I'm Falling to Bits

I m Falling to Bits A boy imagines he is losing his hair his skin stuffing from his belly button and gray matter from his brain in this zany look at one boy s farfetched fears delivered with the perfect combination o

  • Title: I'm Falling to Bits
  • Author: Tedd Arnold
  • ISBN: 9780750024808
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A boy imagines he is losing his hair, his skin, stuffing from his belly button, and gray matter from his brain in this zany look at one boy s farfetched fears, delivered with the perfect combination of grossness and humor Color illustrations.

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    1. “Parts” is a wonderful book about body exploration from the mind of the creator of “Green Wilma,” Tedd Arnold. This book is about how a young boy starts to panic when weird things start to happen to his body. This book was voted Best Children’s Book for Parents Magazine and it richly deserves that honor as it is surely a children’s classic. Tedd Arnold has done a great job in writing the boy’s woes in a rhyming text, which makes this story even more humorous and reassuring. Tedd Ar [...]

    2. I have a nephew with autism and he has a hard time comprehending sarcasm/popular sayings. This is a set of three books which uncover sayings such as "I'm cracking up, lend me a hand, cost an arm and a leg etc." Super fun to read as well!

    3. I am in love with this book. It is so perfect for younger kids who think their arms are falling off when they get a rug burn. The illustrations are hilarious and the child is easy to relate to and age appropriate. Such a great story for a group read aloud!!

    4. Year after year Parts is a favorite in my Pre-K classroom. The book takes a humorous look at what actually happens to kids' bodies as they grow up in literal ways that adults never really think about, from teeth falling out to blisters/dead skin that peels off. The illustrations are entertaining with lots to look at and they are a snapshot of what a young child might actually be picturing in his/her head about what is happening to their bodies. This book is very fun and it teaches children all k [...]

    5. This book (along with the others in this series) offers a ton of humor! Imagining body parts truly as parts and thinking that he is losing them, the narrator becomes afraid of leaving the house. My favorite is "I lifted up my shirt and found this little piece of fuzz. I stared at it, amazed, and wondered what this is all about? But then I understood. It was my stuffing coming out." The illustrations that accompany the text are hilarious as well. Definite read aloud for my story time group!

    6. This is a cute book. The illustrations are very pretty. At my pre-k placement is where I first saw this book. When we got to each body part I would stop and have the children point to it and we could talk about it. We could even do head shoulders knees and toes after we read the book.

    7. Reading this with Kindergarten, not sure how much they will understand but I hope it will lead to some good conversations about the "parts" of a book.

    8. more partste kids book Aubrey let me borrow. Seems more adult almost because it's kind of how we think about things sometimes. We take things so literally and can start going crazy in our heads.

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    10. Part is a rhyming story about some of the gross realities of being a human. It is a book of rhyming poetry that accompanies the young narrator along as he discovers things about his body, such as getting a loose tooth and having a runny nose. It is definitely a little bit gross, but it would be great for capturing the imagination of students in the age range of 4-8, and teaching them about hygiene in a way that's fun for them. I originally was attracted to this book because of its title, anf the [...]

    11. A comical tale about a little boy who's wondering what's happening to his body. His comb has a few of his hairs - eek, is he going bald? He notices a dust bunny in his belly button - ah, is he loosing all of his stuffing? It's not exactly sophisticated, but it's a fun way to start teaching your kids about their body; and maybe start introducing a little hygiene lessons too. *wink*Ages 3+Cleanliness: uses the phrase "thank goodness."

    12. Parts by Tedd Arnold is a silly picture book about a boy who finds something wrong with a different part of his body everyday. One day something is coming out of his nose and the next day he notices a loose tooth.This fiction picture book a funny read for elementary readers and full of great illustrations. I would recommend this book for young readers as a simple humor read!

    13. Super cute book about a kid who sees things falling off of his body and misreads the situation. The illustrations are adorable and very entertaining. This book is best read by an adult to the child, since the book doesn't explain the reasons behind things, but it is an excellent starting point for parent/child discussions.

    14. This book is now one of my favorites. The pictures are so bright, which I love about children book and it relates to children and what their body goes through and how sarcastic they become when something different happens to them. The pictures were also silly. I definitely will be reading this to my kids in a year or so.

    15. This was a really funny story about changes. It was well illustrated and I liked that the author showed what was going on from the kids perspective. It is also a good story for discussing feeling with children.

    16. Silly book about a boy who thinks everyday something worse is happening with his body. There's fuzz in his belly button, his toes are peeling and something fell out of his nose. He believes he is coming unglued.

    17. This book is about a body growing up and thinks that he is falling apart. It ends up that he realizes that it's all part of growing up.I rate this book 5/5 because it gives kids a good idea of things that will happen to them as they grow up with all the honest things that come out.

    18. This book has a very uniquely funny way of describing the functions of our body parts. It's a great book to be read to children who are newly discovering all of their body parts. The language is easy to understand with colorful pictures that are suitable for a younger audience.

    19. Arnold uses idioms to create this story of a little boy who thinks his body is falling apart. It's very cute. Also, I like the illustrations. They are very exaggerated and I think children would love that.

    20. A fun fictional picture book about body parts and how our body is able to replace the "parts" of ourselves we lose from day to day. The rhyming text and fun illustrations make it a wonderful readaloud for the preschool set, though I imagine primary students would enjoy it just as much.

    21. Checked this book out from the library a week ago and the girl's did not want to return it with the other books when we went back today. They absolutely love it and giggle every time we read it. Looks like this will go on our wish lists. :)

    22. I really enjoyed this book! It was funny and the illustrations were pretty awesome. This book definitely is a must read, especially since children are very curious at this age.

    23. Love this book - shows children's curiosity. Allow children to explore bodily functions and their anatomy. Great for helping them understand themselves externally.

    24. Really cute and funny book. Would be useful in teaching about body parts, functions, and other things. I loved the author's use of humor and the fearful voice that he's given the main character.

    25. This was a cute book to teach self awareness. It lets children know that everyone has these parts of their body. Loaded with humor, and lots of rhyming.

    26. this rollicking limerick about a boys "parts" was part of the "body and me" kiwi krate. We've read it many times and it still makes it laugh.

    27. As soon as the main character loses his tooth, every first and second grade student in my library read alouds can empathize. This little guy is so cute. I love reading this book to my students.

    28. I enjoyed this book. It was delightful and funny. I believe children would appreciate hearing that other children go through the same things. Could be used during a lesson on emotions.

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