Shlomo's Stories: Selected Tales

Shlomo s Stories Selected Tales A collection of stories by the late world renowned rabbi and folk singer Shlomo Carlebach

  • Title: Shlomo's Stories: Selected Tales
  • Author: Shlomo Carlebach Susan Y. Mesinai
  • ISBN: 9781568212159
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A collection of stories by the late, world renowned rabbi and folk singer Shlomo Carlebach.

    One thought on “Shlomo's Stories: Selected Tales”

    1. I have never really connected personally with the Carlbachian culture, so I didn't really expect to connect with this book. A pleasant surprise that it was so down-to-earth and could find practical applicability in the real world- in real life situations that came up - within less than 24 hours.There's wisdom here that I wasn't expecting.A quick, easy, and surprisingly deep read.

    2. When I was a teen I met both Shlomo Carlebach and Leonard Bernstein and somehow my memories of them remain entwined in my mind. Besides each being Jewish and each having a gift for melodic composition, each was filled with passion and glory that defied description and overflowed in such abundance that anyone who was near them felt more alive. Reading this book brought to mind the Shlomo who stood on stage at the State University of Albany, or later at Cornell University, and mesmerized his audie [...]

    3. Shlomo was also a great storyteller. His stories inspire and strengthen the faith of the listener. No matter what it is he always manages to infuse it with his own special feeling and spirit his own love of people. Now that he is gone these stories too like his music his niggunim his many students of which the highest of the highest in my opinion was his holy joker Dovid Hertzberg continue to warm the hearts of the Yidden and bring them closer to Hashem.

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