A Mother's String

A Mother s String A Mother s String is about the lessons we learn in love and patience It is about the family ties that bind even in the absence of those we are bound to The poems are haunted by the memory of homes liv

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  • Title: A Mother's String
  • Author: Andrea McKenzie Raine
  • ISBN: 9781894800693
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Mother s String is about the lessons we learn in love and patience It is about the family ties that bind even in the absence of those we are bound to The poems are haunted by the memory of homes lived in or wished for In them we remember our younger selves who have still to learn how far we can climb, how far we can fall.

    One thought on “A Mother's String”

    1. Can I perhaps mention before we get down to it that I am no scholar or systematic reader of poetry. However, in the books I have read of Andrea's I have have she has a special way with words.I was keen therefore to get and read a copy of an early book of her poetry.I have now read it twice in two separate sittings and recommend it without hesitation.Some poems I still don't get others I will return to again and again. Without question Altzheimer's is a stand out poem that doesn't mention the con [...]

    2. For a copy of this book, please visit: amazon/A-Mothers-StrinIt is astonishing that such a young poet is so aware of the ambiguities of string. From umbilicus to birthday wrapping to leash to apron string, Andrea McKenzie uses the emotional material at hand to present the ordinary and sometimes extraordinary experience of girls—rejection, love, cruelty and reconciliation —in neatly wrapped packages of loss and redemption. Already McKenzie has learned how to offer her poems as gifts for the w [...]

    3. A beautiful collection of poetry. There were so many clever and beautiful phrases in each poem. **I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

    4. I was happy to have won this in a giveaway!The cover is beautiful. My favorite piece in this book has to be "Alzheimer's". "We keep walking in familiar circles, never reaching familiar places, and I feel as though, I will never reach home."I recommend this to anyone who wants to have an enjoyable read.

    5. Truly a must read for those who miss home. This has made me more appreciative of yesteryears with family.

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