Blitzed by the Billionaire

Blitzed by the Billionaire After a lifetime of traveling the world with my uncle I was ready for a normal routine life I thought I found it too A job teaching kindergarten good friends and a stable man by my side I was happ

  • Title: Blitzed by the Billionaire
  • Author: Alice Ward
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After a lifetime of traveling the world with my uncle, I was ready for a normal, routine life I thought I found it too A job teaching kindergarten, good friends, and a stable man by my side I was happy mostly Until I walked in on a surprise that shook my world Luckily, my friend Ethan McAlister was there to pick up the pieces Friend Who was I kidding The star quAfter a lifetime of traveling the world with my uncle, I was ready for a normal, routine life I thought I found it too A job teaching kindergarten, good friends, and a stable man by my side I was happy mostly Until I walked in on a surprise that shook my world Luckily, my friend Ethan McAlister was there to pick up the pieces Friend Who was I kidding The star quarterback for the country s newest football team, Ethan was charming, sexy, and the last thing I needed His life was the opposite of normal and routine Our passions very different But when he touched me none of that mattered Except to the people dedicated to ripping us apart Would anything ever be normal again This is a full length STANDALONE novel with NO CLIFFHANGER and an HEA.

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    1. I didn't have high expectations for this book when I started it, I just felt like reading a fluffy romance, but the first 10% or so of this book was amazing. I loved it so much. I was laughing and giggling and having a grand time. But out of nowhere, this book took a massive turn for the worse. I really liked Emily at first but she made terrible decisions. Some of the things she did made no sense. The fact that she didn't even care that much about the fall out with a man that she was totally rea [...]

    2. Emily is living a relatively mundane life after losing her parents as an infant and being raised by her father’s brother Walt she was moved from city to city her entire life. She was looking for stability she found that with her boyfriend Ben and his family. They were both teachers at the same school it was perfect. One day she goes to Ben’s apartment to cook dinner for him as a surprise, only she was the one who got a surprise that day!Ethan is a pro football player who falls for Emily at f [...]

    3. Emily thinks she has her life planned out with her "safe" boyfriend, she knows it is just a matter of time before they are walking down the aisle. Then she meets Ethan McAlister, she has no clue he is a Quarterback for a football team, but she knows they have chemistry. She agrees to keep him safely in the "friend" column, until her world unfolds and the safe boyfriend becomes an ex.Ethan knew Emily was it for him, but someone is trying to tear them apart. Emily grows frustrated when Ethan clams [...]

    4. Emily: A strong young woman. A Kindergarten teacher.Ben: A practical man. PE teacher. Works with kids clubs after schoolWalt: Emily's Uncle and like a dad to her.Emily and Ben have been dating for a while. Their relationship is pretty much routine and ordinary and predictable. This is what Emily likes. Walt and a few of Emily's close friend's sees Ben as a man not for her. They say Ben isn't what he truly reflects to Emily. But Emily disagree One night Emily meets a man, Ethan. Didn't know who h [...]

    5. What do you get when you cross a hot NFL Quarterback and a sexy kindergarten teacher?A sports romance novel that will be a hit for any reader who loves contemporary romance with the hit of sports. As sports romance is one of my favorite genres, I could not wait to read Blitzed by the Quarterback by Alice Ward. Ward does not disappoint with her novel about the hottest Quarterback in the NFL who is totally capitated by the innocent and sexy kindergarten teacher who captures his attention in a chan [...]

    6. This book has so much going on but I found myself loving everything I was reading You have Emily who is a kindergarten teacher, she's finally grounded and happy in her life but that's soon to change You have Ethan, who has moved into a new city with a new football team but is controlled by his step dad and mom. There's a whole storyline there just with these crazy people I swear. Anyway, fate steps in and they meet. Emily feels a pull and can't get him off her mind but she knows she has to stay [...]

    7. Main Character’s Descriptions:Emily: Raised by her Uncle Walt since she was a baby after her parents died. She is a kindergarten teacher and in a relationship with Ben, a co teacher in her school.Ben A teacher at the same school as Emily but he is not who he seems to be.Ethan a football player with his eye on Emily. He thinks her boyfriend isn’t enough for her and he is determined to take her from Ben.Uncle Walt Raise Emily since her parent’s died in a car crash. Pilot and generally a play [...]

    8. I received this book for my honest review. Emily is a newly qualified kindergarten teacher and is dating co-worker Ben they have been together for a year having met when they took up their new posts in the same school. Ethan is a quarterback football player newly signed and meets Emily in a take out diner but as much as there is chemistry there she won't be unfaithful and he wants her friendship. What this story gives you is a hot sexy, contemporary sports romance that anyone would love to read. [...]

    9. What can I sayWhat can I say that hasn't been said before.You're and amazing writer and I love everything about your books.The characters you write about are sexy as a get out.For anyone who wants to be swept away pick up this book you can't go wrong.You keep writing and I will keep reading.

    10. Touchdown for sureHonestlyI didn't have a clue how this would turn out. It had me crying, laughing, and downright clinching my fists at times. This is an amazing read and I recommend it to everyone, but forewarning, you'll be mad at some circumstances and cry at others. One of my favorites.

    11. I really loved my adventure getting to know EthanI really like this Authors sense of direction in this bookI usually don't read Sports RomanceBut I will have to say the Author Alice Ward definitely knows her (HEAT) rangeThank you Author Alice Ward for doing what you do for us Readers :) Will definitely be back to read more :)

    12. DNF after 5 pagesAnother kindergarten teacher. I don't have anything against kindergarten teachers in real life. I just don't like them in romance. As characters, they are so sweet and loving. Inoffensive. Bland.It is an instant DNF for me unless one of my GR friends vouches for it.

    13. Be prepared for the twist and turns this plot line takes you on, it is an awesome roller coaster ride you don't want to get off! Really great book with some interesting characters!

    14. Blitzed By The Billionaire is by Alice Ward. This novel looks into harming a child by food allergies and into the use of steroids in the football world. It is full of action and suspense. Just as you think things are settling down, something else happens. There are surprises throughout the book. It is an easy read and one that you can’t put down. Emily was a kindergarten teacher who was going with a fellow teacher and thought she was about to be engaged. She was loyal to Ben and when she met E [...]

    15. Cute story filled with love, lust, betrayal, family drama and sports. I think this is by far my favorite sports novel. It follows Ethan and Emily and their relationship that deals with hardships from family, friends and an ex. I loved the balance of romance, sex and drama this book had. Each page had me wanting more and that ending left me feeling complete at the end. Ethan and Emily are some strong characters. I loved their growth and development and that plot twist through me for a loop. Enjoy [...]

    16. This book was amazing. The main characters, Emily and Ethan, are so easy to fall in love with. You feel their happiness and pain, and cheer them on throughout the book. There are other characters that you really do not like, the descriptions are well written. It was hard to put this book down. Besides the ups and downs of the love story of Emily and Ethan, there is so much danger and drama, and people you love to hate. I was also excited to see that the story followed through at the end and you [...]

    17. This was a pretty good story but there was some consistency issues that pulled me out of the story. In the beginning of the book the waiter's name is Kevin and there are three separate spellings. Also as a football fan I felt that a little more attention should have been given to the details of Ethan's football career. As a professional he would not be playing in a bowl game(college only). It would have been the playoffs.

    18. Good story but didn't connect with characters.Don't know why but I didn't care for Emily's character. I liked Ethan. There was a lot of conflict and drama going on and offender who hurt the child,Alfie was easy to figure out from several clues. I really liked the Epilogue 3 yrs and nine months later.

    19. There was great promise in this. I enjoyed the beginning, but the longer I read the more I disliked the main couple. I needed to know how it ended, so I kept reading. It seemed like as soon as one problem was solved, another showed up. Personally, I don't think the couple was meant for each other, until the last issue.

    20. A great story line, but I disliked the hero a few times and I don't think his actually apologies or actions warranted her forgiveness so easily. Also this one dragged on a bit too much in the middle for me. There was some excitement and a good who done it mystery, but the whole book seemed to be filled with two weeks laters for my liking.

    21. I read this as part of the bonuses included in Ward’s novella “The Surprise” and I gotta day, it frustrates me to no end. There was just so much back and forth!!I like himJKHe likes meJKI’m needed at the police stationBack homePolice stationHomeI did finish it, but won’t be reading it again. Total bummer, as I was so excited to read it!

    22. The story started out great but then took a left turn into crazy town. I felt I was reading a soap opera and not a good one. The drama/mystery/suspense was unwarranted and unnecessary to the story and ruined my reading enjoyment. Luckily, this was a bonus novel included with the purchase of The Surprise.

    23. AmazingI stayed up all night to finish this book. Lobed the characters and the way they developed through out the story. Well written and sweet. Heartbreaking in places but all comes around to be an HEA.

    24. EnjoyableI liked the storyline. It had action, romance, suspense and it really kept you turning the page to find out the ending.which is a big surprise. I do have a few questions on somethings but I can't say here without giving away the ending.

    25. II enjoyed it & would recommend it to anyone.It points out that money isn't everythingGreat bookThe book was well written.The storyline was great. It my interest throughout. I enjoyed it & would recommend it to anyone.

    26. Sexy romance. Good book. Not sure why I am not familiar with her work, but I enjoyed reading this story. Football player billionaire and a wealthy in her own right schoolteacher. Someone has set out to ruin their lives, and they almost succeed,

    27. This book was Emily's story of finding a "home" and your forever with it. After leaving the wrong relationship she hops into the right one with Ethan. Although they have a lot of rough patches they seem to make it work to only get hit again.

    28. 3.75 Wowzer. ALOT HAPPENS IN THIS BOOK. Cheating. Lying. Break ups. Celebrity love. Football. Attempted murder! Arrests. More arrests. I can't even summarize. Was it all needed? I can't say but it was a wild ride.

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