A Vida dos Outros

A Vida dos Outros O que leva algu m a confessar um crime que n o aconteceu Ruth Bussey j cometeu erros no passado E pagou por eles um pre o muito alto Agora est a reconstruir a sua vida e a desfrutar de um amor que n o

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  • Title: A Vida dos Outros
  • Author: Sophie Hannah
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • O que leva algu m a confessar um crime que n o aconteceu Ruth Bussey j cometeu erros no passado E pagou por eles um pre o muito alto Agora est a reconstruir a sua vida e a desfrutar de um amor que n o acredita merecer Aidan tudo o que ela sempre quis Mas tamb m ele perseguido por um passado sobre o qual n o consegue falar at que um dia decide confiar em Ruth.O que leva algu m a confessar um crime que n o aconteceu Ruth Bussey j cometeu erros no passado E pagou por eles um pre o muito alto Agora est a reconstruir a sua vida e a desfrutar de um amor que n o acredita merecer Aidan tudo o que ela sempre quis Mas tamb m ele perseguido por um passado sobre o qual n o consegue falar at que um dia decide confiar em Ruth Consumido pela culpa, Aidan confessa que, em tempos, matou uma pessoa uma mulher chamada Mary Trelease Ruth fica, acima de tudo, perplexa Ela tem a certeza de que j ouviu esse nome antes, e quando finalmente percebe porqu , a sua confus o aumenta Porque Mary Trelease est viva e de boa sa de

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    1. This is the fourth book in the Waterhouse and Zailer series. There is something very addictive about these books. I am slowly growing fond of our (often) fumbling detectives and their unglamorous foibles. This time, a woman approaches Zailer with a non-crime. Her boyfriend confessed that he murdered someone years ago but the woman knows for a fact that the victim is alive and well. To complicate matters, her boyfriend then confesses to Waterhouse that he has, in fact, killed someone but there' [...]

    2. Charlie Zailer and Simon Waterhouse are back, investigating a murder that may or may not have actually happened. Hard to do considering the alleged victim appears to be alive and well and doesn't seem to know her murderer.I'm getting used to the gimmick of the switches between first-person (sometimes unreliable) narrator and the third-person POV of the police, but I'm still not really sure why Hannah uses this particular device. I don't like characters who lie for no reason, or who spend a littl [...]

    3. Okay, so it's no secret that I love Sophie Hannah's books. I think she's an amazing writer and I never *ever* know what is going to happen in her books, and usually, I know who has done what and why by about the third chapter of a thriller/mystery. But reading Sophie Hannah--I won't lie to you--she does not shy away from going to some very, very dark places, so if you are looking for a cheerful read, you should probably go elsewhere.But if you're looking for an amazingly written book filled with [...]

    4. I love Sophie Hannah, and it was really hard not to give this one 5 stars . . . however, it just wasn't a five star book.Hannah has the ability to think up very creative and dark mysteries. None of her stories that I've read feel like repeats of mysteries that I've already read.She also can conjure up life-like characters on the brink of madness in a way that is completely absorbing and fascinating. However, there is one glaring flaw in this current novel - the ENTIRE mystery could have been sol [...]

    5. I'm having a bit of a Sophie Hannah-fest at the moment. I really enjoy them while I'm reading them - the ridiculously complex mysteries, the reoccuring police characters, the weird relationship between Charlie and Simon. And then I get to the end, and think - "Phew hang on what the fuck was that all about? How could that even work?" They're all so ludicrous in their resolutions. But fun!The Other Half Lives distinguishes itself by most of the characters being truly awful. Ruth Bussey is a nutter [...]

    6. I'm sure fans of psychological mysteries will love this book. Unfortunately, I hated it for a number of reasons. First, I prefer to have some main characters who can be classified as "normal". This group went from permanently emotionally scarred to completely bats. I'd rather shoot myself than spend a minute with any of them. The plot was incredibly complex--which normally would rate high praise. However, as I neared the end of the book, I realized I no longer cared for a detailed explanation. I [...]

    7. I bought a copy of The Other Half Lives a couple of years ago. I started reading, and then I stopped. Because even for Sophie Hannah, queen of the seemingly impossible scenario, this one just seemed a little too unlikely.In a London hotel room Ruth and Aidan agree to share their deepest, darkest secrets.“It doesn’t have to be everything. Just as much as we can “She tells him that years ago she did something wrong to a woman and a man. She was punished excessively, and she has never recover [...]

    8. Set against the backdrop of the London art scene, "The Dead Lie Down: A Novel," by Sophie Hannah, almost immediately grips the reader with a spellbinding mystery enmeshed in a web of secrets, lies, and twisted motivations.It all begins when an art framer named Aidan Seed confesses to his girlfriend Ruth Bussey that he killed a woman several years ago. A woman named Mary Trelease. The only problem with his story, other than the fact of the murder itself, is that Ruth knows a Mary Trelease—an ar [...]

    9. ‘The Other Half Lives’ by Sophie HannahPublished by Hodder & Stoughton, February 2009. ISBN: 978-0-340-93313-8When I first started reading this book I really couldn’t see where it could go. Aiden Seed confides to the woman he loves that he killed a woman called Mary Trelease. After struggling with this momentous piece of information, Ruth Bussey finally goes to the police and tells Sergeant Charlie Zailer. But when they check out the address they confirm that the Mary Trelease at that [...]

    10. Well let me just say the mystery had me stumped, as did Charlie and Simon's on going complicated relationshipAs I said in my last review about this series, I have been reading these books to get to the sixth book of the series ( and I won't stop until I get there). For the most part I like this series. One of the problems I have is sometimes I get the feeling that Sophie Hannah is coming up with the ideas for her books with the sole intention of stumping the readers, and not trying to come up wi [...]

    11. I had to force myself to finish reading this book. I felt that each character was his/her own brand of mentally unstable. Not one of them appealed to me. I felt that each character was too overdeveloped. At some point in character development they may have been interesting, but they all just seemed over the top, crazy and not believable. This was the first book I've read, and quite possible the only book I will read, by this author. The descriptions sound great and very interesteing! However, th [...]

    12. Um, it's no spoiler to tell you that the plot centers around a guy who thinks he killed a woman. The problem is, the woman is not dead yet. This is revealed in the first 10 pages. The problem is that the next 200 pages centers monotonously around that same plot point. She's really alive. She's not dead. Why is he insisting he killed her? Why is she alive? Are we sure she's not dead? How can he think he killed her?I can't take this much repetition. Not wasting any more of my life on this book. At [...]

    13. Wow what a story! A man confesses to murder to his girlfriend and then things get very complicated. Both of them visit the police. The dead woman is alive and well! Confusing! Paintings and murder ensue, with a touch of torture with stones. We have the now engaged twosome, Charlie and Simon running their own investigation and getting a slap on the wrist from their bosses. Charlie and Simon have the most funny relationship. They are so British, being able to talk about anything but themselves. Su [...]

    14. Made me want to buy the rest when I realised this was book 4! Back to number 1 onwards and hope they deliver what im expecting!

    15. Ugh, I can't take another second of reading about the two main detectives in this series. They are both just pathetic. I really, really enjoyed the first 3 books in this series and was really excited to read this one but the characters of Charlie and Simon have become unbearable. Their relationship doesn't even make sense. I'm so disappointed. I think the author is talented at creating a great thriller but I just can't read them anymore. Read about 50% and then DNF.

    16. Troppa carne al fuoco, la trama è confusa e condita da una serie di eventi assurdi. Amo i thriller perché mettono in luce una nota stonata nella normalità tipica della vita di tutti i giorni. Nei romanzi della Hannah non è così. Tutti i personaggi hanno alle loro spalle un trauma e una vita particolarmente complicata (tutti!). Difficile trovarsi in sintonia con uno di loro o provare simpatia per uno di loro. Inoltre le prime 350 pagine sono noiosissime. Ho fatto molta fatica a finirlo. Fort [...]

    17. I can't write a review because I'm only about 100 pages into this but I will say this. There is something about Sophie Hannah's books that makes me put all my money on her .What I mean is I am finding this book- so far- very very very confusing but I'm in there up to my eyeballs waiting for her to sort it all out. Any other author I'd get finnicky and irritable if there were any loose ends but with her I've got the patience of Job, patiently waiting for her to explain just what the hell is going [...]

    18. The problem with a really great, twisty, puzzling mystery is that it can sometimes be a little disappointing when it's solved. This is the second of Hannah's books where I've been thoroughly engrossed all the way through, only to feel a little deflated once the answers are revealed. Two thirds of the way through, I had no idea how everything was going to resolve itself. Unfortunately, the mystery here is almost a little too convoluted for its own good, with several unreliable characters all havi [...]

    19. I picked up this book based on critical reviews that had been posted online and in book publications. It was very good and if you enjoy British psychological thrillers a la Minette Walters, you won't be disappointed. After reading it, I learned that there were earlier books featuring the two police detectives Charlotte ('Charlie') and Simon, but it didn't hamper my ability to follow along. The story was just as much about the other characters, not soley the police - so it felt like a stand-alone [...]

    20. I’ve read other books by Hannah and loved the complicated, non-linear nature of her writing. She has some recurring characters most notably Sergeant Charlie Zailer and DC Simon Waterhouse. The book seems to be about trauma and psychopathology. When the book is about Charlie and Simon and their quirky engagement, with Simon’s introversion and Charlie’s fear of commitment mixed with crazy parents, it is great. However, the overcomplicated plot is quite complicated, a women landscape architec [...]

    21. I really had a difficult time setting this book aside! I stayed up much too late to finish it, and what made me feel completely silly for doing so, was that I had actually correctly guessed the plot’s mysteries rather early on. So, it was hard to say just what it was that kept me so riveted to the pages. I did like the new characters introduced in this fourth installment of the series and the series regulars, Simon and Charlie, continued to frustrate with me their relationship. As of the momen [...]

    22. The one word that kept popping in my mind as I continued reading this book was "quirky" - the main characters, the story plot and the twists and turns throughout - all 'quirky'! The 'who-done-it' went to 'was anything actually done' back to a 'who did what to whom' back to 'who-done-it' once again. And half the time the reader can't help but laugh--or at least chuckle--at the 'quirky-ness' of all involved. Have to say I ended up really enjoying this book although right at first wasn't entirely s [...]

    23. I have found that Hannah’s novels are deliciously dark and always difficult to figure out, even though by now I know the pattern that someone is being deeply deceived. The trick is to figure out who and how. Her police officers are seriously flawed and have a difficult relationship. Sophie Hannah is another find for those who like edgy, complex mysteries with a touch of the gothic thriller.See my complete review here:whatmeread.wordpress/tag/t

    24. The U.S. version of this mystery is called "The Dead Lie Down." This book is an exciting page-turner, perfect for an airplane or vacation read. I was hooked from page one, trying to put together the puzzle that Hannah gradually assembles. There were a few times when I thought the story line was a bit contrived, the writing more solid than phenomenal, but the excitement level bumped it from a 3- to a 4-star book for me.

    25. 3.5 stars. New author for me and I'm definitely going to read more. Dark mystery that kept me guessing. One thing with the audio versionere were so many twists, subplots and characters within those plots that I found myself going "What?" and "Who did she say?" and rewinding quite a bit. That's not really a bad thing. I'll just pick up a print version for my next Sophie Hannah.

    26. This book kept me guessing from page 1 and if you just want to read an incredibly well-plotted mystery, get this book. It's also an exploration of art, fame, jealousy, love, and revenge. All of this made for a mystery a step above the rest. Are there holes? Yes, although I think a second read would close them up. Highly rec, will read more.

    27. When Ruth Bussey’s boyfriend Aidan confesses to murdering someone, Ruth is understandably shocked. Her shock deepens when her boyfriend tells her the name of the woman he murdered: Mary Trelease. The thing is Ruth knows a woman called Mary Trelease and she’s very much alive. Ruth and Aidan separately visit the police to tell them of Aidan’s shocking confession – Ruth is adamant that Aidan hasn’t killed this woman whereas Aidan is even more adamant he did kill her. As Charlie Zailer and [...]

    28. What would you do if your boyfriend told you he'd killed someone? That he'd killed a woman years ago? This is the premise for Sophie Hannah's The Other Half Lives. Ruth Bussey knows the meaning of heartache and pain, she's felt the kind that rips a person apart and nearly destroys you. She's left everything she's ever known, relocated and met and fallen in love with a man: Aidan Seed, a man whose love she feels she doesn't deserve. Aiden, haunted by a past he's never quite able to escape confide [...]

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