Playing Dirty

Playing Dirty I m going to teach Andrea to play dirtye just doesn t know it yet Jake Pulling in eight figures a year as star pitcher for the Chicago Jaguars there s no shortage of parties booze and women I m a b

  • Title: Playing Dirty
  • Author: Mickey Miller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I m going to teach Andrea to play dirtye just doesn t know it yet Jake Pulling in eight figures a year as star pitcher for the Chicago Jaguars, there s no shortage of parties, booze, and women I m a beast on the mound and between the sheets but when my social media presence becomes a major problem, the team s owner brings in a PR expert to clean up my image AndreI m going to teach Andrea to play dirtye just doesn t know it yet Jake Pulling in eight figures a year as star pitcher for the Chicago Jaguars, there s no shortage of parties, booze, and women I m a beast on the mound and between the sheets but when my social media presence becomes a major problem, the team s owner brings in a PR expert to clean up my image Andrea Diggers is the complete opposite of every girl I ve ever met She s smart, classy, and completely off limits Which makes me want her even I ve always loved a challenge, and Andrea has no idea I m about to get her to playon my terms Andrea Cleaning up Jake Napleton s image may be my hardest assignment yet, and not just because of the secrets he keeps deeply buried Working alongside the six foot six arrogant, filthy mouthed man is a challenge in restraint He screams poster boy for favorite mistakes with his chiseled abs and rippling muscles And I want to take him up on every dirty word he s said But he s not the only one with something to hide Our attraction may be immediate Potent Dirty But is it enough to withstand our shadowed pasts Playing Dirty is a full length sexy standalone with an HEA.

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    1. FREE on US today (8/18/2017)Stand-alone book 1EE: amazon/Playing-Dirty-BLURB:Jake Pulling in eight figures a year as star pitcher for the Chicago Jaguars, there's no shortage of parties, booze, and women. I'm a beast on the mound and between the sheets but when my social media presence becomes a major problem, the team’s owner brings in a PR expert to clean up my image. Andrea Diggers is the complete opposite of every girl I’ve ever met. She’s smart, classy, and completely off limits. Whi [...]

    2. Playing Dirty by Mickey Miller was a fantastic read. I thoroughly enjoyed the premise of bad boy baseball pitcher Jake Napleton pursuing the goody two-shoes, PR consultant, Andrea Diggers. While trying to overhaul his image, sparks flew, tensions escalated and their chemistry combusted!While the basics of the plot weren't original (bad boy athlete/good girl out to fix his image), there was a small town wholesome quality to the heroine that I loved. She was genuine and honest and so different fro [...]

    3. What a debut novel coming from Mickey Miller. From the very beginning I love how we were learning the background of both Andrea and Jake. It goes to show you that you should never judge a book by its cover, just because it's all over social media doesn't mean it's true. Getting to know what Jake was truly about deep down touched my heart and finding out what Andrea went through and how she came out stronger shows a lot about the woman she is. These two together were absolutely amazing together a [...]

    4. ***This and other reviews can be found at imasweetandsassybookwhore ****ARC*So I am not one of those book snobs who turn their nose down at male romance writers. To me it doesn’t matter what is between the author’s legs as long as the book is good. Playing Dirty was a book that I really enjoyed reading and it was written by a man. Jake will surprise you in a good way, that bad boy had secrets and those secrets will have you not only loving him but wishing it was you that he wanted. Andrea is [...]

    5. Sexy, sweet and dirty. This book was so good! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this debut.•The plot and the story's progression was perfectly executed. I love how this book is told from dual perspectives and you really understood each characters point of view. •Jake is such a lovable alpha male with a huge heart. Andrea is such a sweet gal from Tennessee. Together these two are fantastic! Their chemistry is very much present from the first time these two characters meet to the very last page. I [...]

    6. I love sport romances and Mickey hit this one spot on! I was drawn to Jake and Andrea's story since reading the blurb. There was just the right amount of sport talk and a perfect amount of swooning romance! I loved that we got to see both perspectives from Jake and Andrea - their emotions and thoughts were so realistic. The growth in their relationship was beautiful and the secondary characters made it even more so. What a well written debut novel! I can't wait to see more from Mickey Miller!

    7. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Mickey Millers debut novel Playing Dirty and I was not disappointed. Written from a dual POV, we live through the thoughts of both Andrea and Jake Napleton. Andrea has been hired to clean up Jakes bad boy image, while Jake tries everything to resist the change. "He needs to learn the difference between a private and a public life"Andrea and Jake are drawn to each other right from the beginning with a lot of push and pull between them. Sexual tension high, [...]

    8. Firstly, congrats to Mickey Miller with the debut of his novel.I can see from the other reviews, I'm going against the tide a little here, but I'm going to be honest with my thoughts. The premise was great, the title had me intrigued and the teasers for the book had my interest piqued. I enjoy sports romances, alpha bad-boys, and dual POV writing - so for all intents and purposes, I was all set. However at the end of the read, I liked this book, I didn't love it. I actually found it easy to put [...]

    9. Mickey Miller pitched a no-hitter with his debut novel, Playing Dirty. This story was so good that it sucked me in from the very beginning. Andrea and Jake have oodles of chemistry and I was behind them all the way. I really liked these two together!! Not to mention they were super hot and sexy together!!!At first glance, Jake who is the star pitcher for the Chicago Jaguars, appears to be little more than a cocky playboy athlete. Andrea, who is a former softball player from a small town in Tenne [...]

    10. 5 "Effin" Stars!!!Baseball and a love story with a shot of reality! This book was just as good as this year's final game of the World Series! Jake is the baseball player that no one truly knows. Andrea is the intern who piques his interest even though he is her job. As she tries to redeem his public image, the two learn there is more than meets the eye. Mickey Miller penned a grad slam novel and I am looking forward to his next novel as much as I am looking forward to baseball season. While I no [...]

    11. For more Reviews: punchdrunklibraryPDL's Rating: 4 Stars (Liked)Okay, I was a bit hesitant in reading Playing Dirty because it’s actually written by a male author. NO, I am not sexist or anything… it’s just Playing Dirty is a romance! But the truth is as hesitant as I was, I was more curious. I mean I LOVE Lauren Blakely’s standalones because that woman does male POVs like no other, so why not give this new author a shot?! Only fair! Also, let’s not forget the fact that this is Mickey [...]

    12. Pretty darn goodAs far as sports romances go this one was a pretty standard storyline. It did have its different assets to me. Jake was kind of a closed book, that was constantly only judged by his cover. What lesson have we all learned? Don't judge a book by its cover, and Jake definitely deserves a deeper look.Andrea is a small town girl working in the big city for her big break. She's got a PR internship and she is ready and willing to take on her first client. Bad boy Jake! Unfortunately for [...]

    13. WOW!!! Amazing book!!This was my first book by Mickey and I loved it!! I was pulled in from the beginning and I fell in love with Jake and Andrea. The writing was beautiful and the story flowed perfectly. Oh my lord the sex scenes were so hot!! I loved the chemistry between them. I can not wait to read more books by him! If you are looking for a good sports romance I highly recommend this one!!

    14. This was my first read by this author and I'm loved every page! This book was super hot and intense! I loved they story of Jake and Andrea so much! A bad boy pitcher for baseball team and a sweet southern girl who works at a PR in a big city, together the chemistry is off the charts!!! For a debut novel I am blown away at how fantastic it was! I will definitely be reading more from Mickey!

    15. I had no idea what to expect from this book. Mickey Miller is a new author to me, but boy oh boy did he hit it out of the park! (pun intended) I loved the heat, suspense and emotion in this story. I couldn't put it down! It was everything I love in a great romance.

    16. Liked not loveI liked it, but I didn't love it. It feels like something was missing. Hear to explain why or what.

    17. I was recently introduced to Mickey Miller and Playing Dirty is the first book that I have read by this amazing author. I loved this book from start to finish. Everything about Playing Dirty was epic. Jake Napleton is a very complex man. A star pitcher for the Chicago Jaguars, he is labeled as a bad boy in the baseball world. This persona is getting Jake into some hot water with his coaches and the team owner. In an effort to fix his social media appearance, the team has hired a PR representativ [...]

    18. Every so often I like to take a chance on an author that is releasing their debut novel. When I received an email from Mickey Miller to review I was like, ok its a baseball romance, I can dig that. I love a good baseball romance so I'll take a chance and read it. OH MY LORD!! I am totally blown away! I was very pleasantly surprised with Playing Dirty. The story flow was seamless and I sucked into the storyline from the beginning. I literally devoured this in one day! It's a HOT one that you do n [...]

    19. Really enjoyed this! Playing Dirty had a lot more heart then I was thinking it would have, and I loved both of the main characters. Jake is a major league baseball player, who has a bit of a bad boy reputation, so the owner of his team hires a PR team to work on Jake's social media reputation. Andrea is new to the PR firm, but she makes an impression on the owner of the team, and gets tasked with turning Jake's reputation around. Andrea thinks Jake is one hot hunk of a man, but she doesn't want [...]

    20. Okay so when I was requested to review this book, I was a bit hesitant. I'm not very in to overtly dirty books and was not sure that this would be a book I enjoyed. So imagine my surprise when I opened it up and could not stop reading. Though the main character is a "don't give a damn about my player bad boy image" kind of ball player, he is actually a pretty good guy. And the chemistry was more romantic that dirty.Jake is a high profile baseball player. He doesn't seem to care that he is so bad [...]

    21. I received an ARC fron the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Mickey Miller!I just read the most entertaining, and heart warming book. Truly, it made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy, as I was reading it.This book deals with an important issue; misrepresentation of people by the media. In Miller's book, the main character, Jake, is a star pitcher who appears to be all about partying and women, however, as the story moves forth, we learn that this is absolutely not true. I don't w [...]

    22. For a debut novel and my first sports romance it was a great read. The characters of Jake Napleton and Andrea Diggers are so well fleshed out that you feel for their individual stories.Mickey Miller describes Jake's roots in a way that makes you understand why things like mass media images of him don't matter as much as what he's tried to overcome in his life. Andrea is a woman from Tennessee working on an internship and gets Jake as a client. She also comes with her own baggage in the form of G [...]

    23. #moretoJakesstorys, there is to Jake Napleton, aka the Big Unit. The chemistry this man has on and off the mound is hot! Jake has been traded 'home' to the Chicago Jaguars and has a less than stellar public persona.he knows exactly who he is and doesn't apologize for it at all.Andrea's PR firm has been hired to clean up that public persona takes a cute 8 year old little leaguer as well as Andrea for Jake to take stock of his persona. The man will stop at nothing to help those he is closest to, r [...]

    24. Jake needs to clean up his bad boy image, without exposing his secret good guy activities. Andrea is the girl in charge of making that happen. They get a little side tracked from that by falling for eachother. Throw in a crazy exand a past that’s better left in the past and you have the makings of a good story. And don’t get me started on Tate, an adorable kid on the team Jake coaches. Oh btw I got an arc of this book.

    25. Great Debut Novel By Mickey Miller!! Jake is the pitcher for The Chicago Jaguars. With a past he would like to keep behind him. Andrea is a intern at Green PR hired to help clean up his social media image. She's the good girl from a small town in Tennessee. She has ONE Rule. Don't date Players Jakes up for the challenge but will Andrea see him for who he really is and not who his image says he is This book is well written with great characters. Great mix or funny and seriousness, Drama and steam [...]

    26. What a great read. Bad boy Jake with a heart of gold. Andrea is a great character with depth. She does not lower herself to the dirty level to make her stand, that is so refreshing. There is great chemistry between her and Jake. I cannot wait to read more from Mr Miller.

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