Pushing Up Daisies

Pushing Up Daisies When Agatha Raisin left behind her PR business in London she fulfilled her dream of settling in the cozy British Cotswolds where she began a successful private detective agency Unfortunately the vil

  • Title: Pushing Up Daisies
  • Author: M.C. Beaton
  • ISBN: 9781466861190
  • Page: 413
  • Format: ebook
  • When Agatha Raisin left behind her PR business in London, she fulfilled her dream of settling in the cozy British Cotswolds where she began a successful private detective agency Unfortunately, the village she lives in is about to get a little less cozy Lord Bellington, a wealthy land developer, wants to turn the community garden into a housing estate When Agatha and herWhen Agatha Raisin left behind her PR business in London, she fulfilled her dream of settling in the cozy British Cotswolds where she began a successful private detective agency Unfortunately, the village she lives in is about to get a little less cozy Lord Bellington, a wealthy land developer, wants to turn the community garden into a housing estate When Agatha and her friend Sir Charles Fraith attempt to convince Lord Bellington to abandon his plans he scoffs Do you think I give a damn about those pesky villagers So when Agatha finds his obituary in the newspaper two weeks later, it s no surprise that some in town are feeling celebratory.The villagers are relieved to learn that Bellington s son and heir, Damian, has no interest in continuing his father s development plans But the police are definitely interested in him as suspect number one His father s death, it seems, was no accident But when Damian hires Agatha to find the real killer, she finds no shortage of suspects The good news is that a handsome retired detective named Gerald has recently moved to town Too bad he was seen kissing another newcomer But when she is also found murdered, Gerald is eager to help Agatha with the case Agatha, Gerald, and her team of detectives must untangle a web of contempt in order to uncover a killer s identity.

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    1. Lying somewhere in the range between cozy mystery and crime suspense, the Agatha Raisin series is great, undemanding entertainment reading.Twenty-seven books ago, Agatha Raisin left her PR job in London to take early retirement in a small village in the Cotswolds. She is irascible, very rarely graceful unless she puts on her heels (forcing a certain amount of necessary grace short of falling on her fanny), with an acerbic sense of humor, and the tendency to get mad crushes on any single male who [...]

    2. *3.5 to 4 stars.I recently picked up The Witches' Tree, the 28th in the Agatha Raisin mystery series, from the new book shelf at the library and realized I had somehow missed reading number 27. Gasp! Thankfully my library had a copy of Pushing Up Daisies on the shelf. I wouldn't want to read them out of order, after all!Agatha Raisin is such a hoot! At fifty-three, she is single, lives in the Cotswolds and runs her own detective agency. In this outing, Agatha is hired to figure out who killed Lo [...]

    3. 3.5 stars Agatha Raisin is really an unpleasant person but there's just something about her. She is abrupt, selfish, too outspoken, knows no boundaries and is not very nice. She is also smart, witty and, deep inside, wants to be loved. She's always on the hunt for a man in her life apparently not realizing her attitude is a major drawback. There's something about her as she has friends and loyal employees. When the local Lord wants to sell the town's garden allotments to a real estate developer [...]

    4. It was nice to see all the characters (this is the 4 part). The set up and resolutions are without much meat to them. People are ALWAYS home and not too busy to talk to Agatha. Many of the things are not reasonable. I think she crowded the book with characters and murders without a benefit to the reader.Did James have anything to do with naming the cats?

    5. RE-READ UPDATE 7/21/16First Review (6/25/16):This is the first book I've read from the Agatha Raisin series and I think that maybe it wasn't the best one to start on. The mystery was ok, the pacing was fine. There wasn't really anything I could fault, but there's nothing I can really praise either. This felt very much like a "meh" read for me. I honestly don't think I'll remember reading it in six months time. Heck, I finished it two days ago and I'm already forgetting it. The best thing about t [...]

    6. Oh, Aggie. How I love thee. I even named my pug after you. Not to say you have wrinkles. Agatha Raisin may not be getting any younger, but she just keeps getting better. If you, like me, have been following this series for a long time, then you will know what I mean when I say I couldn't wait to get a fix. I've missed my Raisin. This book has the usual charming cast of characters, plus some new ones that spice things up a bit. Wherever Agatha goes, there seems to be trouble, as Bill Wong has poi [...]

    7. This was not the usual, feisty Agatha that I've come to know and love. She has become a little soft and tired, leaving much of the detecting to Toni and Simon. Surprisingly, she seems to be getting younger and has taken to petting and playing with her cats. I missed some of the old characters. Gone are the long chats with Mrs. Bloxby, whose appearance has changed a great deal, and the shenanigans of Roy Silver. James is mentioned briefly. Thankfully, Charles is still present.The book rambled a l [...]

    8. This book was a lot of fun. Beaton brought in tons of characters. Since I listened to it on cd I could just imagine the author rubbing her hands together and thinking, "How many voices can I force Alison Larkin to come up with? he he he."

    9. Now in her twenty-seventh outing since taking early retirement and selling up her PR business in London for life in the Cotswolds village of Carsley, the incorrigible Agatha Raisin is still poking her nose in where it isn't wanted and lusting after unsuitable men. Her lack of diplomacy might not have made her popular but as her loyal best friend, vicar's wife Mrs Bloxby knows, her heart is in the right place. With her private detective agency based at Mircester thriving and a team of four detect [...]

    10. I have been a huge fan of this series for a long time. Every time I open a book featuring my favorite sleuth, Agatha Raisin, I know I am in for a wild ride.This book did not disappoint me. It was full of the charm I look for whenever I crack open a new addition to the series. As usual, Agatha feels empty in her life, microwave dinners and cigarettes aren't filling the void. When a wealthy land developer is killed, his son hires Agatha and her firm to investigate his death. Could his death be rel [...]

    11. It took three tries to get through this book. Agatha Raisin is probably one of the most unpleasant characters ever created for a cozy. She's everything I hate in a person and the fact that she's a successful business woman makes it even worse. She's self-absorbed, judgmental, and lacks empathy. People are to be used and to serve Agatha. In this book she's investigating a murder, but I just wasn't that interested. The writing of this series has gotten more and more slack. This is definitely a thu [...]

    12. Lord Bellingham is threatening to put up the rents on some allotments he owns so when he is found murdered no one is too surprised as he has also raised rents for all his other tenants. Agatha Raisin has been to see him just before he's murdered to try and persuade him not to put up rents and she is asked by his son to try and find his murderer. Agatha visits the allotments on a pleasant sunny day and even finds herself attracted to the idea of owning an allotment and growing her own vegetables. [...]

    13. As I had been looking forward to this book for some time, I started it immediately it arrived even though I was half way through another book. I'm afraid to say I'm pretty disappointed with this one. It seemed very rushed to me or that not as much thought had gone into this one as previous books in the series.I thought the last one, Dishing the Dirt was the best yet and that things were improving but this one has taken me back a step or two. Fast start, fast murder. At some points it just seems [...]

    14. First, let me declare that I received this book in a giveaway. That in no way influenced my opinion of the book.This was the first Agatha Raisin book that I'd read, though it's something like the 27th in the series. This didn't matter at all. The author gives enough information for you to know who the recurring characters are and what their relationship is with Agatha. You may not be au fait with all the back-story, but that doesn't spoil your enjoyment of the book. The book is a light read litt [...]

    15. Maybe it's just me --- I haven't read an Agatha Raisin book in awhile since I'm caught up in the series --- but this book just seemed very choppy to me, maybe a tad too frenetic. Agatha was jumping all over the place mentally and physically. She is still battling the same old personal demons regarding her self-worth and her inability to find true love. I was prepared for that, and I keep rooting for her that she'll figure out that aspect of her life. But the mystery(s) had her running hither and [...]

    16. I was delighted to receive an advance copy of this giveaway book from Minotaur Booksd even more delighted that it was by one of my very favorite authors. As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed the latest Agatha Raisin. She's got tons of middle-aged angst, several bad habits and blunders her way through life and this latest mystery. Of course there's romance and sex (and lack of it) and one can't help but hope she'll find true love eventually. But where would the fun be in that? Nope, gotta keep the men [...]

    17. The story was choppy and honestly to me it felt like solving a murder was just an afterthought slotted in when it's realised that nothing murder-y had been mentioned in 20 pages! The characters were just replaying stereotypes set out from previous books rather than furthering their development and I swear the conversations between Aggie and the regulars were rehashes of scenes from earlier books. Nothing new.

    18. In this latest book, controversy over garden plots leads causes drama in the village, and when the grouchy landlord is found murdered, nobody mourns. Agatha is as feisty as ever in this installment, but she doesn't make quite as many silly decisions. I like the surrounding characters as well. These are fun, relaxing reads.

    19. I really don't know how M. C. Beaton does it. The mystery is all over the place before it fizzles out (Agatha even thinks this), and the editing is *horrific*. Yet, it's imminently readable, and curmudgeonly Agatha is oh-so lovable.

    20. This series continues to go downhill. Bad writing, bad editing and a plot which is a shambles. "Large" seems to be the favourite adjective in the first chapter: it's repeated no end of times. Of no interest whatsoever.

    21. I think reading this series is becoming more habit than anything. None of the characters have a redeeming quality. I would hate to live in Carsely.

    22. Good but I liked Blood of an Englishman a bit more. Still, not a bad read. Better than a lot of the other cozies out there.

    23. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you retire please don't move to Carsley in the Cotswolds: the murder rate is far too high and, additionally if you are a male, there is every chance that Agatha Raisin will set her cap at you- so watch out! On the first point, even Agatha's friend Charles Fraith says at one point, 'You mean all those people bumping each other off is normal?' And on the second I lost count of how many males Agatha suddenly fancied, regardless of age, in this one but, [...]

    24. The latest in the Agatha Raisin series continues the story of her detective agency in the Cotswolds along with her assorted detectives and her friend James. Unfortunately, the village she lives in is about to get a little less cozy. Lord Bellington, a wealthy land developer, wants to turn the community garden into a housing estate until he is murdered. The villagers are relieved to learn that Bellington’s son and heir, Damian, has no interest in continuing his father’s development plans. But [...]

    25. Too many characters in an attempt to plump up the plot. Too fast in resolutions. Still, I enjoyed a visit with some of the characters although their temperaments have changed.

    26. Another entertaining and engaging read from M C Beaton about my favourite detective, Agatha Raisin. Here she is again with her team, her latest adventure is located in the allotments, and Lord Carsley's plans to sell them off, so enraging the allotment holders and making himself unpopular. His death does not come as a surprise, but who did it Agatha wonders and sets to work on the case, on behalf of Lord Bellington's son.Before long another body is discovered, but Agatha and her assistants are o [...]

    27. Its a generous three stars! The series is very formulaic, Agatha always 'works it out' before the police who stumble along in her rear, she is always hoping for romance and is always let down, sorts out everyone's problems except her own, all a bit silly but a relaxing read so long as you suspend your own logical faculties!!

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