Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror

Reflection The Stranger in the Mirror An Heiress an ancient prophecy and a masqueradeNerissa the Heiress of Chiyo prepares for the masquerade celebrating the twentieth anniversary of a thwarted assassination attempt on her family Long

  • Title: Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror
  • Author: Rachel R. Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • An Heiress, an ancient prophecy, and a masqueradeNerissa, the Heiress of Chiyo, prepares for the masquerade celebrating the twentieth anniversary of a thwarted assassination attempt on her family Longing to be admired for herself and not her title, she arranges to switch costumes and enjoy the ball in blissful anonymity But, when the fateful night finally comes, a proAn Heiress, an ancient prophecy, and a masqueradeNerissa, the Heiress of Chiyo, prepares for the masquerade celebrating the twentieth anniversary of a thwarted assassination attempt on her family Longing to be admired for herself and not her title, she arranges to switch costumes and enjoy the ball in blissful anonymity But, when the fateful night finally comes, a prophetic warning of a second attack arrives too late, and the evening turns from revelry and romance to violence After being pulled from the chaos by an enigmatic guardian, Nerissa learns that the Royal Family has been concealing a formidable secret for generations and it is only one of many that are about to be revealed.

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    1. All she wanted was a chance to feel like a real girl, to be treated like a real girl, but the night of her great adventure turned into a night of her greatest nightmare. Will Nerissa, the Heiress of Chiyo and lone survivor of the royal family ever get over the burden of her grief and guilt? Saved from the attack on her family by a secret guardian, her survival must remain secret as her kingdom is overpowered by its technologically advanced neighbor. Will the mystical nature of Chiyo and the surv [...]

    2. Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror is a strong beginning to what's sure to be a good series!"What is a book for if not to be read?"This book started off a bit rough for me, but about 25% into reading it seemed to flow a lot better and I was completely intrigued. We meet our main character, Nerissa, as she is living her every day life as the Heiress of Chiyo. Chiyo is getting ready to celebrate it's 20th year of being able to see another day after the assassination attempt on the Royal family [...]

    3. I recieved a copy from netgalley and was quite excited because I follow this authors blog so I have been watching her "growing pains" when it came to this book. First off great choice on the cover, I love it! The story concept is good, the prologue shouldn't be an option just put it in the front and make people read it, I already felt like we didn't get enough information, without it you have nothing. I felt the POV's hopped a little too much in the start confusing me but settled down in the end [...]

    4. Plot/Concept: Reflections is a very intriguing and different from many fantasy novels out there. I really liked the concept of storing prophecies within crystals and books and then coming to life in the future. It was very unique and original. There were so many things going on, it was great! I think that the plot progressed wonderfully and built great anticipation, especially for the next book. The last 20% of the book were the most exciting for me. Everything was finally rolling into place and [...]

    5. “What is a book for if not to be read?”my full review can be found hereThis book was a very quick and easy book to read. There weren't really any moments that had me on the edge of my seat racing to read more, rather, it just flowed nicely and kept my attention. Although it is set in a world with fantasy, it isn't the dragon kind, instead it is more prophecies and magic crystals (although I'm still waiting to see the full extent of these crystals).I feel like there would have been more in th [...]

    6. Full Review @abookishescape/2016/02The End, as I mentioned before get ready to be left wanting…WANTING MORE!!! I was like what the heck?!! I jumped on line and have started on the next. The ending isn’t cliffy but it doesn’t feel like an end it felt like the beginning. Most of the story is a stage setter where the characters are well established and the storyline is explained. We know what the prophecy is but the pieces of the puzzle have yet to be discovered. We know there is a couple of [...]

    7. I bought this book because the author was offering it for free on kindle. I had not heard much about this series before I got the book but the synopsis sounded interesting. I'm extremely happy that I decided to give this book a try. It's a fantasy book about a princess, who is forced into exile when her parents are killed in a surprise attack. I don't want to say too much but the story includes ancient prophecies, hidden cities, secret guards, magical crystals, and promises of battles and romanc [...]

    8. *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*I got serious Anastasia vibes reading this novel, though that's to be expected I suppose. Not going to lie it took me a few chapter to really get into the story but once I did I devoured it! I'm so freaking excited to learn more about the Ohanzee. I love that Nerissa is a bookworm and in training with her bow and is one of the best pupils.  I am very excited for Nerissa's Mulan-esque training to continue with the boys!Shae is goi [...]

    9. First of all, isn't this cover absolutely gorgeous?It was a bit difficult to get into the story at first. I was really confused between all the names of people and places, but it goes better as the book goes by, and during the entire second part of the book, I was completely captivated, wanting to know more and moreThe story is a bit slow at the beginning, and I found it a bit hard to follow at first, as there are many characters, and the narration goes from one to another without warning, but o [...]

    10. Rating 4This story actually begins six hundred years in the past. Six hundred years ago Argina has a dream vivid, so real that she had to act if Renatus was to be saved. The dream was that the royal manor was up in flames by a blue dragon roaring fire balls upon the manor with utter destruction. A Phoenix arises from the ashes and flies to the mountainWhat can this mean??? I’m already captured into the storyI’m hooked.Nerissa is Heiress of Chiyo. She is oblivious to the forces in play of the [...]

    11. Thank you to NetGalley for my copy of this book! Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror is a Fantasy story about a young Heiress named Nerissa. The prequel says it is optional to read, but I recommend reading it before anyway. It will help explain some things.The story centers around the event of a Masquerade Ball - the one where Nerissa will finally be anonymous for once in her life. She changes costumes halfway through in hopes that people will get to know her for who she really is and see bey [...]

    12. This book was great, for me a little slow going, but great. It was slow for me because there was so very much going on, and it was unlike anything I have read before. This author moves and speaks in an unique language that is fun and exciting to follow. I did feel like this book ended prematurely (major cliffhanger), and really nothing was resolved… but oh well, I guess I will have to read the second one :) I am speculating, but I think this book is mostly background and set up, and I believe [...]

    13. Visit blog for more book review: HannaBanana Reads "If you know who I am, what is the poin of a disguise?"Disclaimer: I receive a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my review in anyway.Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror is the first book in the Records of the Ohanzee Series written by Author Rachel R. Smith. This book revolves around two lands, an heiress and a prophecy that will change Renatus and its people forever. It is definitely uni [...]

    14. First, I want to praise the book cover and who ever the illustrator of the book is, I salute you. This was just so refreshing! Reading it brought me to my happy place and we just all need books like this once in a while. I don't know what to say other than I loved it. The pacing is just enough to understand every single detail clearly. I love how the twist works and how it was uniquely played in every character's role. Honestly, I find it hard to write this review because as much as possible I d [...]

    15. I really enjoyed the world Really enjoyed the equalization of women and the mulan retelling aspects was really fun.Liked the different perspectives However not a lot of action lot more talking about action than action. I also loved the crystal use in this book I am a fan of crystals so when hearing all the descriptions of the gems and jewelry makes me want to make some like the book.The characters were cool however a couple of them have made me mad at the current moment (cough Rian cough Raysel) [...]

    16. WOWOk, I Love this book so much that I read it twice, can't wait to read the next book. Thank You for the Phoenix Books

    17. Intriguing storyThis book will have you on the edge of your seat. There is so much action and adventure that you will be hard pressed to lose interest. The plot and characters are well developed and interesting. Great book especially if you like books similar to lord of the rings series.

    18. You can also find this review on my blog: Wings of NephilimFavorite Quote:"Remember that Chiyo may be in ashes, but the phoenix will rise again."I received an ARC of: Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Reflection, does not read like a typical book. It doesn't have the usual climax and ending. It is meant to be read as a continuing story into the next book so there is no climax at all and kinda justends. Now this was new to me and I kind of like [...]

    19. I grabbed this book for free on my kindle. The blurb was interesting and I had heard good things about it from some friends. I must say it did not disappoint. Smith's writing is well thought out and informed while still delivering the lightness of a great fantasy! I immediately bought the next three in this series upon finishing this one! Definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the fantasy genre!

    20. We follow Nerissa through the daily hodge podge life she has before a climatic event befalls her. Then through the rest of the story we follow her though training. I'm making it sound more exciting than it was, and I'm sorry.Alice, from Wonderland -yes, that Alice-once got a glimpse into her sister's book and thought "What good is a book if there aren't any pictures or dialogue?" Nothing could be closer to the truth with this book. There are pages upon pages of paragraphs with nothing to break i [...]

    21. **This review will be posted on my blog too!****Thank you Netgalley and for approving my request to review Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror by Rachel R. Smith.**I'm a reader who looks at a book's cover first, before reading the blurb. I admit, The Reflection's cover is the sole reason why I requested for it. It's just so enthralling, so beautiful. The abstract idea of the story is superb! The Reflection is different from any of my other fantasy reads. It was one of a kind. The book has a s [...]

    22. I was drawn to this book by it's cover. It reminded me of The Jewel and The Selection Series. But this book is none of those. While the cover is beautiful the story is strong a well written. At first I was not sure with but as each page turned I began to find myself wanting to know more of it. What really stands out with this book is how the the story is told through so many people giving you a clear view as to what and where the character all stand. I have read many books where it is told throu [...]

    23. First of all I want to say that I absolutely loved the cover of this book-it was very eye-catching. I also liked the premise and the characters. In the beginning there seemed to be a lot of characters which made it a little confusing but I adjusted as the book continued. I thought the second part of the book was more interesting. The book in some ways almost seemed more like a prologue rather than a complete book in that just when there started to be some action the book ended. There was more ti [...]

    24. Nerissa is heir to the Kingdom of Chiyo. Chiyo is the more mystical of two divided kingdoms. The Kingdom of Marine followed a more technological path. They have been unquiet neighbours since a thwarted assassination attempt on the rulers of Chiyo twenty years earlier.Nerissa is a strong minded young women who finds the strictures of being the heir suffocating. She decides to create double masquerade on the night of the ball celebrating the failure of the attack twenty years before. It will be on [...]

    25. Entertaining story. Oddly intriguing for me. I usually don't enjoy slow books but this was written so well and held my attention the entire time. I gave it 4 stars not because of the slow journey but due to the ending. It didn't feel like a complete book. I understand there will be another or possibly 2 more in this series, however it still felt unfinished. The main character was interesting and respectable. I appreciate a strong female character with inner strength, compassion and perseverance. [...]

    26. Received from NetGalley for honest review. The Stranger in the Mirror was kind of a let down, but overall, I thought that it was okay. The book started off to be really exciting. It was action-packed along with mystery and suspense that I really enjoy in a book. However, halfway through, the storyline fell flat and I just started to lose some interest to it, but there were still some twists and turns that really surprised me so it kept me reading. All in all, I thought that it was okay but I was [...]

    27. I think this book is a really great draft with a lot of potential. I like the premise of the story, but there are sections that are in desperate need of extensive editing and polish. For example, the first chapter reads like I opened a new book to a middle chapter and am expected to know what's going on. Also the book completely drops off at the end. It finished like the first half of a book but the second half is missing. If you can get past these issues, the story is quite good. I highly recom [...]

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