Code Three

Code Three The cars on high speed highways must follow each other like sheep And they need shepherds The highway police cruiser of tomorrow however must be massively different as different as the highways themse

  • Title: Code Three
  • Author: Rick Raphael
  • ISBN: 9780809501441
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • The cars on high speed highways must follow each other like sheep And they need shepherds The highway police cruiser of tomorrow however must be massively different as different as the highways themselves

    One thought on “Code Three”

    1. - Say, I just had a thought.- Like, why not get another round?- No, dumbass, a thought thought. - Out with it, buddy.- So all of us here are science-fiction writers.- That's your thought?- Quit interrupting. We write all these stories. And the hero's always, you know, some scientist or astronaut or warlock or galactic emperor or something- What's your point?- Why not some more ordinary profession? - I dunno. 'Cause it'd be boring? Anyway, what profession?- Hm well say highway patrolman?- You're [...]

    2. The North American Continental Thruway is a road system that stretches coast to coast across the USA, and from the southern-most point of Mexico all the way up to Alaska. Each 'artery' is five miles wide. Yes, five miles wide! With different lanes for the different rates of speed the almost-flying cars of the time can maintain. Naturally, there has to be some some of control and patrol on such a thruway, and that is where Beulah comes in.I love Beulah. Listen to this: She was sixty feet long, tw [...]

    3. Rick Raphael only wrote a handful of stories, mainly in the 60s. His speciality was writing about ordinary people doing a professional job coping with futuristic problems. In one of his other stories 'The Thirst Quenchers' his heroes are hydrologists working to conserve water for an overpopulated country. Code Three speculates what kind of job traffic cops will have to do to keep the super speed highways of the future safe. The story takes a ride with a three person team on a routine three week [...]

    4. I liked it. It seemed to have a few too many lists/descriptions at the beginning, but once past that the action flowed pretty good. I liked the three main characters, their interactions seemed believable, though not all that deep. I'm not so sure about the vehicles as described, but they worked within the story. It was well paced and action packed.One of the things I really enjoy about these old Hugo nominated stories is that the story actually moves along, people do stuff besides simply exist. [...]

    5. The cover of this book is totally misleading.It is not a 1960s sci-fi opera type novel, but a 1940s "teen horror" police story, with teenagers in souped up "hotrods" being chased down by "speed cops" in an office on wheels.

    6. I first read this interesting short story as a teenager and it made a lasting impact, so when I came across a copy recently I was keen to see how I would feel about it second time around. The story is based around a futuristic police vehicle and its crew with a backdrop many years hence, when American interstates have become cross-continental super highways, where traffic is travelling up to and in excess of 400 mph. Each crew mans a cutting edge land-cruiser, the size of a small boat, to deal w [...]

    7. The book is written in a peculiar style; rather than describe, Raphael is content to just tell the reader.Nothing really seems to happen as the book doesn't follow a set narrative but instead outlines a series of related and unrelated events; for me, this was a world to inhabit rather than a story to follow. It took some getting used to and some parts were more engaging than others.The characters were great. The relationship between them was believable and as you were cooped up in the car with t [...]

    8. Granted, I've only read the Shortstory, which makes up the first half of this listing. So far as I can tell, this is a thoroughly unremarkable police procedural, not materially improved by Raphael's vision of what a high-speed roadnet would looks like, and suffering from Values Dissonance all over the place as Society Marches On and pretty inadequate character development. 2 stars is generous - 1.5 is more like. Find something else to read.

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