Dragonsong Trilogy

Dragonsong Trilogy Omnibus of DragonSong DragonSinger and DragonDrums

  • Title: Dragonsong Trilogy
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey
  • ISBN: 9785699098101
  • Page: 205
  • Format: None
  • Omnibus of DragonSong, DragonSinger, and DragonDrums

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    1. I've lost count on how many times I've read this series If you love Pern, you'll love the Harper Hall!NOTE: I even think the author recommends this but, I found reading in this order makes the story flow better:DragonflightDragonquestthen: Harper Hall Trilogythen: White Dragon Enjoy!

    2. This is my all time favorite fantasy book! I read it as a youth and I've probably read it 100 times book has fallen apart. It's got 3 books in one and many other books related to these but out of the ones I've read its my fav. The others get a little too much for me. It's about a young girl who has a musical talent although she is told she is not allowed to use it. From that time on she decides to live alone and from there her true adventure beginsDragons and a world that seems so primitive yet [...]

    3. Thanks to my sister Chelsea, I got a chance to read this great story. I love the coming of age stories in a world that is not unlike our own, except there are dragons that protect the people from a threat that is beyond their control. Although it has been years since I was a 15 year old misunderstood girl, I was transported back to that time when the tunnel vision of my own personal tragedies of growing overshadowed the more relevant issues that were happening outside of the scope of my vision.

    4. Read in Memory of Anne McCaffrey - it must have been about 20 years back I last read those 3 books included in this omnibus version (Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragondrums) and this re-read felt like coming home. The books haven't lost any of their magic. To me these 3 and "The White Dragon" are Anne MaCaffreys best books in the Pern-Series. I cannot highly recommend the books - also for reading them again after some time.

    5. I'm currently reading this series out loud to my husband. These were the books that hooked me on Pern specifically and Anne McCaffrey in general. It's been nearly a decade since I've re-read them, and I'm just as hooked now as ever. I can't wait to get through this trilogy and into the Dragonriders (again) next.

    6. I enjoyed reading about Pern from another angle - that of the Harpers and general non-dragonriders. I like how McCaffrey tied everything I read about the harpers, specifically Menolly and Piemur, in the first 3 books into this series. Everything came together well and I think each of these books was quite well done.

    7. I have reread this series many times. The first two books are about an unloved girl finding her place in the world.

    8. In Dragonsong, we find Menolly, youngest daughter of Half Circle Sea Hold is a talented musican and songwriter much to the dismay of her parents. Who don't want her to be twiddling with music. Menolly is encouraged by Harper Petiron and understands her better than her family does. Petiron sends two of Menolly's songs to Masterharper Robinton because he believes in her that much. When Petiron dies Menolly feels strangely alone with him gone. Menolly's family expects her to mind her manners now th [...]

    9. I loved this series! I was explaining to a friend how I absolutely adored anything dragon, and she suggested Anne McCaffrey to me, as she read a lot of her books as a teenager. She found these books and let me borrow them, and I’m so grateful she did. If you like fantasy books, interesting new worlds, young characters who come of age and achieve so much growth, then this is the series for you. The first two books focus on Menolly. She is the daughter of a sea holder, with a great amount of mus [...]

    10. I have previously owned and read this series. My paperback set of these three Harper Hall novels had literally fallen apart. I purchased this hardcover trilogy to replace them. In the background and weaving through the stories of the dragons are the stories of the harpers. Harpers serve an important part in an agricultural society. Through song they record history and even science. Through word, actions, and songs they affect the politics. If you enjoyed this series, you should also look for The [...]

    11. Dragonsong was my introduction to the world of Pern. I first picked a slim paperback of Dragonsong when I was in junior high school and immediately fell in love with everything about it. The young heroine, Menolly, who is trying to build a better life for herself; the tiny fire lizards; the huge dragons and their telepathically-linked riders who protect the planet from the threat of THREAD falling from the sky; the guild of singers who carry information from place to place; and most of all, Mast [...]

    12. So, I finished this in a few commutes plus one night in bed. I admit that that night I read it in bed, I stayed up later than I had intended because I was curious to see what would happen. But, overall, I was not drawn in to the book or by the characters. The main character is a 15-year-old girl who is misunderstood by her parents. But at age 32, I am over feeling like that, so I do not relate at all. Maybe if I had read this when I was a pre-teen I would have gotten into it more. Also, although [...]

    13. I love Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern books. Come on - riding dragons! What’s not to love? But my favorite McCaffrey books are actually the “Harper Hall Trilogy” books, “DragonSong,” “DragonSinger,” and “DragonDrums.” In this trilogy we meet Menolly, a musically gifted 15-year old girl growing up in an isolated community with rigid rules. She’s put in charge of teaching children the traditional songs, but forbidden from making her own music. Over the course of the tr [...]

    14. DRAGONSONGOkay, Menolly's family sucks HARD. That message rings true in practically every word. Menolly's heart and soul belong to music and that is the one thing that everyone is constantly trying to deny her. This book is about her struggle with that and the rather unexpected solution that presents itself.DRAGONSINGERThe Harper Hall should be Menolly's saving grace, right? Well, not quite. There are still jealousy issues and pettiness to be found in abundance. This book is about Menolly's pers [...]

    15. I feel like I've never seen or noticed this side of Anne McCaffrey's writing before - and, having not read any of her other works for some years now, I'll be keen to go back and feel for impressions (ha!) - which is her MARY SUE side! Oh, I am the most perfect, talented child in all the world, and everyone is working against me! Perhaps this is very easy to relate to as a child, since we are developing and as-yet stuck in our egocentric snowglobe built around us by our doting old folks, etc, but [...]

    16. I have a weakness for stories about female bards/musicians, and this is one of my favorites; it was my introduction to McCaffrey, and I actually like it much better than the "adult" Pern books involving Lessa, F'lar, etc. My only substantial disappointment is that we see very few dragons in these stories, and instead we have to settle for fire lizards. But the fire-lizards are charming.A youngster undervalued by nearly everyone in her orbit is rescued and transplanted into a new environment in w [...]

    17. Anne McCaffrey's work continues to impress me. I am always amazed by the way the Pern series takes a new tack with each tale. This collection of three stories seems less like stereotypical fantasy than the others in the series I've read. Other than the fact that it's set on another planet with different conditions, one could see this as contemporary fiction. Many of the plot twists are based on human prejudices and politics, and ring true. Excellent work, I can barely wait until my public librar [...]

    18. Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, DragondrumsMcCaffrey, Annedragon song: is the thrilling and sad adventure of a young teenage Melony who find her only friend gone and her world rejecting her, she saves the mythical fire lizards, and finds new friendship in them, while the rest of Pern is looking for this new song writerDragonsinger: is melony's adventuer in harper hall, and how she finds new friends and a place for herself. dragon drums : peimers adventure on his own on the southern continate, how he i [...]

    19. I absolutely loved these books at 16, and I still have a lot of affection for them today. I can't ignore that the writing is sometimes clumsy, some of the characters are not only wooden but hollow, and McCaffrey's knowledge of sailing, music, and her characters' other interests is often shallow; still, Pern is a vibrant and convincing world, the dragons are deftly deployed and satisfyingly explained, and the best of the characters are rich and engaging.These three books display McCaffrey at her [...]

    20. (I actually don't own the omnibus, I own the individual books, but I wanted to review them as a series so here it is.) These three books are probably my favorite Anne McCaffrey books. Ever. I love watching Menolly grow from a self-effacing, shy girl who thinks she can't do anything into a self-reliant, clever, talented young woman who helps change the lives of the people around her. I also adore fire lizards. These books inspired my life-long love of all lizards, real or imagined. I read them du [...]

    21. These 3 Pern books, other than the trilogy of Dragonquest, Dragonflight, and The White Dragon, plus The MasterHarper of Pern are my favorite Pern books. I wish there were more Pern books about the regular people and the Harper Hall itself. I absolutely love the dragons and dragonriders, but I also love the Harpers and the Craftspeople.If you're looking for Pern books to get a teenager, or anyone, and are confused; I recommend the Dragonriders of Pern trilogy(Dragonquest, Dragonflight, and The Wh [...]

    22. The Harper Hall of Pern (Pern: Harper Hall, #1-3)McCaffrey, Anne"a compliation ofdragon song: is the thrilling and sad adventure of a young teenage Melony who find her only friend gone and her world rejecting her, she saves the mythical fire lizards, and finds new friendship in them, while the rest of Pern is looking for this new song writerdragon drums : peimers adventure on his own on the southern continate, how he investigates the problems and difficulties on the the southern continate by acc [...]

    23. My first Pern book. I know I read it when I was 13 because I remember taking it on the plane when I went to Europe at that time. This is really enjoyable and particularly relevant I'm sure to adolescent girls. All the main characters from the Dragonriders series (Flar, Lessa, Robinton) show up here and the timeline is somewhat parallel. I really enjoyed the small domestic side of Harper Hall, and the companionships and struggles amongst the various personalities there.

    24. First two books were amazing by far. Even though this was an extremely easy read ( i would say more early teenagers), I found the plot unique and interesting. But What really brought it down was the third book. I don't like how the author switched the main character, as I couldn't get connected to him as I had the other main character. I would recommend reading the first two and stopping there. You gain nothing from the third book

    25. A good and engaging read, but I was confused with the transition of Menolly from "Dragonsinger" to "Dragondrums"--throughout "Dragonsong" and "Dragonsinger" she was this silly, insecure girl who was fun, and then in "Dragondrums" she's all serious and grown up. Is that because she goes from being an apprentice to a journeywoman, or because of the fact that the point of view moves from hers to Piemur's? Or something else? Hmm

    26. Really sweet trillogy. Not one of McCaffrey's strongest, and its really for the Pern lover (there are a lot of side-stories that you don't really get if you haven't already read her other books), but great character building and fanciful. A fun read.As with all her books- read the forward! With this one in particular, finish the trillogy. The first book alone doesn't quite resolve the protagonist's story.

    27. This is a series I read every few years. Classic good storytelling. The world lost a very prolific and beloved author last year. I enjoy her Pern series, the Rowan series - just a lot that she wrote. Highly recommend this series, and this author to everyone. I discovered her when I was a teenager, and she is forever on my list of favorite authors and series.

    28. Old set of books. Good for older readers, mostly a girl type novel. Young girl loves music and dragons, but lives in a village that sees these things as unwanted. Her parents dont like it either. I thought it was a good story about even when things dont turn out the way you expect, that you can make the best of what you have.

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