90 Days

Days While her sister and future brother in law prepare for their wedding day which is set to happen in three months year old Laney McIntosh is barely holding her life together by a thread She s been

  • Title: 90 Days
  • Author: T.E. Ridener
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • While her sister and future brother in law prepare for their wedding day, which is set to happen in three months, 24 year old Laney McIntosh is barely holding her life together by a thread She s been forced to fake a smile for months for the sake of her family, but she isn t so sure she can do it any There are secrets she has kept and they will threaten to shatter tWhile her sister and future brother in law prepare for their wedding day, which is set to happen in three months, 24 year old Laney McIntosh is barely holding her life together by a thread She s been forced to fake a smile for months for the sake of her family, but she isn t so sure she can do it any There are secrets she has kept and they will threaten to shatter the picture perfect status they ve finally achieved since her sister s return Through the ever growing darkness in her mind there is one beacon of light that shines brighter than the rest Benji, one of her sister s best friends Benji Palmer is a transgender man and he has his share of demons, but what he feels for Laney has only been growing stronger since the moment he met her Despite his own struggles he wants nothing than to make Laney happy and he s determined to heal her heart A lot of things can happen in 90 days Good things Bad things Crazy things Beautiful things Will Laney and Benji finally get the happily ever after they ve always wanted Author s Note This is book 2 in the Prairie Town Series Book 1, 180 Days, is now available.

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    1. celebrityreaders.wordpressThis one I actually liked better than the first one. Its a book with a transgender lead and and also has a lead that suffers from a mental illness which is on my challenge’s from both Book Riot and Just Another Girl and Her Books. So I was able to kill two birds with one stone there.It was good, nay, great. It was totally worth it, I would highly recommend that you read it. It deals with a lot of current social issues. However, the storyline itself took a left turn ab [...]

    2. platypire/j-hooligan/9I really enjoyed 180 Days, the first book in this series, so much that I hoped this would turn into more books. When I saw this was up for pre-order, I absolutely one-clicked it.This was a continuation of the previous book, in which there was a lot of background on the characters so this one didn't need to focus on it as much.As much as I am fond of this world and these characters, this one just didn't live up to the last one. The editing wasn't bad, but there are some issu [...]

    3. It's no secret I love this series. The first in the series (180 days (Author Interview)) was our blogger book club read for last month, and I fell in love! I've even gifted a copy to a few of my friends in hopes I would have someone to talk to about it. The second in the series is no different. While I wasn't a sobbing mess through this book like I was while reading 180 days, I still loved the story. I was up until almost 2 am reading when I knew I had to get up with my toddler in the morning. I [...]

    4. So I'm kinda sorta totally in love with these characters. I enjoyed the first book and couldn't wait to spend more time with the McIntosh family and their friends. *cough*especially Benji *cough*I wound up loving 90 Days even more. We get to see more of the family's back story and the struggles Laney hides behind a perfect smile. In the midst of her sister's wedding stress, family tensions, and secrets, she's about to break.Enter Benji Palmer. *swoon* With his knock 'em dead smile, that friggin' [...]

    5. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! This was the sequel that I have been waiting for. In this gripping sequel, we get Laney’s backstory and how she is dealing with everything. I have never wanted to hug a character so bad in my entire life. I can honestly say that I relate to her more than anything. I really love the way the characters interact with one another. Benji has been through so much in his life that I just want to hug him as well. I really love the chemistry between Benji and Laney. They [...]

    6. Great transgender relationship This book show Transgender person can have a good relationship if he/she is being accepted in society. That what us Transgender long waiting for.

    7. I was gifted a copy of this book.As Laney's sister, Lydia, prepares for her wedding to Callum, Laney starts to unravel. The only light in her life is Benji, Lydia's best friend. Benji fell in love with Laney a little bit more every time he saw her; he never thought, as a transgender man that he would fins someone to love, but something dark sits in Laney's soul, and he wants it gone. Not everyone in town wants them, or Lydia and Callum to be happy. This is book two in the Prairie Town series. I [...]

    8. I was hoping that the next installment of Prairie Town would have some background on the characters we all loved from 180 Days. I was not disappointed! While Lydia, Callum, Jebson, and everyone else are still in this book and have important parts, 90 Days focuses more on Laney, Lydia's sister.Laney's past is obviously different from Lydia's, however it is very troubling (and relatable to many) and still affects her today. I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say Laney is NOT alone! [...]

    9. 90 Days is the story of Laney (Lydia's sister) and Benji (Lydia's friend). Lydia was unaware that Laney suffered with depression from childhood, and was actually admitted into hospital with it. Depression is an insidious illness that can strike without rhyme or reason, and I think that T.E. Ridener managed to convey this incredibly well. With Lydia freaking out over her perfect wedding, plus not knowing Benji's feelings, plus finding things out about both Lydia and Jeb and feeling completely lef [...]

    10. A gifted copy was given in exchange for an honest review.Back to Prairie Town, we are about to attend Lydia and Callum's wedding but we still have to suffer a lot along with the McIntosh family.This second instalment in the series is Laney’s story. She has suffered a lot in her life and she has a very low self-esteem. She is very unsecured and she thinks she doesn’t deserve to be loved because all the bad things she had done. She feels she doesn’t belong anywhere, but when she is with Benj [...]

    11. Romance again finds a member of the McIntosh FamilyT.E. Ridener does it again another rollercoaster ride of emotions. We again join the McIntosh Family in Prairie Town for the up coming wedding of Lydia and Callam. However like real-life lots of drama and excitement leading up to the main event. Starting with Benji and Ags move to the town. Benji developed feels for his BFF's sister Laney when they visited in the first book. Laney too has feelings for Benji but suffers from anxiety and depressio [...]

    12. OMG! I had to go right into this one after reading 190 days. I love everything about Prairie Town. Just like the first book, this one is so good. I seriously can't get enough of these characters. I didn't cry like a baby reading this one it was still a heartfelt and emotional story. Besides just getting the average Prarie Town drama we get a little crazy added to the mix. I was really hoping Devin would get his. In a way, he does but I had mixed feeling about how it played out in the end. Laney [...]

    13. I started reading this book right after finishing the first Prairie Town book, 180 Days, and I finished it the same night. While the first book focuses on Lydia and her journey toward love and acceptance, 90 Days steps up the action while not detracting from the complex characters first introduced in the previous book. Ridener doesn't shy away from the subject matter, but presents it in a realistic way. Focusing on Lydia's younger sister, Laney, and her best friend, Benji, 90 Days doesn't only d [...]

    14. I have read a few books now by this author & I can say that with every book she has wrote I can see the growth she has made. I find her books very enjoyable, wether it be about vampires, shifters or humans. Each story she writes is different, they are all believable in there own way. I read the first book, 180 Days & this is the next instalment & it is superb. The writing flows smoothly & it's a truly beautiful & heart felt read. Thanks to the author, all my emotions have esc [...]

    15. Well written with realistic characters whose 'happily ever after' isn't guaranteed. I really enjoyed this.

    16. An enjoyable, but sometimes hard readLydia is back with her family and friends and it's the build up to her marriage to Callum. There are dark clouds in Laney's head and things really heat up with a flood and a kidnapping. It is as intense read, but worth it.

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