Discerning Your Call to Ministry: How to Know for Sure and What to Do about It

Discerning Your Call to Ministry How to Know for Sure and What to Do about It Are you sure you want to be a church leader In his pastoral epistles the apostle Paul lists

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  • Title: Discerning Your Call to Ministry: How to Know for Sure and What to Do about It
  • Author: Jason K. Allen
  • ISBN: 9780802414663
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Are you sure you want to be a church leader In his pastoral epistles, the apostle Paul lists.

    One thought on “Discerning Your Call to Ministry: How to Know for Sure and What to Do about It”

    1. I remember receiving an email earlier this year from a friend, asking me what I thought it meant to be "called to preach." Something quite strange struck me at that moment. I had been serving on staff at my church for years, and openly telling people I was called to ministry, and no one had actually asked what I meant by that. Although many people in churches are quick to applaud and confirm an individual who senses a call to preach, it may be that very few of them have ever stopped to think wha [...]

    2. I love this book. So many questions to think about and this really helps discern your call. One thing I loved that he talked about is having a desire to do ministry is ok. So often when trying to discern being called to "the ministry" we feel that we are not supposed to desire it. So reassuring to know that we should desire it if we are called to "the ministry"! Must read for anyone with that question on his/her mind weather being called to pastoral, missional, or just leadership in general!

    3. About the Book:If you are considering the ministry, there are two mistakes you must avoid. The first is taking up a calling that isn’t yours. The second is neglecting one that is.Discerning Your Call to Ministry will help you know the difference. A tool for seminary students, pastors-in-training, and even current pastors, it serves to confirm or prompt deep thought about the calling to ministry through 10 probing questions, including:Do you desire the ministry?Does your church affirm your call [...]

    4. Good book, actually helped me decide that vocational ministry is not for me (at least right now!) I would recommend it to anyone contemplating a call to the pastorate. It is a short read, although I think I had it on my "currently reading" list for over a year because I stopped reading it after it helped me discover that vocational ministry was not my calling.

    5. [Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Moody Publishing.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.]As someone who is active in serving and speaking in my local congregation, I am often interested in what other people have to say about the ministry in other religious traditions [1].  In this particular book, I found an example of a discussion about the ministry that was similar to the views of my own religious background and also significantly colored by the perspective of the author as [...]

    6. Allen has given us a most outstanding, engaging, practical and useful book, especially if you feel called to full time paid ministry in Christ's service, and yet you feel a little bit unsure of taking the big leap. The book was pregnant with wise nuggets of truth and character piercing propositions/questions/thoughts that assisted in my evaluation and discerning of where I stood in reality.And yet for a book that I feel is almost invaluable, it is truly a pity that I cannot give it the 6 stars ( [...]

    7. In Discerning Your Call to Ministry, Allen sets out to help the reader carefully work through the biblical qualifications and practical responsibilities of vocational pastoral ministry. While he does reference God's general call on all Christians to serve, and God's more specific call on some Christians to serve in ministry, the focus of this short book is full-time, vocational pastoral ministry. For the most part, Allen hits his mark. He carefully works through all the typical topics within the [...]

    8. Dr. Allen has contributed a timeless and important word concerning the call to ministry. I have read a great number of books concerning this topic and have recommended many of them to those who are sensing a call to the ministry, but this will now be the first book I recommend.

    9. Pair this book with Dave Harvey's "Am I Called?" for helping yourself or others discern one of the most often asked questions in the Church: "Am I called to Vocational Pastoral Ministry?"

    10. "e office and function of the pastor/elder are biblically reserved for qualified men" If the reader holds to the previously listed paradigm, the writing is eloquent and the arguments well-put. For those who don’t, skip this one! I couldn’t trust the soundness of the discussions in light of what I see as misinterpreting the text, it discredited everything said further! [read more]moonglotexas/2017/05/09/bo

    11. Jason Allen's Discerning Your Call to Ministry: How to Know for Sure and What to Do about It explores the primary ten questions that will help a Christ-follower decide whether or not they are being called by God into the ministry. Discerning Your Call to Ministry poses questions to help students, aspiring pastors, and even current ones, grasp whether ministry is for them. Within the brief 154 page book, Allen -- one of the youngest leaders in American theological education -- gleans from Scriptu [...]

    12. Discerning your call to MinistryBy Jason K. AllenReviewed by Heath HenwoodSubtitled: How to know for sure and what to do about it.Broken into ten chapters, with bits hanging on either end, this book describes what motivation and characteristics required to be in ministry, about how to called, and engaging in ministry.With many anecdotal comments and reflections from Allen’s life, the book takes into consideration some Scriptures and quotes from Spiritual giants. It does answer any questions, b [...]

    13. This book is a great resource for any minister. It is obviously something for someone wrestling with a new ministry calling, but it opened my eyes to some things and reminded me of the experience of my calling. It reaffirmed the call on my life to ministry. I have been looking for some resources to recommend to young men in my church that are feeling called to ministry and this will be a new addition to the recommended resources. Dr. Allen gives solid biblical and practical advice designed to pa [...]

    14. A good, clear, concise treatment of the topic. The author asks 10 questions, each of which penetrates the heart of the reader as he discerns whether he is called to pastoral ministry. I would recommend this book to someone who is considering the ministry.

    15. I'm on the edge about serving in the ministry, so this was a helpful diagnostic tool. Jason K. Allen asks prodding questions and looks to scripture for the insight into the requirements of the ministry.

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