This Road I Ride: My incredible journey from novice to fastest woman to cycle the globe

This Road I Ride My incredible journey from novice to fastest woman to cycle the globe In December Juliana Buhring became the first woman to circumnavigate the world by bicycle With only a few months of training and little sponsorship support or money she left from Naples on J

  • Title: This Road I Ride: My incredible journey from novice to fastest woman to cycle the globe
  • Author: Juliana Buhring
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In December 2012, Juliana Buhring became the first woman to circumnavigate the world by bicycle With only a few months of training and little sponsorship, support or money she left from Naples on 23 July 2012 to cycle the world Raised in a religious cult as a child, Juliana finally broke away as a young adult and found her soul mate an explorer seeking the source of unIn December 2012, Juliana Buhring became the first woman to circumnavigate the world by bicycle With only a few months of training and little sponsorship, support or money she left from Naples on 23 July 2012 to cycle the world Raised in a religious cult as a child, Juliana finally broke away as a young adult and found her soul mate an explorer seeking the source of unmapped rivers in Africa When he was killed by a crocodile, her world went dark To escape her grief, she decided to set herself a challenge Having never seriously ridden a bike, she set out to ride around the world 18,000 miles, 152 days, 4 continents, 19 countries, 29 punctures, 6 big mountains, 1 desert and a cyclone later, she made it back just days before Christmas with a Guinness World Record Empowering, inspiring, often humorous, This Road I Ride is testimony to the power of sheer will to overcome any obstacle Discover a true story of adventure, blood, sweat and gears.

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    1. Oh my I wasn't suppose to cry! I already bought - pre-ordered - this book on a week ago. This book will be released in a few weeks in stores. I bought this book so that Paul could give it to his mother as a gift. ( she rode her bike across the United States twice). Yesterday I noticed this book on Netgalley. I had my own - somewhat -interest in reading this story, but honest to Godt with the razzle-dazzle enthusiasm as I'm feeling now. I just finish it!!! I AM SOOOO MOVED!!!! I think I need to [...]

    2. My Review:Disclaimer: I am NOT a bicyclist, but my husband is. As a result, I've found a love for the sport. Every year we watch the Tour de France and about six months ago, he drew me in with a documentary film about the first unsupported Trans America bicycle race. In that race was a woman rider who honestly stole the show. We loved her. She was snarky and fun as she goaded the Italian men who said she shouldn't be there because she didn't have the experience. Well, a few weeks after that I wa [...]

    3. Newbie cyclist establishes Guinness record for circumnavigating the globe in an amazingly quick time. What elevates this book from similar (male) tales is the rider's thoughtfulness throughout. A cult survivor mourning the loss of a lover's accidental death prior to beginning her journey, Ms Buhring comes at her trip with an unusual perspective. Having written a previous book about her experiences growing up and fleeing from The Children of God, she's far more of a writer on a bike, than a cycli [...]

    4. Rated 4.5 - THIS ROAD I RIDE by Juliana Buhring is an inspirational cycling memoir especially enjoyed by those who appreciate mental and physical endurance. Juliana’s story is not just about the ride, but includes snippets of what she endured in captivity in a religious cult and other traumatic events in her life that she works through while cycling across the world.For more reviews, plus travel, garden and food topics with photos, visit The Zest Quest, my pursuit of a zestful life.One of the [...]

    5. I received a pre-pub from NetGalley. I always enjoy travel writing and especially those that are done via bicycles or walking. Buhring's book is short and sparse, making it even more readable and keeping the reader engaged with the struggle itself (biking and personal grief), not the places she rides through. I was interested in the people she met and we learned just enough to satisfy without going into so much detail we were "ready to move on" as the reader. Would recommend to those who enjoy t [...]

    6. Provides vignettes from every country and lots of detail as this woman rides a bicycle around the earth, becoming the first woman to do so and beating the men's record. She rode without major sponsorship, instead travelling on donations from friends and social media fanss. Her work to move beyond her childhood in an incredibly strict Christian cult, along with stories from other ex-members, is another worthwhile theme in the writing. It does not hold together like a good novel, but is still a go [...]

    7. Tells the story of the year Juliana went from from cycling noob to ultra-endurance cyclist who set the speed record for cycling around the world. Her book has great stories and characters, is exceptionally well written, weaves in flashbacks from our weird and shared cult upbringing, and is completely engrossing.I met Juliana for the first time in 2011, and she told me about her ambition to cycle the world despite not having any history as an athlete. She said she didn't like talking about it bec [...]

    8. Just finished this wonderful book. Growing up in a bizarre cult, forming a charity to help people who were part of cults adjust to reality, losing the man she loved to a terrible tragedy, and then deciding to ride her bike around the world makes for fascinating reading. She is a very good writer as well. The pages just fly by with dazzling, thought provoking passages. The only problem with the book is that it is too short.

    9. I loved this book and her journey. Sometimes you meet someone that ignites the passion in you, and makes you question your own story. Her life changed direction after connecting with one person. What a great read! It's amazing how capable we are at achieving the unimaginable when we put our minds to it!

    10. Thank you for the Advance Reader Copy of "This Road I Ride. An inspiring, page turner of a read. My recommendation for any one dealing with the hard knocks of life. Juliana not only gets back up when times are toughe rides her bike around the world! You go girl!

    11. Rüzgara Karşı benim bu tarzda okuduğum ilk kitap, bu yüzden cümlelerimi nasıl toparlamam gerektiği konusunda pek emin değilim.Rüzgara Karşı, bir başarının hikayesi olduğu için beni gerçekten etkiledi. Düşünsenize Dünyanın etrafını bir bisikletle dolanan ve bunu yapan ilk kadının hikayesini okuyorsunuz, kitabı okurken açıklayamayacağım duygular hissettimJuliana hiçbir şekilde pes etmiyor, sürekli ona yanlış yönden gittiğini, bir bisikletle kadın başına d [...]

    12. This is perhaps the best book that I have read this year, and perhaps the last several years. There were so many parts of this book that I could not keep from re-reading as their relation to my life sometimes struck quite a chord within me. I loved the way the author took the reader along for the journey and though you knew from the beginning she accomplishes her goal, the detail and inspiring tone she uses throughout the story makes it feel like you were along the road with her throughout her j [...]

    13. Like many people, I was first introduced to Juliana Buhring via the documentary 'Inspired to Ride.' Intrigued by her tough but likable persona, I wanted to know more. After doing some research, I did not come away disappointed. I learned that she had written two books, the first about how she had escaped a religious cult as a teen, and another about how she became the first woman to ride around the world on a bike, and, in the process, break the world record for doing so. Being a fellow cyclist, [...]

    14. Great read! The first thing I did was give it to someone else to read, it's one of those share-worthy books. Juliana does a great job of taking you along on her journey to circumnavigate the world, while dealing with the loss of her lover and friend. You're thrown into her travels, and feel like you're right there enduring both the hardships and the joys with her. As a cyclist myself, I appreciated not having to wade through pages of details of her training and which bike she purchased or why. W [...]

    15. From reading this book, I've come to greatly admire Juliana Buhring not only for her incredible resilience and strength in her journey, but also jumping into a venture unprepared. I think a lot of people live in the age of preparation but they never leave it. It's common to hear people say that they want to do ll in the blank but have to x,y, and z first. It was really refreshing to hear someone doing something on act of faith instead of facts. I did find a paragraph in her epilogue very interes [...]

    16. The author, Juliana Buhring, brings us the true story of how she coped with the loss of her lover. Instead of her grief crippling her, she turned it outward and ended up becoming the first woman to circumnavigate the globe by riding a bike. The truly inspiring part about her story is her not having ANY training and had never done anything like this before. Juliana brings us along and introduces us to the people she met along the way, the hardships she incurred, and shows us how strong her spirit [...]

    17. I received this exhilarating book as a giveaway. The author's courage and tenacity shines brightly as she describes in entertaining detail how she overcame childhood abuse and grief from loss. Her endurance as the first woman to bike around the world is uplifting and inspiring.

    18. I enjoyed this book, although a little more background on why this man was so special to her. the book it seemed like that hadn't even met in person! But an interesting account and I liked her cheerful writing.

    19. A quick, but engrossing read for travelers, riders, or wannabes. I'm no athlete, but neither was Juliana when she set out around the world on a bicycle. Inspiring!

    20. Rather simplistically written,but interesting account of the author's trip around the world on her bicycle, Pegasus.

    21. the best you can have a book on its cover is a bike is book is very nice is a aventur full of exciting things

    22. As a recreational cyclist, loved this book for the challenge and determination of Juliana. Also, she is so thoughtful in her musings about how she got to this point in life, and what is important.

    23. I developed a fascination for the author while watching the HBO documentary about the unsupported bike ride across the U.S. she raced in. Prior to this event she did a solo bike ride around the world and this book tells that story. I love her no bullshit attitude and the sweat, exhaustion, perseverance, stubbornness she portrays in this compelling tale. She grew up in a religious cult and had already seen a great deal of the world through an unrooted upbringing prior to this ride. She clearly ha [...]

    24. This book is not so much about the cycling and more about the person. After a horrible childhood and the dramatic loss of the love of her life Juliana seeks some kind meaning and uses her round-the-world trip to search for this meaning. It’s hard to know if she finds it but the trip certainly gives her a purpose. Her athleticism is to be admired but she was lucky to make it. During her trip, there were moments of stunning incompetence (no glue to stick puncture patches) but somehow, she muddle [...]

    25. An enjoyable bookI think it's very courageous to set upon a journey, especially a solitary one, where one is not quite prepared and not sure exactly how things are going to turn out in the end. The author's decision to bike around the world on her own was prompted by the loss of a very close friend. She was having a difficult time dealing with the grief and found that biking might help restore some of the joy and purpose in her life. The book records the author's challenges, triumphs and thought [...]

    26. Juliana Buhring's life trajectory -- from cult survivor to writer, adventurer, world-record holder -- is fascinating. There was a lot that I could relate to in this memoir and I found myself rooting for her as I would a dear friend. Ultimately, her journey and its hardships helped her to stay sane after a painful loss. I was hoping to read more about Buhring's relationship with Hendri, who inspired her journey. It's clear that she found in him a kindred spirit, someone she could relate to after [...]

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