Can't Buy Me Love

Can t Buy Me Love Is it all too good to be true When Willow runs into her old university crush Luke she s a new woman with a new look not to mention a little bit cash after a rather substantial inheritance Could she

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  • Title: Can't Buy Me Love
  • Author: Jane Lovering
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Is it all too good to be true When Willow runs into her old university crush, Luke, she s a new woman with a new look not to mention a little bit cash after a rather substantial inheritance Could she be lucky enough to score a fortune and her dream man at the same time Then Willow meets Cal a computer geek with a slightly odd sense of humour They get on like aIs it all too good to be true When Willow runs into her old university crush, Luke, she s a new woman with a new look not to mention a little bit cash after a rather substantial inheritance Could she be lucky enough to score a fortune and her dream man at the same time Then Willow meets Cal a computer geek with a slightly odd sense of humour They get on like a house on fire although she soon realises that there is far to her unassuming new friend than meets the eye But money doesn t always bring happiness, and Willow finds herself struggling to know who to trust Are the new people in her life there because they care or is there another reason Previously released in the US as Reversing Over Liberace Revised and edited by Choc Lit June 2016.

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    1. 5 Words: Family, attraction, secrets, lies, revenge.What happens when you read a book by Jane Lovering:• Goofy smile on your face• Inappropriate giggles• Yorkshire accent in your head• Craving for wine/beer/SHOTS• Thinking "That's me!" when you read a character• Warm fuzzy feels• Indignant rage• Fancying a fictional character• Loving everyone except for himI received a copy of this for free via NetGalley for review purposes. And I already had it pre-ordered anyway.

    2. When Willow was a student she had a crush on Luke, but he never really noticed her. Ten years later he's back into her life and asks her out on a date. Willow has inherited some money, so she has the feeling she has more to offer than she used to. Will she be good enough for Luke, so she can finally be happy with the man of her dreams and does she still fancy Luke as much as she did when she first met him?Willow has just started seeing Luke when her brother introduces her to Cal. Cal knows every [...]

    3. This was a lovely book embracing families, romance, and strong characters with a very humourous writing style. It makes you laugh out loud at times. The cover drew me to the book initially- it is very eye catching. I’m always attracted to a great cover and glad I found this book.You are left feeling you know the characters really well and extremely happy to have spent time with them during the book! I loved the names Jane chose for the characters- they really suited them! Willow is looking for [...]

    4. ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is good advice, and I should have heeded it when requesting this book to review.I was expecting, based on the beautiful, dreamy cover, a beautiful, dreamy romance. Instead, I was quickly drawn into a really funny, witty book about families and friends and choosing the right guy.The characters are likeable, especially Willow, who’s as blind as the next girl when it comes to falling for an ancient crush once again. I love the rough edges to many of the cha [...]

    5. I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!3.5 starsVery interesting book, very interesting characters and circumstances in their lives!Willow, our heroine is beautiful, responsible and possibly with cash with her inheritance,but there is no man in her life, then she met Luke, charming, handsome, succesfull and in need of her moneyCal, our hero, geek with strange sense of humor, slight limp and weak arm, and gay? No, but Willow thiks of him this way.He is very sweet, pat [...]

    6. Thankyou to the publishers, Choc-Lit for sending me a copy of this to review in return for a fair and honest review.The first line had me sold!! Wtih such a funny and quirky start I knew this was going to be 'my kind of book' and the way I whizzed through it just proved that!We follow the story of the lovely Willow who at 32 is wondering if she'll ever settle down, and is happy to blame it on her hippy parents and their style of parenting that has left her and her 4 brothers and sisters all on d [...]

    7. This is the story of Willow. She is left the strangest of things when her grandad dies, but in true fiction style, don't judge anything by appearance. The paper it is wrapped in leads Willow to gain a substantial amount of money. But with money comes trouble and who can you trust… enter Luke, a previous heart throb of Willow at university. But can Luke be believed or trusted? Jane writes in a style which has the reader laughing out loud, while still ringing true to life. A lovely book which wi [...]

    8. *received from NetGalley for review*Willow and her mates, Jazz and Katie, are hanging out in their local pub one night, when they run into Luke, an old college classmate. In college Willow had a huge crush on Luke, but he never seemed to notice her existence at all. So she's pretty thrown when he's now happy to see her and promptly asks her out. Willow is a fun, self-deprecating narrator. She has lots of siblings who wander in and out of her story, all of whom (including her) seem to be at a sta [...]

    9. What a fabulously funny read! The humour was a prominent feature of the storyline and was something that I particularly enjoyed. Some of my favourite amusing moments included: a vomit-filled pocket, a picnic by a stream, a child birthing entourage and a plan for revenge!The authors comfortable writing style drew me in and made it easy to keep flipping the pages and become involved with the storyline. Willow was just brilliant - funny, real and utterly relatable! Cal was also a fun character, I t [...]

    10. Willow has just inherited a fine piece from her grandfather. His nose. Yes, his nose. The youngest of five children to hippie parents, somehow this does not surprise Willow. Having lived in York all her life and not much going on in the relationship department, she is content with her gift. Having helped her grandfather in his numerous inventions, deep down she supposed she would inherit the lot. Her siblings have also received somewhat peculiar gifts and also expected her to come into it big se [...]

    11. 3.5 stars. I think I liked this overall, but not as much as I was hoping/expecting. The whole nausea/vomiting thing was kind of bizarre - like, is that a real thing? Throwing up while you’re at a dinner table into your napkin because you’re on a date? Projectile vomiting when you find out a guy you’re attracted to isn’t gay like you previously thought? I mean, I’m not ruling out that it could be a real thing, but it seemed to be played for laughs here, and it was mostly just gross and [...]

    12. I purchased this book at a Choc Lit event and read it on holiday. It was quirky, funny and had an original story. This was my first Jane Lovering book and It took me a couple of chapters to get into it, but I soon found her first person, say it like it is style, enjoyable and entertaining, even laugh out loud at times. All of the characters were likeable with intriguing faults. The book has a feel good ending that leaves you not only smiling but satisfied that justice has been served.

    13. My first book from this author in this series and certainly not my last. It's full of funny situations. Some maybe a bit over the top, but aren't funny situations often exagerated? The main character Willow may be a bit naive, but a lot of people believe what they want to believe when they are in love, don't they? But when her eyes suddenly open, revenge is on her mind The story is fluently written and it shows that you get what you deserve in the end. I really enjoyed it. It put a smile on my f [...]

    14. Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfWillow is over the moon happy when her secret crush from their university days walks into the pub where she and friends are having a drink. She’d stopped in after the reading of her grandfather’s will, and the odd inheritance she’d received. She’d been looking just to talk with those that cared, she never in a million years expected to see Luke across the room. And to discover that he remembered her and wanted to be in contact – totally unbelievable. Yeah, t [...]

    15. *Because I want to concentrate more on writing my reviews, I will no longer be adding my own summaries, as they can be found on , provided by the publisher.--------------------As sweet as the title of this book is, the content itself did not quiet evoke the same feeling when reading it.This book had me cringing from the beginning, which I really had not expected at all. Cheesiness (adorable cheesiness, mind you), sure, but for it to be cringe-worthy?Not quite.Okay, so I will try to delve into th [...]

    16. Gah, I wrote 99% of my review then managed to close the window without saving it! Blame the bloody Brexiteers.I received a free copy of this novel from the publishers via NetGalley in return for an honest review.Willow, the child of irresponsible hippy parents along with her siblings Ocean, Breeze, Ash and Flint, lives a very quiet life. She lives in the family home, she spends her time with her childhood friends and she works for the local free newspaper in York. She has little luck with men as [...]

    17. I am a big fan of Jane Lovering's writing and this latest book did not disappoint. As opening lines go, this has one to make you spit out your (Yorkshire) tea! "My grandfather's left me his nose. It's in a matchbox." Willow has just learned of her unusual inheritance from her much loved grandfather. The other members of her family have similarly odd inheritances. Will, as she is known, is a single girl working for a newspaper and enjoying spending time with her friends. She's not been particular [...]

    18. Can't Buy Me Love is another definite "must read" by author Jane Lovering. This is the third book that I have read by this author, and once again, it exceeded my expectations and then some. Willow lives a quiet life and works for the local paper. When she's not at the family home or at work, she's hanging out with her best friends, Jazz and Katie. Willow hasn't exactly been lucky when it comes to love, and is totally surprised when she runs into an old crush, Luke. Luke confesses to Willow that [...]

    19. As part of my 2016 Reading Challenge, I had to read a book that was ‘guaranteed to bring me joy’. I spent a few months debating which book to go for when Can’t Buy Me Love was released, immediately I knew this was the book.Jane Lovering has such a talent for bringing joy as you turn the pages through her novels, and Can’t Buy Me Love is no exception. In turns funny, romantic and sad, Willow’s story will have you bent double in fits of laughter one moment and then going on a feminist ra [...]

    20. (this review appeared also on my blog: flying-thoughts/book-review)When Luke was first introduced I was suspicious. Suddelny Luke tells Willow that he had feelings for her back in university but he was too shy to admit it to her? But Willow falls for him (or so she thinks). After all this years they are together. I didn’t like Luke. You don’t need to be a psychologist or anything to see that he is behind something. But is it really the inheritance? She doesn’t know about the money when at [...]

    21. I've read several of Jane Lovering's books and adored all of them. Can't Buy Me Love doesn't disappoint. The characters are just that little bit OTT, but that's just how I like my fiction (I wouldn't love Charles Dickens otherwise). Willow and her numerous siblings are left legacies by her grandfather that are all somewhat strange - Willow gets his nose in a matchbox, Ash (Willow's twin) gets various pairs of wading boots, Flint gets an allotmentd so it goes on. Willow then finds in a note (that [...]

    22. For more reviews like this, see my blog: Musings of MadjyWill's voice throughout is so fun and inviting, it really sucks you in from the first page! There is so much clever humor, and I loved the colorful descriptions and phrases used. And the characters are all so well-described, and generally warm, you just love all the quirks and eccentricities.And Cal. How do I even begin to describe him? He is snarky, and clever, and funny, and sweet, and so caring And insecure, but in the most heart-wrench [...]

    23. Warning: make sure you have a spare few hours before starting reading this novel because you won't be able to put it down.This is one of those books that you start reading "just to see what it's about" and when you check the time it's two o' clock in the morning and you're halfway through it.Absolutely brilliant, absolutely funny and absolutely well written. Exactly what I wanted to read.Story? Check Characters? checkSmart dialogues and ironic lines? CheckThe right amount of suspense perfectly b [...]

    24. This is a fantastic story. Its easy to read and very hard to put down. Willow meets Luke again, after having a massive crush on him during college. To her enormous surprise he asks her out and she feels like all her dreams have come true. Her friends and family are pleased, but warn her to slow down, when she announces her engagement after only a few months. Willow discovers she has inherited £50,000 from her grandfather. He recently passed away and the money is an advance payment for an invent [...]

    25. I love a geeky hero. Cal is definitely geeky. He's also very funny and weird - you find out why he deflects attention with weirdness as the story progresses. I really liked the fact that this book potrays someone with cerebral palsy as an independent and successful person (not read many other books with heroes with CP - Ben Elton's Gridlock, but can't think of any others). Willow is odd too, but in a completely different way. As for Winnie the Goat she's extremely odd, but that's only to be expe [...]

    26. Jane Lovering has done it againred yet another fabulous read. I absolutely loved this story and it's not hard to see how women can so easily be fooled by unscrupulous men. The worst thing about Luke Fry was the fact Willow already knew him from her uni days Jane's hero's are always very human and that, as much as their physical appearance (which does help of course) is a draw for me. Cal was no exception. Added to all this, of course, we have the comedy. Not many people could begin a book with ' [...]

    27. Willow can't believe it when she is her local pub one night when in walks Luke the one she had a massive crush on all through college and even more unbelievable he said he always fancied her but was too shy to ask her outThe romance is going great and she is more than happy to lend him some money for his business when he had a cash flow problem he can't have known about her windfall from her grandfather he was seeing her before she knew about itAt the same time she meets Cal her twin brothers ge [...]

    28. I read this a couple of years ago when it was Reversing Over Liberace. As ever Jane Lovering doesn't let her readers down with plenty of laughs and very interesting characters. This is the story of Willow, recipient of an unlikely inheritance and a reflux problem when she encounters desirable men. Willow is led on a merry dance by Luke, bowled over by her memories of her one time guilty pleasure she is happy to believe anything he says to her, but in steps geeky computer nerd, Cal. Well what wou [...]

    29. ****Copy from NetGalley in return for an honest review*****So. I'm a little conflicted about this. I like Jane Lovering's heroes. I like her settings. I really liked the final third of this book. You sense a but don't you? Yes. But. But I found the heroine (Willow) really tricky to like at times at the start - she's a bit too too stupid to live for me, but she pulls it back in the second half of the book. The problem is, the book wouldn't work if Willow wasn't the way she was at the start so it' [...]

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