Madra Rising

Madra Rising For five years the Kingdom of Madra has been at war In a last effort to save his people the prince travels toward Eldale a city of dragon tamers Unaware of this Eldale has sent its most valued dra

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  • Title: Madra Rising
  • Author: ChristyNewman Sarah Newman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For five years, the Kingdom of Madra has been at war In a last effort to save his people, the prince travels toward Eldale, a city of dragon tamers Unaware of this, Eldale has sent its most valued dragon tamer to the dying city with the one thing that can save them In this tale of harrowing danger and destiny where the two must keep their missions secret, they cross patFor five years, the Kingdom of Madra has been at war In a last effort to save his people, the prince travels toward Eldale, a city of dragon tamers Unaware of this, Eldale has sent its most valued dragon tamer to the dying city with the one thing that can save them In this tale of harrowing danger and destiny where the two must keep their missions secret, they cross paths and join forces to recover the stolen treasure.

    One thought on “Madra Rising”

    1. This novel really brought me back to my younger days of Lloyd Alexander's novels - "The Black Cauldron," "The Horned King," etc. It was really well written for two girls becoming writers. I must say as a fellow student of Creative Writing - never stop! Keep doing what you love!I loved the adventure and the romance, the whole story was very good- and even the formatting of the novel! The designs made it feel very much like a book of my younger days. Very creative! Keep up the great work, girls!

    2. Great fantasy story with tasteful and respectable characters.This is the second book I've read by these talented young ladies and I'm happy to see that their work is improving while they are maintaining their solid, clean writing. Less gratuity and more story means this is something you can share with young readers with confidence. Elements of fantasy and romance as the prince and princess meet, agree to respectfully "court" each other, and then fall in love. A feisty young dragon brings the won [...]

    3. In response to a desperate cry for help from the kingdom of Madra to the South, Princess Arya of Eldale carries an unhatched dragon to their aid. But while still a few days from her destination, her carriage is attacked and the precious egg stolen.The princess would surely have perished if not for the timely aid of a travel-worn stranger named Finlay. He is badly injured while fighting off her attackers, and she manages to get him to a healer in time to save him.Once Finlay is stable and able to [...]

    4. Enjoyable from beginning to endI loved everything about Madra Rising. The characters are life-like, the descriptions are vivid, and the fairy-tale setting took my mind far from the everyday mundane. It is a fun getaway in a setting of castles, princes, princesses, and a baby dragon. I loved the realism of the animals. The authors filled the book with surprises, humor, honor, heroic characters, and a happy ending.It is refreshingly innocent and beautiful with no offensive language or innuendo. Th [...]

    5. This was a good storyThis was a good story . I enjoyed it very much the only thing I didn't like about it was that it had a lot of religion in it.

    6. Madra Rising is the kind of a high fantasy book filled with knights and dragons and princesses that I have a weakness for. The characters are well done, the world is lifelike, the plot was a good idea, but needed some work.The characters were good, I just never really connected with them. I think the problem is that they never struggled. I understand they gave their worries to the Guide, but even with relying on a deity, we still worry and struggle to make decisions. Arya and Finlay prayed and t [...]

    7. This book was entered and was a Red Ribbon Winner in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This is what our readers thought:Title: Madra RisingAuthor: Christy and Sarah NewmanStar Rating: 4 StarsNumber of Readers: 16StatsEditing: 9/10Writing Style: 9/10Content:8/10Cover:4/10Of the 16 readers:12 would read another book by this author.1 thought the cover was good or excellent.16 felt it was easy to follow.12 would recommend this story to another reader to try.9 felt the author’s best skill was ‘speec [...]

    8. Madra Rising was an entertaining and delightful read. It had many of the great elements of fantasy: dragons, strong characters, war, romance, strange lands, etc. Plus, this book can be enjoyed by readers young and old. It is nice to see a slowly developing romance as wars of the lands are raging, but on top of that you get to see characters grow and you get to see dragons and dragon tamers! A grand old adventure!

    9. Madra Rising is a Red Ribbon Winner for the Wishing Shelf Awards. They suggested a new cover, so here it is. The recommended age group is 12-adult (no sex, foul language, or graphic violence).

    10. I commend the authors for their desire to share their faith through their writing. However, I would strongly suggest that if they desire a wider audience they strive to improve the quality of their books.1 - the book is written in the passive tense. This creates a cold, formal tone and disengages the reader.2 - the story is unoriginal, and in fact may be derivative to the point of plagiarism.Opening scene: Princess Arya is transporting a dragon egg meant for the salvation of a war torn kingdom. [...]

    11. My sister and I thought we would give light romance a try, so we worked together to create Madra Rising. Royalty, mystery, dragons, and humor each have a part. (Contains no extreme violence, sex, or offensive language.)Shawn Cannon is the cover artist.

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