Treasure Island

Treasure Island Presenting a story of Jim Hawkins adventures with a crew of mutinous pirates as they try to recover a fortune in buried treasure this work fits into Key Stage English and supports Key Stage Engli

  • Title: Treasure Island
  • Author: Fiona MacDonald Penko Gelev Robert Louis Stevenson
  • ISBN: 9781904642749
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • Presenting a story of Jim Hawkins adventures with a crew of mutinous pirates as they try to recover a fortune in buried treasure, this work fits into Key Stage 2 English and supports Key Stage 3 English It helps achieve the goals of the Scottish Standard Curriculum 5 14.

    One thought on “Treasure Island”

    1. This book surprised me.I expected a short, passable children's story about pirates, but it actually turned out to be fairly sophisticated for its target audience.It certainly has some shortcomings: scenes that cried for more illustration, missed opportunities for character development, and gaps in the fictional history. What was good: (mostly) great pacing, violent action sequences, and clever moments of tension between the characters.This is a quick, fun read and I suggest to anyone who has eve [...]

    2. This is the classic tale of young Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver and their struggles to find the hidden treasure on Treasure Island. I love the book and would highly recommend it as a young teenage read. It was a quick listen (I didn't read it) and quite captivating. I'm going to watch the movie now and see how they did!

    3. One of the best known classics that is still read frequently. It is probably the best known book about pirates, although not the best. While it is a great book it is a little too family friendly and misses the dark humor of most other books of the genre. It is however a well written classic that everyone should read at least once.

    4. My seven year old really likes comics but I want him to read only the best books (so little time, after all!) that this Graphic Classics series was a great meeting in the middle for us. He enjoyed the story and the format and got exposure to a literary classic which, hopefully, he'll pick up and read in it's original format someday because he'll already have a connection with the story.

    5. I'm reading this to Deborah right now. I love sticking with the classics for her! I get to read stuff I should have read, she gets exposed to great literature by hearing it which is more accessible than reading it. We both win!

    6. This version committed a grave sin: it made the story boring. I also don't much like Gelev's graphic style, but the dry rendition of the tale is even worse.

    7. I start reading the books to Alondra and she finishes them by herself ;(. She gets to excited to find out what happens. We really like this author!!

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