Stolen Away

Stolen Away Trisha will admit she s made a few mistakes in her life but that checkered past is behind her She loves her kids even if it s tough being a single mom But her loyalties are put to the test when her i

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  • Title: Stolen Away
  • Author: Kristin Dearborn
  • ISBN: 9781935738848
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • Trisha will admit she s made a few mistakes in her life but that checkered past is behind her She loves her kids, even if it s tough being a single mom But her loyalties are put to the test when her infant son disappears in the middle of the night, and his big sister says a monster took him.Now Trisha has to face the full truth behind the one night stand that produced BrTrisha will admit she s made a few mistakes in her life but that checkered past is behind her She loves her kids, even if it s tough being a single mom But her loyalties are put to the test when her infant son disappears in the middle of the night, and his big sister says a monster took him.Now Trisha has to face the full truth behind the one night stand that produced Brayden in all its scaly torridness Brayden s father wasn t human and isn t interested in sharing custody However, even though DEMON has pulled this stunt many times before, he made a mistake when he chose Trisha The one thing she won t do is give up her son without a fight Along with her ex boyfriend, Joel, Trisha is dragged back into the seedy underworld in a desperate fight to reclaim her son, only this time she s got a lot to lose.

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    1. We've all done things we've regretted, especially in our twenties. Sometimes you're looking to let off a little steam, maybe forget all about the one that broke your heart. Trisha is not different. A single mom who's lived a hard life filled with hard drugs. When her and her boyfriend, Joel, break up because he's bailed for another woman, Trisha decides that she's going to party her ass off at a club and hook up with someone to forget about him. She accomplishes all the above and hooks up with a [...]

    2. I love a story that starts with a BANG! Kristin Dearborn has done exactly that with Stolen Away. Right from the start I was pulled into a parent’s worst nightmare, your infant child stolen right out of your own home. This sends Trisha into momma bear mode; is there a monster or demon more dangerous than a momma bear?!Kristin Dearborn has created some fabulous characters. As foreign as Trisha and Joel’s lives were to me as she developed their drug and alcohol riddled histories, I connected to [...]

    3. Kristin Dearborn first came to my attention earlier this year with the DarkFuse release, Woman In White. I liked that one well enough, but noted in my review that, "I could have gone for some deeper character explorationsd I could have used way more of the supernatural aspect." Apparently, Stolen Away was the Dearborn title I was looking for!Trisha is a recovering addict and single-mother to Kourtney. Her and the ex, a tattoo artist named Joel, aren't on the best of terms, but after her son is k [...]

    4. Here's an excerpt from my review of Stolen Away by Kristin Dearborn. Read the rest at thisishorror/18325-2/."Recently there have been a lot of novels published that could be thought of as action-horror fiction. Motorman, by Robert E. Dunn is one, as is Christopher Buehlman’s The Suicide Motor Club. Another book that falls firmly under that heading is Kristin Dearborn’s most recent novel from Raw Dog Screaming Press, Stolen Away. While not necessarily a new voice on the scene, many readers ma [...]

    5. Review of Stolen Away by Kristin DearbornI've been reading Kristin Dearborn for a while, because once I started, I couldn't stop (go find out for yourself). STOLEN AWAY is a rocket into horror extreme, ground-mine-laden with demonic assault, killings, gore, and other factors of what lies underneath consensus reality. The demons in this talre have the ability common to Fae in legend: they are able to produce a glamour, or illusion, at will, and use it to great effect (only to their benefit, of co [...]

    6. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this book. Stolen Away takes the already horrific kidnapping of a child into a whole new kind of hell. Books about demons can be kind of hit or miss for me due to the religious overtones associated with possessions and exorcisms but Stolen Away skips this with great characters and terrifying situations. Kristin Dearborn has written characters with such depth and realism that they feel li [...]

    7. Note: I was involved in publishing this bookIf you like your horror with a side of demons then snatch up a copy of Stolen Away like it was the last vial of holy water on this damned planet. But don't think Dearborn is telling that same old possession/exorcism tale. Instead, Stolen Away is about abduction of the most innocent—a child. There is nothing more terrifying than the prospect of losing a child and nothing harder to get over, so the stakes are high here. Dearborn puts her main character [...]

    8. Kristin Dearborn is a talented author. I read her Woman in White earlier this year and was impressed. Now Stolen AwayI'm floored!Stolen Away is not just a horror novel about demons. No. It's much more than that. There are many more horrors present in this book that every day people deal with. Drug addiction, crushing feelings of worthlessness, family judgment, heartache and loss. It's all here. And Dearborn doesn't hold back. She tells it all viscerally and honestlyl the dirt and grime and shame [...]

    9. Review copy provided in exchange for an honest reviewMy first introduction to Kristin Dearborn's work was her DarkFuse novella Woman In White from earlier this year. I was blown away by that story which was the perfect mix of atmospheric tension and plenty of gruesome scenes that would appeal to just about any horror fan. In addition to that, I loved how Dearborn was able to take a familiar and well-known legend and morph it into something unique. After I read Woman In White I knew I had to read [...]

    10. This is a wild ride of a book. It's become somewhat of a cliche to talk about hooking the reader right away but the opening to this is incredibly gripping. The action is fantastic and the plot was well developed and paced. Despite the subject and occasionally dark moments I would probably classify this more as thriller than horror but whatever you call it, it's a great story. It's a great examination of people trying to cope with mistakes they have made with their lives and trying to make things [...]

    11. Yes, I know, not my usual choice of story; this book is probably categorized as urban fantasy, or supernatural, or horror. It’s all those things, and it worked for me. I enjoyed it. It’s an urban fantasy featuring realistic people, who are down on their luck, and being taken advantage of by demons who live in a parallel or under world, and come up to leech on to people whose misery will be less noticeable to the rest of the world. We are introduced to Trisha, who is a single mother, down on [...]

    12. A dark and gritty urban noir tale. Strong characters, vivid description, and a pace that plunges relentlessly forward.

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