The Sock Fairy

The Sock Fairy A mischievous little fairy carrying a wand and a flashlight visits children s homes and is responsible for missing and mismatched socks as well as the troublesome holes Original watercolor illustrat

  • Title: The Sock Fairy
  • Author: Bobbie Hinman Kristi Bridgeman
  • ISBN: 9780978679118
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A mischievous little fairy carrying a wand and a flashlight, visits children s homes and is responsible for missing and mismatched socks, as well as the troublesome holes Original watercolor illustrations by fairy artist Kristi Bridgeman Includes audio CD of story and original fairy song.

    One thought on “The Sock Fairy”

    1. The mischievous sock fairyWhat an adorable book! I love the rhyme and the story and the silliness of the sock fairy! The illustrations are not only beautiful but fun! I love the little mouse that creeps around the house with the sock fairy. Children will enjoy this book being read to them over and over!

    2. The Sock Fairy by Bobbie Hinman The Sock Fairy by Bobbie Hinman, illustrated by Kristi Bridgeman is a fun-to-read children's book for ages three to seven. I gave it four stars. I enjoyed the rhymes. "You can close your door tightly, even lock all the locksbut this little fairy will still find your socks." My favorite little boy especially liked the Sock Fairy Song at the end. Link to purchase: amazon/Sock-Fairy-Bob

    3. Such a cute book ~ originally bought years ago for my granddaughter and she loved it. Read it to my 3 year old grandson today and he loved it, after my 3rd reading of it today, he was still asking me to read it again.The illustrations are bright and colorful and the story idea is so funHighly recommend for any toddler through kindergarten age. Great book.

    4. By Bobbie HinmanIllustrated by Kristi BridgemanReading level: Ages 3-7Hardcover: 32 pagesPublisher: Best Fairy Books; Har/Com edition (June 15, 2008)Language: EnglishISBN-10: 0978679113ISBN-13: 978-0978679118 I received this gorgeous picture book from the author today and I just couldn't wait to have a peek inside it! This is a delightful story about a fairy who decorates his home, and finds a use for all those socks that become mismatched or simply disappear mysteriously. But this fairy likes t [...]

    5. What a charming book! Did you ever wonder what happens to your missing socks? Why they get holes? Or why they get mismatched? The sock fairy knows why.I picked this book up because I had read The Knot Fairy, also by Hinman, and really enjoyed it. This is beautifully illustrated, and, like The Knot Fairy, its childlike, whimsical feelings come through. And also like The Knot Fairy, it comes with a CD that has a song about The Sock Fairy and a reading of the book.

    6. What an adorable read!!! Very colorful illustrations and words just flow off one another allowing the book to easily be memorized for fun with kids. This is amazing for children 2-10. I would especially recommend it for preschool and kindergarten. Fun book for kids (and parents) who wonder where there socks go! Will be reading again and following the author for more!

    7. Bella's school librarian recommended these books to me - simply because "fairies" are a big deal in our house. The 'tooth fairy' and the 'sleeping fairy' have always been regular visitors here, but we now have the 'sock' and 'knot' fairies that visit since reading these stories. A fun read if your child "believes" in fairies, as mine do.

    8. I just liked this book because it is a very creative and fun book! Losing socks is something that happens to all of us, and it was an adorable explanation as to why it happened. What a great way to teach creativity and writing creatively to children.

    9. The Sock FairyRead this book to my niece a d nephew. They believe this is true, especially about the holes in the socks and that they can not find the socks to match. A quick and easy to read book.

    10. Love this one too, so does my 19 month old daughter! She loves the fairies and the mouse in the book, we hunt him out on every page! So cute!

    11. adorable!Everyone has this problemRhyming adds to the fun for the beginner readerAnd for the listener as well. Great illustrations!

    12. I really enjoyed the pictures and thought the concept of the book was very cute! Good for producing connections.

    13. My son loves this book so much and it was such a delight for me to read to him.The illustrations were beautiful and we had so much fun pointing things out and discussing the book along the way.

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