Everything Stolen

Everything Stolen Four years ago Jeremy Bradford disappeared leaving the woman he loved heartbroken and pregnant with his child Two years ago Sylvie Solum married Silas Chambers and vowed to leave any hope of seeing Je

  • Title: Everything Stolen
  • Author: Sophia Scarlet
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Four years ago Jeremy Bradford disappeared leaving the woman he loved heartbroken and pregnant with his child.Two years ago Sylvie Solum married Silas Chambers and vowed to leave any hope of seeing Jeremy again in the past.Today, Jeremy Bradford woke up from a four year coma Resolved to reclaim the woman he loved.Bent on uncovering the truth about his disappearance DeterFour years ago Jeremy Bradford disappeared leaving the woman he loved heartbroken and pregnant with his child.Two years ago Sylvie Solum married Silas Chambers and vowed to leave any hope of seeing Jeremy again in the past.Today, Jeremy Bradford woke up from a four year coma Resolved to reclaim the woman he loved.Bent on uncovering the truth about his disappearance Determined to make whoever is responsible pay for everything stolen.And Bradfords always get what they want This novel is steamy, suspenseful, dirty, and appropriate only for adults.

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    1. ★★★★1/2! Everything Stolen (stand-alone). Romantic suspense about Sylvie torn between two men, past & present, truths & lies!“In the blackness of the bedroom I share with Silas, I push away the memories of Jeremy, of our intimacy, and of how much I loved him.”Everything Stolen (stand-alone) is a romantic suspense. Four years after her fiancé, heir and CEO of Bradford Enterprises Jeremiah Bradford, Jeremy disappeared without a trace leaving a heartbroken and pregnant Sylvie C [...]

    2. Okay, now I know what everyone going to say here, but it was such an awesome book and their love for each other was EPIC!But this was so NOT THIS BOOK.I will take my time here as I am very very VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS BOOK. ***SPOILERS AHEAD, DON'T READ AND BLAME ME FOR SPOILING THIS BOOK FOR YOU!*** This book has enough 4 and 5 stars reviews that go on and on about how "awesome" it isSadly, this is not going to be one of those. There is almost nothing I loved about the content of this book! [...]

    3. W-O-W-Z-Awas this book good.Sylvie and Jeremy are madly in love. Unfortunately one day that all ends when Jeremy disappears from her life leaving her scared, alone and pregnant. Enter Silas Chambers the Bradford family lawyer. He helps Sylvie raise her son and helps her move on. That is until one day 4 years later when Jeremy awakes from a coma asking for Sylvie.“Love is patient and kind, Love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irri [...]

    4. I received - Everything Stolen- from the author for an honest review. Wow This was one beautiful, heartbreaking story. Some stories deserve more than five stars and this is one of them. I was completely consumed from the beginning. I received the ARC yesterday and finished last night. I could not put it down and then laid in bed last night thinking about it. I want go into the whole story because there is no way that I am going to spoil it. Jeremy was in a coma for the last four years and when h [...]

    5. 5 Who to choose stars!!!First off, Sophia Scarlet has written an amazing story full of suspense, love and angst as Sylvie struggles with trust to figure out the mystery disappearance of her true love Jeremy. I fell hard into this one and as it played out I was just as lost as Sylvie. This book really through me for a loop. On the cover in small print it says romantic thriller, by no means in my understanding is this a thriller. I do not really care what genre a book is as long as it is good and [...]

    6. Genre: Romantic/Erotic SuspenseType: StandalonePOV: First Person - DualRating: Jeremy Bradford woke up from a four years coma with a harsh realization that the woman he loved now belong to someone else. No one knew what happened when he went missing. Even his family's wealth and resources couldn't help him then. Now he was determined to find out what happened and get back his old life.Sylvie Solum never wavered in her dedication to find Jeremy. But after such heartbreak, she needed emotional and [...]

    7. 3.5 StarsJeremy Bradford had it all – good looks, challenging career, wealth and a soon-to-be fiancé until one night he suddenly disappears. Believed to be dead, Jeremy fools them all by waking from a four-year coma. Quickly realizing his predicament, he automatically asks for his girlfriend, Sylvie, and is ready to resume his life; however, getting it all back won’t be as simple as he anticipates. “I had a career, a future, and a woman who loved me. If I want any of that back, I’m goin [...]

    8. ★★★★4 Stars★★★★Slyvie and Jeremy had the kind of love that would make anyone jealous. They were passionate, caring, and they always put their relationship first. Content on spending the rest of their lives together, everything was coming along beautifully. Until one day Jeremey goes missing. Vanished without a trace, Sylvie dedicated her time and what little resources she had in finding him. With no luck and having to defend herself against Jeremy's parents because she's pregnant [...]

    9. 3.5 - 4 Stolen ★★★★ StarsGenre: Romantic/Erotic SuspenseType: StandalonePOV: First Person – DualSylvie Solum; grew up in the foster system. At age of twenty-four she meets Jeremiah Bradford aka Jeremy; a very wealthy and powerful man. She was trying to land the job of her dreams as an editor. Her life changes completely when they meet. Jeremy purposely asked to meet in person. They completely clicked and fell madly in love until tragedy strikes. Four years later Jeremy wakes up to a ni [...]

    10. Everything Stolen is now LIVE.Thank you for reading Everything Stolen. I wrote this novel while everyone in my family had the flu. The words poured out, and twenty-eight days later, I had a draft that I loved. My revisions were squeezed in over the course of a horrendous six-part move from my home, which I loved, to the instability of rentals and storage units, which are perfectly sufficient until we can find someplace to call home again. My writing keeps me sane and I hope that it enriches your [...]

    11. Before I even start my review let me just say THERE IS NO CHEATING.Amnesia, second chance and a secret child = total catnip. Add to this a really well thought out plot with twists and turns that kept me guessing and I got a great little read. I loved Jeremy so hard, his love for Sylvie never wavered. I don't think I could have been so patient with her, in fact she got on my wick with her constant pushing away even though what happened was out of their control. She needed a rocket up the arse to [...]

    12. LIVE for $0.99 for a LIMITED TIME or FREE on KU!“But it wouldn’t be right to be with someone else when all I’ll ever want is her.”Everything Stolen is about a man who woke from years long coma thinking that the accident happened only yesterday only to find out that everything have been stolen from him – his fiancé and his future with her, the years that they should have been together. Or it could be about a woman whose life spiraled into chaos because her fiancé just didn’t show up [...]

    13. 4 Addicted StarsIt's universally known that the more forbidden something is, the more desirable it becomes.A romantic suspense centred around one family; a devastation transcending four years of pain and anguish. A family set out to destroy the one woman, that loved their son unconditionally.When tragedy struck the Bradfords, their world was turned upside down. But their silver lining was the mixed race girl, that they hated more than anything else. When Sylvie stole the heart of Jeremy Bradford [...]

    14. After waking from an accident, Jeremy realizes that his life has changed, that things have happened while he slept away his injuries. His first thought is of Sylvie, the love of his life and he is desperate to see her.Sylvie still carries a torch for Jeremy even after his disappearance, an emptiness inside of her constantly, wishing she knew if his disappearance was purposely or by accident. She wants to tell him so many things, but mostly about their son, the son he never knew about.Jeremy’s [...]

    15. *** ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review ***Last year I got the opportunity to read the Absolution series by this wonderful new author. When I got the chance to read her new book “Everything Stolen” I didn’t have to think about itWhat do you do when the love of your life disappears? Everybody important in your life has left you. You’re pregnant and feel alone Another man treats you wonderful and you fall in love. Your husband is caring and always THERE. Your [...]

    16. “Sweetheart, I want so much more than your love. I want to get so deep inside you that you can’t survive without me. I want to be your every breath and every heartbeat. Because that’s what you are to me, that’s how deeply you inhabit me.”Everything Stolen is a story of fear of abandonment, a story of betrayal but most of all a story of true love. Jeremy Bradford, rich and therefor leads a privileged life. CEO of Bradford Enterprises and madly in love with Sylvie, Jeremy is very content [...]

    17. Oh what a book, i think its one of the rare situations, when both love interests are good guys and you feel sorry for both and dont know who to root for and to start with Silas (view spoiler)[after finding out abought the part he played in Jeremy's 4 year old coma and how horrible and unforgivable his actions were, i still coudnt help, but feel sorry for him, (hide spoiler)] i felt how much he loved Sylvie and Lev and was afraid to lose her.At the same time i felt sorry for Jeremy too, losing 4 [...]

    18. 4****Stolenstars from me!! What an emotional and suspenseful story, in many parts in this book i felt very for the three main characters at first for Jeremy who without been his fault he lost four precious years from his girlfriend by being in a coma and then for Silas and Sylvie especially Sylvie because she thought she lost forever the man she loved-(s) and that her baby will never meet his father and after four years boom she is married trying her best for her husband who by the way loves her [...]

    19. “His knees hold my thighs apart as he takes what is his, always his.”An angsty romantic/erotic story with a bit of suspense, a story about a woman whose boyfriend mysteriously disappeared 4 years ago and after finally moving on with her life and getting married, her boyfriend reappears having just woken up from a coma, not knowing anything about how he ended up in that situation.I think stories like this make us question human relationships in general, what does it mean to love someone and h [...]

    20. I have read every book that this author has written and they have all affected me in different ways. For me this is the best story she has written, so far, in my view.I was given a ARC of this book weeks ago and asked to give a review. I was excited to see what the new story would be about. As soon as I read the premise and the first 3 chapters I had to stop reading. I knew that the story was going to be heartbreaking and have me on an emotional roller coaster.Jeremy and Sylvie were in love and [...]

    21. Note for me: (view spoiler)[Heroine moves on with OM. And continue sleeping with him even after H comes back.If the story was reverse i would fucking hate it and hate that H would move on. So no double standards here. (hide spoiler)]

    22. Everything Stolen by Sophia Scarlet is one of those finds that really lets you remember what you love about discovering new authors.This book was so much more than I originally expected it to be. I was having doubts and mixed feelings when I accepted this book for review because of the from the blurb obvious problem of having two guys and only one girl, which, when I add the fact of marriage to it can be a definite trigger for me.But rest assured the author sailed around that cliff perfectly.I n [...]

    23. Note. I did not find this dark although the I unfortunate events leading to the 4 year coma were not at all nice or legal, I wouldn't skip the book if your concerned with the tag dark being mentioned. I love the title, it's a perfect fit for the 4 year nightmare that has become Jeremy's life. After a tragic accident and even more tragic way Jeremy's brother turns his back on him, Jeremy not only survives the accident but immediately knows he will fight for what was stolen from him. The love of h [...]

    24. I loved this book! It had me guessing the entire time and I didn't see why things happened until it was laid out before me. It is a love triangle but there is no cheating and I loved the way she wove that into the story. I loved how it was raw and real. Life is messy, not everything is a fairytale and sometimes you have to let life play out the way it's meant to be.

    25. This was my first read by Sophia Scarlet and I really had no idea what I was getting when I started. Sylvie lost the love of her life when he disappeared four years ago without a trace. Left alone and pregnant, Silas enters her life, first as the attorney for Jeremy’s family – ensuring that she stays away from all things Bradford, but over the years their relationship changes and Silas wins over a sliver of her heart. But even after four years, the love she felt for Jeremy hasn’t diminishe [...]

    26. Yowza! I'm going to have to think about this one. The writing is fabulous but I did end up having some issues with the story. I'm 4 staring it for nowC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

    27. No rating! DNFSPOILERS AHEAD! You have been warned so DO NOT read further if you don't want to read them!!!!!You have now entered SPOILER TerritoryOMG.I just couldn't finish this. I read up until 50% and called it a day unfortunately:( A love story people saymm, not at all as far as I am concerned. A drama story is more like it with a complete dingbat in the starring role!The credit I give to the author is that this story was well written. I found it easy to follow and honestly I wasn't sure how [...]


    29. Disgusting, horrible, heroine. After this review, reading this will never happen./review/showWith this kind of plot it makes the author sound a little stupid. How can you blame someone for leaving you if that someone was in a coma?? The most irrotational, dumb, stupid thought ever. And writing a "epic romance " where one of the MCs is married (in this case stupid, slut heroine) and keeping having sex with the husband?? What a twisted view of romance. I'll keep in my reminders to stay away from t [...]

    30. Since reading the Absolution series, I have been a fan of Sophia Scarlet. Her writing is very sensual, with an authentic feel and her characters are engaging. Sylvie was nearly engaged to Jeremy Bradford, before he disappeared without a trace, leaving her pregnant and alone. She married Silas Chambers, but still fantasized about her love for Jeremy. Silas is a good man, a devoted husband and father to her son. He took care of them knowing full well that he took second place in Sylvie’s heart.J [...]

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