has a charm and humor that is very reminiscent of Sheila Turnage’s stories. I hope we get to see Tumble and Blue in some other stories.

    17. First off: Have you seen that cover? One of the best covers I've seen this year (and I've seen a lot).An enjoyable read. Full of life lessons, as are many of the books for kids this age. Blue is a loser, literally: He is cursed with always losing any contest of skill. Tumble is trying to be a hero, but has a knack for getting in trouble and needing to be rescued. They get together and try to help each other. The plot revolves around friendship, getting back up when you're knocked down, beating t [...]

    18. Quite the story. Blue spending the summer with a crew of unusual relatives. But all he really wants his is sad. Tumble spending the summer with her parents trying to figure out her past and how to get a hero! Can't wait to share with my readers!

    19. Adventure stories where friendship, loyalty, and stoutness of heart rule the day are my favorites. #hufflepuffforever

    20. Imaginative, as was Circus Mirandus. I liked this one better, though I did feel it was somewhat overlong and inefficient.

    21. Cassie Beasley's sophomore effort is an utter delight. I fell in love on page one and swallowed this nearly 400 page confection in nearly one gulp. Beautifully atmospheric, engaging, endearing characters, hilarious and satisfying.

    22. What a treat! I received this just in time to read it aloud to my 5th graders before the end of the year. It isn't easy to capture the attention of 10 and 11 year-olds with summer quickly approaching, but Tumble & Blue had no trouble. They loved it, as did I.

    23. When I began this book, I was over the moon that finally, finally an exceptional story had been written for middle-grade this year. It began with distinctive voices and an enticing plot, but along the way it got bogged down and began feeling contrived. The ending was much too nebulous and "good for you."

    24. The Montgomery family has been a little odd for over 200 years, when an ancestor and his enemy encountered a giant golden alligator with a "fate" that the two inadvisedly split between them. Now all the Montgomerys have some kind of special talent or curse--and sometimes it's hard to tell one from another. For Blue, though, it's easy--he always loses. And his father? Always wins. When his father decides to go back into car racing, he drops Blue off at his grandmother's house deep in the country, [...]

    25. ARC provided by the publisherBlue Montgomery is dropped off at his grandmother's house in an extremely small Southern town by his father, who races cars for a living. His father claims it's so the two can reconnect, but in reality, Blue's father has a hard time dealing with the fact that Blue's family curse is to lose at all competitions, while his father's talent is to win everything. Blue's grandmother is glad to see him, but the large family is gathering at her house to see if one of them can [...]

    26. This second book from the author of Circus Mirandus takes readers deep into the Okefenokee Swamp. Blue has known his entire life that he is cursed. He can’t win at anything, no matter how hard he tries. His most recent loss was when his arm was broken standing up to a bully at school. Now his father, who always wins, has dropped him off for the summer at his grandmother’s house. The mystical red moon is rising this summer and Blue will have the chance to break his curse if he can reach the g [...]

    27. Blue Montgomery has been dropped off at his grandmother's house in Murky Branch, Georgia by his father. He is not happy that his dad is going back to racing and that he has been left in the wilds of nowhere. It gets even worse when great grandma Ma Myrtle declares that that it is time for a gathering of Montgomerys because the red moon is coming. See two hundred years ago Walcott Montgomery went into the swamp and met a magical alligator who changed the fate of the whole family. Now everyone has [...]

    28. There is a legend that when the red moon rises over Okefenokee swamp, the mysterious alligator, Munch, comes out to grant good luck to any soul foolish enough to face him. One night when two foolish souls come out to meet Munch, the luck must be split, with one person receiving a good fate and the other person receiving a terrible fate.The fate travels down through the generations of both people. Unfortunately for Tumble and Blue, they both are descendants of the two fools. Living in a family li [...]

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