The Eye of Jade

The Eye of Jade The Eye of Jade A Mei Wang Mystery Mei Wang Mysteries

  • Title: The Eye of Jade
  • Author: Diane Wei Liang
  • ISBN: 9781416549567
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Eye of Jade A Mei Wang Mystery Mei Wang Mysteries

    One thought on “The Eye of Jade”

    1. Though it provides an interesting look at present-day Beijing and the lasting effects of China’s Cultural Revolution, this book left me unsatisfied and was not at all what it was marketed to be. It was mysterious, but hardly enough to classify it as a mystery novel. It read more like a family drama which, though I found interesting, was not what I expected from a book about a girl starting her own detective agency.The mystery aspect of the novel was second to Mei’s relationship with her moth [...]

    2. Strictly speaking, this is not a very good book. It's supposed to be a mystery, but that plot really is only introduced on page 55. It's supposed to shed light on the moral ambiguities of the Cultural Revolution and while this is hinted to at various points it only comes together at the last twenty pages of the book. The rest is description of life in contemporary Beijing and the protagonist's relationship with her mother who suffers a stroke (in the end, their relationship is portrayed in light [...]

    3. Cina layaknya seekor naga raksasa yang terus menggeliat setelah tidur panjangnya. Sebuah masa yang kelam selama satu dasawarsa sejak pertengahan 60-an hingga pertengahan 75-an terjadi Revolusi Kebudayaan, di mana terjadi proses pembersihan dari simbol-simbol kapitalisme. Salah satu dampak sosial masyarakat adalah terjadinya pengasingan kaum intelektual.Banyak keluarga yang terpaksa terberai, termasuk Mei, sang tokoh dalam novel ini, berpisah dan meninggalkan ayahnya di kamp kerja paksa. Mei akhi [...]

    4. I have found a new author to read. That is always a pleasure. Diane Wei Liang's book, The Eye of Jade, centers around Mei who has quit a prestigious job and started her own detective agency. Her mother disapproves and holds her younger sister (Lu) up to Mei as an example of a successful woman. Mei is given a job to find "the eye of Jade", a supposed expensive artifact of early China. In her investigation, she not only finds "the eye of Jade" but she also finds out the true story of her mother an [...]

    5. A very enjoyable first in a mystery series. Set in Beijing, it deals with Chinese social mores and political life, murder, art theft, and a troubled past. The Cultural Revolution and the Capitalist Revolution both make an appearance. Written by someone who is actually from China, it is fascinating not just for the mystery, but mainly for the feeling of life in Communist China.

    6. The small amount of Chinese culture was pleasant. Otherwise, this was a political story about corruption. Almost every character is unhappy. The few characters who say they are happy are obsessed with power and money.

    7. All the standard mystery elements are present, detective with a past, sidekick, stolen treasure, murder, a setting that manages to be both exotic and seamy at the same time is more than that as the author also explores Chinese history and politics and family relations

    8. Mei Wang opens her own Private Detective Agency in Beijing. She can't call it that, but she solves problems for people. When her mother's old friend asks her to find a possible historical artifact she cannot refuse. This book is easy to read. The pace is a little slow, but Mei and her family history are fascinating. The mystery itself is a little light. Or is it? It may be wrapped up in the many mysteries that are Mei's own family. This is an interesting look inside China and at Chinese culture [...]

    9. This book, set in modern day Communist China, follows a young woman who has left her job working for the police authority (as a result of some scandal) to open her own detective agency. The book's writing quality may not be the best, but the cultural references alone make it worth reading.

    10. Diane Liang Wei’s novel “The Eye of Jade” is categorized as a mystery, the first in the Mei Wang series. However, if you are expecting suspense-filled scenes, clues and red herrings, and those plot twists we associate with the traditional mystery, you may be somewhat disappointed. Private detective Mei Wang has defied tradition, her family, and the law to establish herself as an independent investigator. It is not until deep into the story that we learn why: she had to leave her cushy job [...]

    11. Is there something good to be said of the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 1960s? If there is, do not expect Diane Wei Liang to say it. She left China with wounds from that era as well as the experience of Tiananmen Square, another more recent negative event in Chinese history.The Eye of Jade is the first in what is so far a two book series about a Beijing woman private investigator. More are anticipated. The first quarter of this book focuses on character development of the protagonist and so [...]

    12. Mata Giok ternyata bukan apa tetapi siapa?Bercerita mengenai Mei, detektif wanita ( pekerjaan yang jarang di Cina waktu itu )yang baru memulai usahanya, disewa oleh pamannya sendiri untuk mencari Mangkuk Antik dari jaman Dinasti Handalam pencariannya Mei menemukan kejanggalan-kejanggalan yang secara langsung berhubungan dengan sejarah keluarganya, bahkan rahasia terbesar Ma-nya terhadap Ba-nyadan siapa agen intelejen yang berjuluk "Mata Giok"?Ehm, seru juga ceritanya ada sedikit sejarah CinaPeri [...]

    13. THE EYE OF JADE (Priv. Invest-Mei Wang-Beijing, China-Cont) – VGWei Liang, Diane – 2nd in seriesSimon & Schuster, 2008, US Hardcover – ISBN: 1416549552First Sentence: In the corner of an office in an old-fashioned building in Beijing’s Chongyang District, the fan was humming loudly, like an elderly man angry at his own impotence.Mei Wang had been dismissed from the Ministry for Public Security and has opened an office as a private investigator. “Uncle” Chen, a family friend, hire [...]

    14. A caballo entre la narrativa y la novela policiaca, El Ojo de Jade cuenta una historia de corrupción, ambición, codicia, y ansías de poder en la China de 1998 en pleno desarrollo capitalista, para ello se vale de su protagonista: Mei Wang una mujer valiente, tenaz y emprendedora que esconde sus debilidades tras una personalidad solitaria, fría e indolente…su modo de ser no le ha permitido rodearse de un buen guanxi o red de contactos, pero es inteligente y ha aprendido que si el Partido ti [...]

    15. Poco policiaca pero interesanteLa sensación general tras terminar su lectura es satisfactoria. Por la sinopsis (y el calificativo en la propia portada), esperaba una novela con más acción, más intriga y, en definitiva, más policiaca. Por contra, me he encontrado con una novela tranquila, que no aburrida, pero interesante. Desconozco cómo sería la obra original, pero en la traducción me ha gustado mucho cómo está narrada.Un argumento atrapante que te sumerge perfectamente en el ambiente [...]

    16. I borrowed this book from the library as recommended by inibuku. Very excited on how easy it is to get it from library, consider that this is a quite new book, I quickly finish the book.Too bad, I am quite disappointed at the end though. I was expecting that the author would explore more about the Chinnese cultures and traditions, just like the other eastern writer usually.Pardon me, but I'd like to use the word "blend" to describe the book. It just like a very tasty and appealing dumpling from [...]

    17. Mei is a female private investigator in Beijing under a regime where such an occupation is not permitted. A friend of her mother seeks Mei's help in finding an ancient artefact, originally thought to have been destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. Her search however takes a back seat to descriptions of life in Beijing and to the life of Mei and her sister Lu in the aftermath of her mother suffering a stroke and being taken into hospital. This didn't really detract from my enjoyment of the no [...]

    18. Puede resultar y resulta interesante el contexto de la historia, las referencias culturales, sociales. la historia, el caso que se le presenta para investigar es flojo, le sirve para retratar a la nueva China y poco más.

    19. This story was a bit disjointed and even at the end I couldn't figure out how the main character figured out who did what. The author didn't let the reader in.

    20. Разпознах се в главната героиня, затова ми стана интересна.

    21. Romanul '' Ochiul de jad'' al scriitoarei chineze Diane Wei Liang a apărut la editura Nemira în anul 2009 în colecția Suspans/ roman polițist și face parte din seria Mei Wang. A fost tradus din limba engelză de Iris Manuela Anghel. Am citit cu foarte multă plăcere acest roman mai întâi pentru că este un foarte reușit roman polițist, apoi pentru că personajul principal este o femeie detectiv și apoi pentru că este un roman despre China contemporană. am o mare dorință să cunos [...]

    22. Platsen är Peking. Tiden för huvudhandlingen är 1997. Huvudperson är Mei Wang, en ogift kvinna, tretti-nånting. Hon har en yngre syster Lu, vacker som en dag och gift men en mycket rik och stilig man. Hennes mor är nån slags illustratör och hennes far har dött i ett arbetsläger under kulturrevolutionen. Mei har fått sparken från sitt jobb på underrättelsetjänsten och öppnar nu eget. Boken lanseras som en deckare, men den saknar helt spänning. Handlingen kretsar istället kring m [...]

    23. Пекин, средата на 1990-те. Години на повсеместни промени в Китай, засягащи всичко от фундаментални обществени порядки и ценности до градския силует. Мей Уонг е 30-годишна частна детективка със стабилен морален компас, загубила илюзии и (майчини) мечти за почтена държавна карие [...]

    24. Ok so that's not at all what I expected. From the book synopsis I was expecting a mystery novel but The Eye of Jade is not that. But it doesn't mean it isn't a good book. It is just much more of a family drama than a mystery. I liked how the author built the relationship within the Wang family, specially all the drama between Mei and Lu, and Mei and her mother. It felt real and I love family dramas so I was really into that parts of the book. However the actual mystery solving was not that great [...]

    25. This inaugural volume in a China-based mystery series bears some potential and some lovely language, reminiscent of spare, beautiful eastern poetry. But it just kind of falls flat for me. It doesn't seem to know whether it's truly a mystery series, a sort of family drama, or a literary exploration of the consequences of the the last half-century of Chinese history, and the narrative doesn't really do a great job of balancing and melding the three. Ultimately, the mystery elements are a little in [...]

    26. Everything about this book — from the tiniest detail of setting to the cadence and flow of the prose — reinforces the fact that it takes place somewhere outside my experience, which is exactly what I was looking for. I honestly can't speak to the quality of the mystery plot after only one listen, because there was so much to process; I spent more time focused on understanding Mei's world and family than I did on following the search for the lost-and-found cultural artifact. I'll definitely b [...]

    27. Pretty good, but when it came to learning about Chinese culture and the geography of Beijing it was excellent.

    28. A one star mystery with a second star for some decent commentary on the Chinese Cultural Revolution and daily life in Beijing. A rare instance where the author bio is more engrossing than the book -- she grew up in a labor camp, protested in Tiananmen Square, then went on to get her PhD in the U.S.

    29. Private detectives are banned in China but Mei Wang, who once had a stable job in the Ministry of Public Security thought that there was a need for the services she could provide. In Beijing there many small crimes that the police will not involve themselves with and in the new millennium divorce is becoming more common place so Mei could find independence as a business woman. All she had to do was market herself as an Information Consultant.One of Mei Wang's earliest memories is of her life in [...]

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