What Is Populism?

What Is Populism Donald Trump Silvio Berlusconi Marine Le Pen Hugo ChAvez populists are on the rise across the globe But what exactly is populism Should everyone who criticizes Wall Street or Washington be called a

  • Title: What Is Populism?
  • Author: Jan-Werner Müller
  • ISBN: 9780812248982
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Donald Trump, Silvio Berlusconi, Marine Le Pen, Hugo ChAvez populists are on the rise across the globe But what exactly is populism Should everyone who criticizes Wall Street or Washington be called a populist What precisely is the difference between right wing and left wing populism Does populism bring government closer to the people or is it a threat to democracy WDonald Trump, Silvio Berlusconi, Marine Le Pen, Hugo ChAvez populists are on the rise across the globe But what exactly is populism Should everyone who criticizes Wall Street or Washington be called a populist What precisely is the difference between right wing and left wing populism Does populism bring government closer to the people or is it a threat to democracy Who are the people anyway and who can speak in their name These questions have never been pressing.In this groundbreaking volume, Jan Werner MUller argues that at populism s core is a rejection of pluralism Populists will always claim that they and they alone represent the people and their true interests MUller also shows that, contrary to conventional wisdom, populists can govern on the basis of their claim to exclusive moral representation of the people if populists have enough power, they will end up creating an authoritarian state that excludes all those not considered part of the proper people The book proposes a number of concrete strategies for how liberal democrats should best deal with populists and, in particular, how to counter their claims to speak exclusively for the silent majority or the real people Analytical, accessible, and provocative, What Is Populism is grounded in history and draws on examples from Latin America, Europe, and the United States to define the characteristics of populism and the deeper causes of its electoral successes in our time.

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    1. This is an important book. The year 2016 has seen the election of Donald Trump in the US, the Brexit vote in the UK, post-coup consolidation of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey and the near-election of Norbert Hofer in Austria. The year that follows will see bids for power by Marine Le Pen in France and Geert Wilders in The Netherlands. These people are widely dismissed as “populists”. But what does that even mean? In his short new book What is Populism?, Jan-Werner Müller, Professor of Poli [...]

    2. “The only important thing is the unification of the people - because the other people don’t mean anything.” Donald Trump, May 2016.Although this book spends much time analysing populist movements in Europe, such as Poland and Hungary, and on politicians such as Erdogan, Geert and Farage, Muller also reflects on Trump’s rise to power and the populist techniques he has used to achieve his position. It’s a shame in some ways that it was written during his campaign rather than since he too [...]

    3. (Available in English under the title "What Is Populism?")Jan-Werner Müller, who teaches Political Theory at Princeton University, has taken on the challenge to define what the widely (and often carelessly) used term "populism" actually means. In his short essay, he discusses and compares leaders and movements from North and South America as well as Europe, dissecting their patterns of speech, political strategies and aims in order to distill what they have in common. From that, he derives the [...]

    4. این روزها در رسانه‌ها و مطبوعات به طور مداوم نام یک «ایسم» را می‌شنویم؛پوپولیسم اینکه این پدیده موضوعی تازه و جدید هست، طبیعتا نه! و در تاریخ در شکل و شمایل گوناگون به منصه ظهور رسیده است. چیزی که باعث حساسیت بیش از حد بر روی این پدیده‌ی مهم شده این بوده که پس از برقراری نظمِ ل [...]

    5. -Popülizm, düzen ve seçkinlere karşı, öfke ve hınçtan kaynaklanan bir politik tavır olarak konuşulsa da bu yeterli değildir.-Halkın egemenliği idealini unutan liberal demokraside halkı hatırlatıcı rolleri olmakla birlikte popülizm demokrasi için iyi bir düzeltici değil, tehlikeli sonuçları olan bir siyasi tavırdır. -Kendilerinin temsil edilmediklerini ve dikkate alınmadıklarını düşünenleri, seçkinlere karşı sözlerle harekete geçiren popülistler, iktidar oldu [...]

    6. A well-written overview of a prominent, and yet, unusually ambiguous political concept. A must-read for anyone in US or EU.

    7. Note: if you're interested, I provide a more detailed analysis of this book on my blog here: mesoscope/2017/01/22/whatThis short and timely book is invaluable for bringing conceptual clarity to the analysis of populism, an often murky and poorly-defined concept that seems to be having a heyday in Europe and the Americas. In brief, Müller persuasively argues that populism has two primary features: 1) it purports to be "anti-elitist" and claims a popular mandate from a disenfranchised people, and [...]

    8. 4- Timely, insightful and enlightening, it's a quick and relatively easy read - although I personally found it unnecessarily convoluted in places. But that might be because I haven't been reading many academic texts lately. My main complaint is that the third part, about how to engage/confront populists, provides very few answers. For entirely obvious reasons (there are no easy answers), but I felt I was promised more than was actually delivered.

    9. Short, easily digestible; but if you want the even shorter gist (or want to test his content), he's in the papers lately. I met him here: bostonreview/politics/jan-A 'highly exclusionary identity politics the defining orientation of the populist is not anti-elitist or even antiestablishment but anti-pluralist.'

    10. I really enjoyed reading this book. Because it is such a recent publication, the examples used were current and relevant to issues with Populism we are dealing with now. Muller made a great effort to highlight the problems on both sides of the political spectrum. The last chapter was definitely aimed at making people who, quite frankly, sit on a high horse when it comes to politics uncomfortable with their sense of superiority. It also pushed me to think more about how I deal with people I disag [...]

    11. Clear, concise, and powerful. This book does exactly three things: defines precisely what populism is (and is not), discusses what populists actually do, and suggests ways for their liberal opponents to engage them in debate. When I picked this up, I was honestly hoping for some easy answers to that third point, and I hate to say it, but there just aren't any easy answers. This book does do a remarkable job of explaining why populist imagery and ideas take hold and refuse to let go, so at least [...]

    12. For bewildered Americans seeking a language, a conceptual vocabulary, for understanding the 2016 election, this book is very useful. Perhaps the most depressing thing about Trump is how not unique he is. As Mueller shows, he takes page after page from the populist playbook. We've seen it all before, we just didn't have a conceptual framework to make sense of it all. If you don't want to read the book, you can glean most of the main ideas from the many op-eds the author has published in the last [...]

    13. I would recommend this book to everyone with an interest in politics. Muller has written a guide into populism which forces you to think about our standards of democracy. I took notes and enjoyed challenging my own views. One question remains unclear to me: is populism a strategy or a conviction?

    14. My original What Is Populism? audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.What is Populism is a well-argued opinion that presents the theory of populism and its connection to pluralism. The argument is supported through the use of world history, both past and recent, as well as the misconceptions held by society – specifically voters (aka “The People”). This audiobook was well written, presented the argument well and was supported by facts although also vague about [...]

    15. Müller provides a simple definition of populism which if we want to put it in the simplest form is: shadow of representative democracy. Book provides great number of examples from wide range of political personalities from Donald Trump to Recep Tayyip Erdogan and at the same time offer a good contrasting studies between populism of the late nineteenth century and the European Union of the twenty-first century.Overall it’s quite informative book for understanding methods and functions of popul [...]

    16. This was an appropriate read I think, with the current global political climate.Offers brilliant insights into what Populism is, and what it is not, very helpful I might add with the 'P' word casually being thrown left and right as a lazy refute.The author also explores the dangers of Populist governments with real-world examples and offers clues as to why populists might sometime seem appealing.

    17. Muller's essay is a thorough analysis of populism as a political phenomenon. He describes main ideas behind the movement, tactics employed by parties deemed or calling themselves populist (like Hungarian Fidesz, Polish PiS or Italian 5 Star Movement). The book is a gold mine of memorable and hard-hitting quotes. It ends with a dire realisation that populism isn't a passing trend but rather an ever-present shadow looming over democracy itself: not just the liberal kind. This position is very impo [...]

    18. Lots of shade thrown in this book about how populists claim to be for the people and have moral authority over those in the populace. Really shows how Trump is similar to other leaders that risen and fallen ungracefully from power in the past. Good choice for the Princeton pre-read, especially since we're living under the rule of a populist now.

    19. Brief summary of current political thoughts about populism (with some interesting thoughs of author). Reading this helped me to bring structure to what I know (and what I don't know) and see clearly how some of those ideas are interconnected.

    20. În contextul în care Turcia, Ungaria, Polonia, Statele Unite, dar și Marea Britanie sau Franța sunt străbătute de la un capăt la altul de partide și discursuri populise, această scurtă introducere în acest concept politic deosebit de pervers și periculos e mai mult decât binevenită.

    21. This is a short book and should have been readable in one evening had the last election not freaked me out so much.I had to put it down when too discomfited by PTSD from all the rhetoric that reminded me of living under Chang Kai Shek and martial law.Even my 6 yo self could recognize the lies in our textbooks. I never expected to live in a post-truth United States.Chapter 1 describes 'What is populism.' This is the scariest part for me, which brought up PTSD.Chapter 2 explains 'How populists rul [...]

    22. Populists exclude.The Author's view on populism has been best summarized in the conclusion of the book. The book is popular because of the explicit bias towards a purely negative critique of populism, which clearly fits the public fear in the light of Trump's election as President.However, to speak of populism per se, Cas Mudde and Cristobal R. Kaltwasser's account (in their edition "Populism in Europe and the Americas") is more balanced and more lucid.

    23. Jan-Werner Mueller is one of the few contemporary political theorists to take the phenomenon of populism serious - a few others are Nadia Urbinati and the late Ernesto Laclau. He has mostly written about it in popular publications, notably magazines and newspapers, in Europe and North America. In many ways, this book builds upon all those writings. It is short (136 pp.) and consists of just three chapters.In the first chapter, "What Populists Say", Mueller defines populism pretty much in line wi [...]

    24. Jan-Werner Müller kirjoittaa varsin yleistajuisesti, mistä populismista on kysymys, miten populismin tunnistaa ja mihin ja millä keinoin populisti pyrkii tavoitteeseensa. Princetonin yliopiston politiikan professori tietää aiheensa perin pohjin ja havainnollistaa hyvin, jotta politiikkaan perehtymätön lukija oivaltaa, millaisia vippaskonsteja ja huiputusta propagandistit – niin populistit kuin sellaiseksi syyttävätkin – käyttävät eri poliittisilla foorumeilla.Johdannon jälkeen p [...]

    25. With the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America, What is Populism? is officially promoted from useful reading to essential reading. Jan-Werner Muller first defines populism both in terms of what it is and isn't - the defining feature of populism being a claim to represent a "real" citizenry that excludes elites and/or minorities. Another important feature is a derisive attitude towards the give and take of the political process and a rejection of the entir [...]

    26. Quick read in the kind of 'Very Short Introductions'-style, which gives an update on the research and thinking about populism from one of the authorities in the field. It is especially relevant in the sense that it delineates as good as can be who actually is a populist, and who is not, even though everyone nowadays seems to be 'speaking populism'. In three concise chapters, Müller argues (i) what really characterizes and connects populists throughout different parts of the world, (ii) what pop [...]

    27. This is a terribly important book that I undoubtedly will be pointing people at during every conversation I have about the rise of populism over the next however many years (and I expect to have a lot of those). It is wonderfully short (I finished it within just a few hours, and that was with a lot of other things going on), and yet it manages to be not just readable, but also intellectually thorough. I pay a lot of attention to these matters, but I still learned a lot--I especially appreciated [...]

    28. The only thing that prevents me from giving this book 5 stars is the anxiety it elicited about what's happening now here in the States. I know: it's an entirely illogical reaction, particularly since it is the current state of events that led me to read the book in the first place -- in fact, putting aside everything else I had started to read. That said, I view my withholding that star as having talismanic force. If anyone reading this review is uncomfortable with the absurdity of my position, [...]

    29. Osinskipoludzku Świetna książka! Im bardziej obiecuję sobie, że będę się dystanował do polskiej ( a właściwie światowej) sytuacji społeczno-politycznej i jak wielu ludzi obecnie będę próbował żyć w błogiej nieświadomości w myśl popularnej zasady "strugam debila" tym mocniej dociera do mnie, że inteligentny człowiek tego nie potrafi na dłuższą metę. To trochę tak jakby próbować powstrzymać się od wizyty w ubikacji kiedy cierpimy na biegunkę. Inteligencja i czło [...]

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