Murciélago, Vol. 1

Murci lago Vol Mass murderers may not have much by way of careeer skills but Kuroko Koumori seems to have landed her dream job as a hitwoman for the Tokyo police A license to kill other killers That s some serious

  • Title: Murciélago, Vol. 1
  • Author: Yoshimurakana
  • ISBN: 9780316504607
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mass murderers may not have much by way of careeer skills, but Kuroko Koumori seems to have landed her dream job as a hitwoman for the Tokyo police A license to kill other killers That s some serious job satisfaction, right there

    One thought on “Murciélago, Vol. 1”

    1. A quirky, fun read. Major kudos to Yen Press for translating this manga in which the protagonist is a gal interested in other girls and said girls are not bashful high schoolers, but adults.

    2. La protagonista e il tratto dell'autore sono ben caratterizzati e deliranti al punto giusto, ma i dialoghi e le scene proposte sono confusionari e non ho ben chiaro dove si voglia andare a parare, mi fermo al primo volume. 2.5 arrotondato per eccesso.

    3. In the history of famous duos, there’s Holmes and Watson, Jordan and Pippen, Batman and Robin, etc. For infamous, there’s Bonnie and Clyde, FUNimation and Nico Nico, Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy, etc. No matter where you look — a book or a movie or a music video — a pairing exists that’s either legendary or disastrous.Koumori and Tokazura in Murciélago might transcend both categories, as they’re protagonists of a visually more violent and hornier version of You’re Under Arrest [...]

    4. I picked this up awhile back during a RightStuf sale, and after reading the first graphic novel of Bedlam, I figured I should finally give Murcielago a shot to compare and contrast.The two stories have a similar premise at their core: a psychopathic serial killer gets forcibly recruited into working for the good guys. But whereas the "protagonist" of Bedlam ends up with a Clockwork Orange-type of aversion to direct violence, here Kuroko revels in it. She'll help out the authorities to stay out o [...]

    5. Content Warning: Gore and Sex If you don't have a problem with the above content warning then I think this is basically one of the best manga I've ever read. I am normally not the type of person to enjoy gore and yet here it doesn't really bother me (Your millage will vary). You follow a lesbian who is also a serial killer placed to work for the government and kill people they deem nonredeemable. There is pretty explicit lesbian sex scenes, Murcielago is a pretty bad person but she is very charm [...]

    6. Chociaż manga autorstwa Kana Youshimura to seinen, spodobała się także i mnie. Murcielago od razu uderza po twarzy ostrą sceną erotyczną, by kilka stron później przesłonić kadry powyrywanymi kończynami. W obu przypadkach zastanawiałam się jak wykonanie czegoś takiego byłoby możliwe w rzeczywistym świecie. Jednak zgubienie czeka tego, kto również postanowi zastanawiać się nad logiką tej mangi. Murcielago uderza nadprzyrodzonymi elementami wręcz w każdym kadrze. Autor nada [...]

    7. What I most appreciate about this book is that no one is shaming Kuroko for her sex life - she's a predator, which bothers me, but in her mutual relationships, there's never a hint of "unwomanly" or slut shaming. That said, if you don't want to see lots and lots of intestines, stay far away from this book.

    8. Hella bizarre and gory lesbian murder detective manga. Like a less cerebral MPD psycho, with a pervy lesbian protagonist. There’s fast cars, pro-wrestlers, and a murder house. It’s silly and I liked it.

    9. I'm so bad with gore, but thankfully this story didn't gross me out. Kuroko is hilarious! Can't wait to read more!

    10. A lesbian assassin works in the name of States Justice. And yes there are yuri/ lesbian sex images to match your fantasy *罒▽罒*

    11. Yuri, guro y una protagonista carismática, ¿qué más se puede pedir?Además, un dibujo prolijo y una buena utilización de los blancos y negros. Yoshimura Kana se luce en el primer volumen de este manga, ojalá saquen los demás tomos traducidos, aunque sea al inglés (la calidad de los tomos en lengua inglesa es muy inferior a los tomos de editoriales españolas).

    12. Super funny as hell, super horror, and super-duper crazy, merciless, badass asassin who killed almost 715 people (She's also an I-cup Ò.Ó, wait, she could take everything from her huge breasts) and her lighthead, tiny, lolicon partner were blent really well in this Yuri manga. The story covered most of killing and arresting serial dangerous killers while chasing them around the corners and annoying neighbors (lol!). I found the art was somehow ugly, and the sex scenes were so so awkward, but s [...]

    13. The story is wonderful, but the physical version sins a lot in the editing.The dialogs are very close to the margin and it is necessary to open the manga with a certain force to read and this ends up damaging the copy.Plus, the story is great. Unlike many manga with a yuri protagonist the story is fun and dark, great for getting out of the monotony of high school girls

    14. I honestly don't know what to make of this manga. I had planned to review for Girls in Capes, but now I don't think I will. It's action-packed and funny, but very strange, and gratuitously explicit in multiple ways. Also, if entrails gross you out, maybe skip this one.

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