Midwinter Father and Son Landyn and Vale Midwinter are men of the land Suffolk farmers Times are hard and they struggle to sustain their property their livelihood and their heritage in the face of competitio

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  • Title: Midwinter
  • Author: Fiona Melrose
  • ISBN: 9781472151780
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Father and Son, Landyn and Vale Midwinter, are men of the land Suffolk farmers Times are hard and they struggle to sustain their property, their livelihood and their heritage in the face of competition from big business.But an even bigger, brutal fight is brewing a fight between each other, about the horrible death of Cecelia, beloved wife and mother, in Zambia tenFather and Son, Landyn and Vale Midwinter, are men of the land Suffolk farmers Times are hard and they struggle to sustain their property, their livelihood and their heritage in the face of competition from big business.But an even bigger, brutal fight is brewing a fight between each other, about the horrible death of Cecelia, beloved wife and mother, in Zambia ten years earlier A past they have both refused to confront until now.Over the course of a particularly mauling Suffolk winter, Landyn and Vale grapple with their memories and their pain, raking over what remains of their fragile family unit, constantly at odds and under threat of falling apart forever While Vale makes increasingly desperate decisions, Landyn retreats, finding solace in the land, his animals and a fox who haunts the farm and seems to bring with her both comfort and protection.Alive to language and nature, Midwinter is a novel about guilt, blame and lost opportunities Ultimately it is a story about love and the lengths we will go to find our way home.

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    1. Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend.Landyn Midwinter and his son, Vale, are Suffolk farmers who live together and work the land their family has owned for generations. The death of Cecelia, cherished wife and mother, has haunted their relationship for ten years. Amid a particularly difficult winter, buried feelings of resentment, anger, and pain emerge and threaten to tear father and son apart forever. Midwinter is a slow crawl and is only occ [...]

    2. When I picked up this beautiful novel, I had no expectations that I was going to like it as much as I did. I didn't know the author and I didn't know much about the story, and I was a bit unsure as to whether this would be an intense poetic winter story or not (based on the cover alone). I'm still not sure whether it deserves a complete five stars from me but it's definitely up there. There was something so raw and honest about this son and father that we hear about that really appealed to me. V [...]

    3. Midwinter is one of those stunning books with few characters, sparse words and yet brims with atmosphere, thoughts and packs an emotional punch. The tale of a father and son and the void between them caused by the death of Cecelia, wife and mother. It looks at nature and the nature of loss, grief and things left unspoken.

    4. This is probably more of a 3.5 star read for me, rounded up, because I stalled in a major way at one point, and didn't think the dips into Zambia were necessary (in fact it felt a bit like using the "other" as the easy villain when there are worse villains at hand - alcoholism, poverty, disappointment.) Other than my minor complaints, I enjoyed the focused story of a father and son dealing with grief and anger and struggling through two major incidents in their lives, one more recent than the ot [...]

    5. 4.5 stars. I absolutely loved this. Quiet and dark, lovely and brutal, gorgeously written. This explores masculinity, adolescence, anger, and grief, and the two voices (of a father and son) are distinct, raw, and memorable. I've never been so glad to be so thoroughly depressed.

    6. (3.5) It was a definite case of judging a book by its cover: I saw a photo of Fiona Melrose’s debut novel on Twitter and – without reading much about it at all – sent off a quick request e-mail to the publisher. All I knew was that it was about a father and son, that it was set in Suffolk, that a fox featured somewhere, and that Zambia was involved somehow. But that was enough to convince me that this was a book I wanted to read.I had assumed the title would refer to the novel’s setting; [...]

    7. A decade ago in Zambia, Cecelia died at home at the hands of a mob. It was a death that still affects Landyn and Vale Midwinter, father and son. Now back in Suffolk, they are both still raw and haunted by her death and frequently descend into rows and fights. It is after one of these major falling outs that Vale ends up getting plastered with a friend of his called Tom. They decide to steal a boat and because they are so drunk, just about survive an accident.As they recover from their injuries, [...]

    8. An astonishing debut. Ten years after the mom's tragic death, the unresolved grief of a 20-year-old Suffolk lad and his folksy, big-hearted farmer of a dad is at the breaking point: will these men crack apart, or open? A few problems with narrative pacing barely detracted at all from the deep, rich characterization or the novel's emotional power. Pa Landyn Midwinter may just be my favorite male character, ever. Keep the tissue box handy.

    9. This is a stunning looking book and one of those stories that slowly creeps into your soul as you watch over these 2 men who are struggling to come to terms with grief and the loss they both feel.The father and son aspect worked really well as the story tells of how they both deal - not very well! - in their lives with so many emotions bubbling up after the loss of their loved one. They've tried to avoid their feelings over the years and it reaches a point where their relationship is suffering a [...]

    10. Captures the fierce love of the land and its creatures of farmers everywhere. Also an indictment of the 'stiff upper lip' or manliness which refuses to talk about pain and grief. Some beautiful passages and sentences, polished like gemstones.

    11. Originally posted on: albainbookland/2017/01Midwinter is like nothing I've read in a long while. It felt a bit like there was no beginning and no end to the story, more like the author chose a period of time in the life of the main characters and told their stories during that time. This is something I found really interesting at the beginning of the book: getting to know Vale, his father, and his best friend, trying to understand their actions and their feelings. But as the story progressed and [...]

    12. This is a timeless book. The only clue to the timing was the references to soldiers in Afghanistan, other than that, this could have been any time in the last 50 years. It's lovely prose, mature and poetic, full of beauty and violence. The book starts strongly, with a boating accident that shapes the whole story, and then steps back as the characters survey the wreckage. So many books with male characters stay away from full on emotional scenes that this felt very different, almost daring in the [...]

    13. I was held in a kind of spell while reading Midwinter. Fiona Melrose's prose has a hypnotic quality: sometimes violent, often sensitive, always lyrical. The descriptions of the landscapes and people of Suffolk and Zambia are beautifully evocative. I loved the depiction of the troubled relationship between the father and his son (which is the heart of this novel, I feel), and the mysterious presence of the fox, a beautiful vixen the father, Landyn, becomes fascinated by. All the stark brutality o [...]

    14. I'm very seldom at a loss for words when it comes to books; but after closing this debut novel by Fiona Melrose, I find myself tongue-tied -- yet strangely elated and at the same time just a little bit tearful. I'm fairly certain that mere words will not be sufficient to convey the roller coaster ride of conflicting emotions I experienced while reading this tale of a Suffolk father and son embroiled in a situation of complex and relentless strife that intensifies as a bitter and seemingly endles [...]

    15. Landyn et Vale Midwinter, père et fils, sont agriculteurs dans le Suffolk, une région pauvre d'Angleterre où, derrière les jolis paysages, les marais et les adorables fermes se cachent le travail dur et ingrat de la ferme, les difficultés financières, le manque de perspective pour les jeunes, qui trouvent une échappatoire dans les soirées largement arrosées. Mais, au-delà de ce quotidien rude, les Midwinter sont tourmentés par la mort brutale de Cecelia Midwinter en Zambie des années [...]

    16. With alternate chapters narrated by father and son, and moving between the snows of Suffolk in the present day and their memories of the heat of Zambia where Vale’s mother was murdered, Midwinter is a poignant but unsentimental novel about love and loss and all that can’t be said. Mirroring Pa Midwinter’s compassion for the pigs he rounds up to send to the slaughterhouse, Fiona Melrose handles her flawed and emotionally-clumsy characters with honesty empathy. She expertly captures the voic [...]

    17. What a beautiful book. This tore me apart in places. Stunning yet simple prose. I loved both MCs; Landyn and Vale. Landyn has such beautiful compassion for animals and all nature it was breathtaking. Both men 10 years later, dealing with the violent murder of wife and mother, full of the raw emotion that grief has caused. Maybe my favourite read of 2017 so far

    18. Midwinter by Fiona MelroseTh narration follows the lives of Landyn and Vance Midwinter as the they face life together after the loss of Cecilia their wife and mother. Life had been hard in Suffix and Landyn’s decision to go to Zambia was not well accepted by Vance and his mother Cecilia. Life does not go well and after Cecilia dies they move back to Suffolk and try to begin life again but guilt and blame are still laying close to the surface as the demands brought on the harsh winters in Suffo [...]

    19. As the cover states, hauntingly beautiful Melancholy, but beautiful. Very atmosperic too. I enjoyed it. I would most definitely be on the look out for this author.

    20. Possibly attributed to my reading slump, the book was slow to start at first, but the vivid characters eventually captured my attention. Told in alternating viewpoints of a father and his son, in The aftermath of losing their wife and mother respectively, it's a raw and evocative portrayal of the grief process, in all it's harrowing shapes and forms. The last third especially, was stunning.

    21. Admittedly, I picked this novel because the cover is stunning. I don't know exactly what I expected, but oh wow. This was beautiful, beautiful. As a person who lost a parent at a young age, I deeply connected with Vale. Now as a parent, I can understand Landyn as well. Midwinter is a quick easy read, but emotionally layered and poignant. I love love love it, and I am not much of a re reader, but I will visit this again in a few years. I didn't want the book to end, as I wanted to see the Midwint [...]

    22. Please read this novel. It is one of the best I have read this year. It follows a farmer father and a son whose wife/ mum died about ten years previously. Only now they are coming to terms with their grief, though. It is set in the Suffolk country side and the beautiful landscape descriptions mix with the emotions and sparse dialogue to create a beautiful, pleasantly painful prose. There is not much plot, but I would not want to change this novel in the slightest. It touches on what it means to [...]

    23. This taut and tense tale of a Suffolk father and son united by grief but divided by guilt and blame and inarticulacy looks set to be one of my reading highlights of 2017. Beautifully written, well-crafted and with a slow reveal perfectly paced, this haunting story of farmers Landwyn and Vale Midwinter as they try to come to terms with events that happened in a previous life in Zambia is a remarkable debut novel and one that I found compelling from the first page. Highly recommended.

    24. 4.5 stars - one of my favorite reads of 2017 so far. I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked this book up, as I admit to purchasing solely based on the title and beautiful cover. Good news is I do need t regret picking this up in the slightest. The novel is everything that I wanted the film, "Manchester By The Sea" to be - touching, emotional, and slightly agrarian. Especially as a non-Brit, the Suffolk dialect was challenging to get used to and slightly incomprehensible at times, but it was [...]

    25. I didn't expect much when I first started reading Midwinter but it turned out to be an emotional rollercoaster I ended up loving so much. It was kind of hard to read it as I did relate to many things in the book on a personal novel which will make me remember this book for a very long time. It's hard to believe that's a debut novel. It has so much sensitivity and so beautifully written that it had me hooked. I can't wait to read more of Fiona Melrose in the future.

    26. At this time of year, I am extremely fortunate to see a beautiful fox most mornings on the field close to my home sometimes at close quarters and in the astonishing debut novel Midwinter by Fiona Melrose there is a fox on the stunning cover and they also play a part within the story itself.This is a story of a father and son both living in Suffolk and the land is the work for they are farmers. A story of Landyn Midwinter and his son Vale. At the very core of this novel is Cecilia wife and mother [...]

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