The Secret History of Twin Peaks

The Secret History of Twin Peaks Listening Length hours and minutesFrom the co creator of the landmark series the story millions of fans have been waiting to get their hands on for long years A vastly layered wide ranging h

  • Title: The Secret History of Twin Peaks
  • Author: Mark Frost Mat Hostetler Russ Tamblyn Annie Wersching Len Cariou Michael Horse David Patrick Kelly Robert Knepper
  • ISBN: 9781427270672
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Listening Length 9 hours and 33 minutesFrom the co creator of the landmark series, the story millions of fans have been waiting to get their hands on for 25 long years.A vastly layered, wide ranging history that deepens the mysteries of the iconic town in ways that will thrill disciples of the original series, and will prep fans for the upcoming Showtime series like nothiListening Length 9 hours and 33 minutesFrom the co creator of the landmark series, the story millions of fans have been waiting to get their hands on for 25 long years.A vastly layered, wide ranging history that deepens the mysteries of the iconic town in ways that will thrill disciples of the original series, and will prep fans for the upcoming Showtime series like nothing else out there.Four original TWIN PEAKS cast members Kyle MacLachlan, Russ Tamblyn, Michael Horse, and David Patrick Kelly who are appearing in the new TWIN PEAKS for SHOWTIME join three new actors Amy Shiels, Robert Knepper, James Morrison to voice the audiobook edition of the novel, along with co creator Mark Frost and original cast member Chris Mulkey Additional actors Annie Wersching Bosch and Len Caiou Blue Bloods will also be featured.Of the audiobook, creator Mark Frost says, I am thrilled that both original cast members and new actors will be coming together on this project to bring this other aspect of the world of Twin Peaks to life.

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    1. Diane, it’s 8:43 p.m. on May the 22, and I have just completed what I believe to be a monumental and not insignificant undertaking: over the course of the last 10 days, I have successfully devoured all 30 episodes of the original “Twin Peaks” show, survived the bleak terror that is “Fire Walk with Me,” consumed all four episodes of Showtime’s new season, and now–last, but certainly not least–I have dissected all 368 fascinating pages of Mark Frost’s “The Secret History of Twi [...]

    2. i STILL haven't sat down with this book for any length of time, but i HAVE made a glorious endcap: and now the funkos have arrived!! come and get 'em!***********************************************i rarely get book-schwag, but when i do, i am over the moon with gratitude super-excited to dive into this one, and i cannot WAIT for the new episodes - EEEEEEEEEE

    3. The Secret History of Twin Peaks is a difficult book to review as you can hardly give anything away without spoiling it, but at the same time you don't really need to be a Twin Peaks fan, or even familiar with the TV-show, to get some good time out of it.My first problem is that it has been awhile since I re-watched this hit show, and there is quite a much elements that would have probably worked (and been easier to confirm or more well-thought) better in a sense of getting in the proper mood to [...]

    4. Do not read this if you have yet to watch the first two seasons of Twin Peaks. Oh, you know why I get to put it that way? Because there's gonna be a third! Wheeeeeee!!! Anyway, warned.Well, as fun as it was returning to Twin Peaks, this book contains some grievous errors*, and a little too much emphasis on the UFO side of things for my taste. However, we do get to:1) learn who (if anyone) lived and who (if anyone) died in the bank vault explosion (Andrew Packard? Audrey Horne? Pete Martell? Rand [...]

    5. Not only is the book a beautiful design, but the story takes the reader deeper into the (his)story of Twin Peaks and its inhabitants, as well as into the history of the United States. Thematically, one particular highlight was the "amending" of Season 2 elements. Where Season 2 went off the rails, this book fills in some gaping holes there which make for a much more cohesive view of those elements within the larger Twin Peaks mythology. Additionally, the complexity of this text is startling: at [...]

    6. First off a few ground rules - Twin Peaks was required viewing while I studied at university. I loved the first series, got confused by the second and lost the plot with the film. Okay that was a rather over simplification but you get the idea. This series if you have not realised by now is complicated subtle and potentially down right mind bending - its great you cannot imagine (or you can) the number of arguments I had at the end of each episode. Now on to the book - but first a little explana [...]

    7. You should read this before you open up the book. Spoiler free reviewPS somehow delivered this to me a few days early (thanks US mail) so I read this over the very rainy weekend.This is not a novel in the traditional fashion. What it is, is a collection of letters, documents, newspaper clippings, and photos. These start way back with Lewis and Clark and go all the way forward to now. It’s a bit slow in the first 100 pages but after that the collection hits its stride. It becomes suggestive, gl [...]

    8. Mark Frost, the writer of this book, is the co-creator of the TWIN PEAKS television series. So, no matter what a reviewer has to say about the book, the true TWIN PEAKS fan is going to read this (especially with the series' return set to launch in a few months). It is like telling true Harry Potter fans that the latest installment (not penned by the original writer) is not nearly as good as any of the books. The fans will still flock. With that acknowledgment, here goes:THE SECRET HISTORY OF TWI [...]

    9. About 23% of The Secret History of Twin Peaks is very interesting. The rest reads like X-files fan-fiction (it's even annotated by a very Scully-like FBI agent, whose intials--it hurts to say this-- are "TP"), and doesn't feel at all like the Twin Peaks I know and love. Most of that 23% is contained between pages 155 and 237, a section in which Mark Frost sets aside the UFO sightings, Project Paperclip, and men in black to give the reader the backstories of a number of Twin Peaks regulars. We ge [...]

    10. Enjoyable enough on its own terms, although the bulk of it reads more like an X-FILES tie-in than a deep dive into the world of Twin Peaks. Beautifully put together from a design standpoint and definitely ambitious, but also a little sloppy. The fates of several characters not in the upcoming series are revealed, but continuity sticklers will note a number of discrepancies with the original series/movie. (None of them bothered me much, but your mileage may vary.) The central mystery - the identi [...]

    11. As I've seen the entirety of Twin Peaks (up to S03E07) for the first time over the last 4-5 weeks, I have a weirdly compressed view of the series, and noticed details and continuity errors in the book with an intensity that seems out of proportion with my length of acquaintance with a show that, after having not been allowed to watch it when other kids at school were, I hadn't been especially bothered about getting round to for 26 years - until a handful of separate friends each started getting [...]

    12. This is a frustrating read. Swathes of it smack rather embarrassingly of low-tier fanfiction, whereas others manage to channel exactly the uneasy poignancy that made (makes?) the show so successful. The bulk of the book is concerned with things fairly tangential to Twin Peaks; and I found these things completely boring. UFOs, freemasonry, JFK, Illuminati, Scientology, Watergate etc -- it seems like Frost has scrambled to cram every conspiracy he can into this book and it's much weaker for it. Th [...]

    13. Because my best friend is the best and purchased this book in gorgeous hardcover for me for Christmas, I will be reading this before new episodes of the show come out.I hear the steady buzzing sound of the sawmill in the background, midgets are dancing to tuneless melodies all around me, Audrey is putting on her red shoes, logs are telling their secrets, fish are sweetly percolating, coffee and cherry pie are being consumed in droves, and the owls are definitely not what they seem.

    14. The Secret History of Twin Peaks has got to be one of the most thorough and engrossing books ever to be based on a television series. It introduces a level of intrigue and excitement to the Twin Peaks universe that I always suspected was there, lying dormant and waiting for the right time to emerge, but never thought I would see with my own eyes.The TV show, as many know already, ends on an infuriating cliffhanger, and for decades the only additions to the canon was the poorly-received but still [...]

    15. This was a really interesting book, which I listened to for the full cast experience. Luckily I was able to stay focused pretty well, even though audiobooks are more difficult for me. It was a great way to ease out of binge watching the tv show and still get to experience some of my favorite characters. I most loved learning the backgrounds of certain characters, such as Douglas Milford and the log lady. It amused me that in places Twin Peaks is described as being in northwest Washington, and in [...]

    16. Ah, Twin Peaks. It's not the easiest show to love. I had a hard time getting into it. The original two seasons at first felt very dated, the acting seemed stiff and at times almost comically bad, and there were so many characters with such complicated relationships that I still can't believe the show got to be as popular as it did. Oh no, when I started watching Twin Peaks, I hated it. So I quit. Twice, actually — first time halfway through the 90 minute pilot, the second time after the other [...]

    17. I'm a huge Twin Peaks fan and this felt like Mark Frost having a field day with David Lynch nowhere in sight. 20% interesting material about our favorite characters, 80% ridiculous conspiracy theories. Sorry, this was a real letdown after this many years of waiting for a resolution. And, JACKIE GLEASON??? Really, Mr. Frost???

    18. I've forgotten how to obsess over something. When I was younger I went all in on a lot of stuff. If I found myself attracted to something, I had to find out everything there was to know about it. Like when I discovered books by Joe R. Lansdale. Or when I found the music of Nick Cave. Or when I saw my first film by David Lynch. I don't do that anymore. I don't know why that is. Have I reached a point where I just don't care enough to obsess over something?The Secret History of Twin Peaks brought [...]

    19. Titel: Den hemmelige historie om Twin Peaks. Forfatter: Mark Frost. Sider: 362 sider. Forlag: Politikens Forlag. Udgivelsesår: 2017. Anmeldereksemplar: Politikens Forlag ★★★★“En klog mand fortalte mig engang, at mysterier er den vigtigste ingrediens i livet af følgende grund: Mysterier skaber forundring, der fører til nysgerrighed, som er grundlaget for vores trang til at forstå, hvem og hvad vi virkelig er.”I maj udkom Den hemmelige historie om Twin Peaks på dansk, og fans af a [...]

    20. "Ler este livro acabou por ser um interessante desafio visto que o elevado número de intervenientes, as suas relações e os mistérios constantes me fizeram sentir uma verdadeira detective a par de Tamara Preston, tentando descortinar o real do imaginário e distinguir a verdade da mentira."Opinião completa no blogue: flamesmr/2017/03/l

    21. I got off to a rocky start with this – I am of the opinion that 'handwritten' letters should be banned from publication in books unless they are accompanied by full typed transcripts. But I soon found myself getting into the rhythm of the narrative and, having done so, it proved surprisingly easy to lose myself in it for hours at a time. (I'd owned it for a year, and avoided it partly because I wanted to read it right before watching The Return (I didn't manage this in the end), and partly bec [...]

    22. The Secret History of Twin Peaks, written by series co-creator Mark Frost, offers a “factual” look at the history of the fictional town that was the setting for the early 1990s television series. The book is presented as a dossier compiled by “The Archivist” and then interpreted by an unreliable FBI agent narrator who goes by the initials “TP.” Frost excels at integrating fact with fiction. The book opens with scanned copies of journal entries written by none other than Lewis and Cla [...]

    23. This is written from the perspective of someone who has always been a Peaks Freak, and who not long ago won a Twin Peaks trivia contest outright, who likes to dress up as The Log Lady for Halloween, and who named her kitten Special Agent Dale Bartholomew Cooper. Just to give you some perspective about how much I care about this franchise.This book should be entitled The Revisionist History of Twin Peaks. There are many things that I loved about this book, and some things that I've been waiting 2 [...]

    24. This is a guilty pleasure for a lot of reasons for the TWIN PEAKS completist. Especially in audiobook form, being able to hear the actors reprise their iconic roles succeeded in making me giddy as a schoolboy on a first date (had i gone on any back then). The best parts were easily the parts of the dossier that read like theater monologues since they stand on their own and are not just character backstories but emotionally charged outpourings of melodrama that reference incidents from the show b [...]

    25. За мен книгата си беше чиста среща с книжното удоволствие. Очите ми се фокусираха върху нея още когато я видях за първи път и никак не съжалявам, че имам възможността да я държа в ръце. А и тя ми предложи много чудесни мистерии за обмисляне, както и много възможности за забавл [...]

    26. was billed as a bridge between the two series but we learn almost nothing about what happened to anyone in the interim. there's more in here about Nixon and L Ron Hubbard than about Cooper, yes I am serious.

    27. Not what I was expecting but it was alright. Goes clear back to Lewis & Clark. If you like historical mysteries and conspiracy theories and were a fan of the tv show this is for you.

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