My Sweet Revenge

My Sweet Revenge I want to make my husband fall back in love with me Let me explain This isn t an exercise in s wifeydom I haven t been reading articles in old women s magazines Twenty ways to keep your man That c

  • Title: My Sweet Revenge
  • Author: Jane Fallon
  • ISBN: 9781405917759
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • I want to make my husband fall back in love with me.Let me explain This isn t an exercise in 1950s wifeydom I haven t been reading articles in old women s magazines Twenty ways to keep your man That couldn t be further from the truth.I want him to fall back in love with me so that when I tell him to get the hell out of my life he ll care He won t just think, Oh gooI want to make my husband fall back in love with me.Let me explain This isn t an exercise in 1950s wifeydom I haven t been reading articles in old women s magazines Twenty ways to keep your man That couldn t be further from the truth.I want him to fall back in love with me so that when I tell him to get the hell out of my life he ll care He won t just think, Oh good.I want it to hurt.Paula has had Robert s back since they got together as drama students She gave up her dreams so he could make it Now he s one of the nation s most popular actors And Paula s just discovered he s having an affair.She s going to remind Robert just what he s sacrificing And then she s going to break his heart like he broke hers It will be her greatest acting role ever.Revenge is sweet Isn t it

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    1. I wanted to read this book after hearing an interview with the author on the radio. This is a fun, light and entertaining read about Paula who finds out that her actor husband, Robert has been having an affair with a fellow actress, Saskia, on a country soap opera. Instead of having it out with him, she hatches a plan to make him fall back in love with her and once he is ensnared she plans to leave him. At first, this is easier said than done. After a long marriage, Paula has let herself go and [...]

    2. It has been two weeks since I finished My Sweet Revenge, and I still don't know how to write my review without possibly offending some people.Not reviewing it would easy and, in a way, right decision, but after a while I decided to do it anyway.My opinions are my own, and I do apologise to everyone who might be offended by them.My Sweet Revenge follows the story of Paula, who found out her husband was cheating on her for a while. Instead of confronting him, she decides to keep a secret that she [...]

    3. This was a fun, sassy novel with a likable protagonist, who isn't as predictable as most women in chick-lit novels. I liked that she took matters into her own hands and I enjoyed the writing style of this author. It is really hard to find light, fun fiction that isn't silly or massively predictable, and Jane Fallon delivered. I will definitely keep an eye on this author!Find more reviews and bookish fun at princessandpen

    4. I really enjoyed this book, it was fun and well written. The main character Paula has found out her husband is having an affair and wants to extract revenge on him big time. The twists and turns that follow made me laugh at times but ultimately I really wanted to kick her husband Robert up the backside. I look forward to reading more of Jane Fallon's books, it was a great story with excellent character descriptions.

    5. Review on ireadnovels.wordpressMy Sweet Revenge is an awesome read. I loved reading every page. A husband having an affair seems to want his cake and eat it. A cake is known as a sweet and the wife wants her sweet revenge. The thing is who her husband is having an affair with is also married. Someone could be labelled as a home wrecker. I don't want to say too much about the story as I can't possibly spoil your fun. Highly recommend!

    6. I started off really enjoying My Sweet Revenge, but the longer everything was drawn out for the more my interest started to wain. I am not sure that I could do what Paula does in this book, which is find out my husband has been cheating on me, and not let on to him at all, for months until she is ready to try and enact her revenge.There was a lot of porky pies being told by Paula, but also by Robert, Saskia and Joshua, the focal characters of this book. In some ways I do admire Paula, as her ini [...]

    7. 4.5 starsI’ve been hearing great things about Jane Fallon’s books for years so when My Sweet Revenge dropped through my letterbox for review I was so excited to give it a go. I’m an absolute sucker for stories about revenge and this book, true to its title, is one of the sweetest, most satisfying revenge stories that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.When Paula finds out that her husband is having an affair she has two options:1.) Confront him, get a divorce, and watch him ride off i [...]

    8. Paula and Robert have been married for 20 years since meeting as Drama students. Paula put her dreams of being an actress on hold to focus on being a mother while Robert has become one of the nations favourite actors in one of the countries best loved soaps. When Paula discovers Robert is having an affair she decides not to confront him but instead hatches a plan to make him fall back in love with her so when she ends it with him, he will notice and it will hurt. However things don't go accordin [...]

    9. I have been a fan of Jane Fallon for a while now, since Getting Rid of Matthew, but I have to say that fan or no fan you are going to love this book. I actually think her writing just gets better with each new book that she releases! Once I picked this up for a few minutes peace and quiet with a cuppa, the minutes (and then the hours!) just flew past in a happy, blissful haze!What I love about Jane’s books is that she takes horrendous personal situations and makes her characters deal with them [...]

    10. When Paula suspects her husband of having an affair with his costar- she plans to get revenge by making him fall back in love with her and wrecking any chance of his new love staying together.She gave up the chance to have her own acting career to look after their daughter and the timing was never right for her to try and succeed as an actor. She is currently working part time in a cafe and feels as though she has let herself go a bit.When she starts her campaign to win her husband back- she loo [...]

    11. Paula and her husband Robert made a pact, when Paula became pregnant, that Robert would focus on his acting career while Paula would take charge of their home and then return to acting later, when Robert would resume the responsibilities of the family. But somehow this never happened. Now Georgia, their daughter, is almost eighteen, Robert has a well-paying job on the soap Farmer Giles, and Paula, now overweight, works in a bakery. And then Paula discovers that Robert is having an affair with hi [...]

    12. Oh guys, "My Sweet Revenge" was one of my most anticipated releases in January heck, this year! Since reading Jane Fallon's "Strictly Between Us" I've just fallen in love with this author, her writing and her sharp - observed, funny stories. This book is really a brilliant, sharp read, that keeps you asking what would you do in Paula's situation. I personally don't think I'd be able to plot such a plan and this is probably why I enjoyed this book so much. It was something new, something fresh an [...]

    13. Reviews can also be found on my blog Escapades of a Bookworm My Sweet Revenge was a fun, clever and witty read. That proves that there is great fun to be had even when you are hell bent on revenge. I loved all the twists and turns in the story. I had no idea how everything would turn out. But I was rooting for Paula all the way, to show Robert what for. Mainly because I found Robert to be a bit of a prat so I quite enjoyed him getting his comeuppance. To be honest he deserved nothing less. And t [...]

    14. To be more precise, I gave this book 3.75 out of 5 stars. I liked it, but it falls a bit short of 4 stars. I found this book quite twisty down to the very last minute. The last twist almost got me fooled; I was dreading the worst case scenario and didn't want that to happen (certainly not), I felt so relieved and content with how it ends. I personally thought the whole 'revenge' plot a bit over the top and cliche, but I did enjoy the unexpected turn of events (particularly romance) that springs [...]

    15. Another fun romp by Jane Fallon, "My Sweet Revenge" is the story of a wife who discovers her husband is a cheater, and sets out to make him fall back in love with her so she can then dump him on his sorry arse! First, she secretly befriends the mistress, and then elicits help from the husband of her husband's mistress and the fun begins. Got all that? There are so many twists as both sides are trying to control how this all plays out. Similar to Fallon's earlier novel, "Simply Between Us," this [...]

    16. All reviews can be found on my blog at thewritinggarnet.wordpressYour wife/husband has been cheating on you; how do you feel? Of course, you're going to be fuming, devastated and so on. Would you confront them about it? Or would you be badass and seek revenge?! Well, Paula has found out that her world is about the crumble (pretty much rivalling the amount of crumble on a good ol' apple crumble to be honest); but instead of getting in his face and turning the air around them rather colourful, she [...]

    17. Let your mean side out to play!This is a bit like Mean Girls for grown-ups. Paula is determined to split up her husband and his soap-opera actress lover through losing weight and becoming his ideal woman (though she kind of forgets this for large intervals) while also planting lies and manipulating them both. In typical Fallon fashion, we then get a midway twist which complicates the story and re-doubles the mean manipulations. I like Fallon when I need something frothy and mindless to read (thi [...]

    18. It was really hard to read about cheating spouses in a light hearted way. I nearly gave up but then Part 2 came along. There is a certain madness to Paula and she's almost too cool a customer in this novel. I like strong women main characters have control of themselves but how Paula pulls off emotionally is hard to believe. The author has much of this covered with Paula able to hash things over with Myra at work. Plotting and reason are leveled out with Myra and some with Josh. I love how Paula" [...]

    19. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I was in need of a feel good, humorous read that I could curl up with and this definitely did the trick. It's witty and funny with enough extra twists and last minute revelations to make it a very satisfying read. Fallon's characters are engaging, well developed and even those with an extra bit of colour remain believable rather than becoming too comical or too caricatured.I wasn't really quite sure what to expect when I started the book but I was instantly made [...]

    20. What makes this very entertaining is that the characters are all a bunch of actors deceiving each other (or thinking they're deceiving each other.) It also really satisfies my petty, vindictive streak.

    21. A novel of deception and revenge!I thought the plot idea was good and really enjoyed the first half of the story but felt that towards the end it just dragged on and became monotonous. It certainly had some humorous moments but some very far-fetched ones too. I liked the split narrative between the two main female characters. It's an easy read - perfect for taking on holiday!

    22. This is a light read which was much appreciated and what more appealing subject than laughing at a hapless, and dare I say it, self-opinionated man, whose wife has become invisible to him after twenty odd years of marriage?I loved Paula, a slightly overweight woman, who had aspirations to be an actress when she first met Robert but those dreams were put on hold whilst he pursued his acting ambitions and she stayed at home and looked after the baby. She’d been fooled by the ‘I’ll concentrat [...]

    23. It is a long time since I have read a book by Jane Fallon, but it won’t be a long time until I read the next. I devoured My Sweet Revenge, and struggled to put it down. Having gone through a similar experience where I found my long-term partner cheating on me this appealed to me, and I couldn’t wait to see how her revenge would pan out. I started off both feeling sorry for, and rooting for Paula. It is clear that she had been a loving and devoted wife who had put her dreams to one side to de [...]

    24. This has to be one of the most petulant and childish plotlines Pauline finds out her husband is having an affair with his very attractive (Read: Thin) colleague Saskia (Both are actors in a TV soap). Pauline, obese and miserable - finds out and decides NOT to confront her cheating spouse. Instead, she forms a plan to make her husband fall in love with her again and to break him and his mistress up without ever letting on she knows about said affair. The idea being that when husband, Robert reali [...]

    25. I was going to give this book 3.5 stars, but the fact that the last plot twist almost got me fooled, earned her that half star.This is the story of a woman that discovers her husband is cheating on her. He's an actor, and he's having an affair with an actress working on the same show as him, a long soap opera. Then, she decides she's going to make him fall in love with her again, just to dump him afterwards.She starts by exercising and losing weight, then starts to spend time with him, doing the [...]

    26. Feel-good comedy that doesn't take itself too seriouslyWhen Paula suspects her husband is having an affair, she decides to by-pass the moping feeling-sorry-for-oneself stage and go out for revenge. The plan: Rediscover herself and her body, make her husband fall back in love with her, and then dump him. What could possibly go wrong?Paula is refreshingly bold and hilarious, and the plot has a few twists and turns on the usual tangled love lives storyline. Yes, the plot does verge on the ridiculou [...]

    27. DNF!I've read 9 chapters and nothing happened yet. I wonder about what will she do as a revenge but not enough to read 54 chapters of blabbering. Sorry.

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