The Dead and the Gone

The Dead and the Gone Susan Beth Pfeffer s Life as We Knew It enthralled and devastated readers with its brutal but hopeful look at an apocalyptic event an asteroid hitting the moon setting off a tailspin of horrific clim

  • Title: The Dead and the Gone
  • Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer
  • ISBN: 9781407106229
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • Susan Beth Pfeffer s Life as We Knew It enthralled and devastated readers with its brutal but hopeful look at an apocalyptic event an asteroid hitting the moon, setting off a tailspin of horrific climate changes Now this harrowing companion novel examines the same events as they unfold in New York City, revealed through the eyes of seventeen year old Puerto Rican Alex MoSusan Beth Pfeffer s Life as We Knew It enthralled and devastated readers with its brutal but hopeful look at an apocalyptic event an asteroid hitting the moon, setting off a tailspin of horrific climate changes Now this harrowing companion novel examines the same events as they unfold in New York City, revealed through the eyes of seventeen year old Puerto Rican Alex Morales When Alex s parents disappear in the aftermath of tidal waves, he must care for his two younger sisters, even as Manhattan becomes a deadly wasteland, and food and aid dwindle.With haunting themes of family, faith, personal change, and courage, this powerful new novel explores how a young man takes on unimaginable responsibilities.

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    1. it has come to this. last week, while waiting for more books to come up to shelve, i was idly wondering if this book had come out in paperback yet. it had. so i ran downstairs, pushing folks out of the way on the escalator and making a beeline for teen fiction where i whooped and grabbed a copy. ashamed of my excitement, i made my way back upstairs, trying to figure out how the mighty had fallen. (and by mighty, i mean only those vehemently opposed to adults who read teen fiction). now, i am onl [...]

    2. If I thought Life As We Knew It made me want to create the world's greatest emergency preparedness kit, it was nothing compared to The Dead and the Gone. This book scared the living daylights out of me. After begging a friend for the ARC, I had to put it down instead of reading it straight through in order to avoid nightmares. Premise of both books: meteor hits moon, natural-disaster apocalypse ensues in the form of a collapsed infrastructure, food shortages, epidemics, etc. Life As We Knew It t [...]

    3. The Last Survivors series continues with Book 2 -- The Dead and The Gone. An asteroid strikes the moon, knocking it closer to Earth. Devastating climate changes and natural disasters immediately strike, ending modern society and starting humanity's downward spiral towards possible extinction. Alex Morales lives in New York City with his family. One day they are a happy, large Puerto Rican familyd the next Alex finds himself trying to survive with his two younger sisters. Alone. In a city filled [...]

    4. I can’t seem to understand why I torture myself with apocalyptic novels such as The Dead and the Gone, because I’m always left with a sense of gloom and despair long after turning the final pages. I read the companion novel Life As We Knew It, and swore I’d stay away from this book because it scared the beejeezuz out of me. Well I saw it on my library shelf just glaring me in the face and daring to be read, so I picked it up like a dummy; and now I want to go to the store and stock up on f [...]

    5. Opening Line: “At the moment when life as he had known it changed forever, Alex Morales was behind the counter at Joey’s Pizza, slicing a spinach pesto pie into roughly eight equal pieces.”Oh this was good, probably just as good as Life As We Knew It but the shock factor from that 1st book kind of knocks this one down a notch. This is a companion book to LAWKI, that’s right the same exact events from a different perspective. Here instead of reading from the diary of a girl in rural Penns [...]

    6. I'm so confused by these books! All the way through I complained and whined, the characters painfully unbelievable and about as dimensional as pancakes, but that said I could not stop reading. If I was making a single copy I brought the book to the copy machine. If I was in the elevator going up one floor, I threw my faces into these pages. I casually snuck paragraphs in between work e-mails, one eye on the ink one on the boss door. Pfeffer is an amazing concept writer, and the concept is what p [...]

    7. The Dead and the Goneis a strange move for an author and likely a disappointment for readers of Pfeffer’s Life as We Knew It. Described as a “companion novel” to Life as We Knew It, The Dead and the Gone provides no extension of the earlier novel; instead, we see (again) the crises of tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, famine, and epidemic disease caused by the moon being knocked out of its orbit. This book covers roughly the same span of time and addresses many of the same issues [...]

    8. I seriously love reading this series. I get so enthralled with books that are set in a post apocalyptic world--well, at least one where natural disasters are going crazy. I'm not sure which one I enjoyed more, this one or the companion (Life As We Knew It). Both had their highs and lowsbut this one KILLED me for two major plot points:Alex's dad was the super of the building. He would've had keys to every apartment. And, even if he didn't have the keys, (view spoiler)[EVERYONE IS FREAKING GONE OR [...]

    9. This book is a companion piece to Life As We Knew It, and we get to see the same exact events (an asteroid knocks the moon closer to Earth which causes every kind of natural disaster) from a different perspective, this time from a Hispanic boy instead of a white girl, in NYC instead of a small Pennsylvanian town. Their experiences are different enough so that you're not constantly comparing the two even though you have an idea of what's going on. One of the things I liked best about LAWKI was th [...]

    10. Ok so I was wrong about the whole trilogy thing. What happens in these books, which is actually a cool idea, is the first book is about Miranda in Pennsylvania, and the second book is about Alex in New York, a completely different cast of characters dealing with the same end-of-the-world catastrophe. But I hated this one. First off, I was infuriated by the gender roles and sexism in this book. Alex automatically delegates all cooking and cleaning to his sisters, while he always does the "manly" [...]

    11. I enjoyed this book almost as much as the author’s companion book Life As We Knew It, which was a pleasant surprise as I did not expect to like it as much. It’s riveting.The two books together make for very interesting reading as both detail what happens to different families during a natural disaster that causes the moon to move much closer to earth, causing cataclysmic changes. This book differs in that it’s not told in diary form by a suburban middle class teenage girl but in third pers [...]

    12. I wavered between 2 and 3 stars. But I am a sucka so 3 stars it is.In case you fail to get the wrong idea from reading this review, I have enjoyed reading this series and thinking about the series. Flannery stated it perfectly here, and here, these books are like crack! Or super greasy but yummy food that I can’t stop eating even though I have a lot of problems with them. There are huge holes in this book, that I could just not ignore. I do recommend reading the first book and continuing on wi [...]

    13. The Dead and the Gone pretty much sums up this entire book. Everyone in NYC is either dead, gone or soon will be. Asteroid hits moon, earth goes through nasty changes, everyone dies, the end. But wait, you ask… what of the hard core survivalists? I’m sure they are out there somewhere, but they are certainly not in Susan Beth Pfeffer’s second book of her Last Survivors series. This is a shame, because this YA novel started off so good. In The Dead and the Gone we follow the story of Alex Mo [...]

    14. More like 4,5* but closer to 4. I felt like something was missing. Maybe because is the sequel many things were just thrown in there. Overall I really liked it but it was one of the saddest books I've read. The characters all have to grow up so fast and this time there wasn't a mother to tell them what to do and do all the planning. But they survived.And New York I love this city and I knew exactly where all the streets from the book are. It was kinda weird to see this city in position like tha [...]

    15. The Dead and the Gone has not made it up to my expectations especially after loving Life As We Knew It. I'll talk more about the problems that I found in the book rather than the ones I liked (which were fewer actually)Alex Morales is a seventeen-year-old Puerto Rican New Yorker whose parents disappear in the aftermath of the tidal waves, must must now care for his two younger sisters, Julie and Brianna even when hope seems all gone.The novel explores on how a young man takes on unimaginable res [...]

    16. Ugh, this should have been a DNF, but I didn't want to skip this and go onto #3 in the series just in case there was some context I missed out on, or characters from this book that show up later. But god, it was awful. The third person POV just didn't work -- there was literally NO EMOTION the whole way through -- and the storyline (asteroid hits the moon, world thrown into chaos) was pretty much identical to Life As We Knew It. What was the point of going from the beginning again? As a reader, [...]

    17. Life as we Knew It was an amazing novel, and this was an amazing a terrible completely got that me convinced that Susan Beth Pfeffer was an amazing author a terrible author, At first, Pfeffer paints a realistic and exquisite picture of a latino family, which slowly starts to tear apart after a near-apocalyptic disaster. At first, the book is completely believable, as are the characters, but slowly, the characters become far to unrealistic. Too religious, too understanding, too oblivious, etc. An [...]

    18. I was sucked in to this story like a whirlwind. I loved it! I thought this book was better than the first one, "Life as We Knew It" This second book in the series takes place in New York City and involves a Puerto Rican family. The moon is knocked off its axis as in the first book and terrible things start to happen to the earth. Its up to the oldest kid in the family to be the "man" of the house now. Mom and dad have not been heard from and no idea if and when they will return when the disaster [...]

    19. This book was good but It would be better if it had gunshots. The gun wasn't even useful in the story , and I'm glad Kevin died. N.Y is bad luck. I like how Alex took care of his sisters and bri has a strong faith.

    20. The second in the series, we meet Alex and his sisters in NYC, who are coping after the apocalypse. After many unrealistic adventures, they make it out of the city and into the countryside. What are the odds that they will meet Miranda's family?

    21. This sequel was just as good as the first book! I really love this series. The format and the writing just make the whole thing feel so real! Its a very scary book. At the same time, you just fall in love with these characters. Definitely recommend this one if you are a lover of Post Apocalyptic.

    22. This is the second book in the Last Survivor series and I wished that I had read the book descriptions beforehand a little more carefully because I would have skipped book 2 and read book 3 instead. This book deals with the same catastrophic event that the first book (Life As We Knew It) does, but it is told through the eyes of a teenage boy, Alex, in New York whereas the first book is about a teenage girl, Miranda, in Pennsylvania. The 2 books mirror each other in many ways. The third book cont [...]

    23. hoteatsandcoolreads/20I love when you read a series, and the second book is just as good as the first. This book follows Alex, a teen who lives in New York City, when the Asteroid hits the moon. His struggle is much different than Miranda's, from the first book in the series, Life as We Knew It. Alex's parents disappear in the madness and he is responsible to take care of his two younger sisters. Imagine being so hungry and desperate, that you need to steal valuables from dead bodies to survive. [...]

    24. If I had read this one first, I might have liked it better thanLife As We Knew It. As it was, I was already hip to the premise: asteroid hits moon, knocking it into a closer orbit of earth and unleashing massive worldwide environmental devastation.But unlike the first book, which was set in the burbs, this one is set in NYC, and told from the point of view of a Puerto Rican kid trying to look out for his two younger sisters in the absence (and likely deaths) of his parents and older brother. I l [...]

    25. This companion to Life as We Knew It is much darker - perhaps because, even though this is set in a different place, the reader knows a little bit about what will happen. And, unlike the narrator in LAWKT, who is allowed to enjoy herself a little before things go downhill (and they always go down hill when the moon is pushed closer to the earth), Alex is thrown immediately into the horror of what has happened. This has the same tension as the first one, or perhaps more, and was just as difficult [...]

    26. This is part two in the series. It's the same event, the moon shifting closer to Earth and throwing everything out of whack but this one takes place in New York. I liked this one better for a lot of reasons. In part one the main character is a tiny bit annoying and in this the protagonists is smart and strong willed and I was really rooting for him the whole time. I didn't feel as panicked when I read this one, I just kept holding my breath when unfortunate things kept happening.I can’t wait t [...]

    27. Не съм чела по-драматична фантастична история. Реално фантастичния елемент е само един, а именно факта, че луната бива ударена от астероид, част от нея бива отчупена, а самата тя е по-близо до Земята. Обаче чисто човешката история в тази книга е още по-драматична дори и от в пр [...]

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