Relic of Death

Relic of Death When two mob enforcers take care of a hit in the suburban countryside they stumble onto a seemingly abandoned house While searching the place they find a simple leather briefcase full of what they t

  • Title: Relic of Death
  • Author: David Bernstein
  • ISBN: 9781944044060
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • When two mob enforcers take care of a hit in the suburban countryside, they stumble onto a seemingly abandoned house While searching the place, they find a simple leather briefcase full of what they think are priceless diamonds But things are never as they appear For the briefcase is a bringer of death This ancient evil, once contained for centuries, is now unleashedWhen two mob enforcers take care of a hit in the suburban countryside, they stumble onto a seemingly abandoned house While searching the place, they find a simple leather briefcase full of what they think are priceless diamonds But things are never as they appear For the briefcase is a bringer of death This ancient evil, once contained for centuries, is now unleashed Those who come in contact with it will be granted their greatest desires at the even greater cost of their lives David Bernstein delivers a fast moving tale of desire and destruction that gives new meaning to the words, Be careful what you wish for Relic of Death twists reality and will leave you reflecting on your own personal Achilles heel long after you finished reading Allan Leverone, author of Mr Midnight A fascinating, unpredictable, ever shifting tale of greed and desperation Highly recommended Jeff Strand, author of Pressure Relic of Death doubles as a powerful parable and a terrifying story Proving himself to be a prodigious new talent, David Bernstein creates a blood soaked canvas where dreams change to nightmares and hope transforms to dread Jon Bassoff, author of Corrosion

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    1. When their car breaks down, two hitmen find a safe in a cabin in the woods. Inside the safe is a briefcase full of diamonds and soon the hitmen are at odds. But is the briefcase more than a briefcase?I got this from DarkFuse via Netgalley.The DarkFuse novella series keeps barreling forward, mowing down all other novella series in its path. This entry, Relic of Death, is more crime than horror, centering around a tried and true crime fiction MacGuffin, the mysterious briefcase.This particular bri [...]

    2. When two mafia hit men have their luxury SUV breakdown in rural upstate NY after disposing of a body, they come upon a house on a dirt lane. They beat on the door to no avail. No one is home. The door is reinforced and won't budge. They try to shoot their way in. No dice. They end up bludgening the door open with the blunt end of a splitting maul. Once inside, they find a safe that is just begging to be cracked. Inside, they find only a briefcase. However, this briefcase is full of diamonds. Wha [...]

    3. 4.5 stars, rounded up!This novella was my first read from David Bernstein, and I was very pleased with the purchase! The story is a series of "scenes" involving different characters that come into contact with this mysterious relic. Each scene leads perfectly into the next, giving you enough information about each of the individuals involved to become "invested" in their outcome. The relic, naturally, is the central theme that binds them all together.The separate story lines woven together in th [...]

    4. I like this book so much that I bought another one of his books(The Tree Man) to read next month. The story start out with two hit men coming off a job and their SUV lost power. They get out and walk, come to a little dwelling and find out nobody's home and the doors locked. Once inside they find a safe in the basement. They open the safe and find a briefcase full of diamonds. Will stop here don't want to say too much. Only that the briefcase plays a big part in the story. Very well written and [...]

    5. Relic of Death was my first read from David Bernstein, an author I’d not heard of before and another intriguing novella from the Darkfuse stable. Sal Diamente and Bruno, two Armani suited, Rolex wearing hitmen have just made Danny “The Blade” Kilpatrick dig his own grave, bullet to the head, fill in the hole and they’re back on the road to Brooklyn. A quarter of a mile after dumping the evidence into the river, the SUV breaks down leaving them stranded, no phone calls of course, Sal is t [...]

    6. Two hit men returning from a job run into trouble with their SUV. They stumble upon an isolated house and find a briefcase full of diamonds. But both men grow paranoid and end up killing each other over it. A homeless man takes the briefcase and his life heads down a dark path, too. As does the next person to get it. And so on.Bernstein’s novella is a quick and satisfying supernatural thriller that moves at a rapid pace. He has quickly become one of the more consistent writers in the genre, an [...]

    7. Relic Of Death is a brilliantly conceived and executed horror novella. Many times a novella will leave me wanting more on some level. More story, more character development, more of something. Relic Of Death is perfect, just where it is.It's difficult to give a story synopsis without revealing too much. As you can tell from the beautiful cover (Darfuse always has exceptional covers), it has something to do with a mystical suitcase.The story is told through a series of vignettes as the object cha [...]

    8. Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/reviews/In Relic of Death, after their car breaks down, two hit men find refuge in an abandoned house nearby. They search the place, stumbling upon a briefcase that holds priceless diamonds. While they think they got the hit of their lifetime, the suitcase holds a secret much darker and much more sinister. The briefcase brings death and despair to everyone who touches it, promising them the one thing deeply desire, but killing them when they t [...]

    9. The following is based on an eARC obtained through NetGalley courtesy of DarkFuse Publishing.An energetic and easily consumable tale of a cursed object that sows death and discord wherever it goes. The concept itself is fresh and interesting, even if the reader gets little time to know any one particular character before the object changes hands. This makes it difficult to properly join and empathise with the characters before their contribution to the story is done, and as such, lessens the imp [...]

    10. A couple of thugs lost in the woods and looking for a phone, stumble upon an ancient force in a remote cabin and unwittingly throw it in the car. That’s when it starts talking to them.It’s just a briefcase. It holds whatever you desire. If you want what’s inside (and trust me, you do), you will have to pay the price. Go ahead and open it. You know you want to.Written and paced well, Relic of Death is a solid novella from David Bernstein and Darkfuse.

    11. Really loving all of David's works. He never fails to spin a creative and imaginative story. This one seems a little like it should be an episode of Twilight Zone. Read in one sitting, enjoying myself for an hour. As it travels from character to the next I was intrigued where it might end up. Given a copy by DarkFuse in exchange for an honest review.

    12. A mysterious briefcase holds a dark power over those who dare to open it. Inside is the viewer’s deepest desire, wealth, gems, you name it, but ownership comes with a price. Blood, death and paranoia become frighteningly real in the presence of the briefcase. From the hands of two clichéd hit men to the hands of a young orphaned girl, horror touches their life.An old man has been the keeper of the briefcase until it is stolen from his home and freed to ruin the lives of those it touches. Has [...]

    13. A cursed briefcase and a whole lotta melodramatics. While Bernstein's novella wasn't horrible, it wasn't the best book I have reviewed for DarkFuse. The concept of the story was good. The problem was in the character development as almost being "cliched". This ended up detracting from the story because the superficial way the characters presented themselves was almost laughable. I was reminded of a "B" movie. On that note, because it was so entertaining in the "humorous" aspect, I ended up enjoy [...]

    14. I seem to be in a minority when it comes to Bernstein's books. I didn't love Apartment 7C and this one, while not as preposterous, didn't sing for me either. Relic is a suitcase which offers its finders that which they desire the most an ultimate price. Decent concept, average execution. Bernstein's writing is like a B movie at best, very bland. Just primarily unpleasant humans doing unpleasant things to one another, nothing to love, nothing to care about, nothing of a literary quality at all. E [...]

    15. RELIC OF DEATH is one of those stories that contain many other stories. You must must follow the thread to find out where it leads. I love that type of tale. It starts with two Mafia hit men and wends it way down the line to.but that would be telling! Just know that there are riches involved and see if you can figure out who will end up with them. I gave this highly recommended novella 4.5 stars but rounded up to 5.

    16. Cursed objects are a well-worn device in the horror genre. From the dusty artifact in “The Monkey’s Paw” to the spooky sponge in It Came From Beneath the Sink, a multitude of diverse authors have put their own spin on the trusty trope. There’s nothing inherently wrong with trotting out a cliched theme, but without adding something new, it’s just that—a cliche. In Relic of Death, David Bernstein revisits the idea of an enchanted object, but fails to add anything new to the idea, while [...]

    17. Bernstein’s latest book starts off in the back woods of New York state and two mobsters from Brooklyn who are up to no good. At 51, Sal is older than most mobsters. His daughter, Melinda, has breast cancer. Although it’s been caught early, there’s always a chance that things might get worse. He feels he should have it, not her. So, basically, he’s got a lot of things on his plate. He’s paranoid about any traces of DNA being tied back to him, so he carries around Ziploc bags in which to [...]

    18. Review: Relic of Death by David BernsteinDavid Bernstein has long been one of the horror authors I rely on to always hit the target [I still can't forget his WITCH ISLAND--tres scary!] In RELIC OF DEATH, itself a champion piece, the actual protagonist--actually, antagonist, is the title character: at the moment, a seemingly innocuous simple briefcase, the kind seen accompanying businesspersons worldwide. So why then is it locked in an old-fashioned safe, in the cellar of a rundown farmhouse in t [...]

    19. In this novella, David Bernstein binds together a series of suspenseful vignettes with the storyline of a briefcase stolen by two hit men. Saying anything more than that the briefcase has a supernatural power and an immediate connection to the owner would be a spoiler, as far as I’m concerned. Despite a wide range of POVs, the author delivers deeper character development than most novellas afford, each person having a different reaction to the briefcase. The grittier side of New York City is p [...]

    20. This was an enjoyable, fast-paced read with an interesting premise that, in my opinion, could have been fleshed out more. A series of interconnected stories follows the 'Relic of Death', an object that offers the holder whatever they want or need - but with a terrible price to pay. While the overall story arc was interesting and the characters were unique (Max was especially disgusting), the ending felt rushed, with a rather large info dump crammed into the space of a few pages.I would recommend [...]

    21. When 2 mob enforcers discover a house in the woods acting as a stronghold for something hidden inside, their need to investigate leads them to a seemingly harmless suitcase. But all is not as it seems and they unwittingly unleash an ancient power onto the streets of Brooklyn.A psychological novella which deals with greed, desire and humanities lust for something that is always slightly unobtainable.

    22. A very scary novellaFor a full review, please go to examiner/review/relic- and follow me on Twitter @josenher

    23. This is the story of a briefcase, that is the harbinger of death, chaos and evil. With the ability to grant its possessor their greatest desires, death and mayhem follow in its wake. It is found in a seemingly empty house by two mob enforcers, they look inside and find millions of dollars worth of diamonds. They steal it, and from there it passes from person to person until the Keeper (the owner of the house) can find it again and lock it back up.This was an interesting concept. It was many stor [...]

    24. (I received a free copy of this book from Net galley in exchange for an honest review.)Two hit men finishing a job stumble on a briefcase that is filled with money. Greed eventually becomes their undoing and the case falls into the possession of another persond then anotherd anotherThis story was okay. A series of short stories tied together by the briefcase. The morals of the story i.e. greed and consequences are neatly done and the different characters were well chosen.The one thing I would ha [...]

    25. This book is about greed and how it effects each person that finds the briefcase. The briefcase was stolen and each new person that opens it finds something different. Each new finder discovers how evil the briefcase is but by then it is to late. The storyline is okay the characters could have been better but all in all it is an okay book,I received this book in return for an honest review*****

    26. Dave Bernstein has the knack for speaking volumes in few pages. This novella packs a lot of punch and creates a world where the backstory is infinite. The relic we know has been around forever, and it is no out there in the world. It is whatever you need it to be, and with that all of the consequences that you would expect to come with it. At once though provoking, violent, and highly enjoyable.

    27. Intriguing novella of an ancient artifact of purely evil nature in the guise of a harmless looking briefcase. The story follows the trail of this evil as it falls into the hands of random people and brings only death and destruction. Several short stories are woven into one tale. I highly recommend this excellent read.

    28. A fun little tale of a briefcase (the relic of death)that shows you what you want to seer a price. It was a fun way to work a story. We follow the briefcase from one set of hands to the next until some answers are revealed at the end. The writing is very loose and fun, not poetic by any means, but Bernstein's story is a very readable and enjoyable experience.

    29. Fast readI have had this novella on Kindle unlimited for forever. Read it in one day, fantastic read, highly recommended by me.

    30. Relic of Death is a fast-paced, engaging novella that I just had to finish reading in one sitting. I've read plenty of Mr. Bernstein's works, and once again, he does not disappoint.

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