The Crossing Hour

The Crossing Hour I have no hankerin for thrills if needs be sought in the heavens I shall keep my feet firmly planted in contentment Harriet The Crossing Hour I shall yield a rifle of fury loaded with the justice of

  • Title: The Crossing Hour
  • Author: Quoleena Sbrocca
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I have no hankerin for thrills if needs be sought in the heavens I shall keep my feet firmly planted in contentment Harriet, The Crossing Hour I shall yield a rifle of fury, loaded with the justice of time and the raging storm of my soul John, The Crossing HourIn this debut novel, time travel is a naturally occurring phenomenon The aged scientist, Stanley Graf, I have no hankerin for thrills if needs be sought in the heavens I shall keep my feet firmly planted in contentment Harriet, The Crossing Hour I shall yield a rifle of fury, loaded with the justice of time and the raging storm of my soul John, The Crossing HourIn this debut novel, time travel is a naturally occurring phenomenon The aged scientist, Stanley Graf, has discovered it in a planetary black hole in northern Delaware He appoints his granddaughter Leigh to await the latest event One traveler appears a 28 year old runaway slave from the 19th century Leigh and her family serve as her guardians and slowly introduce her to the 21st century.When John, a young, mysterious man arrives from rural Pennsylvania, Leigh and her brother Stan try to balance their duty to Harriet and the past with the actions of the peculiar gentleman As they realize there is to their grandfather s research, they work to uncover the secrets their family is keeping from them.

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    1. I went into this book expecting something heavy on sci-fi, maybe part thriller or even some romance and got something totally unexpected: a closer view of the evils of slavery in the USA and the struggles of African Americans and abolitionists to end this abhorrent practice. Although the pacing was a bit slow for my taste (hence three stars instead of more) and I would have appreciated more tension or danger, overall the story was a real pleasure. I felt the author genuinely knew her history of [...]

    2. Good Story, hard to believe this is a first time novel for this Indie writer. Well written, the plot moves quickly, fun twists and turns. I am definitely looking forward to the authors next work, if this is her first I can only imagine she'll get even better. I hope Ms. Sbrocca doesn't make the mistake other authors do and pays just as much attention to detail and subtleties in her subsequent books as she has in this first one. She could also have the twenty something characters grow up a little [...]

    3. This review and many more reviews and features can be found at thebookeatersDo you believe in time travel? Stanley Graf certainly does. In fact proving it has become the life work of not only him, but his wife, son, daughter in law and grandchildren. After a series of failed attempts at proving that a meteor shower combined with the moon’s closest proximity to the earth would create a gateway through which time travel could occur, in 2014 theory becomes reality. But the traveller who comes thr [...]

    4. The Crossing Hour is an intriguing blend of history, science fiction, and time travel. When a scientist discovers time portals, his family works together to find and help unwitting time travelers. They become “guardians of the past and protectors of our future.” Harriet, a runaway slave, comes through the portal to the present and is confronted by all the trappings of modern civilization. The story unfolds as she adapts to her new time, embracing freedom while unaware of her past future. The [...]

    5. “Oh Travis, child, what is fear ? Fear ain’t nothing but a thing that moves us forward and makes us fight ’till we ain’t afraid no more.” (Kindle Locations 4362-4364).After he discovers the phenomenon of one way time travel, Stanley Graf sets his granddaughter Leigh upon the task of personally welcoming a Traveler from the past. They don’t know who will appear or what year they will come from, but the Grafs do know that the time travel doorway opens up every four years and that there [...]

    6. ***Gifte in exchange for an honest review***Awesome, if you love time travel then this books got to be on your TBRI read the blurb for this book and thought WOW this sounds a great book and I was right, seriously for a first novel I will be watching this author closely.So One thing I think you should do before reading this book is on the Table of Contents go to'THE CROSSING HOUR UNIVERSE OF TIME TRAVEL section - I didn't see this until the end, and I think I would have got the 'science' a bit mo [...]

    7. I went into this book not quite sure what to expect. Once into the book, I was quite delighted to see a different spin on time travel. Time travel seems to be the 'popular' thing in sci-fi right now and I was afraid I would be disappointed. I wasn't. This isn't just a book about time travel and the time travel that is described in this book isn't your typical 'mad scientist builds a time machine and goes back in time.d so on.'This is about a natural occurring time travel through these worm holes [...]

    8. In her fantastic debut novel "The Crossing Hour", Quoleena Sbrocca begins with astrophysicist Stanley Graf discovering planetary black holes that act as time travel portals into the future. Then the Graf family discovers that several key figures from the past have come into the present and they must take all steps to protect the integrity of American history. This is the first time travel book I have read where people from the past have come into the present. And the lady from the past behaves i [...]

    9. The Crossing Hour is a fantastic debut novel. I love both Sci-Fi and Historical Fiction, so this was a marriage made in heaven. When astrophysicist Stanley Graf discovers planetary black holes that act as time travel portals into the future, the Graf family must protect the integrity of American history when they discover that several key figures from the past are brought into the present year.I especially enjoyed how the author thoughtfully considered the demeanor of individuals who are instant [...]

    10. I received this book (and its sequel) in a Giveaway and for that, I am grateful. I was extremely intrigued at the premise of this book. I felt the writing was indicative of this being an early work of the author. For example, the manner of speech for the 21st century characters was too uptight/proper. I understand well why Harriet and John speak the way they do, but I wouldn't imagine that, were I in the situation as Leigh, Elizabeth, Stan or Stanley, that I'd be so proper when speaking. Also, [...]

    11. Going in, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from the description of historical novel meets time travel fantasy, but the concept intrigued me. As it turns out, I loved it. The time travel aspect is less SciFi and more magical realism.The story was incredibly creative and well told. I loved the use of historical figures in the modern world, though I admit, there was one certain young traveler from 1990 who I maintain used the knowledge he gained for nefarious purposes. I found myself tensely re [...]

    12. I didn’t know what to expect of this book and honestly didn’t hold much thought that I’d like it, but I was proved wrong! I don’t typically enjoy reading time traveling books because most times it’s just unbelievable but Quoleena Sbrocca did an amazing job implement realism with science fiction, as well as, real history! You can’t get better than that. This story held me captivating and I might just be more open to reading sci-fi again. The plot was very detailed and creative, the pa [...]

    13. This book reminded me of another book I read many years ago, where the steady pace, not slow, but not sizzling either, had me scratching my head and wondering where the story was going. Then, as you’d hope for in a time travel story, as the pieces start to fit together, I found I was drawn in and hooked. I won’t make a direct comparison to the other book, because they’re quite different. Ms Sbrocca manages to put her own spin on a well-trodden genre which I think fans of time travel will d [...]

    14. The combination of time travel and history is compelling. I enjoyed this and the fun of the metaphysical premise, along with these characters. Even the contemporary characters had a geeky innocence and goodness that is rare. Because of the characters and the historical angle, this book would be great for young adult readers. The writing style is also unique. I did have trouble with the frequent shifts in point of view. I found that distracting; others may not mind. I received a free advance copy [...]

    15. The beginning and the ending were great what was in the middle was tiresome. The most interesting people (Stan and his son) were almost immediately killed off; and, for no apparent reason. Leigh and Stan (the grandchildren) take over the story. Leigh, who had a PHD in psychology and her brother ,who was FBI, were so very childlike in their actions. They were very cavalier in their responsibility for Harriet Tubman and John Brown, the time travelers. I almost gave this book 2 stars because of th [...]

    16. I am definitely a new fan of this author. I have always loved time travel book but they mostly go back in time. This one is a bit different in that characters from history come forward in time. There are some really great characters that come forward in time and experience a bit of our world as we know it. I won't tell you who these famous people are (I will let you read and enjoy the surprise yourself!) but you will know them when they are introduced.

    17. The Crossing Hour was an adventure all on it's own. The author really did her homework while she wrote this book.It was as though the characters were really off the pages. Loved the hotheaded Leigh. The sibling rivalry between her and her brother. Their mother reminds me of a southern belle. I adored the Graf Family.Now what really got me. Was the "featured" character. Was NOT expecting her to be featured in this book. I was surprised and I LOVED it!!!I look toward the next book!

    18. Very good story of a woman who is appointed the keeper of a "black hole" discovered by her grandfather. He tells her that she is the keeper of the hole and to wait for the next event. Low and behold a 26 year old slave appears thru the hole. The woman enlists her FBI brother to help her investigate. This book will keep you attention and give you lots to think about.

    19. Disappointing.The premise was interesting but the pace was too slow and the plot too thin to capture interest. The narrative consists mostly of dialogues, most of them tiresome and superfluous. I waited and waited for the story to get going and when it eventually did, it fizzled out almost immediately.I found this first opus too boring to read the second one, although I bought both.

    20. A clever Sci-fi time travel story that introduces the reader to the personalities of two of the heroes of the anti slavery movement in America: Harriet Tubman and John Brown. And what would their reactions be to the 21st century? This book can be read in a few hours.

    21. A good flowing read and a novel twist on the subject of time travel.I look forward to parts 2 & 3 coming out in the new year.

    22. I thought that the crossing hour was a really fantastic, and one of a kind book. hopefully, there will be a sequel as I can't wait to read more.

    23. I have not read the book but would like to giving the crossing hour two stars was an errorease accept my apologies.

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