The Sea Is Ours: Tales from Steampunk Southeast Asia

The Sea Is Ours Tales from Steampunk Southeast Asia Steampunk takes on Southeast Asia in this anthology The stories in this collection merge technological wonder with the everyday Children upgrade their fighting spiders with armor and toymakers create

  • Title: The Sea Is Ours: Tales from Steampunk Southeast Asia
  • Author: Jaymee Goh Joyce Chng
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Steampunk takes on Southeast Asia in this anthology The stories in this collection merge technological wonder with the everyday Children upgrade their fighting spiders with armor, and toymakers create punchcard driven marionettes Large fish lumber across the skies, while boat people find a new home on the edge of a different dimension Technology and tradition meld asSteampunk takes on Southeast Asia in this anthology The stories in this collection merge technological wonder with the everyday Children upgrade their fighting spiders with armor, and toymakers create punchcard driven marionettes Large fish lumber across the skies, while boat people find a new home on the edge of a different dimension Technology and tradition meld as the people adapt to the changing forces of their world The Sea Is Ours is an exciting new anthology that features stories infused with the spirits of Southeast Asia s diverse peoples, legends, and geography.

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    1. I read the stories in this collection gradually over many months, and it's now been many months since I finished them--I'm very late with this review. The advantage of this is that it makes it clear to me which stories really stood out for me. I'll talk a little about those stories, but first a few overall observations:I haven't read very many steampunk stories, so in part this anthology let me triangulate on what it means for a story to be steampunk. Based on this collection, I'd say steampunk [...]

    2. An early copy of the book was sent to me via NetGalley. It won't be released until November 1st 2015.The Sea Is Ours is a refreshing steampunk anthology. The settings are fascinating, from cramped cities to rural villages to airborne whales, and the voices were most profound at all. So much steampunk is from an English or American vantage point, and even if it doesn't glorify the imperial perspective, it can still become a stale setting. I loved reading stories that drew from the Philippines, Ma [...]

    3. I find the star system generally quite useless in terms of rating books (sometimes a whole lot happens between "liked it" and "really liked it"); more so for an anthology, where there are definite stand-outs and a few less appealing ones. A mixed-bag, as it usually is, and my three stars don't accurately convey how some writers did really well, while some were so-so. That said the stories here have consistently intriguing ideas and a real attentiveness to details and structures and mechanisms of [...]

    4. You fly on your own wingsom “On the Consequence of Sound” (T. Dimacali)I knew I would like this book from the title: The Sea is Ours. SEA. Southeast Asia. Get it?This book is about claiming identities. Steampunk is typically set in Victorian Britain, and the authors of the stories in Sea turn the tables on their colonizers. The people in these stories possess their own bodies, their own lands, and their own stories. Agency is theirs.Because it’s an anthology, not all of the stories are equ [...]

    5. While science fiction is very popular in Southeast Asia, those voices aren't heard very often by the Western world. This English-language anthology aims to change that. The collection starts off beautifully, with the tales of a girl who learns to use music to fly with sky whales, and a volcano-mining airship captain who comes to love the princess she though would be useless. The following stories are just as amazing: queer girls find dragons in a wildlife preserve, a wooden figure comes to life [...]

    6. *copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review*The SEA is Ours is an anthology of steampunk fiction, set in and around South-East Asia. It has a combination of new and previously published authors, and a very broad range of subject matter.That breadth of material is one of the reasons that this collection is so interesting. There’s a whole range of imaginative perspectives on display. There’s living wood, brought to life by a sculptor in defence of a homeland. There’s spiders in mechanical [...]

    7. Having been on a "World-Literature" binge for the last several months (with a focus on themed anthologies and short-story collections), I've been introduced to some stellar titles, including the 4-Volume "Lair of the Hidden Gods" collection (Night Voices, Night Journeys), Steampunk World, Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep, The Apex Book of World SF Bundle, with even more waiting in the wings.And I'm happy to say that this book was a pleasure to read, and deserves all the accolades it's rec [...]

    8. Southeast Asia is a region rich with legends and myths which hasn't been explored enough by writers, even those residing here. But this is probably partly because we don't have that many venues in which to share these stories.It goes without saying then that The SEA Is Ours, a steampunk anthology featuring writers from all over Southeast Asia, is a timely anthology that fills the need to showcase stories from authors we don't normally hear from.The two editors, Jaymee Goh and Joyce Chng, have ma [...]

    9. The SEA Is Ours: Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia is the best steampunk anthology I have read, the best anthology of Southeast Asian authors I have read, and the best steampunk anthology of Southeast Asian authors I have read. That the word "best" could be replaced by "only" is irrelevant: this is a damn good, important anthology that blows apart the general perception of steampunk and shows how much fun and originality can be had if you simply step away from Victorians with goggles. On top of [...]

    10. To me, reading them from a European perspective, the short stories contained in the anthology are wonderfully different, and they open your eyes to the view of those who were on the receiving end of colonialism. It is a whole different view and it is a completely different way to tackle Steampunk.You get Buddhist spirituality, organic technology, spirits, fauna adapted to a certain kind of ore, alchemy, music and technology and so much more.I cannot even say which one of the stories is my favour [...]

    11. I enjoyed this anthology. Some great writing at work here, though as a Steampunk fan, I have to quibble: many of the stories had little or nothing to do with what I consider Steampunk. Mind you, there was not a single bad or poorly-written story in the bunch; all were good stories well told. I lost a bit of enthusiasm to keep reading when, around the half-way point, it became clear that most of the stories were more general spec fic. Most DID have references to colonialism, which was expected (a [...]

    12. The Sea Is Ours, Editors Jaymee Goh and Joyce Chng- This Asian Steampunk anthology offers stories from authors you'll be reading in the near future I'm sure. At first I was uncertain as to the nature of Asian Steampunk. Not like your Victorian bustles and gears(well, maybe a few gears!)fiction at all, but more of a magical world of strange powers and veiled conspiracies. One person's magic is another's science. Timothy Dimacali begins with "On The Consequence of Sound", a slight story that remin [...]

    13. As with any anthology, there is such a diverse array of stories, perspectives, and voices that not every story may be quite the thing for the moment, but all of these stories are genuinely beautifully written and engaging. Many of them are also challenging to preconceptions of what constitutes Steampunk and the standard types of technology developed in retrofuturistic stories. Every one of the stories made me think, question, reevaluate. In every case, I wanted to read more not because the stori [...]

    14. This collection is quite admirable for highlighting an overlooked literary category, and for including a varied group of authors. I have a great regard for all things Steampunk. Having lived in and traveled extensively in Asia, I felt I would be sure to love these stories. Sadly, I could not continue reading them. After reading for a few pages, I would put the book aside for a few days and try again with another story. While the ideas were captivating, the characterizations and writing were gene [...]

    15. You had me at Southasian steampunk.This book shows that Steampunk is not limited (and should not be) limited to Victorian-era, western lands, ideas, culture, etc. Reading how these amazing authors entwine the concept of steampunk with different Asian history and mythology just made me appreciate the genre even more. And to see a reflection of my culture in this genre (which I rarely, dare I say never, see is soooo refreshing).Cheers to Rosarium Publishing for publishing this amazing anthology, w [...]

    16. It was refreshing and eye-opening to read steampunk stories from a non-eurocentric perspective: paperwanderer.wordpress/2

    17. Beautifully written and challenging stories, and a clearly well thought-out editorial ethos. This is the thing that I look for from anthologies, and I definitely got it here.

    18. [I received a copy of this book through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.]An interesting change of setting, mixing south-eastern Asia culture and various other aspects to engineering and more “steampunkish” elements. I appreciated this nice change of pace, so different from the typical corset & goggle aesthetics: though I still love the latter, variety is always good, and the whole steam/mechanical technology shouldn't be restricted to European or American settings.Description [...]

    19. This is the second volume I have read edited by Joyce Chng who shows a talent, along with Jaymee Goh, for selecting quality work and writers.The Sea is Ours – Tales of Steampunk South East Asia quite directly presents itself as Steampunk. I want to say though, that it’s a bit more than that. It’s quite easy to dismiss Steampunk in general as a sub-genre that’s been overworked.From very early on in my reading though, it was apparent that The Sea is Ours, had greater depth. Here’s what I [...]

    20. I have this really big pile of unread books and comics in my office, but I was delighted when the anthology The Sea is Ours ~ Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia finally got to the top. It came from a successful Indiegogo campaign that I backed some time ago and it feeds into my desire to read steampunk set anywhere but in England. (Full disclosure: One of the editors took my “Crowdfunding for Independent Creators” class.) Coming from an aesthetic very different from British dominated neo-Vict [...]

    21. Více takových knih, prosím :) Jedná se o naprosto úžasnou antologii steampunkových povídek a já doufám, že si od jednotlivých autorů budeme moci něco přečíst v češtině i v budoucnu. A přestože všechny příběhy byly úchvatné, nejvíce si mě získaly povídky Zkáza Cuadro Amoroso, Krocení sopek, Pracující žena a Hmyz a ženy pějí spolu. Hlavními hrdinkami jsou v těchto povídkách ženy, statečné, nemilosrdné a zároveň obětavé, které se před nikým nes [...]

    22. GREAT concept for an anthology - steampunk is always fun to read, and it was a real pleasure reading The Sea Is Ours since it was steampunk with a southeast Asia setting instead of the more traditional western Europe backdrop. We need more stories like this! It's fun, but it's also gutting.As with any anthology with multiple authors, some stories stand out way more than others. "Chasing Volcanoes" was probably my favorite. Each story had something great to offer, but the technical writing was mi [...]

    23. A collection of shorts with very different backgrounds, it's nice to see something other than yet another Sherlock clone. Some of these would probably make better novellas or novels, it's hard to show a radically different world and have a good story in less than 20 pages. Many SF writers consider the short story to be one of the more difficult lengths.Kudos to my local libraries for having so many small press publications on hand.

    24. Literature is a collaborative exercise between author and reader, with the story emerging from the intersection of intention and reception. That collaborative experience is very different for those who have small versus large intersections of background between the author and the potential readership. (I am very awkwardly trying to avoid using words like “minority” and “marginalized” which carry an inherent sense that U.S. publishing culture is the ruler against which all else is to be c [...]

    25. Like most anthologies somewhat of a mixed bag, but the good outweighs the bad.I never would have though steampunk is a big enough genre to warrant an anthology with such a limited geographical scope, but here it is, and it is pretty good. A good, different take on the subgenre, with next to the 'classic' alternate historical steampunk some nice additions of more fantasy, science fiction or even biopunk elements.A lot of new authors in this book, most of them quite good. I'd advice them to start [...]

    26. This book has so many elements that I enjoy. I love anthologies. I enjoy steampunk stories. I love finding new authors to read more of. And I love learning more about other cultures. This book takes me to several worlds where my American bias has no firm footing. Things that were mentioned by some authors as matter-of-fact comments caught me completely off guard because they weren't such a strong part of my life. I also ended up highlight a bunch of words or phrases throughout the book because I [...]

    27. Jaymee Goh a Joyce Chng "Krocení sopek"„Steampunk není jen Anglie!“ Což samozřejmě všichni víme, ale spousta čtenářů na to jaksi zapomíná, a tak neuškodí si tuto skutečnost občas připomenout.Tentokrát se tohoto úkolu ujalo mladičké nakladatelství Gorgona, které vzniklo roku 2011 a za svůj cíl si vytklo „pozvednout pošramocené renomé fantastické literatury a přispět svým skromným dílem ke kultivaci české knižní kultury.“Není tedy divu, že když se [...]

    28. Short stories, steampunk, Southeast Asia: I agree with the editors of this collection that this is an underrepresented niche, and find “The Sea Is Ours” to be a great expansion of this field. There are twelve stories in this anthology, from the Philippines to Vietnam and elsewhere in these Pacific seas. While there are many unfamiliar words (and some more familiar from the heavy Spanish influence in the Philippines), I didn't always know if these words came from the genre or the setting. Not [...]

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