Into the Light

Into the Light Abbey When your mate is a Kordolian General who s betrayed the most vicious Empire in the Universe things tend to get a little heavy from time to time For the last six months Tarak s had to divide h

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  • Title: Into the Light
  • Author: Anna Carven
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Abbey When your mate is a Kordolian General who s betrayed the most vicious Empire in the Universe, things tend to get a little heavy from time to time For the last six months, Tarak s had to divide his time between Earth and space, dealing with various problems But he s home now, and he tells me he s not going anywhere That s good news, because our baby s on the wayAbbey When your mate is a Kordolian General who s betrayed the most vicious Empire in the Universe, things tend to get a little heavy from time to time For the last six months, Tarak s had to divide his time between Earth and space, dealing with various problems But he s home now, and he tells me he s not going anywhere That s good news, because our baby s on the way, and I m dying to get out of this boring, stifling limbo they call the Diplomatic Zone Tarak Now that Earth is surrounded by my warships and the Kordolian Empire has been held at bay, I can give my full, undivided attention to my mate Pregnancy has made Abbey even beautiful, and I am in awe of the growing life she carries inside her But I must be ever vigilant, because the shadow of the Empire lingers, and I must protect what is mine, at all costs Warning This book is a science fiction alien pregnancy romance It contains swearing, violence, sensual pregnant sex scenes and silver aliens with fangs It s definitely recommended for readers aged 18 and over Into the Light is Book Five in the Dark Planet Warriors Series It will make sense if you ve read the other books first, although that s probably not absolutely essential.

    One thought on “Into the Light”

    1. Not my favorite in the series, I was a bit (okay, maybe a lot) bored, but I do love Tarak. I almost want to shelf him as anti-hero, but he as much as he is, he isn't. Hard to explain. You just have to read the series to understand I really hope Anna Carven will continue to give us Tarak and Abbey's story, that we get more from them as main characters. I'm certainly not ready to say goodbye to Tarak just yet.

    2. This sequel in Anna Carven's sci-fi romance series takes us back to Abbey and Tarak, main characters of Dark Planet Warriors: The Complete Serial. I loved these characters and was happy to spend more time with them as Abbey gestates and Tarak gets used to sun and surf and impending fatherhood on Earth. Fortunately for us readers, life isn't all a vacation for the loving couple, despite their attempts to "settle down." Tarak continues to be the swoon-worthy general operating with supreme confiden [...]

    3. This isn't a stand-a-lone so I won't say too much. I think you can get away without reading the second book first but you really need to read the first book to enjoy this one!This story returns to Tarrak and Abbie, now living on Earth and the ramifications of that, AND of all that went on in the first two books. It's a sweet and light for the first quarter and then there starts to be hints of danger to come. There's a LOT more sexy times in this one but they are inventively written with emotion [...]

    4. It was good but it could have been a novella. I love the couple from the first book and was excited to read this but it was a bit too long. The second half was much better than the first - bringing some action and intrigue. Anyone who read about Abbey and Tarak in the first book will want this follow up!

    5. 4.5 Kordolian Stars!Im really getting into Sci-fi romance and this series is one of the best I´ve read so far. Abby and Tarak are one of my favorite human-alien couples and I cant get enough of them. I am excted that the author wrote more of this couple. The contrast of tough vs gentle, domineering vs sweet is one of the key elements that made me read the first 3 books in just two days. I wish I could read more of Aunt Kenna. She was a great secondary character and her and her mate´s story sho [...]

    6. This book had a fairly good amount of action/drama. imho, too many sex scenes (got boring and seemed like this many were just filler I skimmed them after a while). There were some editing issues, too. I lked the HEA, mostly, but not Tarak's decision. As of this date, available on Kindle Unlimited. This is a good series for KU and the price is great.

    7. Kindle Unlimited, but I purchased my copy.This series is wonderful.More detail after my next re-read.Recommended! (But read this series in order!)

    8. 3.5Blah blah blah, it's all about the "young one to nurture" when it comes down to Abbey. Honestly, it's annoying when males think that females are fragile. If he had asked Abbey, she would have told him she's fine. What he should have worried about was when the cloaking device had an ill effect on her and she was about to throw up. All he did was cuddle her. Uh, Tarak, cuddling her isn't going to stop the vomit rising. Or it spraying all over you. But by some miraculous feat, she was able to ke [...]

    9. 2.5*after the disaster that was book 2 I started this one with trepidation. But I do like Terak quite a bit. Abbey was fine but I found her chapters pretty dull. But every one of his made up for it. There was more sex in this one that in book 1 which I did not appreciate. It just is not that interesting and seems to take the place of story. And what story there is is quite flimsy. And I did not care much because Terak. The editing seemed better or maybe I am desensitized.

    10. an alien general's human mate is captured by humans acting for an evil, greedy corporation owned by enemy alienseking ownership of the hybrid baby she carries.

    11. 4.5 Glorious StarsI love me some General Tarak. Abbey thinks she is glad to be back home on planet Earth. Little does she know Earth can be just as dangerous as space it's self.This has become one of my favorite Alien series. There is just something about a big bad alien with a vicious streak, but when mated to the right little human all bets are off.There were a few grammatical errors but this series is fun.****If you are a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber this is on the free read list****

    12. I like this. A good continuation of Book 1. I even like Tarak more. Some good action and tension. I love Abbey's absolute faith in Tarek and her tender care of him. I love Tarak's willingness to save or sacrifice the world for Abbey. Sweet.

    13. Exactly the same thoughts as I had on the first book. Could have done without so many sex scenes, but the couple themselves is too cute.

    14. Excellence SeriLove these books excellent world building & relationship between H/H was profoundly, I will read the book by Xia& Sera

    15. This book could have been half as long and way more enjoyableI like this series. I’ve been enjoying it, but this book was so frucken boring I wanted to stab myself in the eye. If I could have gotten a cliff’s notes on it and skipped it, I would have, so in that vein, I’m going to put one out there for you. SPOILERS AHEAD1. Syncope is the evil corporate empire that probably killed Abbey’s Dad way back when. They try to manipulate Abbey into giving them genetic material from her and her un [...]

    16. Baby timeI chose to read this story after the 5th book. It felt more in line with the timeline of this series. I am happy with the order I chose. I loved the pregnancy phase in their relationship. They both had mixed feelings excitement, worry, and Tarak was very paranoid, but with good reasons. Paparazzi, assassins and crazy scientists all want a piece of them. Tarak has to figure out who is attacking them at every moment. Abbey sure has mellowed and has stopped challenging him so much, which i [...]

    17. Into the Light, book three in Anna Craven's Dark Planet Warriors sci-fi adult romance series, shifts focus back to General Akkadian and his now very pregnant wife Abbey. After several months going back and forth to space for various military tasks, Akkadian has finally turned over enough duties to spend the remaining months of pregnancy with his mate. Abbey is tired of the diplomatic zone, so they fly to what was once Australia to visit her aunt. Despite all of the general's precautions, an alie [...]

    18. The scientists do not understand how evolution works. Survival of the fittest has nothing to do with physical strength that's social darwinism. Survival of the fittest is reproductive fitness it refers to an organisms ability to successfully reproduce. The aliens have very few women and therefore they are not fitter then humans since humans are better at reproducing like how most other animal species are fitter then humans are. It's one of the most common mistakes regarding evolution. If the aut [...]

    19. General Tarak and a very pregnant Abbey settle into life in the Australian country (outback?). They go to live with her aunt who lives outside of civilization to relax and prepare for Abbey's labor/delivery. The first half of the book is slow. It is very domestic without any real action. The book really picked up in the 2nd half when an evil corporation with support from the Kodolian empire. I loved the 2nd part, but I wish maybe that the action happened a little sooner.

    20. Amazing!Didn't think it could get better but it has! I so hope you have decided to read this series. This author is so talented. She draws you in completely. You feel as if you are there through the whole story! I'm so ready for book 4. Thank you Miss Anna for writing this series and allowing an escape from this life for just a while!!!!

    21. Just can't get enough of this SeriesWow Tarak and Abby have been together about nine months now and she is almost ready to give birth but an evil group that possibly killed her Dad is after her and her unborn baby. It takes all his strength and wisdom to Save her. Also we meet her Special Auntie too. Great Book!

    22. Another homerunAs usual Anna Carven has delivered a thrill ride adventure you can't put down. I don't know how she dose it, I just pray she keeps doing it. How she makes each book better than the last I don't know, but she dose. I hope to see this series in film one day . I just hope when it happens they respect it and don't slaughter her excellent writing as they tend to do.

    23. Absolutely loved this! It was so good to see how Tarak and Abbey's relationship was progressing and them overcoming some of the threats together. Tarak was one super alpha with a soft spot reserved for his family. The scene after their rescue while he put his head down on her lap teared me up :') I wish to see more glimpses of Tarak, Abbey and baby Ami in the future books.

    24. Good, as the other books from the seriesI was surprised (in a good way) to know this book was about Abbey and Tarak, I was more than happy because their interactions are delicious and I was craving for it since reading book 2 and seeing small scenes with them.Recommended! :)

    25. ExcitingWell worth the reading. I love the stories from all the books. Very well written and able to hold your interest until the very end. The characters have really developed with each storyline and they just keep getting better. I totally recommend the series.

    26. I was looking forward to read more about Abbey and Tarak—again, their story sucked me in almost instantly. A new threat on the horizon kept me in a constant state of anxiety.I really like this series and can't wait to read more.

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