Ben and Shiloh

Ben and Shiloh A Belladonna Arms Novel Shiloh Smart is alone and looking for a fresh start Convinced he s finished with love forever he signs a lease at the Belladonna Arms a tacky run down apartment building sit

  • Title: Ben and Shiloh
  • Author: John Inman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Belladonna Arms Novel Shiloh Smart is alone and looking for a fresh start Convinced he s finished with love forever, he signs a lease at the Belladonna Arms, a tacky, run down apartment building situated high on a hill in downtown San Diego Determined to turn his back on romance, Shiloh works hard at carving out a life for himself where love doesn t stand a chance andA Belladonna Arms Novel Shiloh Smart is alone and looking for a fresh start Convinced he s finished with love forever, he signs a lease at the Belladonna Arms, a tacky, run down apartment building situated high on a hill in downtown San Diego Determined to turn his back on romance, Shiloh works hard at carving out a life for himself where love doesn t stand a chance and staying single is all that matters Then his drag queen landlord s nephew, Ben Moss, moves in Thanks to a rumor Ben has heard since childhood of a fifty year old crime and a fortune in stolen money, he sets out to find the loot supposedly hidden decades ago in his uncle s apartment building The minute Ben spots a kilted Shiloh toddling off to work at the Scottish restaurant up the street where he waits tables, he falls hard and fast for the aloof young redhead Even a hidden treasure can t compete in Ben s eyes with the beautiful waiter with the fiery copper hair But even while he diligently works to break down Shiloh s defenses, Ben doesn t give up his quest for buried treasure Soon, as their friendship deepens, the two young men join forces in a search for the stolen cash As the treasure hunt gathers steam and all the tenants get involved, Ben and Shiloh come to realize the greatest treasure isn t buried in the Belladonna Arms at all It s buried far deeper in each other s hearts

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    1. This is the fourth book in the Belladonna Arms Series by John Inman and it is classic John Inman with snarky, sexual humor - a ginger in a kilt, a sexy newbie to the crew and of course Arthur - Belladonna Arms' signature drag queen. If you have not read this series, you could possibly get away with reading this book alone - however, I would recommend reading the entire series so you can fully understand all the little-hidden gems throughout the story. If you have not ever read a book by Mr. Inma [...]

    2. This is my first book by John Inman, I love the new tenants Shiloh Smart and Ben. Shiloh have been hurt and does not want to fall in love again and only want to find a new apartment to stay, because he is tired to his mother's aguments about finding a girl, falling in love and to marry. He think Belladonna Arms look run down, but the pay of the apartment is cheap. Shiloh work in an Scottish Pub and need to have a kilt on, all of the other tenants that have stay 5 years or more think he look like [...]

    3. 4.5 StarsD'awwwwwwww, I needed this story right about now, seriously, we all do. Ben and Shiloh is sweet, snarky and very sexy. All readers hooked on the Belladonna arms series will love with this installment as much as I did. A true Belladonnian can't resist the love pollen.Full review soon on the blog and then here . . . .**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

    4. The 4th book in the Belladonna Arms series delivers. It delivers high on snark and sarcasm, plentiful with Arthur and his fabulous get-ups, and even includes a bit of a mystery.I giggled so much and so often and laughed out so loud that I woke up my snoring husband. He didn't appreciate it, and demanded an explanation. I tried. Oh how I tried, but I was laughing so much trying to read him that passage, I couldn't quite get it out. Shiloh Smart is looking for a place to live after a failed relati [...]

    5. Oh my god, the overblown prose just got too annoying. I really enjoyed the previous books in this series, but this one just missed the mark. The characters weren't really all that likeable, and like I said, the author decided to use a gazillion words when one or two would have worked just fine. It got to be a major chore to finish, which was very disappointing. Hopefully this was just a one-off and his next book will be better.

    6. This is the fourth book in The Belladonna Arms series.Shiloh is a sweet, lonely soul, just moved into a flat at The Belladonna Arms. His waiter job in a Scottish restaurant calls for his uniform to be a kilt with all the trimmings.Ben is Arthur’s nephew, coming to live at The Belladonna Arms, and looking for a – supposedly – hidden treasure.They meet at the restaurant, when Shiloh is choking on his meal, and Ben is there to save him.After some weird behavior, mostly from Ben, a few fights [...]

    7. I'm gonna leave this for now This series is not my favourite Inman, and I have quite a few of those.The series just has a different feel, that I can't quite get into.

    8. (Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews. Rated 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.)If you follow my reviews, you will know that I just reviewed the first three books in this series last Friday in a Flashback Friday Series Review. If you missed that post, click on my older reviews to see them. I really liked those previous stories, but I have to tell you that this current installment is my favorite in the series so far.We are back at the Belladonna Arms Apartments in San Diego to join the madcap band of ch [...]

    9. 4.5 starsI fell in love with John Inman's Belladonna Arms Series the second I read the first book. With each passing book I simply fall deeper and deeper.When we are first introduced to Shiloh he's absolutely the perfect fit for the Belladonna Arms. I knew he'd find what he was so desperately searching for. Why? Because anyone who lives there not only finds their lost something but they also find so much more Even if they didn't think they needed it to begin with.Now, if you've followed this ser [...]

    10. If you’re a fan of this series, you know that the Belladonna Arms is full of wacky, unique characters and hijinks! Arthur is the manager/owner and he’s probably the most “unique” of them all, but his nephew gives him a run for his money.What makes this series so charming is the unapologetic matchmaking, crazy antics, charming characters and the solid romance to be found in the “love pollen”. John Inman is a gifted humor writer and his work is showcased here.I think, in general, this [...]

    11. This book came out only two days after my birthday, and I could not have received a better present! The two latest additions to the building fit right in yet remained unique characters throughout. The Belladonna Arms is a special place, filled with love and warmth and family, and if such a place truly exists outside of my all-time favorite author's imagination, I would move in a second (and I'm actually more of a dog person ha ha)!I don't care for the klepto couple--but I don't think we're reall [...]

    12. I really enjoyed reading this latest entry in the Belladonna Arms series by John Inman. It was one of those books you laugh out loud with. Frequently. The situations the MC's & the BA's residents get into are just hilarious. It's a light, funny, uplifting, feel-good read that puts a smile on your face. Some may need to visit their Dentist after finishing it's just that sweet. You'll probably know half-way thru the book, as to how the story ends. But you find yourself reading it anyway, becau [...]

    13. This is a series you can count on to give you a sweet, funny and sexy story every single time!! Ben and Shiloh were great together and it was so much fun to revisit all the characters to date. Loved it!

    14. Note: This book was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviewsin exchange for an impartial review. This was a very sweet love story. In fact, for a while, I was worried that it was going to be too sweet, too mild, too goody, goody. But, where the power comes into this story is in both the humor and the character development.Each of the “characters” who live at the Belladonna Arms Hotel bring their own story forward into this one. Those we’ve met in past stories, and ano [...]

    15. Ben and Shiloh by John Inman is a romantic comedy, with a dash of mystery thrown in. Shiloh Smart claims he’s done with romance. So he moves into a run-down apartment where he could never bear to bring a potential partner – perhaps as a deterrent? Then the landlord’s nephew Ben Moss moves in. Ben is convinced of two things; he can change Shiloh’s mind about love and there is a treasure hidden in the old apartment building. And he’s out to prove both.Inman brings a unique voice to m/m r [...]

    16. This was classic John Inman style and exactly what you would expect in a Belladonna Arms book. There was a great balance of new characters and their developing relationship right alongside the characters from previous books. I never got bored with any of it. It was just as humorous and over-the-top as I wanted it to be. The mystery of the money was pretty easy to figure out but I found myself wondering how they were going to find it. I wasn't disappointed :)

    17. I truly love a book with good humor and this book had olenty of that and more. This is actually the first book I have read in this series but it was easily to read as a standalone. Shiloh is one of the main characters in this book. When he moves to the Belladonna Arms he was not looking for anything but a place to live close to his work and a place to lick his wombsfrom his break up with his ex. Instead he got Author a big hearted drag queen that wears his feelings on his sleeves. Author realize [...]

    18. I don't even know where to begin. I love John Inman, but this book really didn't live up to expectations. The characters, romance and treasure mystery plot all fell extremely flat. I might even rate this as a 2.5, I'm not sure. Everything was just brushed over. The romance and mystery have no development to it.It breaks my heart to write this review.

    19. Typical Inman book, had me laughing until tears rolled down my face. Had everything but the kitchen sinkoh wait, scratch that it had an utility sink, but it was full of socks and used condoms, does that still count?

    20. If you have not read any of the previous Belladonna Arms novels by John Inman, then this review will make little sense to you and you should stop immediately and start from the beginning because I feel it is the absolute best series in the Gay Romantic Comedy genre today. Ben and Shiloh, book four in the Belladonna Arms series, brings us back to the sagging, decrepit apartment building that houses some of the most uniquely funny and delightfully quirky people, beginning with its cross-dressing l [...]

    21. 3.5 stars. The next in the Belladonna Series: this one is called Shiloh and Ben. Shiloh Smart is the most recent tenant at Belladonna Arms. He is a Scottish looking lad who works in a Scottish restaurant. (It is supposed to be him on the book cover, and he does not describe himself as good looking. He should get his eyes checked.) It has been a while since John Inman has been this spot-on with his dialogue. The author pulls out his best when he writes for his most familiar characters. Well, Shil [...]

    22. I’m not one to read a series past about the third or fourth book. They simple do not hold my interest. But I do have a couple of authors that I will read as many books in the series as they put out because to me the writing is amazing. John Inman being one of the few, and Belladonna Arms is my first and most favorite not just by this author but of all times.This time we’ve Shiloh, a guy that just was kicked out of his place he shared with his BF by his BF current BF. So with stuff at his mot [...]

    23. This series has been such a good read. Some of the stories are sad, some are funny, some tragic, but all of them are really good!! This one does not disappoint, Shiloh has been hurt before and has decided he doesn't need love or anyone else in his life. He goes to the Belladonna Arms in search of an apartment of his own and soon finds himself crying all over Arthur. Arthur offers him a place and tells him not to worry that he'll find love at the Arms like everyone else has. Shiloh doesnt believe [...]

    24. A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words reviewRating 4 stars out of 5For the full review visit wp/p220KL-8qF on 10/11From that review: Its always a pleasure to take a trip back to the Belladonna Arms, that aging apartment building sitting high on a hill in San Diego that happens to be full of love pollen waiting to fall on the most unusual of couples. In this fourth installation, its Ben and Shiloh who gets the heap helping of pollen and much, much more.Shiloh Smart, like all the people who end up [...]

    25. Adorable amusing readI love John's books always so entertaining. This book had me laughing so hard on so many occasions. Loved Ben and Shiloh but I'd love a book with both POV if that makes sense? Ben is adorable he's smitten straightaway and goes for it trying to win Shiloh's heart.The party scene was brilliant although I'd guessed at that point where the money was and wanted to see how it would get found.

    26. This is by far my fav of this series. I laughed and giggled and then I laughed and giggled some more. It was sweet, and entertaining and I loved seeing all of my previous pollinated men from the Belladonna Arms.

    27. I liked it a lot. A witty romance; the interaction between Shiloh and his Mum I had to lol more than once and reread it two or three times with a big grin.I will never forget about stuffed bell peppersW the hideout was known just from the beginning. It was so obvious.

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