The Complete Horowitz Horror

The Complete Horowitz Horror New York Times Bestseller Anthony Horowitz s horror collections now in one volume Welcome to a world where everything seems normal At least at first But the sinister and truly terrifying lurk just b

  • Title: The Complete Horowitz Horror
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
  • ISBN: 9780142411629
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times Bestseller Anthony Horowitz s horror collections, now in one volume Welcome to a world where everything seems normal At least, at first But the sinister and truly terrifying lurk just beneath the surface Like a bathtub with a history so haunted, no one dares get in itor an ordinary looking camera that does unspeakable things to its subjectsor an elNew York Times Bestseller Anthony Horowitz s horror collections, now in one volume Welcome to a world where everything seems normal At least, at first But the sinister and truly terrifying lurk just beneath the surface Like a bathtub with a history so haunted, no one dares get in itor an ordinary looking camera that does unspeakable things to its subjectsor an elevator filled with cannibals just waiting for their next victim to walk in This wicked collection of eighteen macabre tales combining both Horowitz Horror and More Horowitz Horror will send shivers up your spine.This edition includes 1 Bath Night2 Killer Camera3 Light Moves4 The Night Bus5 Harriet s Horrible Dream6 Scared7 A Career in Computer Games8 The Man with the Yellow Face9 The Monkey s Ear10 The Hitchhiker11 The Sound of Murder12 Burned13 Flight 71514 Howard s End15 The Elevator16 The Phone Goes Dead17 Twist Cottage18 The Shortest Horror Story Ever Written

    One thought on “The Complete Horowitz Horror”

    1. I will not be writing a full review on this book because I could barely remember what I was reading while I reading. It was just so bad. I don't understand how this has almost a four star rating. They were all just awful to me. I didn't like one story, they all bored me equally. The first story started out with fat shaming of a child - always charming (WHY is this a norm from horror authors??? Get it together!). There were weird sterotypes of races (particually Chinese people) and they were alwa [...]

    2. I thought this book was really good, and it gave nightmares twice. :-( My favourite story was the guy in the elevator one.

    3. “Bath Night”When a family buys an antique and haunted bath tub, a girl begins to fear taking a bath. This was a decent story, though the reveal of where the tub came from felt a bit predictable and easy. 3/5“Killer Camera” A boy buys a camera from a yard sale, only to find out it kills whatever and whoever is captured in a picture. This was a cool idea with a question mark of an ending. 4/5“Light Moves”A father gives his son a new computer formerly owned by a deceased coworker. This [...]

    4. Jesus Christ, The Complete Horowitz Horror is a complete mess. It's an absolutely atrocious excuse for a horror book. The only thing remotely scary about this book is how horrible it is. Horowitz has no idea how to write a proper short story and after this, I don't think I'll be reading any more of his books. I liked his The Gatekeepers series back when I read it (2010?) and thought it to be genuinely creepy but I'm sorry, The Complete put me off all and any of his books.Granted, I am not scared [...]

    5. I read this book for work - I teach English/Literacy to students with learning difficulties. I am always looking for something to read with them, base comprehension/writing tasks on/get them to read. This is a collection of short stories, all with a slightly horror/tales of the unexpected theme. It was perfect for younger high school students. There are some great stories that will interest kids/teens. In particular The Man with the Yellow Face and The Hitchhiker. I recommend it to anyone trying [...]

    6. All in all, a great book. Has a lot of intriguing horror short stories that gets you hooked really quickly. Some may not have you hooked as fast, but they'll never let you down. Especially when Anthony Horroriwtz the author reveals that secret in the end of each short story. The last chapter is actually really scary, makes you worry about yourself.

    7. A collection of short YA horror stories which were nicely written. None of the stories were scary to me but they were interesting. The Bath was my favorite out of the collection. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a bit of spookiness without full on horror.

    8. A series of short, unrelated horror stories put together. The stories are suspenseful and filled with mystery, and some even have a twist at the end. I would recommend it as the stories are different and unique, and as a result are quite unusual.

    9. This volume combines Horowitz Horror and More Horowitz Horror in one blood curdling, spine chilling collection. Having never read any of Horowitz's work before I didn't know what to expect and I must be honest I was very 'pleasantly' (probably not quite the right phrase, but you get my meaning) surprised by how good these stories were, especially as they are aimed at the teen market which has a tendency to hold back on its horror prowess. These tales are a superb mix of sneakily chilling, creepi [...]

    10. It wasn't until I was four stories in that I realized this book is YA. Not that I have a problem with the genre (I just did a review for The Boxcar Children! It's a children's book.) I just didn't realize it until I got to the fourth story and realized all the main characters were teenagers. Anyone who has read more than one of my reviews probably knows my opinion on short stories. For those who don't know, I think they don't get nearly enough credit. Especially when it comes to the specific gen [...]

    11. I was very pleased with this book and I am happy I bought the complete book instead of the two separate ones. I am mostly happy with the stories though there are at least one or two that could have been written better but that's mostly a nit pick. I prefer short stories do to the fact that if you do not like one story you can just skip to the next but I did not have to do that in this collection thankfully. It is a great time waster book for traveling or just bored afternoons but I would suggest [...]

    12. The book “The Complete Horowitz Horror”, Anthony Horowitz, was a fascinating book that sent shivers down my spine and kept me pondering about was going to come next. “The Complete Horowitz Horror” was a horror book that had many tales and stories that were creepy and frightening. These included a camera that killed everything that it took a picture of to a job to play as a person in an army game and from a phone that can communicate to the dead to human cannibals. Overall this book kept [...]

    13. This collection of short horror stories is more of a character study than a book of scary stories. While some of the stories did contain the elements of horror, most of the stories were predictable and formulaic. The author did a poor job describing the action and setting of the stories. I had difficulty adequately picturing where the stories took place. Though he spent many words describing the awful characters in his stories, these descriptions took away from the action and intent of the stori [...]

    14. This is a collection of creepy, scary and bizarre tales with a twist ending which any teen or adult reader of mysterious/supernatural is going to relish.Old relics with supernatural powers, scary objects, mysterious ads, an elevator full of cannibals, cameras clicking photos of doom, humans transforming into scarecrows, bloody bathtub, haunted houses causing the death of only female occupants. You name it they got it.This is how I like my horror stories to be, sans the ghosts and making you thin [...]

    15. Even though this book is targeted at middle grade readers, I really enjoyed reading it. Horowitz's writing style is one-of-a-kind. Most of the endings of his stories are left hanging, leaving them to the readers' imaginations. Under usual circumstances, this would have irked me, but it didn't. In fact, I found myself wondering about the character's fates, the gears in my brain turning round and round as I decided what would be best for the characters.I read this at night, and goodness, it fright [...]

    16. Just finished reading this book and I loved it. Totally the perfect book to start off the month of October. I love Halloween. Anthony Horowitz has gathered a collection of ghostly, horrific tales to scare the baggeezees out of you. Here is the insert from the back of the book."Ever thought a bathtub could drive you to want to kill? How about a restaurant that's famous for serving up the rarest and most spoiled little girlsor a bully who is transformed into a real scarecrow?"Sounds terrifying.Ant [...]

    17. If I were a kid reading this, I would love it. Horowitz presents a collection of short stories, all slightly terrifying. Well, none of them actually terrified me (it takes a lot to scare me), but regardless, they are meant to terrify. And if I were a kid, I would have absolutely adored this. The stories are just spooky and scary and mystifying enough. Even though I'm an adult now (according to who?), I still rather enjoyed this collection. I've never read Horowitz before (nothing else of his eve [...]

    18. We are currently working our way through these short stories in class as we are writing suspense stories and my class love it! Here are some of their one line reviewsA book true to its name, a chilling collection of tales to make your heart leap into your throat.A thrilling, spine-tingling book that will make your hands tremble.A powerful, eerie page-turner that always leaves you hangingAn amazing collection of creepy, blood and mind curdling stories.

    19. It was a really good book. I enjoy Anthony Horowitz as an author of the Alex Rider books, and I never knew he made some short horror stories till I read this. Its a very good book and I could easily take my time to read this as they were short and not too complex as the stories were short but very good.

    20. Pretty much every story was fantastic. I do have a little problem with Horowitz's writing, how he tends to repeat certain phrases and lines in a lot of the stories. But I guess when you're reading a collection of short stories, all by the same author, that kind of thing is expected.The last story is particularly delicious ;)

    21. I gave The Complete Horowitz Horror 4 stars because it was a good book, but I started to lose interst towards the end of the book. The Complete Horowitz Horror is two books in one. It's Horowitz Horror and More Horowitz Horror in one book. The book is a collection of short horror stories to scare everyone. If you scare easy, don't read this book!

    22. Pretty nice collection of horror stories. Apparently this other has written other books. I think I will check out the other ones soon. I like short stories, but I won't get a good idea of his writing style until I have read one of his full length novels. The last story in this book freaked me out because I finished it at 10pm when I was all alone in my room haha.

    23. This book is one of those that will keep you reading on and on until you finish. Each story is enough by itself to make you want to read more of Horowitzs' work. Great, fluent plotlines, interesting (and somewhat disturbing) details, unpredictability. This book has all the makings of a classic. Literature at its finest.

    24. The Complex Horowitz horror is a collection of brilliant and chilling short stories that range from a deadly bath tube to cannibals in an elevator. I normally hate Horror but horowitz makes it extremely enjoyable and clever with his stories. Most of his characters are easy to identify with, and his stories are suspenseful. I would give this a 4 out of 5 and recommend it to anyone .

    25. This is YA just because some of the subject matter. Horror stories for kids. Lots of murder and mayhem. But someone should tell Horowitz that scary doesn't have to be gory. He could have tried harder. The final one was probably the best of the bunch, and that's not saying much.Teens will probably like it because they are the ones that love those slasher movies.

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