Blind Retribution

Blind Retribution It should have been an open and shut case When a car bomb explodes taking with it the wife of a prominent heart surgeon NYPD detective Maxine Turner is sure she has arrested the right suspect until

  • Title: Blind Retribution
  • Author: K.T. Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781503939981
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • It should have been an open and shut case When a car bomb explodes, taking with it the wife of a prominent heart surgeon, NYPD detective Maxine Turner is sure she has arrested the right suspect until Cory Rossini, a private investigator, begins muddying the waters Max already has enough to deal with her longtime partner is retiring, her latest case is suddenly anythingIt should have been an open and shut case When a car bomb explodes, taking with it the wife of a prominent heart surgeon, NYPD detective Maxine Turner is sure she has arrested the right suspect until Cory Rossini, a private investigator, begins muddying the waters Max already has enough to deal with her longtime partner is retiring, her latest case is suddenly anything but simple, and she now has a troubling attraction to a man who is proving to be annoyingly persistent.Having taken on the task of proving his friend s innocence, Cory isn t about to drop the ball no matter how distractingly beautiful he finds the detective assigned to the investigation When his sleuthing turns up other homicides connected to the cardiology department, including a young woman whose throat has been slit, he convinces Max that they should work together And as they delve further into the vicious murders, they search for the one lead that will steer them straight to a killer

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    1. If you're a fan of Law & Order and like a dash of romance, you better put this on your TBR list NOW! The story starts off with Maxine (Max) Turner an NYPT detective investigating the murder of a prominent heart surgeon's wife. However, what she thought was an open and shut case, turns out to be much more sinister involving corrupt decisions leading to more and more deadly consequences by the end. This book had a lot of great twists and some aspects in it that pleasantly surprised me. (Always [...]

    2. Cory Rossini is a lawyer on a temporary suspension and private investigator. One of his childhood friends has been arrested for the murder of his married lover. Maxine "Max" Turner is a homicide detective and out to find out who caused Helen Barrett's death. The police and private investigations uncover more questions than answers and put Cory and Max at odds with one another even though there is mutual attraction and admiration between them. I found Blind Retribution to be a fast-paced and rath [...]

    3. Note: I received this book for free in a giveaway.Oh my, this book was dreadful. First off, I thought it was going to be a crime thriller. Nope. At the end, it's described as "romantic suspense," a genre I do not read EVER. I never would have even entered the giveaway to win it, had I known that.Frankly, this book doesn't really know what it wants to be, genre-wise. Another reviewer remarked on that idea and I agree with it.But what didn't I like about this book? Let's see-Lots of head-hopping. [...]

    4. I'll start out by saying this is one of the best books I've read this year! Mind blowing, edge of your seat romantic suspense! This is a story of corruption, deceit and greed mixed with sweet romance. When people do things for greed and don't care about how it will affect others, chaos ensues. The greed and error of Dr. Barrett and Kay Stansbury set in motion a horrific chain of events that lead to several people being murdered. Detective Max Turner is out to catch the killer of one Helen Barret [...]

    5. Blind Retribution couldn't seem to figure out what type of book it wanted to be. Crime, Cop book, Romantic suspense (I didn't read anything suspenseful) Mystery with slight romance where the leads are not really connected. I just couldn't connect with this book and struggled with Max and Cory.K.T. Roberts wrote Cory and Max as if the characters were feeling this unbelievable connection but while I read the book I didn't get that feeling. Instead it felt disconnected at times and awkward at best. [...]

    6. This was a really enjoyable story, that sucked me in and kept me hooked for the most part and was very detailed in the way a murder is investigated which I thoroughly enjoyed and I liked both of the main characters Max and Cory as well as Max's homicide partner Riley. As for the story it had a few twists and turns, it's certainly not full of suspense and is more of a murder mystery but I was really pulled into the investigation itself and found it extremely hard to put down as the story reached [...]

    7. Maxine Turner is an NYPD detective investigating the murder of a prominent heart surgeon. Cory Rossini is a suspended lawyer working as a PI. Corys friend is arrested for the murder and he is determined to prove him innocent. Max is a strong female character who doesn't allow anyone to push her around. At the same time she has a vulnerable side. Cory is a genuinely nice guy. He has had his law license suspended. What Cory did may have been legally unethical but he did it for the right reasons an [...]

    8. Blind Retribution is an engaging romantic suspense book written by author K. T. Roberts. It's an excellent police procedural with an incredibly sad ending. Thanks to NetGalley and Montlake Romance for the advance copy.

    9. BLIND RETRIBUTION by K T. Roberts First for me to read this author's work. Was very pleased with the plot, how the characters defined themselves along with how they handled the case. This was murder, a cruel form for the intended victim. Was it from revenge, greed, or proving that she couldn't leave him. It's a good page turner, and you do wonder how it will end. Money, prestige, to cover it up, and how they find the killer is good. Do read this good thriller, looking for more by author.

    10. Thrilling bookI've not read this author before but since reading this one, I'll be reading more of her work. I really like the way this book was written. It kept you thinking you had it all figured out but then there were more twists right up until the end. It has everythingspense, thriller, romance and touches on some real issues our veterans face. Really good read.

    11. Loved Max and Corey's story. The complexity of the crimes and the many possible guilty parties made for an outstanding suspense. And the chemistry between those two was electric! All around great story.

    12. I do not normally read romantic suspense/murder mysteries, but I am really, really glad that I gave this a chance because this book was great. If you enjoy a story with murder, suspense, a sweet romance between to likable characters, and a plethora of emotions, this one is a must-read. The Author's Notes of this novel are INCREDIBLY important, so if you don't normally read them when you're done with a book, please take the time to do so this time. I don't want to spoil such a big plot point, but [...]

    13. I want to thank K.T. Roberts, author and First Reads for the Kindle book copy of Blind Retribution that I won in the Giveaway.Blind Retribution starts with a murder of a famous heart surgeon's wife when his car is bombed in the drive of their home. It should have been an open and shut case but quickly became a puzzling mystery as other grisly murders are added to the mystery.Detective Max Turner follows the clues and slowly uncovers a secret love affair, a cover-up of changing the order of hear [...]

    14. Detective Maxine (Max) Turner lives for her job; nothing interferes with her love of the chase and capture of the perpetrator in a murder case. This is until she meets a Private Investigator Cory Rossini who challenges her judgement on solving the case she is working on. Her chief suspect is a childhood friend of Cory’s and Cory is out to prove him innocent; he just has to prove his case to the Detective. The first victim in this story is a well renowned surgeon’s wife who is mysteriously ki [...]

    15. Excellent storylineA very convoluted story involving a heart transplant surgeon, his wife, girlfriend and all the relevant employees of the Hospital. and a jilted lover who gets caught up in the tangled web.I find this book to be very tastefully written, and therefore suitable for teens and above.The author is to be commended for writing an exciting book that can be read by all who enjoy romantic suspense.

    16. Fantastic and riveting read!!! Explosions, murders, deception, greed, secrets, intrigue, a good look at police work and procedures, organ transplants, post traumatic stress disease, mystery, suspense and romance.The plot was unique heaped with twists andturns. It was a book to read all the way through at one sitting.The characters were vivid, well defined, veryrealistic and very interesting. Each character had his/her own agenda adding to the numberof suspects to suspect.The tension was thick wi [...]

    17. Fast paced police procedural that follows the investigation into a car bombing that killed a prominent heart surgeon's wife that unlocks a lot more crime with the suspect list growing longer as the investigation goes on. I enjoyed the mystery/crime and police investigation part of the book. Very detailed and keeps the readers attention. The romance aspect was the weakest. Not believable and didn't seem to fit the work personalities of the hero and heroine.

    18. Thank you for the Giveaway; this was a gem of a distraction from my online coursework! A great crime thriller with an interesting twist! Just when you think it's all wrapped up, surprise! Great characters including a strong female detective as the lead. Definitely will be looking for other works by this author!

    19. OMG! Just finished Blind Retribution. Wow, KT had me glued to the book with a believable plot and interesting action. I enjoyed the private eye Cory and his investigations. Sure had me fooled as to who the killer was. Excellent writing and just enough suspense to keep me interested and invested in the outcome. Wow, just wow. Love KT's writing and this was the best one yet

    20. Perfect endingI really enjoyed every page of this book. The characters are so real. I loved the good ones and really disliked some of the others. The ending was good but very bittersweet. I would recommend this book to everyone.

    21. Who did it? The book unfolds with twists that leave you uncertain. The list of suspects grows. The motives are all plausible. Get ready for an interesting read. Now I need to get another by this author.

    22. Very good novelI really enjoyed this novel. The interaction between the characters, and the integrated storyline really held my attention and made this book enjoyable to read.

    23. This book is awesome and in my opinion KT Roberts best novel to date! From the first chapter with a gruesome murder to the end where killer is revealed it was so engaging.

    24. Several stories rolled into one, this book kept my high interest. The characters in the story were real to me as I envisioned the entire story as it played out.

    25. I received this book free from .I really enjoyed this book. It had both suspense and romance rolled into one. I would certainly recommend this book to others.

    26. I won a Kindle copy of Blind Retribution from a Giveaway.This won't be a kind review so I'll try to make it short and sweet.I really don't like the genre romantic suspense mostly because the romance outstrips the suspense 9 times out of 10 and its ridiculous as hell but I'm trying to keep an open mind here.But its hard and Blind Retribution didn't help my open mind. I feel it closing in on me!My pet peeves included:1. Are the main characters and love interest, Max and Cory, educated middle-aged [...]

    27. Rating: 4.0/5.0This is the first book I read for the author (K. T. Roberts) and I am impressed with her way of writing, the complexity of the story yet how it is easy to grasp and fun to read. Looking forward to read her other books too.This is not a fully suspense/thriller book. It falls under suspense/romance as there is a romantic side to the story as well. I have not read many books in this genre and usually most of them tend to sound corny but not this one.The whole story revolves around a [...]

    28. I can honestly say that K.T. Roberts NEVER disappoints! From the first sentence until the very end, you are dragged in and taken along for quite a ride. From a developing romance, difficult case, uncertainties, suspects who say more by saying nothing than if they bothered to answer the questions. Lies told without thought, conflicting evidence and cover ups, the detectives have so much to sift through. I have read everyone of her books and have loved everyone. This story is so easy to get caught [...]

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