The Worst Breakfast

The Worst Breakfast A gorgeous and hilarious picture book about the most unusual breakfast two sisters ever ate Two sisters sit down for breakfast and one remembers a really gross breakfast they once had and reminds he

  • Title: The Worst Breakfast
  • Author: China Miéville Zak Smith
  • ISBN: 9781617754869
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A gorgeous and hilarious picture book about the most unusual breakfast two sisters ever ate.Two sisters sit down for breakfast, and one remembers a really gross breakfast they once had, and reminds her sister about it But her little sister doesn t remember So then she starts describing all of the really gross things that were in the worst breakfast they ever had, until aA gorgeous and hilarious picture book about the most unusual breakfast two sisters ever ate.Two sisters sit down for breakfast, and one remembers a really gross breakfast they once had, and reminds her sister about it But her little sister doesn t remember So then she starts describing all of the really gross things that were in the worst breakfast they ever had, until all they can picture is a table piled sky high with the weirdest, yuckiest, grossest, slimiest, slickest, stinkiest breakfast two kids can ever have And then they have a really good breakfast.China Mi ville is the author of numerous books, including The City The City, Embassytown, Railsea, and Perdido Street Station His works have won the World Fantasy Award, the Hugo Award, and the Arthur C Clarke Award three times He lives and works in London.Zak Smith is an artist who first came to prominence with his mammoth work Pictures Showing What Happens on Each Page of Thomas Pynchon s Novel Gravity s Rainbow Smith s paintings and drawings are held in major public and private collections worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art He lives and works in Los Angeles and tries to answer all of his mail.

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    1. "Oh, cross my heart and shake my bones, burn my clothes and hear my moans, close my eyes and count to ten"- China Miéville, The Worst Breakfast A nice collaboration between China Miéville (words) and Zak Smith (pictures). I bought this basically for two reasons: 1. I'm now buying each Miéville as they are published. He is one of those authors who I intend to collect, read, complete. 2. I've been a fan of Zak Smith since he published Pictures Showing What Happens on Each Page of Thomas Pynchon [...]

    2. 3.5 stars. I read this to my 10- and 6-year-old boys at bedtime. We all liked it just fine. The art is unusual - when I asked the kids about the book's pros and cons, the art ended up being on both lists. ;) It's unique, which is cool, but it's also weird, hard to make out at times, and a bit distracting. The story of the book is funny and gross, which is a plus for kids. The book is written in sometimes rhyme (not sure if there's a real term for this?) - some things rhymed, and some didn't. I'm [...]

    3. I'm a big fan of China Mieville, but this was not good. I'm not even sure this would be a good book if I were British. And it is VERY British. Especially the last bit, with the list of all those weird British dishes. And why did they have so much prepared (and ruined) for one breakfast? There was one interesting American English vs. British English joke, but it wasn't really very good or very original. The illustrations were not that great either and did not make up for the lack-luster and immat [...]

    4. Review: THE WORST BREAKFAST by China Mieville and Zak SmithThis fabulist illustrated story showcases two inventive sisters, stretching their creative imaginations (and readers' too) while they compete to consider the absolutely worst breakfast they ever [didn't] eat. Readers will be enrapt with China Mieville' s text accompanied by the fanciful illustrations of Zak Smith.

    5. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Library Thing and Akashic Books. Wow, I am fairly certain this book would be the best to teach adjectives with. I loved the story, and the artwork was unique for a children's book. It is a realistic fiction about two sisters discussing the worst breakfast ever. It was cute, and had quite a few different food types included in the book. Well done.

    6. A pretty fun children's book about two girls with highly active imaginations who one-up each other describing the worst breakfast imaginable. The artwork is interesting and unusual, but can be a bit difficult to make out in some places. I picked this up from the library as I am a Miéville fan (and completionist); I'd be interested to see what children's reactions to this book would be.

    7. THE WORST BREAKFAST by China Miéville and Zak Smith is an unconventional picture book designed for ages 3-7.The engaging story features two siblings discussing their memories of bad breakfast experiences. The book’s colorful illustrations explode onto the page as a simple discussion turns into a fantasy food adventure.Librarians will find this book a unique addition to their collection. The lyrical text is filled with descriptive words that will easily slide off the tongue of enthusiastic rea [...]

    8. That was a lot of strange words! And some of them I didn't know. Actually, some of those I still don't know. In summary, it's a good idea for a children's book, with a simple take away message, which is not spelled out and chewed, and a bunch of interesting words to learn, which kids probably will not see in a book anytime soon. But there are two big buts. The illustrations are terrible. And it's not just me, my son didn't like them as well, and the average rating of 3.1 indicates that a lot of [...]

    9. What's your worst breakfast? The narrator, a sister or mother, explains to another child what she remembers as her worst breakfast. The story gets worse and worse until the worst breakfast is so terrible, anything would be better! The illustrations make for a lively, colorful story, full of fantastical breakfasts that simply couldn't really happen. Children would probably find this book very silly and readable.

    10. Don't read this to your picky eaterThe last thing my picky eater needed to read. He already thinks a lot of good food is disgusting and does not need a story like this that makes good food sound gross and unappetizing. I get that it's ironic but still not the best read for a young child.

    11. Two sisters sit down for breakfast; big sis realizes that something is amiss. This breakfast reminds her of the worst breakfast ever. Little sis, however, doesn’t quite remember, so big sis tells her in vivid detail of burnt toast, slimy vegetables, too hot tea, far too much honey and worst of all-juice with bits. As little sis joins in the worst breakfast ever gets ooeier, gooier and grosser until there is a huge mess of made-up worst breakfast ever.Imaginative and fun, The Worst Breakfast is [...]

    12. I was so excited to see that China Miéville had written a picture book! And what a book it is! As one sister says, "I'm worried, little sis! Something's amiss." And that thing amiss is, of course, breakfast - which might possibly be as bad as the WORST breakfast ever - burned toast, underdone eggs, sausages, bacon, porridge, baked beans, tomatoes What? You don't eat baked beans and tomatoes with YOUR breakfast? Yes - this is decidedly breakfast from a UK perspective. But they acknowledge that f [...]

    13. I did not enjoy this book. The artwork was too weird for my tastes and several pages were hard to figure out what was going on. The story was boring; only one sister really talked and I feel like it could have been told in a more interesting way. Maybe by an omnipotent narrator or something. I don't know, but I thought having the second girl in the story was distracting because I kept trying to figure out where she was or what she was doing/saying. I didn't like that all the words were in their [...]

    14. I think that this book started with a wonderful idea. I liked the two sisters and I loved the idea of this absurd breakfast that the older sister is relating to the younger sister. Unfortunately, it had a couple of problems for me. Since I work in a children's library, I do tend to look at picture books as potential programming items. "The Worst Breakfast" had too many words that would have to be explained to children - and, in fact, to many adults I know. It also didn't seem to be able to make [...]

    15. When a well known author - Mieville and a famous artist - Smith get together to write a children's book you get a tale of two sisters that goes beyond the norm. This morning's breakfast quickly starts to remind the sisters of the worst breakfast they ever had. As we discover page by page, we learn what some of the dishes that made the worst breakfast ever were and with a distinctly British flair and illustrations that run gamut, this could be one eye opening experience for the reader. But with t [...]

    16. I loved the bizarre splattery illustrations of this adorable picture book. It would be a great follow up to Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman.Two sisters are sitting down to have breakfast when one of them looks into her cup and finds something amiss. Do you remember the worst breakfast? The rest of the story is discussing the worst breakfast they ever had. The rhymes are hilarious, “They were BAD eggs. They were no fun. They were SEVERELY underdone.” I could see doing this as a read aloud [...]

    17. This is the story of two sisters and a breakfast. One keeps talking about the WORST BREAKFAST! And everything that was in the WORST BREAKFAST! And the other sister can't remember it, so the first sister keeps describing things in the WORST BREAKFAST!I loved this book. It was really well-done. It was in rhyming verse, but the stuffy rhyming couplets or rhyming stanzas; it was a loose rhyme that moved the story forward, but wasn't pretension. It was great.It has a story, so better for preschoolers [...]

    18. Two sisters talk about their worst breakfast ever.loved the rhyming dialog - there were some phrases that didn't rhyme but didn't take away from the flow of the book. Personally I absolutely loved the British food references (who doesn't love Marmite for breakfast?!). I will say that the 4-year old that I read this to was a little confused by the abstract illustrations. asking for explanations of what she was looking at. In my opinion I think a more true to life style of illustration might have [...]

    19. In the spirit of some of Shel Silverstein's list-oriented poems such as "Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout", but I prefer Silverstein's steadier poetic rhythm and gleeful, impish, no-holds-barred intent to disgust. The Worst Breakfast has some enjoyable moments (such as a self-reflexive objection to rhyming 'tomato' and 'bravado', followed by a decision to create two separate rhyming couplets, one for if you're English and one for if you're American), but overall didn't quite make a spirited connection [...]

    20. Two sisters rehash the worst breakfast they ever have. Their descriptions start tamely - burnt toast, soggy tomatoes, and then spiral into the most fantastical and disgusting foods. Mieville's writing is tweely rhyming (and meta - making fun of a few slant rhymes) and Smith's watercolor illustrations pile putrid food upon putrid food. This would be a great storytime book for two voices and a fun read to share with the whole family. Two thumbs up!

    21. Two sisters sit down at the breakfast table when one discovers something in her cup. Off they go on a fun rhyming journey recalling their worst breakfasts. Bright, colorful and wild illustrations are sure to captivate and encourage a discussion around the table about the worst breakfast ever!Not to be missed!

    22. ages 4-8Umm. I'm not even sure what to say about this book. Two girls are recalling the worst breakfast with one doing most of the telling and the other trying to remember. Some seriously crazy stuff happened, but it was just too random for memsradius/2016/12/cyb

    23. Zak Smith's illustration style is so so perfect for China Miéville. I couldn't help thinking about all the other books by him that I've read and how Zak Smith should illustrate all of them. I think this is definitely a picture book for people who like China Miéville, and I hope that children will also like the story. I thought it was pretty good.

    24. This is obviously a children's picture book. The story was ok but I wasn't crazy about the illustrations.

    25. Definitely a different read. I can't say I understand what's happening in the illustrations but it's a very silly story I think you could have fun with.

    26. Great book. Highly imaginative and with a truly expansive vocabulary. An artful and witty sense of humor. Brilliant and original indeed!

    27. Won this book on , I remember some bad breakfast , story was just so so , illustration so so . Grand daughter did not care for it.

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