Because You're Mine

Because You re Mine Alanna has been plagued by tragedy So it should come as no surprise that in the beauty that surrounds Charleston all is not as it seems When her husband is killed by a car bomb while their band is on

  • Title: Because You're Mine
  • Author: Colleen Coble
  • ISBN: 9780718083809
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alanna has been plagued by tragedy So it should come as no surprise that in the beauty that surrounds Charleston, all is not as it seems.When her husband is killed by a car bomb while their band is on tour in Charleston, Alanna doesn t know where to turn Her father in law is threatening to take custody of the baby she carries, but the one thing she knows for sure is thatAlanna has been plagued by tragedy So it should come as no surprise that in the beauty that surrounds Charleston, all is not as it seems.When her husband is killed by a car bomb while their band is on tour in Charleston, Alanna doesn t know where to turn Her father in law is threatening to take custody of the baby she carries, but the one thing she knows for sure is that she can t lose the last piece of Liam she has left.Their manager offers her a marriage of convenience to gain her U.S citizenship and allow her to escape her father in law s control It seems like the perfect solution but her doubts begin almost as soon as she arrives at Barry s family home, a decaying mansion surrounded by swamp.To make matters worse, Liam s best friend survived the car bomb She s never really liked Jesse and now she can t seem to get away from him When he takes Liam s place in their band, it s almost than she can bear.But then things start happening Things that could easily cost Alanna her life or the life of her unborn child Are they merely coincidences Or is there something much sinister at work

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    1. Because You're Mine is a Gothic novel set in Charleston, South Carolina. Most of the story takes place on a large run down estate located next to a swamp. The author does a nice job of painting the setting.It was obvious in the first chapter what had happened to Liam and Jesse, two of the main characters. I believe this was purposeful by the author and when the reveal happens toward the end of the book, there is no surprise. Rather than being a suspense novel with a build-up about the villain, t [...]

    2. In the descriptive prose she is so well known for, Colleen Coble writes a chilling tale of an old, decaying plantation that whispers of secrets—set amongst the backdrop of waving seagrass and the salty ocean scents of Charleston, South Carolina. The beautiful, red-headed Irish heroine, Alanna, is not the brightest bulb in the pack, but I blame it on her desperation, grief, and the fact that she is expecting a child. But wandering barefoot to the lagoon where her new (and I might add weird acti [...]

    3. I've been reading Colleen Coble's books a long time. She writes very nice Christian suspense. This one is set in Charleston, SC, which I enjoyed being a South Carolinian. It was a good plot and good suspense, although I did guess one of the components of the story not too far into the book. It's well worth the read.*I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book by Net Galley. My review is honest and my own.

    4. You know when you watch a drama like Braveheart or Steel-magnolias and it is high quality, film , acting, wardrobe and cinematography? Then you turn on the lifetime channel and they have a show like steel magnolias that has a daughter that dies and the acting is over done, the music is cheesy, you can tell it's not really filmed in the south but on a set. Well that was what reading this book was like. It was just overdone drama with shallow acting and unbelievable story line and characters you j [...]

    5. I haven't read a Colleen Coble book that I haven't enjoyed and this one was no exception. I enjoyed the spooky, mysterious mansion setting in the swamps of the south. Very different from other novels by her that I've read so far. The creepiness of the mansion hooked my attention right away and I knew this book was going to give me some good suspense.The book started off slowly for me, but once it picked up I was hooked until the end.I enjoyed the character Alanna and the emotions Colleen penned [...]

    6. Well, I managed to finish this book! I think that was an achievement in itself, after wanting to give up on numerous occassions. (Serves me right for judging a book by its cover, I guess!)I struggled to relate to any of the characters, and the plot was totally ridiculous, especially the ending! Haivng read other reviews I may try other books by the author, as other reviewers stated that it was not up to her usual standard.

    7. This is actually the first book I have read by Colleen Coble. She is such a popular author that it seems absurd, I know. But, here it is! My first Colleen Coble book ever.I really had no idea what to expect going into this book. I didn't really read the blurb very well so the whole book was sort of a surprise to me. I actually like it that way. I didn't expect the creepy sort of suspense I was feeling for most of this book. But I liked it! It was good for me because I don't like things too inten [...]

    8. Fans of contemporary Christian suspense will really like this book, I think. In general, I do not prefer contemporary or suspense novels, but I always enjoy whatever Colleen Coble writes. This book was quite suspenseful for my tastes. I’m generally patient about getting back to my book in progress, even though I’d nearly always rather be reading! But while in the middle of this book, I was always anxious to get back to the story as soon as possible. Because You’re Mine (Thomas Nelson, 2017 [...]

    9. Eeeekkk! So Gothic, but in a modern era. Banshees and haunted mansions and a guy who has an alligator for a pet?? Oh my!I loved the parts about the Ceol music group, Irish heritage, and I loved Alanna as the main character.I didn't see the need for the talk about the possibility of an exorcism/a possession by a soulat was just flat weird, and (view spoiler)[ I'm glad it didn't ultimately go anywhere, but I also didn't feel like the idea was resolved.(hide spoiler)]It was just about impossible to [...]

    10. "Two souls bound and none can sever. This night song is for you."Shortly after singing those words to the love of his life, Liam Connolly's life was incinerated by an horrific car bomb. Devastated beyond belief is his wife, Alanna, whose Celtic band has just begun to emerge on the national scene, booking tours weeks upon weeks in advance. Travelling back to Ireland with Liam's body is excruciating enough, but Liam's family delivers an unexpected ultimatum; live there with them in Ireland and giv [...]

    11. Another good suspense and mystery novel from Colleen Coble. There are characters with whom to love and connect, some to pity, and some to loathe. The question is who belongs in what category? An interesting plot with a terrific twist, a creepy mansion, and several secrets all make for a great read. At the end you may have figured out the mystery. Part of the mystery is pretty much solved early on in the book, but the suspense still held this readers attention. That doesn't always happen.If you e [...]

    12. I really really wanted to love this book! I've read a good chunk of Colleen Coble's books, and they never disappoint. The cover, the title, even the plot - fabulous! However, there were too many aspects in the writing that put my back up. First, I'm from the UK, and maybe that was the problem. We use words like 'bloke' 'mates' 'bangers' etc as slang yes, but, we don't generally replace it for the correct word all the time. It was so repetitious and became really annoying. It didn't feel like nat [...]

    13. This book had me page-turning as fast as I could read to get to the end and find the answers, even the title put my mind singing “Because You're Mine”, and you can conjure up what the story is about. Wrong.Allana appears to have it all as the book opens, her Celtic band is heading to the top, she is married to the man of her dreams, and they are expecting their first baby. Of course, things can’t stay that way, but you never expect the turn of events that are about to happen.While I figure [...]

    14. 3.5 Stars I would have rated this one higher but I had already figured out what was gonna happen halfway through. It was a cute southern whodunnit read. Based in South Carolina, I liked the setting of the story because it was familiar. I wish she had made it a little more difficult to figure out the ending though. My first Colleen Coble book. I may consider reading another in the future. Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.

    15. Oh please. Not only was this transparent from the get-go, but ridiculous in many aspects of premise. I read it only because it was supposedly set in Charleston and a nearby plantation. I'll give the author credit for getting Hibernian Hall as a conceivable location for an Irish performance, though it's not a theater, and she didn't have John Corless mentioned. She also got that there can be blackwater within 20 miles of Charleston, but not much else realistic about the setting of the "decaying m [...]

    16. I am not sure where to start. I was so looking forward to reading this book as I have read many of Colleen's books. This story came out of left field and it didn't seem like the same author had written it. The overall concept is interesting but this book fell flat for me. The characters are so wishy washy and I felt no character development or connection. The suspense part was not really suspenseful and was more confusing than not. I felt like too much was just thrown in this book and it didn't [...]

    17. I usually enjoy a Colleen Coble book, but every now & then I come across one where I can predict the book by the end of the first chapter. And this was one of them. I read suspense and mysteries to be taken on a thrill ride and surprised and on edge. I was bored.(view spoiler)[ I knew Jesse was Liam right away. I knew the band manager was a psychopath right away. I even knew he would feed the kittens to the alligator before he did.(hide spoiler)] I skipped several chapters and could still fo [...]

    18. This book was different than the Colleen Coble books I'm used to. It had a little less mystery and a little more psychological thriller in it but it didn't grip me as either.I enjoyed the stories although I saw the twists coming because I liked the author delving into the darker parts of people's personalities. It was interesting, and I wish some of the book had been from the antagonist's point of view. I think that would be given a deeper level into the character development in the book.I recei [...]

    19. This book intrigued me from the start and I would consider it a modern day take on a gothic story. The mysteriousness of the storyline compelled me to continue to turn the pages long into the night. I could not quite connect with the character of Alanna. I somewhat understood why she did what she did, especially when her life took such an unreal turn. Pregnant and alone and receiving no help from family made her decisions more realistic. Her background was also a reason that made some of what I [...]

    20. Well this wasting. Not what I expcted at all. It was creepy, weird, and unsettlingminiscent of Rebecca. In fact, that was probably the thing I struggled with most with this book - the time period. If Coble made this a historical piece, set in the early 20th century, I think it could have made a much better impact. I kept having to remind myself that this was happening in current time; the way it was written just felt off, time-wise. The dialogue & lanugage was strange as wellI'm no expert on [...]

    21. Colleen Coble has written plenty of books in a number of genres: Contemporary romantic suspense, contemporary, historical, and historical suspense. With that many novels published, Coble is guaranteed to have some books that hit it right out of the park and have some books that miss the target. I have found both of them in Coble's books.Coble is a great writer who really understands how to write concise and clear. She stays in each individual character's perspective and staying there. She does n [...]

    22. I really like Colleen Coble's books a lot. This one, not so much. Alanna and her husband are in a celtic band called Coel. At the onset of the book, Alanna's husband, Liam, and his friend, Jesse, are involved in a car bomb. Liam dies and Jesse survives. Alanna is heartbroken and pregnant. Liam's family has decided that because Alanna comes from a family of gypsies that she is an unfit mother and they are going to raise the child themselves. Meanwhile, Barry, the band's manager, has proposed that [...]

    23. The opportunity to review this one came up and it intrigued me. It's a story very much out of my usual comfort zone, but that can be a good thing! So I said "Why not?", and here I am, striving for words to describe my feelings. It's an interesting premise for sure! I absolutely must commend Ms. Coble for creating this very Gothic atmosphere, for one thing. I could feel the same unease and confusion about everything that Alanna was feeling. I wasn't certain what was going on exactly and I knew it [...]

    24. Suspenseful, intriguing and romantic!This story is told from two perspectives; Alanna, a young, pregnant, Irish singer who must quickly learn how to survive as a widow when her husband is suddenly taken from her; and Jesse, a womanizer who finds himself struggling to rediscover who he truly is after suffering a catastrophic event.The story, for me, started off really well. The plot was interesting and intriguing, and the immediate action and suspense had me completely captivated and engaged. How [...]

    25. Sometimes, you pick up a book because you like the cover and you read the back and see it’s about a Celtic band. You think, “Hey, I love Ireland and their culture.” Then, you realize you’re reading a Christian Romance Mystery novel, and you question your judgement and what you did in a past life to bring you to this fresh hell.

    26. What I was hoping to be a "pull-me-in-and-don't-let-go" read from Collen Coble ended up being a bit of a flop. Collen's books are known to be quick reads with stories that have enough scare factor to them that I feel the need to get up and close the blinds. This book lacked this quality. In fact, there wasn't a scare factor for me as much as a creepy factor. I liked the premise of this book but once I started reading I felt like I had read this story before. Especially when they got to the estat [...]

    27. Romantic Christian suspense at its best! First book by this author which was handpicked by my bestie. I will be reading more from this author. Kept me intrigued from start to finish 😃 📚❤️

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