The Sniper's Kiss

The Sniper s Kiss It is and vast armies drive each other back and forth over blood drenched Europe In the midst of it two radically different women meet one a Russian speaking American on a failed diplomatic mi

  • Title: The Sniper's Kiss
  • Author: Justine Saracen
  • ISBN: 9781626398399
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is 1944, and vast armies drive each other back and forth over blood drenched Europe.In the midst of it, two radically different women meet, one a Russian speaking American on a failed diplomatic mission and the other a Soviet sniper The American, fleeing a sordid past worthy of Dostoyevsky, has murder in her heart but has injured no man The other, a once saintly belieIt is 1944, and vast armies drive each other back and forth over blood drenched Europe.In the midst of it, two radically different women meet, one a Russian speaking American on a failed diplomatic mission and the other a Soviet sniper The American, fleeing a sordid past worthy of Dostoyevsky, has murder in her heart but has injured no man The other, a once saintly believer, has killed a hundred of them for Stalin Their politics are worlds apart, but a reckless drunken kiss has tied them together, through church and trench, incense and the smoke of battle If they survive the war, can they survive the peace

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    1. I'm going to start with a disclaimer that I'm a huge, unabashed and hopelessly addicted fan of historically accurate lesbian romances. I'd snap up in an instant any halfway decent book that gets published in this teeny, tiny sub-genre of lesfic. So tiny that the only consistent producer of it that I know of is Justine Saracen. (Feel free to rec me anyone else! ;) So what it's come to is, anything she puts out is kind of like an 'event' for me, and not just a must-read. The author has a distincti [...]

    2. I have wanted to read Justine Saracen for a really long time. Justine writes books about tough topics, war, religion; I think I was putting off reading her because I was worried she would be too cerebral of an author for me. I am so happy to say, that was not the case at all with this book. The writing is clear, easy to understand, and just really good.The story takes place during World War 2. Mia, a Russian speaking American, is working for the office of the president as an interpreter and acco [...]

    3. Justine Saracen writing is very in-depth. You know going into them they are superbly well researched and you most likely will be a bit smarter by the time you finish. Saracen’s attention to detail and an inclusion of historical facts in her novels, help make the stories and characters riveting.Mia Kramer immigrated to the United States as a young girl. Mia, 29, comes into the story with a lot of baggage. She was raised by an emotionally abusive father, upon his highly questionable death, (was [...]

    4. *I received this book from NetGalley, and Bold Strokes Books in return for a fair review.*Genre/tags: Historical Fiction, military fiction, politics, war, WWIILocation: New York, Washington DC, Tehran Iran, Moscow Russia, Other parts of Soviet Union, Eastern Front (including Belarus)Characters: Main - Mia Kramer and Alexia Vassilievna Mazarova (both have Point of views); famous side characters: Harry Hopkins (boss of Mia), Franklin Delano Roosevelt (USA President), Eleanor Roosevelt, Lorena Hick [...]

    5. This is Saracen’s twelfth published book, so she has some great skills as an author that comes across in The Sniper’s Kiss. She manages to blend new characters and plot into historical scenes so that you can barely see the lines from one to the other. I suspect this is really difficult to so, as few authors bring such scenes and characters to life so vividly. Mia Kramer is an accountant seconded to work at the White House on a Lend-Lease program in 1943. This program sends munitions and supp [...]

    6. I loved it! Saracen's stories continue to captivate the mind in their telling. The Romance and Historical pairing of events throughout her books bring to life places, events and people you may or may not have heard of before and in so doing transports the reader to the same places, making you feel a part of the story and bringing you closer to the characters. I truly enjoy the historical aspects of the stories and recommend them to people I know, as I love discussing the "what if" of the thrille [...]

    7. I really like Justine Saracen's historical novels and the Sniper's Kiss is no exception. It teaches a lot about parts of the history that is less known and it does it in an enjoyable way.I knew a lot about the Soviet army "liberating" Eastern Europe - I grew up in one or those "liberated" countries with the presence of the Soviet army. All about the harsh circumstances, the rape and molestation by male soldiers, the corruption ring true.It's not a romance novel and the romantic plot and the unex [...]

    8. NetgalleyI'm afraid I found this to be quite the mess. While it's obvious that the book is well researched, the story itself requires too much suspension of disbelief on my part. The writing was a bit of a disappointment as well, sometimes, the Russian speakers sounded very formal and sometimes not. However you deal with another language in translation, so to speak, it should be consistent. The same applies to the rest of the book, sometimes they sounded like characters from the 1940s, sometimes [...]

    9. ‘The Sniper’s Kiss’ is an epic tale of one woman’s love for another and what she is willing to go through to be with her. It is a beautiful love story between two characters that pulled at my heart strings. Mia is American and works for the White House during World War 2. When she is sent to the Soviet Union to investigate the lend-lease programme she meets Alexia, a stunning Kremlin guard. One kiss is all it took to change their lives. The adventure they both end up living takes place a [...]

    10. Previously reviewed on The Good, The Bad, and The Unread:Although my preference for wartime stories tends to lean toward the 1914-1918 conflicts, there’s a lot of excellent lesbian fiction out there set during the Second World War. I’m also a great fan of Justine Saracen, no matter what era or location she writes in, so this book was pretty much an auto-read for me. Throw in the complications of a relationship between a Russian and an American – from countries technically on the same side, [...]

    11. The Sniper's Kiss by Justine SaracenStar rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 starsFormat: ebook galleySummary: Mia is an American woman working for the White House during WWII, she works in the lend-lease program with Russia to supply them with things they need to fight the war. While working she meets Russian sniper Alexia and there is a spark of attraction between the two women.Review: I received a galley of this book from NetGalley for review.Overall, this had a lot of stuff that seems geared toward [...]

    12. I love the way Saracen enlightens the reader with history laced with an engaging story.In this book, Mia takes us though WWII from a completely different perspective, as a Lend Lease administrator. She travels to Tehran and Moscow, along the way meeting the gorgeous Alexia who captivates her.From there the world becomes harsh for the characters and the reader. History is not kind but the story continues to be entertaining.Another great read.

    13. An unusual book from Bold Strokes. This is definitely not your usual formulaic romance from this publisher. You know, girl meets girl, girl loses girl, girl gets girl back, they live happily ever after. The kind that if you've read one, you've read them all because all that has changed from one book to the next is the name of the characters and the location. This unusual book is set in the middle of WWII and features a young Russian-speaking woman who comes to the attention of Eleanor Roosevelt [...]

    14. It did seem as though the book was well-researched and having learned about the horrors of WW2 my entire life, I am sad to say that the Russian experience and casualties were never really written about in the US-curriculum. I also had absolutely no idea that women were fighting on the front lines of the Russian army! To that end, it was interesting to read about the non-American experience and a piece of the war I had known nothing about.When the story focused on the war and the experiences of t [...]

    15. A really interesting work of historical fiction with just a twist too many for my suspension of disbelief. Saracen's characters are very well drawn and are incredibly believable, her level of research into the time period is incredible. While our leading ladies are heroic in the extreme, there is nothing out of the ordinary about that given the dire straits of WWII and the battlefields of Eastern Europe were one of the few places where such feats could have taken place. The only factual quibble [...]

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