Phaelyn The Dark Shadows were charged with the responsibility of protecting the vampire nation Going after the kidnapped vampire royal guard was all in a day s work Idris Lafayette waited inside of his prison

  • Title: Phaelyn
  • Author: ArielMarie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Dark Shadows were charged with the responsibility of protecting the vampire nation Going after the kidnapped vampire royal guard was all in a day s work Idris Lafayette waited inside of his prison cell for the Dark Shadows to come for him Idris knew that they would be relentless in their quest to find him No vampire left behind Through all of the torture and experThe Dark Shadows were charged with the responsibility of protecting the vampire nation Going after the kidnapped vampire royal guard was all in a day s work Idris Lafayette waited inside of his prison cell for the Dark Shadows to come for him Idris knew that they would be relentless in their quest to find him No vampire left behind Through all of the torture and experiments the necromancers put him through he refused to break He held onto a small shred of hope Hope that he would be rescued, hope that the Shadows would tear through the necro s hidden underground lair and kill them all He yearned to get at least one last glimpse of her As the lone female Dark Shadow member, Phaelyn Otvos was used to being singled out She was one of the deadliest females to ever hold a sword Enemies underestimated her, while potential lovers were intimidated by her Her latest assignment retrieve the missing vampire guard The one person who captured her heart years ago was now her mission Thrown together in the midst of the war between vampire and necromancers, will Phaelyn and Idris recognize that they were meant for each other

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    1. 4.5 from this reader. This is a pretty quick read. Although story wise it doesnt feel that way. This is part of a series, but I never felt lost. Nor does the author spend half the book rehashing other books. I really enjoyed the style and flow of both the words and characters.I cannot speak for the stories before this one as I havent had the pleasure of reading them YET, but this book has a finale. And has a back story that is what brings in the series.This is the continuing story of the Dark Sh [...]

    2. The only reason this is only 4 stars is because it's just a short story. Phaelyn is the only female warrior in the Dark Shadows. She is a turned vampire and a friend to the princess. She has always felt that she has to work harder to prove herself than the males. This next mission is to rescue one of the royal guard who is being held by the necromancers. Idris failed in his mission to protect the human friend of the royal family. He will not tell his captors anything. He knows the Dark Shadows w [...]

    3. WowPhaelyn and Idris just wow, nice quick read to fill in what happened between book 2 and 3. Steamy read, loved every second of it.

    4. Short & Sweet! (Okay, there was fighting too!) LOL! We found Idris!I was truly bugged at the end of Toma, when I couldn’t remember what happened to Idris. I even went back and re-read through the fight sequence twice! Good to see him…but as a hostage…not so much. But the Olarus are an honorable family, and never gave up searching for Idris. Says a lot about their character…and his. I also loved that Idris KNEW they would come for him – he just had to hold on.Enjoyed the opening seq [...]

    5. This is a short novella in the Dark Shadows series and is a great addition that gives us a look into the life of the only female Dark Shadow warrior Phaelyn and her chance at finding love. This can absolutely be read as a standalone even though it comes after the second book in this series with no problems at all since that’s how I experienced this story. This was a great introduction to this incredibly interesting paranormal series filled with some pretty fascinating creatures that I couldn [...]

    6. This is part of Ariel's Dark Shadows series. Its a 2.5 so its shorter than others. It was actually released the same day as Teague. Not exactly sure why but I have to assume its because it was short and perhaps she didnt wanna disappoint her readers too much. This is a story about Royal Guard vampire Idris who was kidnapped along with Anika in book 2 and Phaelyn who is a Dark Shadow warrior. She's fought really hard to get where she is. The only female warrior. She's tough and independent and ca [...]

    7. I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.This was a nice, quick read. It was my first introduction to Marie's Dark Shadows series, and as such, there is a lot of backstory that I've missed out on. I don't usually read vampire books, but I found this one interesting. I like the kick butt heroine, and the adversaries aren't what I expected either. The downside is that because the story is so short, we really don't get a complete picture of our two protagonists, Phaelyn and Idr [...]

    8. Another amazing book by Ariel! This is Phaelyn's story. In Toma when Anika and Idris were taken, Anika was rescued but Idris was still in the Necromancers possession. So when Phaelyn is tasked by Nicu to help in the rescue of Idris she's ready. See she secretly has a thing for Idris and he her. But will she and the other Shadows be able to save him before Zoreal finishes him off? If Phaelyn or Idris die before letting each other know how they feel for one another it would be devastating. Loved t [...]

    9. A great short story that gives us Phaelyn and Idris's story. After being captured by the necromancers and being tortured daily, Idris waits patiently for the Dark Shadows to rescue him. He sits in his cell with his mind only on one thing Phaelyn. He knows without a doubt that he will be reached by her and her team.I loved seeing the point of view of the only female Shadow member. She is as strong as the others. She will stop nothing to rescue the man she can't stop thinking of. Even though this [...]

    10. I love this series and this novella certainly delivers the same strength and storyline of a full book. Many years ago, Phaelyn was human and friends with Nadira Olaru in Romania. Attacked and left for dead, Nadira turned Phaelyn and gave her a second life.Phaelyn is a Shadow and fights to protect the royal family. Idris is a fellow Shadow whom Phaelyn has feelings for. Upon his capture and torture by the necromancers, both Idris and Phaelyn have come to terms with the other being their fated mat [...]

    11. Love this series and this novella about Phaelyn does not disappoint. Ariel does a great job of having you like her characters more and more with every book released in this series. This book picks up where book 2 Toma left off and gives you a lead into book 3 Teague. Phaelyn's story has a little bit of everything you have come to expect with this series suspense, steam and action. Can't wait to start Teague!!

    12. There is absolutely nothing more sexier than a strong, independent woman and Phaelyn fits that description. Never one to back away from a challenge, she fights with no mercy and will not give up not even on her mate! Ariel never disappoints me and this was no exception. I was left wanting more of Phaelyn and Idris.

    13. Great story that let's you get to know Phaelyn and Idris. Their bond. ♡ I really enjoyed reading this! And being able to read it as a stand alone was a bonus. I can't wait to delve into the other books! Great writing, flow, description and character development. Short read that let's you get to know some of the characters in the other books. Who doesn't love Vampires and Necromancers.

    14. I'm loving this series, even though this is a short story it's still just as good as the others.Being the only female Shadow fighter I was instantly curious about Phaelyn and her story. I was excited to learn that her story was being made and it didn't disappoint. Who doesn't love a woman surrounded by men who can hold her own in a fight,hot hot hot.

    15. What can I say other than I love this author . Every book I've read I have loved . This story wasn't as hot as the others but that didn't matter it was still a great love story with belivably worded sex and violence . What I love just as much as the stories are the covers to these books . I absolutely love being able to look at the cover anytime I have trouble picturing the main character .

    16. Ahh. What to say about the dark mysterious life of a vampire. In this novel we learn about Phaelyn's life, how she was turned and her job with the Shadows. We follow along as she rescues Idris. And also learns that he is the love of her life. A little action and a lot of love. Enjoy the happiness of these two vampires.

    17. This is the first book I read by Ariel. It was a great book and it gave me some insight into Phaelyn and Idris. I cannot wait to read the next one to find out more about the war with the Necromancers and the Vampires and to find out what happens next with Phaelyn and Idris. Great book.

    18. Short But, Excellent! This story was short as I finished it in an hour but it was excellent. Phaelyn & Idris have worked together for a long time but, mooned over each other from afar; until his capture by the necromancers. When the Shadow Tram finally locates him after many days of torture Phaelyn is the one to find him & take him to somewhere safe until the rest of the team could get to them.The place was an abandoned cabin in the woods; while there Phaelyn & Idris realized that th [...]

    19. This is it just a short book about one of the Warriors the shadow Warriors because she is mentioned in another book has found her mate. When her mate is kidnapped when he's trying to save the princesses friend she doesn't realize he's her mate but she thinks about him a lot he's been a royal guard for centuries. When they do a mission to go and rescue him he's being tortured And she helps and escape to a cabin in the woods. He's weak with blood loss from being tortured and starved. When she offe [...]

    20. Beautiful and DeadlyPhaelyn book 2.5 of The Dark Shadows series by Ariel Marie is a wonderful novella. It's Phaelyn and Idris' story. It's about fate, brutality, friendship, loyalty, devotion and love. This novella is a great book to read when you have a break and want to get away. It's a standalone within a series. While you don't have to read the books before it I recommended that you do so you grasp the impact of the storyline. It doesn't end with a cliffhanger and it has a HEA. Teague's stor [...]

    21. Good bookGave this book 4 stars. Wish it was longer but it was still a good book to read. About to read the next book in this series. Would recommend this book to mature adult 18+.👍👍

    22. Phaelyn is the only female in the Dark Shadows. She was once a human and was turned by her friend Nadira, the vampire princess, after being attacked by a rogue vampire in the woods outside her childhood home. Idris is one of the royal guards. He was charged with keeping Watch over Anika, Nadira’s best friend and Toma’s fated mate, but he failed and they both ended up being taken by the necromancers. He knows it’s only a matter of time before the Dark Shadows find where they are hiding him. [...]

    23. Spunky n Sassy Rating: 5.0~~~~~~~~~~Dee's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~Ariel never fails to entertain us when she lights up the dark shadows of the vampire world to us. This is a short story jam packed with exciting action, tense, dark situations and loving moments when two fated hearts find each other. Phaelyn is a warrior of the Dark Shadows, an elite fighting team of the Royal Vampire family. This story illustrates the exciting rescue of a captured and tortured palace guard, Idris, from th [...]

    24. This story is far too short I want more!Phaelyn is a great addition to the Dark Shadows series, but I have one small problem with it It seems too short. As part of a series of books that have been much longer, this novella is still an amazing addition to the series, but it left me wanting to know so much more about the two main characters.Ariel Marie continues to build on the history and characters already in place, and still manages to bring surprises to the series. While each of the books is a [...]

    25. I love this series! A must read for all paranormal readers.Even though Phaelyn is a short story it packs a punch. Ariel gives a look into Phaelyn's life past and present. You can't help but love the characters in the story as well as despise the Necromancers. If your are looking for suspense, action, love, and some steamy romance look no further. This short story is for you. I can wait to read Teague. I want to Thank Ariel Marie for all the hard work she does to provide such great reads. I was g [...]

    26. I received an ARC for an honest review and let me tell you that it was a short story but a great one. I won't say much because I will spoil it but I totally and honestly recommend this book especially if you are to continue with series.

    27. Short and sweet. It was a little too short for my liking but it was an enjoyable fast read that will make you smile not to mention you could finish it on your lunch break!I look forward to hearing the other characters stories.I received a copy in exchange for a review.

    28. Phaelyn is bad assA definite five star rating the fighting and love between this family and loves will make your heart melt. A forever mate is just what you need to read about. I cant wait to read the next Dark Shadows book.

    29. I must say that this is one of my favorite series' as each book tells us a new story that captivates and ensnares all of your senses. the author's writing style always leave you desiring more and her characters are beautiful and strong. Five stars for this book.

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