Mandy and Alecto: The Collected Smog City Book Series

Mandy and Alecto The Collected Smog City Book Series On Cape Breton Island innocence dies Pollution doesn t Eccentric amateur photographer Mandy Valems dreams of life beyond her seemingly mundane Cape Breton town Still reeling from the death of her old

  • Title: Mandy and Alecto: The Collected Smog City Book Series
  • Author: Rebecca McNutt
  • ISBN: 9781539130505
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • On Cape Breton Island, innocence dies Pollution doesn t Eccentric amateur photographer Mandy Valems dreams of life beyond her seemingly mundane Cape Breton town Still reeling from the death of her older brother in a peculiar car accident, she spends all her time at the notorious Sydney Tar Ponds hazardous waste site Everything changes when Mandy meets Alecto A cyniOn Cape Breton Island, innocence dies Pollution doesn t.Eccentric amateur photographer Mandy Valems dreams of life beyond her seemingly mundane Cape Breton town Still reeling from the death of her older brother in a peculiar car accident, she spends all her time at the notorious Sydney Tar Ponds hazardous waste site Everything changes when Mandy meets Alecto A cynical, depressed chain smoker with an affinity for super 8 filmmaking, Alecto gives her the opportunity to rebel against everything holding her back but her new best friend has a dark past and an even darker future, and she might be the only one who can help him The Smog City books tell an often harrowing tale, but friendship prevails between two individuals trying to survive unimaginable grief, nostalgia and loss.

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    1. Since I wrote this book, I'm not leaving any star rating. I've read it though along the way of writing it, so I decided to mark it as "read". Anyway, this is all four books in the Smog City book series, placed into one book because it's a lot less expensive for readers to buy one book than it is to buy four books.

    2. As of now, the French translation of Mandy and Alecto is not edited well. My Quebec French is only at a first grade level and my primary language is English, therefore until I get a better translator, this edition of my novel is in limbo, so to speak. But it will be officially available sooner or later.

    3. If you did a double-take after reading the plot summary of Mandy and Alecto, believe me, you're not the first one. A story about an isolated, reclusive, sickly-nostalgic girl whose best friend is the personification of her town's local hazardous waste site? Oh yeah, it sure got my attention, too.Mandy and Alecto is named for its two main characters, the dreamy, eccentric Mandy Valems and her forlorn, sharply cynical but extremely kindhearted best friend, Alecto Sydney Steele. In 1986, Mandy is a [...]

    4. A once in a lifetime book by a once in a lifetime author, Rebecca McNutt's collected stories of Mandy and Alecto and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, conjure up tangible dreams of the near past in film and music and industrial landmarks just as much as they do a glowing tribute to true friendship and a cautionary tale against technological evolution and the sagacious words that those who do not observe history are destined to repeated it. In many ways, Rebecca's work is a national treasure of Canadian [...]

    5. Eighteen-year-old Mandy Valems is drowning in her own confused and mentally-troubled thoughts. It's the year 1986, and this Canadian girl has become quite reclusive and odd after the death of her popular older sibling, Jud. Readers might be rather put-off at first by Mandy's antisocial, "I hate people" attitude, but don't put the book down yet, because as the story goes on, you'll find that there's a lot more to it than that.Wanting to avoid her former friend and her parents, as well as the high [...]

    6. Mandy Valems and Alecto Steele are perhaps two of the most lovable characters in Canadian fiction. Neither are your run-of-the-mill ordinary citizens. Mandy is isolated, eccentric, asocial and a little mentally ill. Alecto is a terribly melancholy fellow haunted by his traumatic past, gentle and doleful and overly reserved. Regardless, they make readers fall in love with the small island of Cape Breton and the day-to-day happenings of their plight. Mandy's nostalgia for the psychedelic Seventies [...]

    7. Wow!!!!!One of my all time faves, undoubtedly.Best writing and characterization I've read in a long time! This book is a soup of various genres: noir, CanLit, fiction, supernatural readers who dislike it seem to have gone into it without knowing first-hand what type of book this is:Mandy and Alecto is not a young adult novel or a horror novel.This book is also, despite having pollution as one of its themes, NOT a preachy social cause book about how great environmentalism is. My condolences, Al G [...]

    8. In many ways, fiction writing is often autobiographical. Of course, writers’ imagination is rooted deep into their inner being, and their perceptions of the outer world are nothing else but mirror images of their internal experiences. So, no matter how much writers put into research of the subject their fiction work is about, their own identity is frequently obvious in the characters they are writing about. With some authors and books that is more noticeable than with others.While reading the [...]

    9. I think we all have that one book on our shelf that we treat as a treasure box, one book that we could easily read over and over again and never stop appreciating. Mine is the obscure Canadian fiction novel Mandy and Alecto.I suppose it's easy to see why the book has a reputation for being disturbing. Why, for instance, it introduces the protagonist, young Mandy Valems, being bullied by a nosy neighborhood lady and then receiving a phone call saying that her older brother has been killed. For Ma [...]

    10. An eighteen-year-old Cape Breton girl, Mandy, is having a hard time with life. Her parents are mourning the loss of her older brother and Mandy doesn't have any friends who really understand her. At home, Mandy is routinely harassed by her nosy neighbor, Mrs. Matthias. One day Mandy meets Alecto, and a strong friendship is formed between them. However Alecto isn't a real person and Mandy has to deal with this sad fact. While Mandy and Alecto is a very dark book, for me this novel was something c [...]

    11. This is a book that you'll either really love or really hate. Some readers will see it as one psychotic woman with an imaginary friend. Readers who really get the point of the book and seriously understand its meanings and metaphors will see it as two troubled best friends, one asocial and one depressed, who find solace and hope in each other whether the world cares or not.

    12. Canada's fictional literature is notorious for being repetitive. Most of the time when it comes to this country's fiction we get the same old tired Margaret Atwood stuff, or some book about a crusty old fisherman hauling dead salmon from the ocean onto a boat. Very rarely does anyone ever break this cycle. If you told me to choose only three books that I could read for the rest of my life, I’d say, without hesitation, The Bible, Harry Potter and Mandy and Alecto. I never read the obscure Canad [...]

    13. Asocial, eccentric and photography-loving eighteen-year-old Amanda "Mandy" Valems, has a friend contrary to the belief of her peers. In fact, he is the only true friend she has. His name is Alecto Sydney Steele and he is a wonderfully fun person to spend time with and a very noble friend. Everything is great. Apart from one thing: Alecto isn't a real person at all. He's a personification of a hazardous waste site near Mandy's house, and is often really ill, both physically and mentally. He is dy [...]

    14. Not too many authors today, let alone a teenager, would dare write a book as tragic and lonely as Mandy and Alecto. That’s not exactly a bad thing, as it conveys many emotions and thoughts that paint a bizarre portrait of the author's life in allegorical form. But there’s something weirdly special about a fiction novel that’s willing to state, without even a hint of psychiatric talk, that life isn’t worth living, and that there's something better waiting beyond it. McNutt's concept of "H [...]

    15. Oh boy, do I have a lot to say.I originally read this series before it became a book with all of them in it. The first book in the series "Smog City", had me absolutely hooked from the beginning. I love the characters and I see how they became so sentient to Rebecca, as they became sentient to the audience as well. This anthology had me laughing, crying, and every emotion you can possibly think of. In book three it seemed to be a bit dragged out and went in circles a few times, but nonetheless I [...]

    16. I received this novel in exchange for an honest review: Mandy and Alecto take you on a journey across a lifetime of experience, they expose you to an alternative perspective of a world within the world, and their story twists the paranormal around the everyday.There’s a meandering yet increasing feeling of suspense running through the story with definite horrifying undertones, but ultimately this is a tale of an enduring friendship between two unlikely characters, both of whom have been repeat [...]

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