This Is Not Over

This Is Not Over Two women are caught in an escalating game of cat and mouse that leads to an explosive ending in this breathtaking psychological thriller from the author of a Necessary End and Don t Try to Find Me Yo

  • Title: This Is Not Over
  • Author: Holly Brown
  • ISBN: 9780062456830
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two women are caught in an escalating game of cat and mouse that leads to an explosive ending in this breathtaking psychological thriller from the author of a Necessary End and Don t Try to Find Me.You ll have your deposit within seven business days, just like it says on Getaway I ve put through a refund to your credit card for the full amount, minus 200 to replace tTwo women are caught in an escalating game of cat and mouse that leads to an explosive ending in this breathtaking psychological thriller from the author of a Necessary End and Don t Try to Find Me.You ll have your deposit within seven business days, just like it says on Getaway I ve put through a refund to your credit card for the full amount, minus 200 to replace the sheets I couldn t get the stain out despite professional laundering and bleaching.MirandaAll Dawn wanted was to stay in a beautiful beach house with her husband, to live like money s no object, for just one long weekend Then Miranda, the home s owner, has to send an e mail like this, full of lies and the suggestion that Dawn s so dirty, she needs to throw out her sheets Someone needs to teach Miranda a lesson.Beware of your host I wouldn t leave a review on Getaway at all, if I didn t feel it was my civic duty to warn others .DawnMiranda cannot believe her eyes Yes, she may be a doctor s wife, but she needs the rental money from the beach house desperately Someone needs to teach this Dawn a lesson.Two very different women with one thing in common Each one knows she s right, and each is determined to win this battle of words and wills and eventually worse Neither will yield, not before they ve dredged up hidden secrets, old hurts, and painful truths that threaten to shatter the foundations of their lives.Because it s never really just about the sheets, is it This is not over.This is so not over.

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    1. Dawn and Rob Thiebold rent Miranda Feldt’s home in Santa Monica during their vacation. They are a young married couple on a tight budget while Dawn attends college full time. After the vacation, Dawn receives an email from Miranda stating that $200 was deducted from her security deposit to replace stained sheets. After emails go back and forth between the two, communication decays resulting in Dawn leaving negative reviews on the rental website.Miranda relies upon her rental income to support [...]

    2. I've been debating whether or not to write a review for this one - I tried reading it a few weeks ago and was going to just let it slide but I just had to share a few thoughts. First of all, I didn't finish this book, so please keep in mind I can't speak to the whole book.So why didn't I finish it? Well. I loved the concept of this book - I love the idea of examining a very ordinary, everyday situation and seeing how different individuals can react to it. We've all had a moment where we read a c [...]

    3. Loved the cover, the audiobook, the narrators, the author, and the book! Need to pass this along to all my hotel clients (and guests). Being in the business-- this is like "everyday reality madness" with reviews and social media-- in the hotel and vacation rental business. Yes, it really happens, and could add even more horror stories to this. . . . .Lots of humor and great one-liners. Made my day while plowing through work!. Designing websites this week. Behind on my reading and writing reviews [...]

    4. This isn't just a book about security deposits. It's an in depth view of bullying, even as adults, about how behind closed doors someone's life may not be what it seems. And definitely about how living your life not being who you really want to be can backfire.

    5. You don't like any of the characters. In fact you can't figure out which you dislike the most. You keep putting it down, skipping ahead, because you really don't like these people.But you keep reading, stay up late to read, come straight home to read this book you don't like.And then you really get hooked into it. Figures.

    6. "It's not about the $200, which I could most definitely use. It's the principle." Psychological warfare heats up on the Internet in author Holly Brown's thriller, THIS IS NOT OVER (William Morrow).Thirty-year old Dawn Thiebold grew up poor in a lousy Northern California town. She's about to graduate from college and is married to a guy who gives her pretty much whatever she wants, but that's not enough; they live in a rundown apartment luckily in the best part of the city. Her sometimes too perf [...]

    7. Well I'm just going to have to do it and give this one 5 stars. It deserves it and I read it. This is a guilty pleasure read. If you read this book, you are going to feel like you just emerged from a full Saturday of binge watching Dance Moms and eating an entire extra large Domino's pizza dunked in blue cheese dressing. But I have to give it all the stars because I could not put it down and it couldn't have been better. This was a super well-written, outstandingly trashy book. 5 stars.

    8. Two women: Dawn Theibold and Miranda Feldt fighting like teenagers about a $200 security deposit that Miranda is keeping due to a stain being left on sheets at the house in Santa Monica, CA, that Dawn and her husband rented from Miranda. This was my third book written by Holly Brown and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was easy to picture in my head the animosity between the two women even though Miranda seemed to make a mountain out of a molehill. If she hadn't done that, there would h [...]

    9. Yes, this is a "thriller" (?) that revolves around a $200 security deposit charge. It is both as ridiculous and as boring as it sounds, with every cliché thrown in for good measure.

    10. Interesting read. Intense look into characters and their thought process under adverse conditions. The character subterfuge each other consciously and throughout question themselves. Unusual writing, quite creative in the presentation of the story and a very surprising ending. Must stick with it to the end to realize how good a read this is.

    11. I loved this book. Absolutely adored every page. And yes, it all takes place over the dispute between a landlord and tenant and a $200 deposit but that dispute is just the beginning of a journey that delves into the real heart of life's issues for Dawn and Miranda and the discovery that maybe they aren't as different as they think they are. I'm sure the issues that this book revolve around were especially poignant for me, as a mother of a drug addict I could relate in pretty much every way with [...]

    12. A book I am so glad I didn't give up on. It's true, don't judge a book by its cover or the first 75 pages

    13. Thank you to the author, publisher, and Ann-Marie Nieves of Got Red PR for the opportunity to read and review this book. I guess you could say this might be the perfect book for me. In my working world, the one that pays the bills, I am travel advisor and have been for 28 years. This book appealed to me on several levels, it's a psychological thriller (a favorite genre of mine) and it deals with a travel problem.What happens when you rent a place via Air BnB or VRBO and the owner doesn't return [...]

    14. This book starts out full of humor, with moments of pithy, and sometimes controversial, musings on life and status.  Then it gets darker.  And more complicated.  Until it gets to a point where you think, I can't stand to find out more, yet I can't stop reading.  In the end, there were numerous gasp-inducing surprises, and some less-than-surprising revelations.  I felt the author really made an effort to give each woman, Miranda and Dawn, their own personality, their own view of the other p [...]

    15. A psychological story about two women, enemies in their minds due to a very small issue -- isn't that always the way? Each feels wronged and can't let things be. The book is well written and slightly suspenseful. I love reading new books and this one is different and well done because the author is a marriage and family therapist and writes from experience. I'll be interested in the author's other books. The older woman is married with a wayward son and often-absent husband. The younger woman is [...]

    16. wow a very modern story and a great take on life in this day and age ad it in one and half days! could not put it down but it was a weekend and my dvr is empty so but but still a good story and it kept my attention

    17. Wow! Brilliant execution. The first indication that this isn't going to be one of those drippy, cliche filled thrillers with gut wrenching circumstances that don't have the tone or punch to back it up, is the quote on the front by Mary Kubica, a master of psychological depth and suspense herself. "A Master storyteller and an expert of suspense," Kubica says. I almost missed this one, as it wasn't recommended to me like all the others I see on my Audible queue. I found it because I typed the auth [...]

    18. Both the women in this story are self involved liars. and betray their husbands.One doesn't want children (ok with me she's awful), the other has a drug addict son she enables against her husband's wishes and without his knowledge Did not care what happened to either of them until the well devised end, which is how this book "won" the second star.Mostly a book about cyber bullying. Miranda: has a son, Thad, she enables to be a drug addict and is used to luxury living.Dawn: Victimized by awful pa [...]

    19. Could two more deluded people have come into contact with each other? I found the book quite a difficult read because both the main characters were so unlikeable. The ending bore that out, for me, too.

    20. It all starts with an email message about a refund and goes downhill from there. Dawn and Rob Thiebold enjoy spending weekends away from their Oakland apartment and routinely use VRBO homes. Dawn is in charge of finding the homes they stay in and she takes her research into these homes quite seriously. The beach rental should have made for a perfect weekend getaway, but it is anything but perfect and then she receives an email stating they left a mysterious "stain" on the sheets and wouldn't be [...]

    21. 3.5 So, have you ever stayed in a Bed and Breakfast or booked a few nights in an Airbnb? Ever have any problems? Well, a problem with a rented stay is the the starting point for Holly Brown's new novel, This is Not Over.Dawn looks forward to her 'getaways' with her husband Rob. A weekend rental in a luxurious home is a chance to imagine what life might be like for them. It's also a large financial outlay for them. So, when their latest 'host' Miranda deducts $200.00 from their deposit to 'replac [...]

    22. This book was written by an author who is a practicing marriage and family counselor. The book starts with a young married couple renting a home in Santa Monica for the weekend (a much more common practice than it used to be). The young wife, Dawn, is very upset when she receives an e-mail from the owner of the home, Miranda, telling her she will be getting her deposit, minus $200 for ruined sheets, refunded back to her credit card. Dawn grew up in Eureka, CA and had a very terrible and dysfunct [...]

    23. I gave 5 stars simply for the ingenuity of the plot!! Very cleverly written and fairly plausible. A batch of totally screwed up neurotic characters but I couldn’t put it down. The graphic sex, as usual, did nothing to enhance the story. My family has a reunion planned next spring in Mexico, we are renting a home for the week, let’s hope we have a better experience than the one portrayed in this novel!! I’m still wondering what made the gray stain on the sheets that couldn’t be laundered [...]

    24. In an age of "Don't call me; text me!" there's bound to be miscommunication. And bullying. Holly grew up in Southern California. Her parents weren't rich, she grew up poor. Holly's parents weren't parents at all. 30 years old, married, better off, what more could she want. Miranda, 50's, husband who's a Doctor, beachfront property in California, a stable marriage, picture perfect life, what more could she want. This Is Not Over is so much more than the $200 deposit. It shows what people will go [...]

    25. This took me FOREVER to get into. In the beginning, I kept thinking to myself, this whole book cannot be over $200. And the answer to that is it is and it isn't. These two women go so far because they believe they are right that everything spirals out of control. I'd say about 3/4 in I couldn't put it down, so it was worth sticking with. Interesting to think about how far you'd go if you believed you were right.

    26. given how popular AirB&B is today, this is an interesting problem I could see happening. I enjoyed the characters - each is motivated by her own personal story with her own set of problems that the other cannot imagine

    27. SPOILERS AHOY!!These characters are unlikable. But a lot of unlikable characters can still be compelling. These two women, Dawn and Miranda, were not a train wreck you can't look away from. They were just a train wreck. This book had so much potential to be amazing. Nothing is more relevant in our world right now than social media and cyberbullies. When do we let something go? What if we don't, and we insert ourselves into someone else's life? That is what happens to Dawn and Miranda who cannot [...]

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